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Imaginary Beach


My friend Dan and his wife Alice are from Europe. He and I often meet for coffee and talk. One time, he mentioned a vacation they took to a beach on the Mediterranean. Immediately I wondered if it was a topless beach. So I blurted out, "So, were you in a speedo and did Alice go topless?"

My friend laughed and said it wasn't that kind of a beach, and besides he didn't think his wife would go topless. I smiled and said, "No, tell her she's lovely and that I said she should."

And they we changed the topic, and nothing more was said about it.

Months passed, and we continued to meet and talk, but that subject didn't come up again. Occasionally, Alice would join us or I'd be at their home, and I always enjoyed watching her and imagining that she was topless on a beach.

Last week, Dan invited me to his home for dinner. Afterward we were sitting in their livingroom, and Dan mentioned that he and Alice were taking a vacation to the Greek isles.

I couldn't resist. "Oh, aren't they famous for nude beaches?" I asked.

Alice turned three shades of red, and Dan laughed. "I suppose," he said, "but I'm not sure we'll be at any."

"Well, if you do go to one," I said, "take a picture of Alice for me."

Alice laughed and so did Dan, and I thought that was that and the subject was closed.

Dan looked at me and then at Alice and said, "I don't see why you have to wait that long to see Alice topless."

My eyes opened wide. Alice's eyes opened wide.

Dan motioned to his wife, "Why don't you let Bill see you topless now?"

Alice shrunk back into the sofa and took a posture that said, "no way." But Dan wouldn't let it go. He kept up, "Come on Alice, Bill's our friend, and you know how we did talk about the possibility of nude beaches in Greece."

"What better opportunity to test yourself and see if you'd do it?"

Alice looked as if she wanted to disappear. But here's what I didn't know. Unknown to me, Dan had told Alice about my question months ago, and he had been teasing her about my interest in seeing her tits. He told me later that it had become a little game between them and that sometimes she would tell him that maybe she would do it. It even became a way to get aroused when they had sex.

But at the time, I wasn't sure what to make of the situation in their living room. There was a husband asking his wife to strip to the waist for me. And the wife was reluctant, to say the least.

Dan got more stern, "Alice, we've talked about all this before, and I think it's unfair of you to get Bill aroused like he must be by now and then to refuse this simple request."

Alice's head shook from side to side. But I couldn't tell if it was a "no" motion or if she was just trying to clear her head.

"Alice," Dan said, "why don't you go into the bedroom and change into the bathing suit you bought for the trip?" By now, Alice's breathing was heavy. She got up and walked toward their bedroom.

As soon as the door closed, I looked at Dan, "Oh my god, Dan, are you serious?"

"I mean, I don't want her to do anything against her will."

"Don't make her do something she'll regret."

Dan was calm. Little did I know that this was all a game they were playing with me. For weeks they had been fucking each other silly while fantasizing about what was about to happen.

Alice returned wrapped in a beach towel and wearing high heels. She seemed to be shy, but of course I later learned that it was an act.

She covered her entire torso with the towel and stood there while her husband and I just looked at her from our easy chairs.

Dan encouraged her, "Show Bill your nice bathing suit." She unwound the towel, and stood there in a very flattering one piece white suit. Very flattering to her figure. Her breasts aren't large, and her hips and legs were amazing. I'd always seen her in pants and never even seen her legs before.

"Turn around," Dan told her.

As she turned, I felt my dick harden and I worried that they would soon seen a wet spot on my trousers.

I noted that her nipples made a visible impression in the suit, and I took a good look at the vee between her legs where she had either trimmed or shaved herself so that no stray hairs were there to tell me the color of her pussy hair. A slight crease was all I could see.

"OK," Dan said, "let's pretend we're at the beach in Greece and we're surrounded by naked sunbathers. Why shouldn't we join them?"

"I'll take off my suit if you will," he encouraged.

Alice closed her eyes and released the straps over her shoulders. She slowed peeled the suit down until her breast were fully exposed to me. They were perfect little examples of the female form. I was nervous at this unexpected display, but I was getting very very excited. What did they have in mind?

Alice reclined on the sofa and cast her eyes down so as not to look at me. But I couldn't take my eyes off her breasts.

Dan applauded, "Bravo!" Then he got up and poured us glasses of wine. Alice remained semi-clad as she sipped wine and slowly made eye contact with me.

