tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 03

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 03


"Good, you're back. I found one for you to start with."

Isaac's cock, almost immediately hard, tented up his long, lightly made pants; he watched Nall's slender red fingers play with the delicate folds of Jessica's pussy, a sparse and trimmed mat of pubic hair above it that obstructed nothing. Her smallish breasts adorned her chest nicely, with almost no sag despite how she was laying flat on her back. Nall had mentioned on the ship that in order for him to impregnate women as was the task she'd forced upon him, Nall had to first 'fiddle with them a bit'. Watching Nall painstakingly devote her whole attention to Jessica's pussy, he was shocked; he hadn't realized she meant being so... intimate, with other girls.

He watched the sordid lesbian scene play out briefly, Nall's whole attention focused solely on bringing off the young Jessica; despite knowing well how single-minded and ruthless Nall was about her mission, seeing the unashamed tenderness that she put into her gentle tonguing of the other girl he could easily believe that Nall was bisexual, or maybe even preferred women slightly. Jessica's mouth was wide open, and her body seemed to be slowly writhing of its own accord. Nall's focus on Jessica broke again and she continued, without looking at him, interspersing her words with licks at her new lover. "I'm almost done. Once she comes, she'll be ready for you; I can't wait to see her fill up with eggs." Nall sounded excited; he realized that when she said she'd been changed by the quarkware process, she probably also meant that she'd been infused with a powerful fetish, or simple *need*, to see her bonded male perform his role and impregnate other women.

Isaac also realized then, too, that he also sorely wanted to plunge his potent dick inside her and come, and see the result as her belly would expand with -- according to Nall -- countless imnir eggs for her to blissfully lay. On the ship, the time he'd come inside Nall herself, she had only laid a handful of eggs -- but she had told him her mission was to make him come inside human women, who would lay far more eggs for some reason. He distantly recalled fighting with these thoughts, but his cock was raring now, his balls preparing a massive load to discharge into Jessica.

Nall returned to her newfound lover, frigging the young brunette's pussy hard, slick red fingers dancing over a pale pink clit and eliciting loud and unintelligible noises from Jessica. With a long and pathetic cry, the fair-skinned younger woman came, her small feet randomly flailing in the air; he felt a drip of pre-come form on the tip of his expanded cock, knowing what was expected of him next. He wasn't sure why Nall needed her to come, but he knew that in that moment of Jessica's climax, Nall had completed some kind of change within her body, preparing her for his virile load. Nall's head rose back up, her mouth, chin, and fingers all shiny with Jessica's wetness. She licked her lips, and placed her arms under the other girl, suddenly picking her up like she weighed nothing.

He already knew she was unnaturally strong, but it was still strange to witness. Isaac thought to ask, "How did you do this to her so fast? Didn't she freak out when she saw a red chick?"

Nall glanced back and answered as she carried Jessica into his bedroom. "I was in her head from the moment I saw her when I poked my head out the door for a second. I bent her preference into bisexuality -- which was easier than I thought it would be, at least with her -- and put her in an aroused fugue. She was so easy to turn on, the poor girl is swimming in hormones. She probably doesn't have anyone to satisfy her, and I bet she has to get herself off all the time just to keep herself from going nuts. Once I triggered her hormone release, she practically melted into my arms and didn't even care that I was some funny color." Jessica moaned softly in Nall's arms. Nall walked up to his queen-size bed and deposited Jessica, the helpless girl left spread-eagled on the covers. Nall continued. "Even after coming, her mind is still a sex-laden mush. She'll stay this way until I let her out of it."

Nall walked behind the entranced Isaac, her hands reaching around and unbuttoning his shirt, then undoing his pants. Isaac was vaguely aware of his clothes falling down around him, and he steeled himself to resist the temptation Nall had laid out in front of him. One red finger came out, and touched the tip of his engorged and pre-come-leaking cockhead. A sensation he recognized filled him -- becoming suddenly and riotously laden with uncontrollable horniness and eroticism on top of the already rampant arousal he felt from watching Nall bring off Jessica. His hard penis hung in front of him *demanding* satisfaction; the desire it roared into his whole being was irresistible, and there before him was a defenseless, horny young woman on the bed, her pussy soaking wet and calling out to be used. Isaac began to slowly walk over, feeling like he was forgetting something.

