tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 06

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 06


Chapter 06 – IHOP

"Very good, Isaac... Very good." Nall gave the warp beacon a final twist, and a *whoop* sound emanated from it as air rushed in to fill the empty space left inside after its contents were teleported across space to some planet in a distant galaxy, neither of them knew where. She'd just sent away the last of the eggs laid by Kim, the latest young woman to be seduced by Nall and impregnated by Isaac – the two of them forming a team of sorts, their purpose and direction entirely determined by Nall. The alien woman who stood before him had abducted Isaac almost two weeks ago now, and he'd spent six days afterward asleep while his body recovered from the changes she'd made to him, preparing him for a whole life of this.

Isaac said nothing, only sitting on the lounge chair, as naked as the other two in the room. His massive cock – once nothing special, but after meeting Nall she had used her power to expand him to legendary size – laid flat and limp against his torso. Every time he came inside a woman Nall selected, her strange 'quarkware' powers enhanced and empowered him further, though there did seem to be a point of diminishing returns. In the last week, Isaac had gained six inches in height, bringing him to six feet and four inches, and was a full two hundred and fifty pounds – and built like an Olympian.

Isaac should have exuded confidence and strength having such a physique and massive tool, but in truth he only had these things because Nall had given them to him easily with whatever incomprehensible technological power had been infused into her mind and body eons ago, mere hours before her whole civilization died in a tragic catastrophe. Left asleep underground for millions of years, she'd been sent on a one-way mission here to Earth, and had chosen Isaac to be her unwilling co-conspirator and tool to complete her task – the rebirth of the imnir race.

Kim was asleep, her egg-laying having concluded, and she'd been finished off by Nall. After laying eggs, women became incredibly sensitive, easily brought off into a special, long orgasm that usually drained the last of their diminished energy and they drifted off to sleep. At least, that was how it had gone with the last seven women he'd done this with since meeting Nall. Kim, a dark-skinned beauty, shapely and athletic, lay peacefully asleep on his bed, her waist surrounded by the clear goo that accompanied the eggs as they emerged from her body.

It was becoming a familiar sight, and one that aroused him a little more each time – something he always tried, and usually failed, to fight. Nall's mind-control and power over him was very strong, but not total. Kim was another neighbor in the condo complex he lived in, one of a group of three girls who lived together a couple floors down. Later tonight, after she awoke, Nall would cloud her mind and give her some suggestions – to return to her house and rest, and making Kim think she'd had a cold and spent the whole day in bed, maybe something like that.

Nall – his captor, his companion, and his sometimes lover – tossed the warp beacon into the trash. Depleted, it was useless now, but she'd brought a bag of a hundred down with her from her ship in orbit, and there were thousands more onboard. She strode out of the room and he heard her rummaging around in the kitchen, then she came back with an oversized sponge and a cup. Isaac made as if to stand, to help her, but she gestured back to him to lie down again.

"No, stay down and rest. You worked hard today. I'll clean this up." She happily cleaned the ooze out from around the unconscious Kim, treating the other woman's body gently. Isaac had noticed that while she ruthlessly pursued the seduction and impregnation of the women she chose for him, after they'd made love Nall became as tender and caring as anyone. He shrugged, returning to his relaxed position and watching Nall finish the job. She came from the kitchen after having cleaned up, and gave him a happy smile. Nall walked up and straddled him, her bare dark pussy suspended between her butterscotch-colored thighs and hovering over his flaccid dick.

She sat down unceremoniously, unsatisfied wetness drenching his cock once again, after it had only just now dried off from Kim's juices. He felt the vaguest stirring in his dick, but he was quite tired. Nall bit her lip and slid her hips up and down the length of his dick, her clit rubbing against his pole. Seeing girls lay eggs always got Nall worked into a frenzy, but she didn't want to risk breaking her prize male, the instrument of her mission. Nall took her time, gently persuading his cock back into stiffness.

