tagNovels and NovellasImagine There's Still Love Ch. 07

Imagine There's Still Love Ch. 07


Jon was up extra early the next morning, showered and shaved and sleeved in his device. He presented himself to his Goddess and she secured the lock once more. He was on his way to work even earlier than usual, sure that he would discover that even though he was only planning on working a three day week, that there would still be at least five days of work to be done. Angela kept him organized and on task all day, and it was very late when he straggled home. Lucy had dinner waiting, and was busy working on an IEP for one of her many students. They ate and visited about nothing, and Jon turned in as soon as he got out of the shower. He heard the phone ring just as he was falling asleep, kept his eyes open only long enough to be sure it was not some emergency for him, then allowed himself to drift away.

Lucy awoke and propped herself up in bed as Jon dressed early the next morning.

"Hi there Goddess," he said gently.

"Hi yourself," she answered. " Can you be home for dinner at seven tonight? "

"I can try...what's up?"

"Carol invited herself over. She said it was very important. I think she misses her new slave."

"I don't know Lucy," he replied tentatively. "I've got a lot of work to do, and I was so tired last night I couldn't keep my eyes open. It's going to be hard enough to make time for this week-end as it is without whatever else she might have in mind. "

"She just wants to eat with us and talk, Baby. She promised that she does not have any expectations other than a social call and a very important conversation. You have to remember that you are her first real submissive...and if she's anything like me, then she's probably having withdrawal pains from not seeing you. You can be rather addictive."

"I don't know about that," Jon said and gave her an embarrassed smile.

"Oh but I do...and I'm sure Carol does too...now please make every effort to be home by seven...six thirty if possible."

"I will do my best."

The distribution center conference call ran long in the morning, which in turn caused the international logistics video conference to run late as well. He missed lunch completely, had to skip his daily workout, was still not able to get away from the weekly MRP strategy meeting until after four, and could not leave work until almost seven. Lucy was going to angry at him, and now Carol was going to disappointed in him too.

It was surreal going home to those two women at the same time, wondering what was in store for him. It was almost impossible to imagine both of them at the same time, in fact. Only a week ago he hardly knew Carol, and now she commanded a place in his soul that sometimes rivaled even Lucy. He was a nervous wreck by the time he walked into the house.

The vision when he saw both of them was awe inspiring, and the haze of subspace folded around his mind like a crystal fog. They were relaxing in the family room, each with crossed legs and a glass of wine. They both smiled at him with the joy of heart felt welcoming that gripped his heart. Carol was dressed all in skin tight dark leather, with lace up boots to her knees that had at least five inch spiked heels, and a tight corset that created a gorgeous swell at her breasts. Lucy was dressed in a tight black lace gown with a plunging neckline that reached nearly to her navel. One black high heel slipper hung provocatively from the toes of one bouncing cross-leg foot.

"Hello Slave," they said together.

"My God you two are lovely," he exclaimed. "I am so sorry I am late."

"Come kneel for us," Carol said as she pointed to the floor between them.

Jon's heart leaped into his throat. He set his briefcase down and scurried to a place between them, then took the position Carol had taught him.

"I'm sorry I am not naked," he whispered to the floor.

"Look at me," Carol commanded.

Jon looked instantly into her eyes, and a warmth of belonging and swell of pleasure swept through him.

"It's okay," she whispered as she reached forward and stroked his cheek with the back of two of her fingertips. "I want you to relax. Tonight is just dinner...a chance for us to discuss your service to us...and how you will serve us both."

"Yes Maam," he said, and the sensation of wellbeing from such belonging consumed him.

"As to that," she said as she eased back in her chair. "Your Goddess and I have decided that I shall be Mistress from now on. At all times, and in all situations, whenever you see me...I shall be Mistress. Do you understand? "

Jon glanced at his wife, searching her thin smile for a confirmation. She blinked once slowly and gave her head an imperceptible nod of consent. He turned back to Carol.

"Yes Mistress," he answered he answered anxiously.

"Good boy," she purred. "We know that this will present some embarrassing and difficult situations for you...and that of course is to our choosing and pleasure."

