tagIncest/TabooImmortal Amanda

Immortal Amanda


I was drunk that night, very drunk. I had reached what was for me the end of the road and I had decided to take my own life. So here I was with a half of a quart bottle of good Scotch single-malt whiskey, a revolver with only one bullet it, and the television playing a triple x-rated movie thanks to my DVD player and the nearby adult news stand. I was naked as the day I was born having decided that I wanted to exit the world as I had entered it--naked.

I figured I didn't have much more to live for since my wife, Amanda, had died, our girl Della had not had a thing to do with me since my wife had died, my job down the drain and me fired by my boss for drinking on the job, and me as lonely as they come. As I watched the video, I drank Scotch and slowly jerked my cock into full erectness. And, let me tell you, my cock was the only joy I had left in life and it seemed to take forever to reach an erection that night.

My name is Daniel--Danny to friends when I still had friends. I guess that since my wife died, I sort of drove all my friends away preparing for this one last night of solo sex and a very solo death. Anyway, I stand about 5'8" in my stocking feet and weigh in at a very hefty, but not flabby, 210 pounds. I don't work out much, but I was still in decent shape for a 46 year old man. My doctor says I should live to be about 100 or so, but who the fuck wanted that?

That's when the doorbell rang. I ignored it. It rang some more. I finally pulled myself out of the recliner and tottered over to the door still fully naked with my hardened cock leading the parade, so to speak. Fuck them if they can't take a joke, right? Still naked, I opened the door. There was a woman standing there that seemed vaguely familiar, but who also seemed to shimmer in the light from the streetlight. It was almost as if she were somehow semi-transparent. She didn't wait for me to invite her inside, but brushed past me leaving a very cold sensation on my skin.

"So, are you ready to fuck?" were the first words out of this lady's mouth as she quickly stripped out of her clothes.

"Uh, who are you?"

"You don't even recognize your own wife?"

"My wife is dead."

"I know I'm dead, but I don't want you to become dead with me. I'm in the middle of a fantastic fuckfest and get called away to stop you from getting drunk enough to play Russian roulette."

"Who do you think you are passing yourself off as Mandy?"

"I am Mandy. Now sit down and let me ride that lovely cock of yours. Where's Della?"

I sat down in my recliner. The DVD was still playing and on the screen this lovely redhead was fucking the hell out of some jerk with a two inch dick and moaning about how good he felt so deep in her cunt. "Della moved out two weeks after Mandy's funeral. I think it was her way of telling me that she was fed up with me being drunk all the time after the funeral."

"Where does she live?"

"Over on Sycamore in one of those new apartments."

"Got her phone number?"


"Call her."

"She won't come."

"Tell her Mommy wants to talk to her."

"Are you nuts? She stood beside me at her mother's funeral."

"Just do it."

For some unexplained reason, I picked up the phone and dialed Della's number. The phone rang three times and then the answering machine kicked in with it's message.

"Della, pick up the phone. Your mother says she wants to talk to you."

I heard the click as Della picked up the phone. "Are you drunk again, you crazy son of a bitch? My mother's dead."

"Della, she may be dead, but she sure seems to be standing right beside me." I was slurring my words a bit, but not too badly after almost a pint of Scotch in about an hour. "Here, she wants to talk to you." I handed the phone to the woman standing naked in my living room.

"Della, come over to your father's place right now. He needs you. He's planning to kill himself tonight."

"Mommy? Oh, my God, Mommy! He can't do that to me...he's all I have left."

"She's on her way over. No, don't bother getting dressed. Let her see you as you are right now, just before you kill yourself and deprive your daughter of her remaining parent. I know she's 19, but she still needs you when she falls down...and she will fall down."

I seemed to go into a stupor in which I could see and hear, but I couldn't move for the life of me except to play with my steel hard cock and watch the movie playing its way to a climax--pun fully intended. The redhead was now being eaten by Mr. Two-inch Cock and having her tits sucked by a blonde who knew what she was doing and who was getting fucked by a guy with a cock that was so long that it looked as if it might come out of her mouth.

I was still playing with myself when the door opened and Della rushed in. I had just reached for the revolver and put it to my head when she screeched "No, Daddy, don't!"

