tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 05

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 05


Without anything to do until his alien captor returned, Isaac settled for distracting himself, reading the newspaper and trying to catch up on the week's worth of news he'd missed while he was asleep, his body changing to suit Nall's needs. The distraction actually worked, and after an hour he was totally engrossed in the Wall Street Journal. He laughed when he read his old company -- Grand Courier Inc. -- was mentioned on a 'death watch' financial advice column. The world hadn't changed drastically while he was busily unconscious. He thumbed through the articles, only reading a few choice ones on the subjects he thought really mattered. It occurred to him that he hadn't checked his email in a few weeks, and Nall hadn't forbidden him to contact the outside world.

*So what, am I going to call up the government and tell them an alien sex fiend is mind-controlling me into getting human women pregnant with eggs?* He sighed. *They'll think I'm insane at best. Life in prison at worst.* Isaac resigned himself to concealing his new, incomprehensible situation. In his email were some emails from work friends, asking why he'd left without notice and if everything was okay; he responded that he'd had a shift of priorities in life and was taking it easy and pursuing self-employment. *It's not even false...* His former assistant, Clara, who seemed disappointed but understood his decision; she said he was the best boss she'd ever had, and if he landed anywhere else that he needed an assistant, to please give her a call. He liked Clara. She was a pretty woman, his age, and very smart; there had been chemistry early on, but then she'd suddenly found a boyfriend and he'd politely backed off.

He had heard she was single again through the office grapevine, and interacting with her was a little less professional in the week or so before his abduction by Nall, but he had been waiting a while for her to get some distance from the last guy. If he'd heard right, he'd cheated on her and it ended badly, and she'd been very upset. She'd taken two 'sick days' right around the time it allegedly happened. Clara wasn't leadership material, not really a weak person, more like she just couldn't bring herself to just boss people around. Clara would rather do the work of an entire department herself than ask anyone to help her -- Isaac had been like that early on, but Clara had spoiled him, and was one of the reasons he'd stuck around at the doomed Grand Courier as long as he had. He assured her he would bring her aboard if he had the options wherever he landed next.

He'd missed twelve phonecalls in the last eight days. Two from a surfing buddy over last weekend, probably asking if he wanted to go, six from his boss -- he winced -- and various other numbers he didn't recognize, probably telemarketers. He also read numerous texts from his sister, Melissa, two years his elder and as kooky as ever. Melissa had resigned herself to a life as a crazy cat lady after her divorce three years ago, and she'd relapsed into depression -- though reading the texts it didn't sound like she was going to make another suicide attempt like in high school. Ever since that had happened when they were young, he'd always been eyeing every word she said, monitoring for her losing it again. He was glad she was doing comparatively well; she was his childhood crush and he still felt more than sibling affection for her, but that was something he'd decided to leave be years ago. Isaac felt a little guilty for not being there for her; his sister was a good person, and fun, though she rambled a lot and had hinted that her interest in unsolved mysteries and the unexplained wasn't just idle and she actually believed some of it.

*Shit, aliens might actually be locked up in Area 51.* Isaac pondered, knowing he had an alien living in his own house, who was due back sometime tonight for an intense and bizarre fucking session -- probably along with a girl he hadn't even met. He had no room to chuckle -- even to himself -- about his sister's ideas now. He texted her back, and the two caught up over the next hour or so. He browsed some web pages in between messages. It occurred to him to look up some astronomy information, and soon he'd found a map of science's current best-guess understanding of the local galactic cluster. Isaac couldn't be sure, but it did look very similar to the map Nall had shown him inside the ship -- just from another angle. Tracking out the other galaxies the two-bit web applet showed in its display, Isaac settled on one galaxy that had to be the one Nall said she was from.

It was called NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy. Apparently, in galactic terms, it wasn't really that far away, but 12.7 million light-years was still a mind-boggling distance to have travelled. If he'd understood Nall's story right, she'd been transformed into the 'Imnir Ark', a living quarkware vessel, just before every living thing on her world was fried by deadly radiation in what she described as her own people's mistake. Sealed in an underground vault that had within it a powerful supercomputer that communicated with countless probes launched at light speed in all directions, she had laid deactivated inside a docked spaceship for some indeterminate millions of years until one probe noticed Earth. Deciding it had found a compatible species at last, the computer had used all of its energy to warp Nall and the spaceship all the way to the Milky Way and Earth's neighborhood, destroying itself in the process and sending her on her one-way mission to make him impregnate human girls with who knew how many imnir eggs.