"Yes Mistress."

Of course it had not escaped him that any number of situations might arise where he would be too embarrassed to call her Mistress, but he could see how Lucy would enjoy that. He felt his face flush as he considered how hard that might be sometimes, but very interestingly it also gave him rather a compelling thrill deep inside. He had always loved the excitement of the difficult and frightening experiences of life.

"You will call me Goddess only when I call you slave," Lucy said.

"Yes Goddess," he said, turning to meet his wife's gaze.

"You have started his training well," Lucy said to Carol.

"We have only just started...but the slave is willing," she replied with a soft chuckle.

"Now slave," Lucy said suddenly. "Shower and shave and prepare yourself...then present yourself for dinner...dressed and sitting at the table with us."

"Yes Goddess," he said.

He struggled with himself, almost jumping to his feet in nervous and anxious anticipation. But he was able to check himself. Somehow he was able to keep himself in place, waiting to be told to rise."

"Oh Good boy," Carol whispered and reached to stroke his cheek again. "You may go."

Jon rose, retrieved his briefcase, and went to shower. When he came out of the bathroom he found a pair of shiny black satin pajamas lying on the bed, a pair of matching slippers and a smoking jacket like Hugh Hefner had always worn. He smiled at the image he saw in the mirror after he dressed. If only he smoked a pipe. They probably would not allow that, however.

The women, his women, the women who owned him, were waiting for him in the dining room. Lucy served salad, then pea soup, then chicken cordon bleu, then vanilla ice cream with blackberry jam. They talked about nursing, since Carol was the school RN. They talked about special education and international logistics for obvious reasons. They talked about on-line scrabble and backgammon, and the Face book craze. It was such a calm and uneventful evening that Jon almost forgot the true nature of who each of them were and why they were all together. As they finished an after dinner wine, Carol reminded them.

"I have something different I would like to do this week-end," she began in her Mistress voice.

Suddenly Jon was attentive to her, his submissive mind too timid to answer but bold enough to nod to her.

"Your Goddess and I are going to share you from now on. That much I'm sure is obvious. We will, in turn, share you with the four other ladies on occasion. Each of them will be allowed to enjoy your service for a time this week-end. I am not as willing to share you with them to the extent that your Goddess is because they all lack discipline, but she and I have come to a satisfactory agreement. We will also host events on occasion where you, and perhaps other submissives, will serve and be available for entertainment. We will give you plenty of advance warning so you have time to adjust your schedule to allow you to properly serve one or both of us. This is your opportunity to decline this chance to serve us."

Jon was caught completely unprepared. He was listening and nodding, and trying to imagine a reality which matched her words and description, but he had not been thinking about his part of the commitment. Both women were frowning at him as they waited for his response.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," he said. "I'm not sure I understand."

"We will have a document prepared that each of us will sign which will detail all of your obligations to us and all of our obligations to you, but before we go any further, we want to make sure that this is what you want. This is your chance to back out and put a stop to all of our preparations."

"But Lucy...er...Goddess and I have a safe phrase," Jon stammered. "I thought that was my chance to stop it?"

"It is," she replied. "That phrase is satisfactory with me as well. If you use it with her then your relationship returns to normal. Using that phrase with me will do the same thing...it will end all activity between us immediately. We will stop...I will leave...and we will act as if this never happened. What I am asking you now, however, is different. I want to know if you really want to be my slave, if you are really committed to this. I did not expect to feel about you the way I do. I want this very much. I want to know that you want this as much as I do. Your Goddess and I are committed to this...and now we want to know if you are committed to both of us as well."

He was in a quandary as he considered her question. The two of them agreed to this, and he could not think of any reason it would not work. He loved the way their dominance made him feel, and they each supplied a part of the relationship that the other did not. They complimented each other. That was it. They complimented each other, and in turn they complimented him. How could he say no to this? He was a little afraid, but he knew that it was conquering the fear that was so exciting and satisfying.

"I am," he answered, his gaze dancing from one woman's smile to the other and back again

"Good boy," Carol said. "Now the next thing I would like to discuss is the formal collaring ceremony. Do you agree to that as well?"

