tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 02

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 02


Chapter 02 – Lessons

Groggily awakening, Isaac was aware of bright sunlight filling the room. He felt dimly guilty, and it occurred to him that he might have overslept. His eyes lazily made their way to his clock radio. 10:05am.

*Shit. I did oversleep.*

With a jolt of willpower, Isaac made his arm toss back the covers, and he slowly sat up, facing out toward the window. He'd had the most fucked-up dream. There had been this spaceship, and he-

"Oh good, you're up."

He recognized the voice before he even turned to see her; still, he automatically faced her. Ävhip-ñall Solclaá – known to him as Nall – was naked on the other side of his bed, laying on her front with her feet up in the air, her upper body resting on her elbows and her breasts suspended below, ample cleavage not at all hidden by the sheets. Her bright red skin was just as he recalled, brilliant and eye-catching, with highlights of orange and yellow spread around seemingly at random like so many complicated birthmarks, and small teal spots in innocuous locations.

She had one of his books in front of her, a big 'Unexplained Incidents and Mysteries' coffee-table piece his older sister had bought him for Christmas a couple years ago. It had been collecting dust on his bookshelves for years now, never opened; she was into that stuff, but he wasn't. Isaac could only manage to croak one syllable.


"That's me." Nall kept reading, a banana in her other hand. The skin of it looked mangled, like she'd never peeled one before and had resorted to brute force. He glanced down and saw that he, too, was as naked as she was, and – finally confirming his wild experience hadn't been a dream – he saw his dick was still the giant size she'd forced it to grow to with her mysterious 'quarkware'.

"You're in my *house*."

She put the banana down, and closed the book. Rolling off the bed, she walked around its base and towards him. "And you were in my spaceship. We're bonded now, right? We'll be living together. It'll be like being married. The imnir had marriage too." Approaching him, Nall kissed his throat, as she seemed to like doing. "Anyway, I need you to come now."

"What? Where are we going?"

She sighed. "English. I need you to *come*." Her hand went immediately to his cock, the pole instantly responding to her touch. A shudder went through his body at being so easily manipulated, but from the moment she was in contact with him, he knew his cock belonged to her.

She looked into his eyes as she held his length in a hand. "It's part of the process. I'll make you come many times in the next couple days." Another pulse, and his cock hardened further. She said it clinically, and he worried at what the 'process' was. Nall slid downward, falling into a kneeling position. With both hands, she gently stroked his engorged manhood – quickly reaching its new maximum size.

He hadn't yet measured it, but it looked to be almost a foot long – and much thicker. She'd mentioned in the ship that she had more than tripled its mass. *How?*, he wondered; if he knew his science, wouldn't she have had to take that mass from something else? *Maybe some other part of my body?*

His mind reeled in horror for a moment, then he reined himself in. *Wait, she did the same thing when she laid all those eggs. They just seemed to grow inside her, and make her stomach real big like that, but that only took what, maybe fifteen minutes? She doesn't seem to have lost weight now after laying them – and she doesn't have much weight to lose...*

He lost his train of thought as her lips passed over the crown of his dick, the massive pole opening her jaws wide as she took more and more into her mouth. He held his breath for a moment, then let out a loud sigh as warm, slick wetness laved his cock, and he felt her hands on his hips, maneuvering him and herself into a better position.

He was soon leaning down somewhat and her throat was lined up directly with her mouth around his dick; he watched in amazement, and felt an incredible sensation as more of his cock disappeared inside her. Hot, tight wetness surrounded the end of his prick as it entered further; she was now truly deep-throating him, and betraying even his expectations she soon bottomed out – her red button nose touching against the spot where his pubic hair had once stood before she had made it all mysteriously vanish.

His hips involuntarily began a slow fucking motion, his feet moving up and down in a gradual up-and-down tiptoe as he made love to her throat. Isaac braced his hands against the side of the mattress, spreading his legs a little wider to let him thrust harder. She accommodated him, bending down a little lower and never breaking her vacuum hold on his cock. *She might treat me poorly, he thought, but she seems to take a lot of care around my cock...* the passing though vanished as he bottomed out again, watching his dick disappear into the bright red woman's lips and mouth.