"About that stuff I mentioned earlier..." Nall was still at his ear while he walked, her breasts pressing on his back as she tip-toed behind him by a half-pace. "As you fuck these women I choose for you, your body will begin to take on more of the physical build and aspects of the Patriarch -- oh, that is, the paragon male image and insatiable lover that I need. It'll also weaken your resistance to me a little bit, and fetishize egg-laying for you a little more every time." Her fingers traced across his rippling ass; some part of his mind was listening to what she said, filing it all away, but he couldn't stop what he was about to do for anything.

Straddling then leaning over Jessica, he kissed her suddenly and greedily, laying sloppy kisses on her cheeks, nose, neck, and on down to her breasts. He devoured her small, pointy nipples, himself consumed with lust. Finally sensing her total readiness, he spread her legs a little wider, and feeling no resistance, rubbed his thick cockhead against her lips. With a gradual thrust meant to ease any discomfort she felt, Isaac felt his long, thick pole disappear into the small Jessica, wrapping smoothly around his meat. He grimaced at how tight she was, and felt her body drag downwards on the bed as he tried to pull out for another thrust. She never cried out or yelped, staying in the same lust-filled funk as she had from the moment Nall had laid eyes on her.

Isaac's cock suddenly began a rapid fucking motion, as the impatience of his dick overrode everything. He wanted to completely unload every drop of his powerful seed inside the young girl. Looking at her, he figured her for no more than college age, twenty to twenty-two maybe, to his thirty-two. He suddenly wrapped his arms under her, and picked her up, resting on his knees. She unconsciously wrapped her legs and arms around his back, hugging to him loosely as he gripped her waist tightly and began to lift her bodily and let her slide down onto his cock. Her fleshy, pale ass had a lot of give in his hands as he lifted and dropped her again and again, basking in the total bliss that was her pussy surrounding and enclosing his most sensitive organ.

A sideways glance showed Nall sitting in a chair in the corner, her legs spread wide and playing with herself. A part of him wanted her to join in, but he decided that could be some other time. He groaned loudly, feeling the familiar sensation in the base of his cock, working its way upwards. The girl probably wouldn't come yet, but he couldn't stop the thunderous power in his cock; this orgasm was somehow different, and felt stronger than ever before. It was as if his cock sensed some critical difference and was bringing to bear its full, unbridled power, heretofore hidden. He roared, the pleasure growing hotter and hotter until it was like the Sun itself was burning within him. From his head to his toes, heat and energy flared inside him, and he could have sworn he felt his whole body swell somehow.

It was almost a relief when he finally felt his cock pumping, his seed being dumped rope by rope into Jessica's helpless body. The blaring, massive energy of the orgasm had been on the edge of being painful. He slowed down his thrusts, instinctually allowing her to sink down to the base of his cock as he felt his semen pumping out en masse, delivering what felt like gallons of his come deep within her. The warmth throughout his whole person remained for a while as well, strengthening and improving him just as Nall had said. He could already see his muscles growing, his stature moving up slightly -- maybe half an inch -- and his dick growing ever so slightly, his balls also expanding and becoming increasingly resilient and productive.

Tiny sounds escaped from Jessica, little coos and ahhs that only made him want to hold her tighter. Finally, feeling his own come beginning to leak down the sides of his cock and out of her pussy, he began to lay her down, and suddenly felt Nall next to him, helping him lay her out on her back on the bed. Already he could see the effects of his virile seed; her belly was slightly rounder than before, and at a touch it was very hot. Kneeling in place, Isaac only looked down at the girl, and Nall also kneeled on the bed next to her. He felt his mind reasserting itself, thoughts stored away during the torrent of passion returning to the front and center of his consciousness.

He looked down at himself as the heat within him faded away; the last of his growth had completed, and he had gained about twenty pounds, all of it muscle. It looked like he'd just spent a year working out on a high-protein diet. He'd taken care of his body before, but he'd never really pushed himself. Now, he felt like he was on the way to a legendary build, though there was still plenty of room to improve. His cock, as big as ever, looked less out of place between his thicker thighs and larger physique. Isaac looked back at Nall, giving a little flex to show off.