Lucy looked confused, more than puzzled, but Jon knew exactly what Carol was saying. He had never dreamed that he would ever be collared. He had never imagined that he would ever let anyone but Lucy do it, and he knew that she never would. Now he was really in turmoil about what Carol was asking. Did Lucy understand what that meant? Could he say yes to Carol without Lucy completely understanding the significance?

Carol seemed to know instinctively that Lucy did not understand. She smiled and nodded to Jon, as if to say that his answer could wait for an explanation.

"All pets wear the collar of their owner," she explained, looking over at Lucy. "I propose that this pet will wear a collar which says he belongs to both of us. His collar will have two hasps on it...and two leashes for the ceremony."

"Why can't we do that now?" Lucy asked.

"I know you do not understand the significance of the ritual. It's not a casual thing Lucy. At least not for me. And I am quite sure it will be anything but casual for Jon. It will be important, perhaps life altering emotionally."

Carol looked expectantly at him and Jon shivered. She saw his reaction and smiled.

"This will be a very emotional experience for him and I want it to be a very emotional experience for me. The collaring is usually done in a celebration in front of everyone who is close to the dominant and the submissive. The other girls will be there, of course, because they have such a vested interest in this relationship. I have some other friends I would like to invite...my sisters...my mother...perhaps both of my parents."

Jon gulped and Lucy's eyes became wide. Was she beginning to understand? Would she ever understand? This was mostly in his head. Almost his entire sexuality was in his head. Lucy reacted to her hormones whenever they happened to happen to her, and her reaction was almost completely physical, but Jon thought and dreamed and fantasized his complete sexual emotions in his mind first and then his body. And what Carol was suggesting was going to be so over the top mentally that he was not sure if his old heart was going to be able to take it.

"Who are your special people, Jon?" Carol suddenly asked.

He drew a blank. He felt so alone in that moment that he might as well be the sole survivor of a world Holocaust. He did not have a single friend in the world who would understand this about him. Not a soul who he would, or could, invite. He shook his head sadly, and she just stared at him. She looked away, then back at him again, as if to be sure.

"What about Quintin, or Cecil, or Thomas?" Lucy asked.

They played golf together. They went to football games together. They went to the Rose Bowl the last time the Huskies made it to Pasadena. They went camping and fishing a few times. Not a single one of them would understand any part of this. He had to hide this from the world. He shook his head solemnly.

"Really?" she asked. "Are you really that ashamed of this?"

A tear trickled down his cheek.

"It's okay," Carol whispered, and then turned to Lucy. "And you Lucy?

"Bull...Oliver...and Harold," she quickly replied.

Jon breathed in deeply as the emotions of jealousy and panic coursed through him. Did she have any idea how mortifying their presence was going to be for him? He closed his eyes for a moment, struggling to control his breathing.

"Are you okay baby?" Lucy cooed, sounding very much like Lucinda.

When he looked up at Carol, the mental images of stepping off of the yellow brick road flitted through his mind. The fact that Lucy would invite those men, complete strangers, her new boyfriends, was terrifying to him. He had somehow temporarily forgotten about that part of this new dynamic with Lucy. He had forgotten about the anguish he felt toward those interlopers into his life. He had somehow forgotten that Bill was her confident and teacher about this lifestyle. He was thinking about Carol as the expert in all of this and he had managed to ignore his memory of 'Bull'. Now she wanted to make it even worse by inviting those other men too, to add even more coals of mental torture and humiliation. He was shaking his head, tears streaming down his face as he looked into Mistress's eyes. He breathed deeply several times, fighting with himself to keep from standing up and putting a stop to the whole damned thing.

"Oh God that makes me so hot for you," Lucy exclaimed suddenly. "The look of pain and jealousy in your eyes is just exquisite. I could just rip those pajamas off of you and fuck you right now. Of course I'd have to take your little plastic pussy off first, but damn I want you so bad right now."