Isaac didn't want to admit it, but he was quickly developing a fetish for her unusual appearance; the contrast of his tanned skin against her mysterious, otherworldly colors was alluring and sensual. It helped that she looked damn near exactly like a human, down to having the same equipment as any human female. He made a mental note to quiz her on why the hell they were such a perfect match, her having allegedly come from a species from some other galaxy. What were the chances, even on that scale? He vaguely recalled her explaining that, but the reason she'd given had been forgotten.

Nall's hands reached up and took his heavy balls each into a hand, gently kneading them and tickling the bare skin of his scrotum. She seemed quite passive now, allowing him to do most of the work – and his hips unthinkingly obliged her, pumping in and out of her mouth at a gradually increasing pace. He slowed down with an act of will, wanting at least to draw it out; she seemed to notice and opened her eyes, giving him a vaguely impatient glare. Not caring, Isaac took his time, and then decided to change positions. He took her head in his hands and laid her out flat, her eyes questioning him. He let his cock slip out of her mouth for a moment, and spun around atop her. Nall had barely had time to ask what he was doing before his massive dick was hanging over her face once again, glistening with her spittle; she didn't hesitate and took it back into her mouth, now upside-down, and bobbed her head up and down somewhat while his hips also moved to their own beat.

Isaac was rewarded in this new position with an up-close and personal inspection of Nall's pussy. He hadn't gotten a chance to indulge his curiosity on the ship; he'd seen – and felt – this same pussy release many round, grey eggs. Her lips were shaped a little differently than he recalled from the two other women's folds he'd been this close to before, but Nall's weren't so different as to be obviously alien. The bright red of her skin extended to her outer lips, staining the pink of her insides with a reddish tinge. The extremities, and the tip of her clit, were tipped with yellow patterning, the same kind that was under her eyes and on her hands and feet.

It intrigued him that an alien would have damn near exactly the same equipment as a human, yet have such a radically different way of giving birth. His thinking mind – while not any kind of biology expert – couldn't make sense of it. His not-so-thinking mind just wanted to find out what her wildly colored pussy tasted like.

He took an exploratory lick, and she didn't taste quite like human women did; it was distinctly different, sort of like black licorice, but tangy and very natural. It wasn't unpleasant, he decided. He heard her moan around his dick as he focused more attention on her, probing his fingers inside her and taking some licks at her clit. After more experimentation, Isaac was confident that making love to Nall was basically the same as making love to a human woman, and he could use all of his experience and tricks. He began to trace lazy, strange shapes with his tongue all over her clit and pussy, enjoying himself and sending his fingers inside her at random intervals, teasing and exciting her.

He could tell she was vaguely displeased at him focusing on her so much instead of his own orgasm – *probably not what she had planned for her 'process'* – but the thought only excited him more as he elicited more of a reaction out of the manipulative and powerful alien.

When he suckled on her clit for longer, he felt a long and deep moan emanate from Nall. It was strong enough that he felt it resonate in his cock, the vibration stimulating him and making him want to thrust his hips more. She noticed and redoubled her own effort, seizing the chance to make him finally lose it. Caught off guard, Isaac's body betrayed him; pleasure surged at the base of his pole, his balls began to tighten, and her slick tongue and throat moved up and down over his dick even as he stopped his hips to try and contain his explosion. It was inevitable, and she was ultimately in control.

He felt the pulses begin, and his mind was overwhelmed as his new, super-sized, energized and much more pleasurable and sensitive organ did what it was made to do – pump enormous amounts of semen. He gasped, moving his face away from her folds momentarily as his mind was washed away with each blast of come also frying his mind and wiping out conscious thought.

Isaac felt load after load empty into Nall's throat, and she swallowed it all greedily. Coming down, he realized her pussy was still completely exposed in his face – and whether or not she wanted to pretend her only goal was for him to blow his load for this 'process', the wetness and heat of her pussy belied her body's desire.

With his cock still dribbling out a slow stream of his last supplies of come, he attacked her pussy again with fury.