Isaac shrugged, not knowing what else to do about his predicament. Melissa sent him another text, telling him the latest on the interactions between her cats. Boxer was having something of a spat with General Jones. Going from the fates of intergalactic civilizations to the politics between cats made Isaac laugh, and he turned off the computer, spending the rest of his evening before Nall returned catching up with his crazy sister.

The doorknob turned more than two hours later, breaking his concentration. The clock read 8:12p, and the sun had already set; the sky was a dark blue, the horizon red-orange and dimming. The door was left slightly ajar, and he could hear some bumping and shuffling outside, but the door didn't move. He got up and opened it, and was greeted with the sight of the passionately kissing Nall and -- his cock was renewed -- Electra. The two's shiny black heads of hair, matching, flowed and mixed together as Electra aggressively smacked her lips against Nall, their tongues meeting and traces of saliva coating their cheeks near their lips.

As he imagined -- though in his mind they'd been bare -- their two pairs of breasts were pressed together, Electra's large boobs dominating the smaller, round tits adorning Nall's chest -- all four globes squashed into flatness as their embrace tightened. Nall's hands were fondling Electra's ass under her jeans; he noticed that she'd gotten changed from her work clothes, now wearing a black tube top that hugged her torso and outlined her huge breasts very clearly, swooping in beneath them to make it very obvious that her chest wasn't simply large due to any kind of weight problem, that she was well-built and just had naturally big boobs. Electra had at some point taken off the copious jewelry she'd had in the store, now her only hint at her wild side being her large quadruple earrings.

The pair rolled inside, brushing past him. He closed the door, his eyes never leaving the passionate lesbian coupling. Electra didn't seem to notice him, focused intently on Nall. With the door closed and the world now outside and far away, Nall snaked her hands under Electra's top and slid it off in one quick motion, the other girl raising her arms to accommodate her; beneath she wore a satin bra that Nall then devoted herself to removing. The other girl complied, reaching behind her to undo the clasp that Nall seemed to have trouble with. Isaac sat himself down on the love seat and his hand went under his pants to grip his hardening cock, knowing what Nall intended. As Electra's bra fell to the floor, Nall rolled the two of them onto the couch, and their make-out session resumed with Electra's pale breasts now fully exposed. Unable to help himself at the sight of those beautiful orbs, Isaac's hand closed tightly around his dick, but he found himself unable to stroke. He remembered Nall's command, not realizing it would apply even after she returned.

Coming up for a moment, Nall shifted her knees, then grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled it over her head. She tossed it away, landing sideways on the coffee table; underneath, she wore her own new bra, but no panties. Her bare pussy with its dark lips was revealed, a familiar but still erotic sight to Isaac. He could tell that her mind control -- the same thing she'd used to turn Jessica's thoughts into an erotic mush, helpless to resist both Nall and himself -- was at work here too, driving Electra into an irresistible sexual frenzy. Still, she seemed notably less docile than Jessica was under the same effect, and had a modicum of control of herself -- even if, it seemed, she was unable to even think of stopping herself from making love to Nall, she was able to direct her own body, at least. Jessica had been so reduced by Nall's power that she had basically laid back and taken whatever was done to her. *Maybe Jessica was a weak-willed girl to begin with?*

Crawling backwards, Nall then unbuttoned the other girl's jeans, sliding her hands under Electra's ass when she finished, grabbing her waistband. Electra raised her ass into the air to help her slide them, and her panties, down to her knees, then set herself back down and Nall pulled the last remaining bit of clothes -- and Electra's last remaining defenses -- off of the unsuspecting female. Nall set herself in the same position she'd used with Jessica, a low kneel, almost curled into a ball, in between Electra's legs. He could see Electra's crotch, sporting a neat track of tufted pussy-fur in a single inch-wide line over her snatch, the rest shaven clean. He knew her pink folds would be especially appealing to Nall, and seeing her in that position, her lovely ass so wantonly displayed and her perfect pussy lips hidden in the cleft between her legs and feet, was itself particularly erotic to Isaac. Unable to stroke himself, Isaac settled for pulling his pants down -- then, ultimately, off -- along with his shirt and shoes. Nall's licking had begun in earnest when he was finally naked, and Isaac settled back onto the love seat, his stiff dick held fast in one immobile hand while he watched.

