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Immortal Rebirth



Aliester drummed his fingers heavily on the rough stone sill, as he forced his eyes to remain fixed on the brightening horizon. The sun had not yet climbed into view -- a good thing if he were to avoid being burned to ash -- but enough morning light had chased away the darkness that the outline of the town below could be seen with crisp clarity. Eighteen years. Eighteen years had passed now since he had sensed the return of his true love to the mortal plane. Eighteen years of anticipation, to follow the four score years of abject loneliness.

Aliester's physical heart may have stopped pumping in the dark ages of mankind, but it was a mere fancy of poets that love resided within the heart. Humans are blind creatures -- so strongly attached to the physical world that they see not that their bodies are mere shells, carrying around the precious souls within. Aliester knew better. He could feel his own soul distinctly -- pouring energy from the beyond into his physical form, a body capable of feats of strength and celerity far beyond that of any mortal. Power comes not from the body, but from the soul within.

His eyes were watering now, and the sensitive skin on his face was starting to blister. But he wanted to see her. Needed it. But he could take no more, he turned his back to the window, and strode back into the darkness of his castle, whispering "soon, my love".


Kat yawned as she rose from her bed and stretched. She drifted serenely to the window and looked out to see the glowing orb of the sun lifting above the cold earth of the plains which surrounded the town. She smiled and lifted her face to the warm caress of the sun's rays. She shuddered suddenly, feeling a tingle of... something. And briefly a darkness crept over her heart, making her look back at the sun, reaching out to it as if it might be the last sunrise she would ever witness.

Suddenly she laughed -- a soft, merry sound. And chided herself at her childishness. She dressed quickly, and made her way outside to start on her chores.

The Crone

The crone glared at Kat from her kitchen window, before shifting her gaze to the castle on the hill. She had been waiting a long time for a chance to destroy Aliester, and it seemed that today she would have her chance. Her wrinkled and chapped lips curved into a wicked smile, exposing the rotted stumps of teeth within her fetid pit of a mouth.


When the darkness finally came, Aliester stopped his frantic pacing and laid a hand on the solid oak of his front door. Tonight he would see her again. Tonight they would be together, and he would turn this town into a wasteland of death and decay if anyone should try to stop him. He could sense her now, spirit burning more brightly than any other within a thousand leagues. He could feel her purity, a virgin body with a mind full of innocence. A purity which preserved the spirit of his true love, reborn again in a new age. A purity which he would take, sure enough, but in so taking would ensure the joining of their souls for eternity.

He stilled his emotions for a moment, then with a flourish threw the heavy door aside and stepped out into the naked night.


Kat stared at herself in the mirror as she carefully finished unbraiding her hair. She shook her head, sending her wavy tresses cascading down her bare back, around her shoulders, and over her breasts. She knew she was beautiful. The whispers around town were that her beauty was unnatural. Such ugly jealousy, but no woman in that town would let their son anywhere near her. It was not by her own choice that she was still a maiden. She burned to lay her hands upon the body of a man, to press herself against him, to feel his arousal, and to have him enter her, to complete her. She reached one hand to a breast, and gently rubbed her nipple.

As she carried on watching her reflection, her brown eyes stared back at her, and she saw her own eyes widen in surprise as the curtains behind her shifted slightly. Just the wind, surely? She closed her eyes and reached her other hand up, and began to caress her other breast, letting out a slow sigh.


Aliester stood inside the window, drinking in the sight of her. This new body was reminiscent of the last, but somehow even more alluring. It had been over a century since he had last seen her, yet he could still remember vividly the touch of her hands cupping his face as she had slipped away into the great circle of death and rebirth. Hands which were now caressing her own body. He felt passion rising at the sight. He moved forward soundlessly, stopping just behind her and placing his hands gently on her smooth, curved hips.

The Crone

The crone stood within the shadows of her own making in the corner of the room. Shadows which not even the eye's of Aliester could penetrate -- certainly not in this pathetic state of desire. She closed her eyes, and gripped the stake with both hands.