Still silent, Isaac's eyes had fixed on Nall's breasts for a while. When he impregnated girls, she inevitably used her quarkware to fill her breasts with some kind of special milk that seemed to aid their bodies somehow with laying eggs. The girls drank varying amounts of it, usually requiring her to use her power to fill them back up more than once. Kim had only partly drained her breasts the second time Nall filled them, alternating between them quickly in a rare display of passion from the other woman; usually Nall's mind-control powers turned their minds temporarily into a sex-drenched mush and made them passive. Kim had been a firecracker, but was totally unaccustomed to being with other women; Nall had been left unsatisfied. Nall's breasts still hung low, expanded beyond their normal size by the milk still within. His own energy slowly returning, Isaac's hands drifted upward and onto Nall's breasts, seizing her nipples suddenly and pulling her downwards. She jerked down, surprised, then placed her hands on either side of her head.

"What happens if I drink it?" He nodded forward, still staring at her dark brown nipples.

"Nothing bad. If you - " Nall gasped as suddenly his lips fastened onto a breast, suckling. Nall's reactions slowed and stopped, and soon she was very still, the only sound being her breathing as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasant sensation of being drained. Isaac found the taste strange, but somehow good; he continued suckling, moving to her other breast in turn. As he sucked, he felt his cock stiffen and arousal returning to him once again; he also felt Nall's warm wetness dripping down over the sides of his pole, her already-hot pussy only getting hotter with his attention to her breasts

Within a few minutes he had sucked her dry and both tits were normal-sized again; Isaac felt refreshed. Nall broke out of her spell and looked down at him, then her wet nipples. "I meant to say – if you drain them, you'll probably get horny again." She gave her hips a little shake, smearing her wetness on his shaft, and bit her lips. Nall shifted, flattening her feet on the floor on either side of the chair and placing her hands on either side of its top. It gave her leverage to speed up the motion of her hips and ass, rubbing her clit furiously down his length.

"Oh, so *now* it's okay to do something that isn't the mission." Isaac smiled at her sudden glare. She'd used plenty of mind control to make him cooperate today, having to use it more and more often on Isaac as he became increasingly clever at finding ways around it. He'd found that she became worse at it as she became hornier, and if he had her hot enough he could override her mental commands outright. In response, Nall stood up, and grabbed his arm, pulling Isaac onto his feet easily. He was continually surprised by her superhuman strength, another effect of her abilities as a quarkware vessel. She led him by the hand out into the main room of his condo, then laid one hand back on his wet shaft as she gave him a kiss on the throat, as she seemed to like doing.

"You did good today. Really." She gave him a little tug.

"And I suppose you want to reward your little slave for a job well-done." Isaac said it with eyes narrowed.

Nall stepped back, looking at him clearly. "You're mad, aren't you?"

"I'm trying to remember a point in the last few days that I wasn't mad."

Nall frowned at him as Isaac stared out the window. The alien woman seemed to think for a while, then a smile spread across her face. "I have the perfect reward, then." Isaac said nothing, only raising an eyebrow. Nall angled his cock downward with one hand, then turned around and backed into him, her ass cheeks hugging his dick. Her hand snaked up around the back of his neck, pulling his head down to kiss her. His increasing height made it more and more difficult to make love to Nall standing up, as they'd found over the last few days when they weren't impregnating girls Nall chose. Lust was becoming increasingly apparent in her face and actions as she let his cock slide up and down between her ass cheeks, her feet going from flat to tip-toe and back repeatedly. She reached down with her other hand, grabbing his ass and squeezing it tightly against her, forcing his shaft to bury itself further between her cheeks. "I want you to let all that anger out, Isaac. All of it..." She swayed her hips a little. "...into my ass."

Isaac, despite himself, was moved by her newest approach. "You sure?" He gave his dick a flex. "Even you might not know how much I've got."

"I think I've got a good idea." She kissed him again, then stepped away, bending down onto the couch and standing in a wide stance. Her pussy, both dark and pink, was lewdly displayed, but he knew right now that she wanted something else. Her clean, dark rosebud sat in front of him as well, pristine and – to his dick – virgin. He'd never had Nall this way before, in fact he'd never done this with any woman. Isaac's dick was now fully erect and released a dab of pre-come at its tip. Ever since abducting him, Nall hadn't let him come inside her again; they'd found in his spaceship he was capable of impregnating her with eggs too, though very few, and they weren't the strong and healthy specimens produced when he'd made love to any of the human women in the past week.