I slowly turned my head and looked at her with the gun still pressed to my right temple. "What the fuck do you care? You left. You made your decision. You told me that I wasn't good enough as a father. You deserted me just like your mother."

"Mother died. I didn't. Neither one of us deserted you. In the past three months have you tried even once before tonight to talk to me?"

"I knew you wouldn't listen. You had already made up your mind that I was nothing but a drunk has-been that was unworthy of being your father." I slowly lowered the revolver and placed it on the arm of my chair before picking up my full glass of Scotch. I took a deep drink of that numbing golden liquid paradoxically called the "water of life" but maybe life did need to be numbed into forgetfulness sometimes.

"You said my mother was here. Where is she?" Obviously she didn't want to go down that road and was changing the subject.

"I don't know. She was here a minute ago. Mandy where did you go?" This last was almost screamed out in anguish.

"Daddy, don't you have the heat on? It's awfully cold in here." I could see Della shiver, but I could see my mystery guest blending herself into Della's body...and let me tell you Della has a body to die for. Her lovely twin breasts are at least a 34B, she's 5'2" with red hair that falls almost to her waist and blue eyes. If she weighs over 110, it would be a surprise to me. Just making this assessment of my daughter's charms was making my already steel hard cock become tempered with something bordering on lust.

"Yeah, the heat is on. Should be set for..oh hell! I don't know what it's set on, but the damn heat is on. It's almost Christmas you know. Of course I have the heat turned on."

"Christmas is the day after tomorrow. Speaking of which, where are your decorations? Where is your tree?"

"I didn't have a reason to put them up."

"Daddy, can't you cover your erection?"

"Your mother told me not to cover it so why should I cover it? You've seen me naked and half naked before."

"Yes, but never with such a gorgeous looking piece of meat hanging between your legs. Oh my God, did I really say that?"

"Yes, you did really say that. So you think that this is a lovely piece of meat, huh?"

Della was staring at my seven inches of now tempered steel and she kept wetting her lips with her tongue. Pre-cum was seeping from the piss slit at the head of my dick and was slowing working its way down to where my hand was still slowly pumping my manhood. Della crossed the room after removing all her clothes in a sensuous striptease, one that I took in with my booze controlled mind, and dropped to her knees between my spread thighs. Slowly her head dropped to my cock and her tongue flicked out and lapped at the pre-cum, just as her mother did before we fucked.

"Della, honey..."

"I'm not Della, I'm Mandy. Don't you even recognize your own wife and how she fucked you?" As she lifted her head, Della's face morphed into Mandy's face and I gasped in surprise as Mandy's voice came out of Della's mouth.

"Mandy! You're dead."

"Not as long as you and Della remember me. When the two of you die, then I am truly dead and gone. I am immortal only as long as the two of you live and remember me. Now, Danny, my dearest husband, I am going to fuck you for one last time and then I expect you to keep Della happy and well fucked for as long as you both shall live."

"You mean that you want me to fuck my own daughter?"

"Yes." Such a simple word, but with such profound meaning, especially in this case.

"But Mandy, it's not right."

"It's only wrong if you let it be wrong. Haven't you ever seen how Della stares at you or how she used to run around here in nothing but her panties and a t-shirt? Before I died, I made her promise to take care of you--even if it meant moving into your bed. She didn't like the idea at first, but I haven't been wasting the last three months since I died like you have wasted them."

"Well, if leaving me alone is taking care of me, she did a great job. What do you mean you haven't wasted the last three months?"

"She didn't leave. You pushed her away just like you pushed your friends and your job away. You ruined what you had by your excessive drinking. Instead of filling myself with Scotch until I was in a stupor every night, I have been filling Della's head with the idea of becoming your lover, your permanent bed mate, your wife. She's ready. She'd better be. If you had gone through with tonight, I would have lost what I have." About that time, Della/Mandy moved up and straddled my hips. A hand grabbed my throbbing cock and guided it to that lovely opening that all women have, a opening that is always the same and yet always different, each having its own personality.

"And what do you have?"