Kat almost screamed. But something stopped her. Something deep inside her soul, which told her that what seemed wrong, could somehow be right. She opened her eyes, and saw herself in the mirror. Herself, and nothing else. A mixture of fear and excitement blended within her stomach, and she looked down to see pale hands resting on her hips. Pale, with long, slender fingers. She turned slowly around, feeling the hands slide around her back as she looked up into the face of a man of inhuman beauty. The face smiled down at her, reassuring her. But the eyes looked hungry, and haunted. They were filled with an intensity that seemed almost to immolate her, him, and the world around them. She should want to run. She should want to scream. But she didn't. She suddenly wanted him. For the first time in her short life, she felt like she was home. She reached her hands up, to cup his face, and pulled him down to her waiting lips.

The Crone

The crone felt like vomiting from the sight, but her shadows masked only sight, not sound. It was not yet time. He would sense her if she came for him now. She could wait a little longer.


Aliester could see the recognition in her eyes. She remembered him! And he remembered her. A century of loneliness. Of years shunning the world, and awaiting her return. Of waiting for her to come of age. Years of suppressing his desires and passions. Passion which he could feel now burning through his animated flesh. He kissed her, and let out a low growl as her warm hands slid beneath and parted his cloak, finding his unclothed body beneath. Briefly she drew away from him in surprise, but seemed then to change her mind and allowed her hands to roam his back. He lifted her, with impossible ease, and carried her to the window, while their eyes remained locked together.

Kat felt almost that she was another person. The mundanity of her life had drifted away like fog, leaving a world in which she and he were in three dimensions, while the rest of the world languished in two. She could feel the cool night breeze on her back, and as her lover smiled at her the moonlight glinted from his long, curved, fangs. She knew now what he was, but felt that perhaps she had always known this was coming. She moaned as he lowered his mouth to her neck, kissing not biting, before moving down to kiss her left breast, one of his hands supporting her while the others caressed her other breast. She had touched herself often, but it was nothing like this. He was not hesitant, he was confident. His hands strong, his touch deft, causing her intense pleasure mixed with a dose of pain. She found she liked this type of pain.

She leaned towards him and reached down, her hand brushing over his manhood, which seemed to respond to her touch. She grasped it with both hands, and pressed herself against him, kissing his neck and chest. The more they touched, she could almost imagine her own strength growing. She exerted that strength now -- pushing him onto his back and straddling him. She wanted this. She wanted HIM. She stared deep into his eyes, eyes blacker than pitch, and lowered herself down onto him, sheathing him inside her in one motion. She wanted to scream from the feeling, from the connection. She leant forward, kissing his mouth feverishly, and she started to ride him with an urgency she had not imagined she possessed.


Aliester was losing control. It was nearly time. He could tell from her thrusting that she was close to climaxing, and he knew too that it would not be long before he would do so himself. With a strength and speed which caused the curtains to dance as if in a storm, he flipped her over. Now he was in control, and he thrust hard, deep and fast. He could feel her soul and his mingling, could sense their bodies responding to each other in resonance. And then it was there, the climax. Without delay he leant forwards, and bit deep into her jugular. Blood gushed into his mouth, almost choking him, her life blood starting to drain away, but the mingling of their souls forging a new connection to the underworld which would allow her to remain indefinitely on the physical plane of existence.


Kat felt the intense pleasure of orgasm give way to the agony of her impending death. As her lover raised himself away from her body, she saw a look in his eyes which she had never seen before, and would never see again. Pure love. Love for her, and perfect joy in their connection. She smiled at him, and he smiled at her. Then, the perfection shattered, as the pointed end of a wooden stake burst forth out of Aliester's bare chest.

Dedicated to Jill - a girl with unfathomable depths

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by Anonymous

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Dude, you've created a good story, but you need to think about a back story and continuing this storyline.

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by Anonymous04/30/18


You can't let the crone kill him! Please let him be with his love forever!

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by Anonymous04/30/18


The Start was Good, The End..IF YOU WANT TO CALL IT THAT , WAS CRAP. And that is Being VERY POLITE. REDO.

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by Anonymous04/29/18

Ending is too abrupt

Also, some backstory on how Aliester knows Kat would have been nice. And who is the crone? Why is she so determined to kill Aliester? Was the Crone his victim? These unknowns make it hard to really getmore...

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