He had, however, come in her mouth, in her hand, on her face, on her tits, and virtually everywhere else except her pussy – and that excepting that one first time, and the second when she'd used him to change her to look human – and where he knew he was about to go, all more times than he could count. She seemed insistent on him coming every single time he physically could, which was becoming increasingly frequent; she said it was part of the process of his change into the perfect male she needed for her mission.

Taking the side of her waist in one hand, Isaac placed one finger against her asshole, and pressed. The tight bud slowly yielded, and allowed his finger into the super-hot channel within. Even his finger – tiny compared to his dick – felt crammed inside, heat and force crushing it from all sides. Isaac twisted it around, amusing himself a little as he manipulated Nall's ass. To his surprise, she was very responsive to his stimulation, apparently a woman who already had a taste for her ass being used. Pressing a second finger into the forbidden entrance, Isaac continued his teasing, and let his other hand play very lightly across her clit. He didn't want her exploding quite yet, but he could stand to see her lose a little more control. As Isaac kept up his two-pronged assault, he was rewarded with Nall's decreasing control of her passion. One thing he liked most was to watch Nall – the commanding, self-centered, arrogant space alien who'd come and so rudely claimed his body and mind for herself – reducing slowly into a quivering mess of need and desire. He'd never finished the job – Nall always rallied, being quite resilient – but as he came to know his new companion better over time, he suspected he could eventually overwhelm her with need.

A third finger was inserted, and he flicked her clit occasionally, causing shudders throughout her whole body. She was rapidly centering her whole mind on what he was doing to her ass, her every movement and expression being a response to his manipulation. Isaac decided it was time, and straightened up, letting go of her pussy and taking her with both hands by the hips.

Lining up his dick first with her folds, Isaac slowly slid himself within her. The feeling was exquisite; warm, tight, sopping wet, and welcoming. He knew she wouldn't let him remain in there, and she only let him take one stroke. After that he felt mind-control at work in him, barring him from trying to fuck her, but just as he expected from her obvious arousal, it wasn't as strong a compulsion as he'd felt from her in the past. Isaac felt like he could overcome it if he really gave it his all, but it would drain him badly and leave him very vulnerable to her afterward.

Regardless, he knew now wasn't the time to try. He pulled out, his cock now coated with a layer of Nall's utter wetness. Her eyes gazed back at him, smoky and mysterious; he could read her all the same, knowing that right now the mission-crazy alien was just another horny girl, albeit one with a lot of power over him. Isaac placed the tip of his cock between her ass-cheeks, and pressed a little, then used one hand to spread the cheeks a little wider. His head was so broad that the tip didn't even reach her asshole unless he gave it some help. Isaac began to feel some doubts that this would work. *Maybe she made me too big.*

"Let's give it a try anyway." Nall seemed excited. He knew she'd successfully read his mind, but he hadn't been particularly difficult to read in that moment either way. "Besides, I told you to just let your anger out. Don't worry about me, I can take it." Doubtless she could; the quarkware suffusing her whole being probably made her bulletproof, for all Isaac knew. He thought quickly to himself; he didn't *really* hate Nall. He never had. She, too, was almost as much a victim of mind-control as he was; during her transformation into the Imnir Ark, her mind and body had been twisted around the ideas necessary for becoming what she was now, an instrument of the mission. When the machine that sent her to Earth had located Isaac's home world, it had transformed her body into a human shape, and only her alien coloration remained as the one external clue to her origins. It had also altered her mind, rewiring her sexuality and infusing her with hunger for human females, and her one bonded male, all in preparation for her new role as the Ark on Earth.

Still, under all that, her true self wasn't really gone; he knew he genuinely liked Nall, despite her faults, which was part of his frustration. He didn't like how she just took these girls like Earth was her personal shopping mall, and made him come inside them, filling them with eggs, even though he enjoyed it – and, by his observation, the women laying the eggs enjoyed it most of all, though she cleared it from their memories afterwards. What he felt more was anger at himself for falling into this trap and not being dedicated enough to his personal values to completely resist Nall. He knew it was what she had done to him, but he *liked* seeing women expand with eggs, *liked* the new body he was given by her power, and *liked* the endless sexual satisfaction this new life presented to him.