This time, he didn't tease or experiment, going solely for the maximum stimulation in the shortest possible time. He inserted three fingers and twisted them all round, nibbling, sucking, and kissing her clit, and pressing it with his thumb like a button. Her hips bucked, and her knees gathered up against his sides. Looking down, he could see she had been overwhelmed herself, and he felt his cock slip out of her mouth; a few final drops of gooey come dripped out onto her chest as she moaned out loud, her arms going out to her sides and bunching up the throw rug they were making love upon in her fingers.

"Ah! You – ah! We're done, you ca – Ahhh!" Not willing to listen, Isaac mentally dared her to stop him. Nothing happened, and he continued his assault. With his fingers, he felt a tiny pulse that he knew wasn't from his own motion; he focused on it and timed his attention to it, making the pulse grow. She had gone silent, and glancing down he could see her mouth was wide open, though he couldn't get a good look as she'd arched up her back and her dark nipples were pressing slightly against his abdomen. Her left hand slapped again and again on the hardwood, the rug having been thrown up and disheveled in an unthinking moment of bliss. He puckered his lips into an exaggerated kiss and sucked hard on her clit, pressing his fingers inside her, and he was rewarded; he felt her orgasm with certainty as her body shook and twisted beneath him. The sensuous undulations of her red body put a gentle stir back into his own dick, though he knew he wouldn't be going for a second round for a while.

Nall continued to come beneath him, and he let up and simply watched it happen, enjoying the sight of her waist and pussy wiggle around, entrapped by his arms. He'd felt her strength, and knew she could fling him up in the air if she wanted to – but she contained it, or somehow otherwise left her physical power at something approaching the natural amount. Soon she had come down, and slowly drew breaths beneath him. He rolled off and sat up, and was met with her glare while she remained lying flat. He enjoyed the sight of her breasts somewhat pancaked, but still looking delicious, and smiled down at her despite her obvious anger.

"That was unnecessary." Nall glowered.

"Too bad. Poor you." He gave her a fake, overconfident grin. She shook her head and suddenly did a kippup, surprising him. Nall looked down and saw the dabs of come remaining on her breasts and upper chests; she wiped them up with her finger, then licked them off. Standing above him, she pointed with her thumb out the door.

"Come on out into the primary room. You need to eat, I imagine. Your body is changing inside and will need nutrition." He shuddered, not liking that she had done as she pleased to his insides without asking or even explaining to him what was going on. Regardless, she was correct – he was starving. Isaac stood up, and Nall picked up the book she'd left on the floor, trying to find her page and then becoming distracted with another entry.

"Okay. And it's the living room, or den, or just the big room, not the 'primary room'." He stopped for a moment to fish out a pair of boxer briefs and linen pants and a shirt, his typical around-the-house loungewear. As he threw them on, he noticed they were tighter than usual. Not just around his waist, but his whole body – either he somehow shrank all of his clothes accidentally with the last washload, or he'd gotten bigger overall... from his recollection from the ship, and looking at himself now, he was definitely bigger. Before he could think it through, his stomach growled, and he caught Nall rolling her eyes as he buttoned up his shirt.

Ignoring her, he went back out into the den and then to the kitchen of his condo. He'd done the whole place up in one trip to Crate and Barrel, all basic patterns, simple geometric shapes, and hard angles – though over the two years since he'd bought the place, his taste had drifted away from the style. Everything was either white, black, or a light woodgrain. Isaac grabbed milk from the fridge, and two packets of oatmeal out of the pantry, then changed his mind and made it five packets. He was *hungry*. Some part of his mind noted that the pantry seemed awful sparse, but he could have sworn he'd just gone grocery shopping two days ago.

Mixing up his breakfast, he stuck the bowl in the microwave, and then a thought occurred to him; he began to shuffle through things, looking for something. Nall had found her way to the kitchen bar and was sitting up on a stool, her head resting in one elbow – her dark red skin and markings a massive contrast to the condo's décor. She looked bored. As he found was he was looking for, he hit the power button, and was rewarded with the Apple logo. *Good, it's still charged.*

"What's that?" Nall asked from the side, flailing the banana weakly from side to side in her hand. She seemed to enjoy watching the mangled skin fly back and forth.

"My cell phone."

"Phone, phone, phone..." She wracked her brain. "A kind of communications device... Who are you contacting?" The idle boredom in her voice was replaced with a hard edge.