"Impressive. I have to tend to Jessica, though." She laid herself down next to the girl, and seemed to focus inward. After a few moments, Nall's breasts inexplicably and suddenly swelled. After five seconds, they had become quite large, going from their C cups to larger than Ds, and small droplets of whitish fluid appeared on her small dark red nipples. She let out a long sigh, and hefted a breast, cradling Jessica's head.

As he watched, his cock laying flat and spent on the bed, Jessica unthinkingly sucked away on Nall's tits, drinking down whatever mysterious fluid Nall was filling her with. Her belly was growing slightly, now looking about as big as Nall did just before she laid her eggs back on the ship -- but he knew Jessica was far from finished. With one breast finally drained after ten minutes or so, Nall moved Jessica's head to her other breast, making the other girl drink again. Isaac looked on in silence, watching Jessica's belly grow and grow slowly, fascinated. When the other breast was finally drained, and Nall's two red-orange orbs were back to their original size, the sweating Nall turned her attention to the expanding mass of Jessica's pregnancy. She smiled and cooed softly as she stroked the warm dome of Jessica's belly, and occasionally tickled the other girl's breasts.

Nall grabbed his pillows together and fashioned a backrest, and pulled Jessica up to lean against it. Her legs were still spread wide, her pussy lewdly open for all to see, and Nall continued to stroke and caress Jessica's body. She asked the brunette if she needed more milk, to which the girl gave a delayed and slow nod. Nall's breasts once again swelled, and she straddled Jessica, her red-pink pussy suspended above Jessica's growing belly while the young girl drained Nall again, the milk seeming to energize and hasten whatever was happening inside her. The pale young girl drank more greedily this time, finishing much sooner. Jessica's center was very gravid, larger than a full-term pregnancy even. The growth seemed to have stopped, but Nall wasn't getting ready quite yet; apparently the eggs weren't laid the moment they were at full size.

Jessica's own hands went to her belly, and her liquid brown eyes opened slightly for the first time since Isaac had seen her inside his condo. She stared down lovingly at her own increased mass, stroking it with one hand and moving the other to her small, sensitive breasts. Tweaking herself, Nall joined in, playing with the other girl's nipples and kissing her deeply. The two made out like this for some time, Isaac only sitting there and watching; finally, after what may have been five or ten minutes, he sensed a change. Something told him Jessica was ready. Nall sensed it as well, sidling up alongside her and moving as if to comfort her. Jessica's eyes closed and her mouth opened wide, pleasure rampant throughout her body as her eggs began.

A dab of clear goo escaped from Jessica's pussy, then another; Nall's fingers flew down and the first, perfectly shaped, speckled grey egg emerged, plopping into Nall's palm. The shiny sphere exited Jessica without any effort; he saw it was slightly larger than those Nall had laid, and looked somehow healthier -- its splotches were smaller and less numerous. Nall looked at him for a moment, holding the egg before him and then leaving it on the bedsheet on the far side not occupied by any of the three, her hand moving to accept the second egg as more goo escaped from inside Jessica's laden womb.

The egg-laying went on and on, for more than an hour, and soon both Jessica's ass and thighs, and Nall's knees and feet were soaked in the widening puddle of her goo on the bed. Jessica's bliss went on uninterrupted the whole time. Glancing down, he could see Nall's pussy was literally dripping, alien-girl-stuff merging with the substance that was coming out along with the eggs. He dared not interrupt the egg-laying no matter how enticing his slavemaster's body looked, and his cock remained at half-mast. He lost count at twenty-four, and that was only a few minutes in; the small eggs, slightly larger than a golf ball, soon occupied the whole far side of the bed, weighing it down somewhat as they rolled together and leaving a big clear puddle below them as the bedsheets and mattress absorbed more of the goo as it very slowly dripped down off of them. The eggs stayed shiny, the goo too viscous for the eggs to dry off completely, and it apparently either didn't evaporate on its own, or it did so very slowly.

At one point, Nall gestured to him, beckoning him closer; she gleefully directed him to take an emerging egg himself, and soon he, too, felt her hot, wet pussy dilate slightly and blood-warm ooze flowing between his fingers. A slick egg plopped into his hands, the heat of her folds brushing against his knuckles. Nall and Isaac alternated after that, taking turns accepting warm eggs from Jessica. He somehow knew the eggs were tough enough not to be damaged by light impacts, but he still felt he should be very careful around them. After an hour and maybe ten minutes, the egg-laying concluded, the final grey orb exiting from Jessica's body as easily as the first and sliding into her red lover's hand. Nall gave it a kiss, then deposited it on the bed, her legs making a quiet plopping sound as they exited and entered the dripping pool of goo surrounding the two women -- probably an inch deep at the center where Jessica's weight depressed the mattress.

