This is my very first story. I'd love to know if it turns you on as much as did me when I wrote it...Love, KeepinSecrets


You wake up from a cool breeze lightly brushing your shoulder. For a moment you're confused and don't know where you are. Then you remember with a smile the reason you're sleeping in a strange bed.

You sit up and follow the moonlight through the open French doors onto the balcony. As you smell the hint of salty mist from the ocean you realize how rested you are feeling. You can't remember the last time you woke up in the night without being panicked at some small forgotten detail, some missed item on a never ending list of things to do.

You realize I'm behind you when my hands slide over your shoulder and softly kneed the last hint of tension in your neck. You crane your neck in both directions, letting the electric in my finger tips tingle your every nerve ending. My messaging continues down to your arms and you feel your limbs becoming light and loose. A warmth spreads over your whole body and your mind starts to forget to think about anything but this moment.

I begin to rub your chest and the feeling is deep and soothing. Another slow exhale and you fall deeper into relaxation. You think to yourself, it doesn't get any better than this, but then you are happily proven wrong as my right hand slowly traces a path down your side.

Touching, rubbing, squeezing your skin in an achingly slow dance to the front of your hip bone and that sensual part of your body just below your navel. Mere inches become miles as my fingers feel to memorize every pore on your body before I progress lower.

Your breath, which was slow and deep, has become shallow, and you strain to swallow after the last lick of your lips. My left hand, still pressed against your chest, leans you back ever so slightly so that I can place my lips where my hands had started their journey along the nape of your neck.

Light cool kisses stand the hair up on the back of your neck in stark contrast to my hot breath which you can hear exhaled in your ear. I suck on your earlobe, and the mere suggestion of what my mouth can do sends a jolt though your hips and they buck ever so slightly. It's just enough for me to pick up on and ease your ache by bridging that last inch down to your already hard manhood.

I wrap my fingers around you and the exquisite feeling makes the slightest sound escape your lips. You feel a flush in your face and the flutter in your chest almost makes it hard to breathe. My hand begins to slide over you and you feel my fingers run over every vein, the throbbing pounding in your heart, in your head. When I reach the top of your shaft, I let one finger circle around your head to feel the drop of wetness that is already waiting. This rewards me with more and it mixes with my fingers to glide my hand effortlessly over your growing hardness.

Your exhale is louder and escapes your lips in ragged breaths. Your body is weak from the pleasure and your mind commands your knees not to buckle under you. You lean back further and rest your weight against me, my left hand on your chest guiding you, your head pushed back onto my neck. All you can do is feel, and your body overrides the thought your mind has that anyone passing by could see us both naked and entwined. You wouldn't, you couldn't move if your life depended on it.

I quicken my pace and now a low moan begins deep in your throat. Your hips begin to thrust forward in time and find the rhythm of my fist pumping you harder, tighter, faster. I moan back in delight at how good it feels to be touching you, taking all of you in, and making you feel so good.

Your mind is begging for release, your body feels like a twisted knot begging to be uncoiled.

I whisper in your ear, "Do it for me, baby", stroking, stroking. You, like a hot taught electric wire, snap, and the need unravels your senses. The rush comes upon you so fast it steals the oxygen from your lungs and, my god, how you feel in my hand – hot and liquid. Wave after wave of pleasure is upon you, and I feel the trembles echo through your entire body. I'm so excited by the sight of you, the moans of sweet release in my ear, the taste of your sweat on my lips.

I allow you to catch your breath; you grab the rails in front of you to steady yourself. You finally turn to face me and see pale blue moonlight silhouette my naked form. But my skin is red hot to the touch and I know what will come next will be beyond words....

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