Isaac let his frustration out in a powerful, single thrust. His still-soaked cockhead pressed hard against her ass, eventually prying it open and the crown sliding inside. He instantly felt incredible heat and pressure surrounding his glans, the sensitive and least rigid part of his organ squashed hard against the rest of his thick shaft. Nall's teeth were gritted, her eyes squinted shut; he could hear her alternately groaning and panting. His desire couldn't be stopped – the thrust continued, forcing his pole deeper inside and invading her body. It was very slow going, only an inch or so disappearing every ten seconds. Nall very quickly overcame the pain, before he was even halfway within. After only six inches were inside, he felt his cock hit bottom. He was as far as he could go within her ass. He let out a long breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Placing a hand on Nall's side, he noticed she, too, had worked up a sweat, even though neither had moved much.

"God... damn." Isaac let his cock rest inside her for a moment, leaning over her back. He'd never felt such wonderful tightness. Nall smiled weakly, then her expression took on a playful smirk. He suddenly felt his cock being crushed, like it was in a vise, then it was clear again. The pressure clamped down again, then released. Nall was flexing, toying with his dick, daring him to do as she asked and let his anger into his actions and fuck her hard, heedless of her pain and thinking only of his own satisfaction. Even now, Isaac resisted the thought.

His hand went under her waist, finding her soaked clit with two fingers. Her mouth opened wide as he began to play with it, and he pulled his hips backwards. Hers went with him for a while, his cock buried so tightly that the two moved together until she braced herself and his cock began to slide out, the tip looking white as blood rushed back in while he pulled out for a moment. Before he was out completely, he thrust back inwards, this time with less resistance than the first penetration. Isaac knew he wouldn't last long under such exquisite torture, he could already feel his balls preparing to empty their virile seed futilely into her asshole.

Nall's own hand rushed beneath to join his, and together they played with her nubbin as his cock increased its pace, fucking her ass harder and harder. His own orgasm arrived hastily, and it wasn't as strong as he'd felt in the past; all the same he moaned loudly when his cock shot its first gob of come into her ass. A second shot overwhelmed his senses again, then the third. It was over quickly, unlike when he had just come inside Kim; after his cock finished, still dribbling out some of its seed, he helped push the superheated Nall beyond her limit. She came with his cock still buried in her channel, and he felt her quiver and shake, muscles spasming around his softening dick. He felt like he had a special, inside experience on her orgasm as he sensed her whole core vibrate and shudder, tension slowly releasing from her body after waiting so long to come herself, after seeing Kim lay eggs.

Pulling his cock out, he saw Nall's asshole gape for a few moments until it began to close. He let himself fall sideways onto the couch, then Nall did the same with herself, spooning against him. The way she sometimes treated him like a lover and equal and sometimes like a tool and puppet was another frustration for Isaac, but for now he ignored it, thankful for the moment of shared intimacy after such intense and powerful sex. They were silent for a time, then Nall peered back at him.

"Feeling less angry now?"

"I enjoyed it, thank you." He left her question alone, still not having answered it within his own mind. She didn't press the issue, instead leaning her head down onto his meaty arm and resting. Within a few minutes, he felt her body slacken and breathing become slow and methodical. *Great. She's asleep on my arm, and she'll be pissed if I wake her up.* He knew that his arm was going to fall asleep itself from the weight of her head on it. Sighing into her black hair, Isaac laid his head down on the side cushion and let himself relax. The taxing day soon has its effect and he, too, fell asleep, after having lazily noticed the clock read 7:00p.

He woke at four in the morning, feeling groggy and sloppy. Sleeping on the couch always did that to him. Nall wasn't in the room; he stood up, his legs wobbly. His hips were sore from all the sex yesterday, and his cock was a little raw, but he knew both would go away soon. He passed into the bedroom and saw the bed was empty; he assumed Nall had already done away with Kim, giving her a suggestion to go home and rest, and suitable replacement memories overwriting her impossible experience here in his condo. Isaac hopped into the shower and emerged five minutes later refreshed and energized. After a shave and his morning ablutions, he took a close look at himself in the bathroom mirror. His body was very built now, his muscles impressive even when he wasn't flexing, and he felt both strong and good-looking. It was strange seeing the world from so much higher up at times. Still, he was getting used to it very quickly, and it was one upside to his new life as Nall's possession.

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