Carol laughed out loud at her sudden outburst, and then allowed a controlled smile at Jon when she saw his confused and surprised expression. She seemed at odds with herself about whether to have compassion for her slave or share the passion of her friend's response. Jon's stomach was beginning to ache and a pain was beginning to center between his eyes. He loved Lucy's new found sexuality, but the way she got there was almost more painful emotionally than he could bear sometimes. What was most alarming, however, was that he had a deep sense of pleasure from the whole experience too. How was it possible to have the pain and the pleasure almost simultaneously? Was it possible that he was somehow masochistic at a very deep level? He hated the spankings, but loved the way they made his heart feel. He hated the very idea of Lucy having boyfriends but loved the pleasure of the release of the sexual creature that she could be. He resented almost every command that Carol gave him, but idolized the place she had taken in his soul. What the hell was wrong with him?

"I know you weren't planning on it, but do you want to have some fun Carol?" Lucy asked out loud. "You could take his mouth and I could take his cock."

"It's tempting," Carol replied. "But we promised our slave an early night. I want him rested for my time with him."

Jon tossed her a frightened look. He was really struggling, and she could sense that.

"This is your chance to refuse our offer to be collared," Carol said.

Jon was a heartbeat away from refusing. He was a breath away from saying no to the whole ordeal. But that was before he quickly scanned the expression of each woman. What he saw in their faces took hold of him at his core, and began to turn him around inside. They were waiting anxiously for him to say yes. They were hoping he would say yes. Their pleasure was dependent on him saying yes.

Them. Not him, but them. A tendril of submission tugged at his heart and soul.

This question and decision was not supposed to be about what the submissive wanted. It was not supposed to be about him at all. It was supposed to be about what they wanted.

"What do you want Mistress?" he heard himself ask Carol.

"I want this very, very much, my beautiful slave" she answered, looking deep into his eyes.

He felt such a bond and connection to her that he thought he might faint, but he got control of himself again.

"What do you want Goddess?" he heard himself ask as he turned to look into his wife's eyes.

"I want this too, my beautiful husband," she whispered. "So much that I cannot explain it to you."

"Then I am going to trust both of you," he finally replied. "Invite whoever you want."

He looked Lucy in the eyes firmly.

"It will be very hard for me for you to have Bill here, but this is not about me. And if having your new boyfriends here is important to you then I will endure that too...for you. This is about what you want from me, and I will give this to you."

"Thank You Slave," she said.

He turned to face Carol, preparing to explain to her that he would feel odd having her family attend his collaring, but in the instant their eyes met he felt a connection to her that shook him deeply. He was going to ask her to come alone, but the desire washed away within him. It was as though the pain of his wife's desire to bring other men into their relationship had created a crack that Carol's dominance might somehow heal.

There was a new bond between them unlike anything he had ever felt with anyone, perhaps even his wife. Now especially more than his wife. He would do anything for his Mistress. He would give anything to her, more than he would give for his Goddess. He felt like a ghost watching himself from inside himself.

"And you may ask whoever you like," he heard his voice say.

"Thank You Slave," Carol replied, a quizzical smile on her face.

Did she realize what he had felt? Did she understand what he thought had just happened between them? Was it crazy to imagine there was love between them when there was really only dominance and submission? And did Lucy have any idea what was going on his head just then?

"Can we do Saturday night instead?" he asked. "And I'd like to play golf with my friends on Sunday."

So it was agreed, and so plans were made for the ceremony to be held in their large living room at eight o'clock on Saturday night. Carol and the four women would come to spend Thursday and Friday nights with them. The entire day Saturday would be spent preparing for the big event, and Sunday Jon would spend the day golfing with the guys.

Lucy unlocked him and took him that night with all of the passion he had learned to expect from her after she experienced the thrill from his jealousy and humiliation. The vigor and prurience of their coupling was amazing, the throes of her orgasms more powerful than several nights before, and that drove him to perform beyond his own natural capability. The doubts he had about the other men in her life, combined with his illicit thoughts of love for Carol, created a mental cusp in Jon's mind that allowed him to last through three of her climaxes before he felt the swell and explosion within her. He knew that she was completely satisfied and spent.

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