"I get fucked all night and all day and never get tired, nor do my partners and, yes, before you ask, there are many, many partners, but we have no guilt at all caused by our constant orgies and no jealousy."

"Damn maybe I should have pulled that trigger" I mused.

"If you had done that before I stopped you, you and I would both have gone someplace where sex is desired but never had. You would have turned impotent and I would have become so frigid I could form ice cubes with my breath. You get the good stuff only if you live to die of old age or disease or through no fault of your own."

Della's body, with Mandy guiding it, started moving in slow circles on my still steel hard cock. I could feel the inner walls of Della's pussy being squeezed against my cock, just like Mandy used to do it when she was alive. I moaned. Della opened her eyes and looked at me without seeing me, like she was in a deep trance of some sort. Then Della smiled and in her own voice said. "Hello, sweetheart. Do you like the way my pussy feels?"

"Della, I can explain..."

"No need to explain. I am on top you know. You can't have raped me in this position and I've been dreaming about this moment for the past three months, ever since shortly after Mom died. God, you have a nice cock. It fills my pussy so well. I feel so full and I never want to let you go."

"Do you honestly think this can work."

"Daddy, we can make it work, if you really want it to happen. Nobody else need ever know what's going on behind our closed doors."

"Don't you want children?"

"Only if they are yours. Fuck me Daddy, make me your sex kitten. Make me purr for you."

I lifted my hips and started a gentle up and down movement. Della continued her rotation of her hips and we actually hit her hot spot from time to time. Every time we did, she jerked and moaned out her appreciation. It wasn't long before her breath was coming in short pants and gasps and then her body shuddered its way through the first orgasm that my prick had caused in her. As I looked at Della's face, I saw Mandy again.

"Goodbye sweetheart, take good care of my little girl. I know you love her. Show her that love."

"Are you sure? You know...won't be back?"

"Yes, dearest. I'm sure. I can't come back any more and I can't visit Della at night anymore. This is my final goodbye to you and her and my Christmas present to both of you."

Once again I watched her face fade away and watched Della's take its place. Her moans were coming even faster and I could feel my potent sperm boiling in my nut sack and making their way up my cock just before they splashed against Della's cervix, flooding her will millions of sperm just looking for that single egg.

I think both of us passed out after we came. I'm sure I did because when I woke up again, Della was still in my lap with my still hard cock stuffed deep inside her genitals. I was surprised because my cock never stayed hard after cumming, at least not since I was a youngster in high school.

"Mmmmmmm, Daddy, that was nice. I think I'm purring just for you."

"If we are going to be sharing the same bed, don't you think you should start calling me Danny?"

"Daddy, Danny, what difference does it make? I hereby stake my claim to your cock from this time forth."

"And, I claim your pussy in the name of my cock, for the next 300 years or until we die, whichever is later." We chuckled a bit at my drunken humor and slowly disengaged her pussy from my still rampant cock.

"God, Dad...er, Danny, doesn't it ever go down?"

"I don't know what's wrong with it. It hasn't done this for almost 30 years now."

"Must be my hot pussy that has you so excited."

"Could be. Have I ever told you how much you remind me of your mother?"

"Always. I am her daughter you know."

"I know. Ready for round two?"

"Gee, I'm still a bit sore from round one."

"Well, let's go up to my--er--our bedroom for round two."

She smiled and grabbed my cock pulling towards the bedroom and dragging me into the middle of my bed. Then she pulled me by the cock and enveloped it with her pussy saying "With this cunt, I thee wed."

What was I to answer with but "With this cock, I thee wed." My cock hit the opening in her cervix as the punctuation point in my pledge and Della squealed her delight. The second time around was slower, but it was just as satisfying as our earlier rutting fuck. This time we made love to each other instead of demanding sexual release in each other. That second time, I not only made my girl purr, I made my little girl pregnant with our babies.

We sold the house and moved away to another state where we lived as man and wife. I was accused more than once of robbing the cradle. If the neighbors only knew the truth.

Well, to make a long story a bit shorter, Amanda and Daniel Junior were born exactly nine months after that fateful night, the night I didn't kill myself because my dead wife convinced me to fuck my own daughter and make her my wife. The night I also learned what immortality really was all about.

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