tagErotic HorrorImmortal Love

Immortal Love

byFoxee Browne©

Sigh, life. Such a fleeting thing. Fragile and fraught with tension. Finding another such as me is not easy. So I hunt. I have been around for a very long time, unhappy and alone. How can I be alone surrounded by people? It is easy; I only look like one of them. Underneath I am very different. Perhaps I should begin to look for a mate, but I have seen what happens when others like me have done so. It changes them, weakens them and sometimes kills them.

I prepare myself for tonight's hunt. Dress my hard, cold flesh in the style of today. Such revealing clothing, nothing like this body had worn in its youth. I dress to entice them, the men I feed upon, let them come to me and I shall choose which will be my victim tonight. The closet is filled with such clothing, what shall I choose? Dark or light? Tonight the devil will choose white like an angel, so deceptive of me don't you think?

The white silk soft against my white skin. The dress falls just to my knee, the neckline plunging between the swell of my generous breasts. You can see the outline of my nipples jutting through the thin material. White sandals wrap around my delicate ankles and show my tiny feet to perfection. No underwear, just the thin dress. I go to the mirror and gaze at my reflection, blonde hair falling to my waist, green eyes blazing like emeralds.

Sigh, the mark my maker made shows. I should have hunted sooner. I look through the jewels and choose a thick diamond choker that was my mother's many centuries ago. It flashes like ice upon my throat, covering the two small marks nicely. I brush my hair making it crackle with vitality and then apply a few cosmetics. They enhance my exotic looks and give me the look of the silly insipid females of this century.

The nightclub I choose tonight is filled with the choice morsels of the human sea. I laugh to myself as I think of fishing a prize catch from its depth. The man at the door is telling people it is full inside and they cannot enter. When I look up at him beneath my sooty lashes he says nothing and opens the door to me. I glide inside, my quiet manner much different than the loud boisterous crowd. The smell of sweaty human flesh assaults my senses. The place reeks of blood. My mouth begins to water, but I stop it, I must.

The men notice me, they always do. That is my intent. I glance over them, the usual throng of male bodies. My eyes travel quickly over them to one in the corner. He is different. He stares at me. His eyes burning with need. Is he tonight's meal? I don't think so. There is more to him. I will feed quickly and come back. A young piece approaches his sexual desire for me written on his face. I can feel the blood pumping through him, just beneath the surface. I do not have to kill to feed, just a small drink.

We dance closely and he follows me to a back booth where I let him paw my body. I feed as he does so, the stupid people around thinking we are kissing. Just before he is ready to pass out I stop and excuse myself. I make sure he does not see the blood on my teeth or let any drop to his collar, giving myself away. I am still hungry so I choose another. The man in the corner still stares. He is frowning. I repeat what I did earlier, two, three times before noticing the man is gone.

A touch on my elbow tells me he is there. I turn and raise a brow in question. He grabs my arm and pulls me to him. His warm flesh beneath mine hard. We dance without speaking; he stares into my eyes with anger and passion. "Why?" He asks. I don't tell him, I will show him, wanting to scare him from me, save his life. I pull him to a dark corner and show him my teeth. He does not run, he looks at me stunned. Not the horror I expected, there is more to this man than I thought.

"Now you know, be wary of me. Tonight I fed, you are safe. I do not need to kill to feed, just take a little from a few, however killing is easy and I can do it with no trouble. Some of the human race deserves it."

"I want you anyway."

"Do you now?"


We left the club together, hand in hand walking to his home. We went inside without a word and went upstairs to his bedroom. We held each other in the moonlight just looking in each other's eyes. He lowered his head to kiss me, but I stopped him. "No, too dangerous for you. Never get near my mouth." I pulled his head to my neck where he kissed gently then hungrily, his hands exploring my cool flesh. Running over the white silk, feeling nothing but silk and woman. With quickness only the undead have I undressed him until he was naked before me.

I push him back to the bed; my strength is greater than his, even though he is a big man, strong and well defined. I stand before him and look at his body, the sight arousing my passion which has been dormant for many years. With one quick movement I fling the dress from my body, his breath sucking in at my nakedness. He grasps my hand, "Do you know what you ask? You can never be with a woman after me ever again, unless I make you undead too." He pulls me to him, I allow him to touch me, kiss me, and begin to make love to me. 'No! I won't destroy you. Think this over, because if we make love you must either die or become my mate. One such as myself only mates once and it is for eternity. I must go, I will return."

My troubled mind is saddened by him. I do not bother with my clothing, but disappear from his window and go to my lair. I do not rest easily; I feed carelessly, killing the criminal element, my anger taken out on the dregs of humanity. How could I even consider making another such as myself? Look at that one over there. The drunken wretch sits on a bench clutching a dirty once white piece of cloth to his chest. Should I end his pathetic miserable life? Yes. I approach stealthily, but something is familiar to me. The shape of the head, the width of the shoulders, what has befallen him?

I sit beside him, my hair as unkempt as his own. He does not look up. "I can't function without you, you never came back." He looked up, his hair grey, skin wrinkled and his eyes without the life they once held. He was dying. I had meant to return, but I forget how quickly time passes for the humans. I picked him up and raced back to my home. I cared for him until his vitality returned. Each night we talked, held one another until I decided to make him mine for eternity.

We made love at last our bodies entwined human and vampire. His body fit well with mine and we fucked with abandon. The second time we made love to one another I took his blood and he took mine. I watched him die and become reborn, my mate.

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