"My boss. Telling him I'm late for work." It seemed an utterly mundane concern, but he knew it would be serious enough if he ignored it for long – crazy red sex alien living in his house or not.

"Don't bother."

"Yes bother. This is important. This house? These clothes? That banana?" He gestured at her with the phone. "I need my job to pay for these things. I don't know how the economy works on Planet Nall, but around here we have to work for a living." He found his boss's speed-dial. *Devon is going to blow his top...*

"I said, don't bother. You already quit, and I told you I would take care of you."

His world stopped for a moment.

"I already quit...?" He said it flatly, but the question was unmistakable – apparently even to an alien. "Pretty sure I didn't do that before I left. What did you do?"

"You did. Your assistant stopped in earlier. I had her help me with a few things. She prepared and delivered your 'resignation letter', as I understand it, and you're now no longer tied up with all that." She took another bite of the banana.

"Why the –" He sputtered, and almost broke the phone in his hand before stopping himself. "Oh, so your 'mission' isn't just to screw with my cock and my mind, it's to ruin my career too." Rage boiled in him, at both his situation, and the possibility she used the same mind-bending powers on Clara as she had used on him.

He gave her a huge fake smile, opening his palms. "Oh well! It'll be fine! Especially in this day and age, with jobs for everyone! When your idea goes to hell, they'll just let me back in, no questions asked!" She frowned at his sarcastic anger.

"I wouldn't have done this without securing everything you need first. By the way, you're a gifted inventor, it's made you significant money in the last few days." She gave a furtive sidelong glance, looking subversive. It took him a couple seconds to figure out; he remembered Nall was from an apparently quite advanced, spacefaring alien species.

"Really. Jog my memory, what did I 'giftedly' invent?" He tilted his head, keeping his giant fake smile.

"Some incrementally better kinds of insulation for various niche construction purposes. A new method of alloying titanium to iron and bauxite. A better variant of miniature antenna geometry. A way to turn a lithium-chromium alloy into a foam you can spray. A cheap way to manufacture safe aerogel. Three radar-absorbent polymer formulas. Couple other things. The next batch goes on the market automatically in four days, and the batch after that two weeks later. " She took a final bite, finishing the banana. "I sold the patents through a 'lawyer'," she seemed to twist around the word, "so your identity is protected and you won't have to worry about the details."

"You've been awful busy." He folded his arms, and the microwave beeped. Furious though he was, he couldn't ignore the maddening emptiness of his stomach, and he greedily removed the oatmeal and continued talking through large bites. "I seem to recall you being flabberghasted at our medieval planet. You got over that quick."

Nall nodded. "I spent most of the last six days learning everything about yo-"

"Six days!" He shouted, almost dropping the bowl.

"Well, yes. You needed time for the changes to work their way through you. I wasn't sure how long it would all take – though I admit I thought it would only be fifty or sixty hours."

He took another bite of his oatmeal, too famished to ignore his hunger even with the stunning revelation. A thought occurred to him. "But wouldn't I die, being out that long without medical care? Did you feed me when I was asleep?"

"Sort of. I ate first, and my body turns it into a kind of gel. Then..." Her hand went to one of her breasts, and her fingers squeezed the dark red tip of her nipple. A tiny squirt of white milk shot out. His eyes went wide, stunned.

"You're kidding." He glanced at her bored expression, then back at the well-shaped breast.

"Well, eventually you'd need to wake up. There's certain nutrients I can't transfer, and your body would eventually absorb too many imnir sulfur-based blood structures. In another day I would've had to find some way to bring in a human doctor. But – that's why you're so hungry now, because your body has to catch up. And if you knew what was going on inside your body, you might be a little more grateful. I'm putting a lot of work into you." She pointed, more at his chest and abdomen than at his face.

"Oh, okay." Isaac counted off on his fingers. "Like making me your slave, turning my cock into your personal toy – and now probably ruining my life?"

"Like adding redundancy and failsafes to your internal organs, reinforcing your skeleton with pico-wire mesh, and laying the foundation for the more obvious physical stuff that will come later." He stopped, not having known about any of this.

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