"She's done." Nall said it quietly, as if she didn't want to break Jessica's slowly lifting reverie; she lifted a hand to her mouth, sideways, directing her almost-whispers to Isaac as she spoke -- but she never looked away from Jessica. She continued, in loving detail. "After the egg-laying, the female's body is incredibly sensitive. Even a little stimulation will push her over, and as a side-effect of her body being drained so much, when she comes it'll drag out over a long time. It's like the crescendo to an hour-long orgasm." She seemed overjoyed, the first impregnation being a total success; he could tell Nall was eager to reward Jessica, and he let her do the honors. In truth, he already knew what Nall was saying was true, because he'd witnessed the same thing in her own body after she'd laid her own tiny batch of eggs in the ship -- but he figured the proud Nall either didn't want to remember that incident, or didn't want to admit it.

Nall nestled closer to Jessica, curling the smaller girl up in her own body, the weakened and sensitive brunette falling easily into her enclosing grasp. Nall tilted her head upwards and kissed her directly on the lips, their tongues dancing, and then her fingers suddenly began to dance inside the young girl. He could see the delayed reaction from her, her body slowly jerking away from the touch on her most sensitive and tender place, but Nall was insistent and soon her body was being stimulated beyond its ability to cope. Helpless in Nall's embrace, Jessica was made to come, moaning out loud into Nall's never-ending kiss, her limbs and body writhing heedlessly. It was the most erotic sight Isaac had seen yet since his time with Nall, and he found his cock stirring again, finally, earlier than even he expected.

After the climax, Jessica passed out, falling limply in Nall's arms. She picked the girl up again and laid her out flat. She turned to Isaac. "We'll leave her here tonight, and let her rest. She's very fertile, we want to make sure this one is available in the future." Nall shook her head. "That *Jessica* is available in the future." Nall lovingly stroked Jessica's hair, parting the bangs obscuring her sleeping face. "Go open the bag I brought, next to the fireplace, and bring me a couple warp beacons." He wasn't sure what a warp beacon was, but he had a good guess based on his previous experience. He'd seen the bag, a nondescript black duffel, though he didn't recall her bringing it. *Come to think of it, how did we get back down from the ship? She can't have landed it anywhere near here. The thing was at least as big as this building.* He recalled the long corridors and rooms.

Isaac fetched a couple of the red and orange-decorated tube-like devices from the bag, laden with complex script that he didn't understand. Nall had told him she was forgetting her original language; what would happen if something went wrong with these things? Would she be able to fix it, or unable to read even simple instructions? He banished the thought. *I might have misgivings about what she's doing, he thought, but once the eggs are laid, there's no reason not to send them to whatever planet they're going to, where they can be taken care of properly. They didn't do anything wrong.*

Handing her the tubes, she directed him to hold two for himself. She gave him a crash course on the devices -- it turned out very simple, actually. She mentioned that the project heads anticipated her losing her ability to speak her native language, and had made the beacons as basic to operate as possible. Twist one end and it created an instant warp gate to the unknown robot base countless light-years away, which lasted about eight minutes. Once those eight minutes ran out, the machinery inside burned itself out and the beacon became about as useful as any other inert metal pipe. The two set to work, teleporting dozens of eggs back to wherever Nall's long-dead people had found was an ideal place for their society to be restarted. They managed to finish within eight minutes, only using the initial two of the beacons. Nall sat back down on the bed afterward, stroking Jessica's hair again and totally heedless of the messy goo smearing all over her skin.

"That was beautiful, by the way." Isaac tossed it out, knowing it was a contradiction.

"Really? I'm glad you think so."

"I still don't know what to think about this. I know you control me, but I also know that that control doesn't go very deep." She frowned on hearing it, more at herself than him. "But I also know that that wasn't a negative experience. I hate for you to mess with her mind like that, but I also want to see it again." He felt torn.

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