Now, the second phase of their plan kicked in. Dan smiled at me and said, "So Bill, what if you were over there at the beach with us? What would you do now?"

"Would you just sit there fully clothed?"

"Wouldn't you want to join us?"

About now, I realized that maybe something more was going on. I began to wonder if this wasn't as spontaneous as it had appeared. But I was more than willing to play along.

"Why yes," I said, "if I were there, I'd like to do like everyone else." I stood up and unbuttoned my shirt, slipped off my shoes, and unzipped my pants. In a few seconds I was down to just my briefs, which by now were bulging and moist with a raging hardon underneath. My condition could not be concealed.

Dan said to Alice, "Look, dear, I think you've made this lonely beachcomber happy." We all laughed.

But now I joined their game, "Is this really a nude beach, or just topless?"

Dan knew that it was time to go all the way. He got up and went over sit beside his wife. "Look at this stranger, dear. He can hardly keep his manly parts hidden any longer. What do you want him to do?"

Even though they had rehearsed, Alice's shyness took over. She was speechless and just stared at my coiled appendage. "Alice," Dan encouraged, "why don't you see if this nice stranger will come sit with us?"

She was frozen, so I walked over and stood just in front of her, within easy petting distance for her. Dan took her hand and guided it to my bulge. "My goodness, such a package. Give it a stroke, Alice."

Her hand rested on my cock still wrapped under a layer of nylon. As she touched it, my dick jerked to a higher level of arousal, and she acted frightened and pulled her hand away.

Dan said, "See that sign over there?"

"It says 'Nude Beach,' all bathers must disrobe." With that he forced his wife to stand and peeled down her suit to the floor.

Indeed, she had shaved, or he had shaved her. She was completely bare with very pouty pussy lips and parts of her inner lips showing. Even with her legs pressed together, her crease and lips were delightfully on display.

"Oh, I better obey the sign, too," I said. And down came my briefs. My boner arched out and my balls swayed for all to see. Dan knew he'd have to direct the action, "Look, Alice, I think we've found the big one we have always talked about."

Alice blushed. Even her chest blushed. Dan had revealed their little secret.

At some point long ago, I had told Dan that some of my girlfriends objected to having sex with me because of my size. I don't have the world's largest dick, for sure, but it's thickness and length are probably in the top few percentiles. And now it was ready for action, dripping and at its biggest.

"When you go to Greece and go to these beaches," I asked, "will you allow the handsome young men to come up close to you and admire you?"

Alice, of course, was silent, still playing the shy wife. "Like this?" I asked as I got on my knees in front of her and looked directly at her pussy. "And will you want them to touch you like this?"

"Or will you let them lick you like this?"

She was melting in front of us. Dan held her up while I slid my tongue between her lips and circled her clit.

"The island boys love to service the visiting wives," I said. "They probably have to service several wives every day."

"But they're trained and experienced and ready."

As I said that last sentence, Dan and I were carrying Alice into the bedroom. As soon as she lay on the covers, I gently touched her from head to toe while Dan took his seat on the side and watched.

I gave her a gently licking to be sure she was lubricated and ready for entry, and then I bent her over, wide spread to my cock, and teasingly nugged it inside her.

Just slightly at first, then increasingly deeper until I hit the spot where her husband's cock always stopped. I still had about four more inches to go. Dan came over and held his wife's legs up and wide apart for me as I inched deeper.

Just to tease, I said, "When I'm through, I'm going to send over my brother. He has a real large dick, not a little one like mine." Immediately Alice screamed out with her first orgasm.

I kept teaching her with comments like that I as I screwed her thoroughly, and she hit a new orgasm each time I said something provocative. Even though she was getting nailed by her biggest cock ever, it was her imagination that brought on the orgasms.

"Next time I come over, I'm not going to fuck you with my big dick, I'm just going to tell you naughty stories and make you cum." Damn if she didn't gasp again at that suggestion and reached a new high.

We wrestled around for hours that night before I allowed myself to spurt a load. I knew they both wanted to watch, so I made sure to wait until she was stroking me with her hand and Dan was watching.

The next time I saw Dan, he told me all about their planning and asked if I was offended. Offended? When a husband lets me fuck his wife, how could I be offended?

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