Electra was very much enjoying Nall's attention, but seemed to want something else. She kept tapping Nall lightly on the shoulder, and trying to move herself around. Finally Nall relented, coming up to let Electra reposition; the other girl pushed Nall up until she was on all fours, then slid herself beneath her lover. Electra's pussy, still open to Nall but now upside-down, soon received the same loving, probing licks all over again, and Nall found herself stimulated as well when Electra's tongue began its first tentative explorations. He knew Nall was up to something, infusing some unknown quarkware deep within the pink pussy she was licking and preparing the other girl to receive Isaac's cock, and his virile, egg-inducing semen -- but all the same, it seemed Nall had no trouble focusing on the sex itself as well, giving Electra enough pleasure to keep her moaning hard and loud. Nall's own hips twisted with the apparently somewhat inept attempts by Electra to please another girl, something he guessed she had little or no experience with.

The pale girl couldn't hold on long against Nall's laving tongue. He saw her legs raise off the ground involuntarily, he toes curling up. The white hands that gripped Nall's rich butterscotch-colored ass tightened, the fingers digging into supple flesh as Electra's body reacted uncontrollably, a powerful orgasm beginning inside her clit and spreading. Isaac heard her moaning helplessly into Nall's pussy, trying and failing to keep up some token effort of making Nall come too while Electra herself was pushed past the brink and her mind washed away in torrents of pleasure. He saw Nall close her whole mouth over Electra's pussy, sealing some final transformation within her that would make her ready to lay the eggs that Nall desired so much. His dick pulsed in anticipation, knowing Nall had brought Electra here for him, to penetrate, to have his way with, to empty his balls inside and watch the results.

Nall came up, standing again and coming over to Isaac's side. She sat on his lap, and Electra looked over at the two in a haze.

"This is Isaac... my, um, boyfriend." She glanced at him, and Isaac gave her a raised eyebrow. "He's mine, and so is this." Nall took his dick in her hand, pulling up the heavy pole and showing its full length; while fully erect, it was too heavy to stand up straight, usually sticking out forwards. On the couch, sitting as he was, it wasn't clear to Electra at first how big the organ was -- but it was now. Her eyes widened. "But since we're good friends, L, I'm giving him to you tonight. Isaac has something special for you. Something very, very special. Do you want me to make him give it to you?"

Electra lay there a few moments, still in an erotic dream-like state. "Y... yes...' She said weakly, then with more force. "Make him give it to me."

"Good..." Nall sat up and walked back over, taking Isaac by the hand and Electra by the other, leading them into the bedroom. Once inside, she kissed Electra again, and the two twisted around and fell onto the bed, Nall below and Electra above on all fours. Electra's huge breasts, their pendulous weight heaving back and forth and her nipples brushing against Nall's dark skin as the two made out again steeled Isaac's dick. He got up onto the bed, coming up behind Electra, and suddenly Nall rolled her onto her side and grabbed one thigh, holding it up high. The position was clear, and she looked Isaac in the eye, willing him to enter. He obliged, positioning himself and lining his dick up with Electra's pink lips. She looked up at him, her smoky gaze meeting his as her mouth stayed slightly open, taking her breath in short gasps while his cock entered her warm, wet paradise.

Isaac's world was enveloped in hot pleasure, and he felt a primal sense of fulfillment; his dick was once again inside a fertile female, stroking in and out slowly. Unhurried, but driven by his own instincts and sensations, Isaac took up a quiet and lazy fucking motion, adding side to side and different angles to his thrusts. He felt Nall come up behind him, her lips hot against his ear; a slight smell of Electra's residual wetness wafted past his nose as Nall's warm breath passed close to his face.

"You have no idea how hard it was to make her bisexual! It took me hours. It was nothing like Jessica." She gave a little lick on his ear. "Still, we had a good time, and I learned a lot. Oh, and remember, I didn't have to force your arousal this time." He blinked, realizing it was true; Nall had never touched his shaft with her power and induced massive desire in him. He was fucking Electra on his own -- *though in my defense, he thought, she doesn't have to do that hormone release thing to make me horny... and I wouldn't be in this situation to begin with without her messing with me.*

It wasn't a bad argument, but he knew he was glossing over his own role, not wanting to look closely at how much he wanted to fuck Electra even knowing what would happen to her. Nall continued. "Have fun fucking her, I know you wanted to do this the moment you saw her. I want you to enjoy her." She stood back two paces, staring at the lovemaking intently. Her command was something he would have done regardless, but he obeyed, plugging his dick at a leisurely pace into the pale, black-haired woman.

With her mind filled to bursting with pure eroticism, her expression an unmasked vision of pure and unrestrained sexual delight, Isaac found her much more beautiful than the gloomy but attractive post-happiness girl in the museum shop. They changed positions again, Isaac wanting to do her from behind and feel her huge breasts in his hands, hanging low and heavy, their weight swinging with his thrusts. They switched again, with her on top, but him still doing most of the work -- his muscular arms pushing her ass upwards and dropping her down onto his dick. Finally, enjoying the second position the most, Isaac returned to doing her from behind, enjoying the sight of her naked, pale ass and back, her head hanging down and hair in a tangled mat on the bedsheets as his dick slid in and out, in and out, slowly but relentlessly. He couldn't get enough of her massive breasts, the softball-sized melons like playthings in his hands.

When he went to switch her position again, thinking he wanted to do her from the front and see her huge boobs bounce up close as he fucked her, she suddenly shifted and gripped his dick, her mouth descending and opening wide. Before he could react his head passed her lips and he groaned, his pussy-soaked shaft filling her mouth completely and stopping just short of the back of her throat. Not even half of his pole was buried within her mouth, he saw; she wasn't any kind of deep-throat expert like Nall. Nonetheless, the end of his shaft was the most sensitive part of his body at that moment, and he was already very hot by that point; he placed his hands on the back of her head and let her begin to slowly bob up and down. Her hands were on the base of his cock, stroking him up and down in a mismatched pace to her sucking. He felt her earnestly working in her tongue, but was hampered by how his massive cock dominated her whole mouth, filling it up completely. Her head backed up all the way to his tip and her tongue laved his head, and he felt another dollop of pre-come release into her mouth.

Despite being a good-looking, shapely, large-breasted beauty, Isaac was beginning to notice that Electra didn't seem very experienced; he'd felt the occasional brush of teeth on his dick, though he quickly forgave that -- reminding himself that his new oversized dick, Nall's "gift", was probably big enough to make it difficult not to get at least some teeth on it. Nall seemed to manage without doing that, somehow. Electra's instincts were well-meaning but both now and when he'd been fucking her, she wasn't doing as much to stimulate him back as she probably thought she was.

All the same, he felt determined to utterly satisfy her, and her attention had enthusiasm if not expertise, and he liked that she had no qualms about sucking a dick so utterly soaked in her own wetness. A distant sense of boiling in his ball foretold his impending release, and he noted the penetrating gaze of Nall. She would be very disappointed if he came into her mouth, and he felt a sudden compulsion to sink his cock back into her pussy, and knew it was Nall's mind control. He automatically pulled out, shifting the compliant Electra back onto all fours and lining himself up, then burying his pole into the fair-skinned girl once again.

He felt the deep twitch and sensation of building that signaled his inevitable orgasm. Determined to make her come first, he set himself to it, one hand moving to her clit and frigging away as the other alternatingly supported his weight, repositioned her, or simply tweaked her sensitive breasts. Isaac was rewarded with her increasing gasps, and he could feel the twitching within her own pussy walls too; knowing his own cock was a slow volcano, he took his time, pushing her beyond the edge again. It was easier than he thought, and he realized he must have had her teetering on the brink of her own orgasm for some time, but the girl had never become demanding or tried to force her own satisfaction.

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