tagSci-Fi & FantasyImnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 07

Imnir Ark Vol. 01 Ch. 07


When they were both dressed, Isaac took Nall down to her new favorite restaurant again, the IHOP two blocks away. Why she'd chosen the place when they could easily afford to eat in five-star restaurants daily now, he had no idea; he'd never much cared for fine trucker cuisine. Nall was in charge, though. She ordered several pancakes, and Isaac just asked for some coffee. Isaac sipped as Nall gorged herself on strawberry waffles, her almost childlike side showing herself as she enjoyed something she loved. He smiled; seeing Nall happy did affect him, even if he found himself furious with her at times.

Nall could be alternatingly a complex and scheming alien, and such a simple creature. Clara, too, had been quirky, he recalled. *Maybe that's why they got along*. An image formed in his mind, of Nall -- still red, yellow, teal, and otherworldly -- rolling on the floor in a passionate sixty-nine with his former assistant, the redheaded Clara. Another image, of the two of them with their pussies rubbing on each other, their legs crossed around each other's bodies while each furiously worked to rub their clits faster and faster against the other's. In particular, the idea of Clara willingly making love to them both, knowing who they were and what would happen to her, turned him on; he felt like he could forgive both he and Nall's behavior if it what Nall had said about Clara was true.

They went food shopping together afterward, picking up another week or two's worth of supplies. As they returned, on the last of their three trips with their grocery bags, Isaac saw down the hall that Jessica had just gotten in, and was unlocking her door. He recalled that she'd mentioned she worked full-time night shifts, but it was still fairly late into the morning -- almost 11:00a -- for her to be coming back. He gave a quick wave, but to his surprise she seemed to brighten when she saw him, and she put her keys back and came over to him.

"Isaac! I never get to see you. How have you been?" He replied mechanically, but she continued, and her obvious happiness seemed to infect him. They chatted for a moment, then his door suddenly opened and Nall was there, probably wondering what was taking him so long. In her defense, Nall put up a good act of not knowing Jessica.

"Um -- hi, we hadn't met."

Jessica shook her hand. "Yeah, okay, hi. I'm Jessica Long, from down the hall. Can I come in? I just wanted to see the place, I'm still moving in and I haven't bought anything yet, I just wanted to see what you've done with your place." Nall looked at Isaac. He shrugged and opened the door. Jessica went in, looking around, seemingly impressed. Nall waggled her eyebrows at him, and he suddenly knew exactly what she had planned. Nall creeped backwards and shut the door; Isaac's dick hardened again in his pants, the image of Jessica laying eggs still fresh in his mind from last week. The mousy brunette spun in place as soon as the door shut. "Are you going to do it to me again?" She had a knowing smile.

It stopped Nall dead in her tracks. Isaac had to grin at her stunned expression. Nall gave a fake smile, glancing back to Isaac for a moment, then came out with a question she said all too quickly. "What did you mean?"

"I mean what you did last time. Make me big, and make all those little eggs come out of me." Her hands went to her slight waist, stroking her flat stomach.

Isaac raised an eyebrow, though he took a slight satisfaction at the way Nall froze in place, eyes wide.

"How do you remember that?" Nall walked up to her.

"So it really did happen." Jessica smiled, happy with herself, and she looked down as her hand went to her belly. Nall grumbled to herself, caught. "It took a couple days; it was like it was all a dream. It didn't go away like a dream does, though. I kept at it and pieced it all back together. I thought I was completely nuts. Like really nuts -- needs-to-be-in-a-mental-hospital nuts. I'd had my brushes with all that years ago... I got halfway to my car to go commit myself the other night and I changed my mind and decided to take a shot in the dark and ask you if it really happened. I don't know what you did or what you even are, but -- I know I want it again. This time for real, and I want to remember it all. It's fine. I know it's you, even if you're not that same color anymore." She nodded toward Nall. "It was... it was so amazing. Can you... umm..." Jessica's face reddened, her meekness seeming to have caught up to her. She couldn't bring herself to ask the question. Nall finally reached her at her slow walking pace, taking the smaller girl's hands in hers.

"I don't know why you remember, but we certainly can do it to you again, maybe two or three times a week -- and as much as once every eighteen hours if you're good and take some pills I can make for you." She kissed Jessica's fingers, and began sucking on one; the girl nodded, following her every word. "But we can't do it more often than that. If we do, it could upset the balance in your body and make you very sick... and you could lose the ability to lay any eggs at all." Nall kissed Jessica's forehead, then held out a finger. "And you have to be okay with Isaac doing this to other girls. He belongs to me, and I need him to make me as many eggs as he can. That part is non-negotiable." Nall sounded firm. Jessica nodded, then seemed to think for a moment.

"Does he make you big with eggs too?"

Nall shook her head. "Not me, I'm just here to help him. I get you ready."

"What do I have to do to get ready?" Jessica was practically glowing with delight; it was like her prayers had been answered. The sight went straight into Isaac's dick, and he knew he would fuck this young girl again before long. Knowing she was giving herself to him and Nall willingly washed away whatever lingering doubts and guilt he felt.

"Just relax, Jessica, and let me touch you." Nall bent down and kissed the shorter girl right on the lips, holding her chin up. Moments later her hands rushed to Jessica's sides and grabbed her top, pulling it off with a couple tugs. She then reached behind Jessica and removed her bra with a now-practiced motion, then moved to Jessica's wide belt. Isaac found himself stripping as well, strewing his articles of clothing around from the doorway over to the two women as he approached. Nall led the brunette over into the bedroom, pushing her down onto the mattress.

Jessica's eyes had glassed over; he realized Nall must have gradually used her power on the girl to trigger a hormone release, and just like last time it had reduced the already-meek Jessica's mind into a mush of eroticism and arousal, free will suspended for the time being. He figured that Nall probably guessed that they should do the same thing to her all over again, if that was what made her come back for another round. Jessica's body was compliant and made no resistance as Nall positioned her on the bed, laying out flat with her legs spread. She assumed the same position as the last time they'd made love, crouching between the other girl's legs and beginning to tongue her pussy.

Isaac decided he could make the whole scene even hotter than the last time they made Jessica pregnant. He climbed onto the bed and straddled Jessica's face. Her eyes were still closed, and she was so lost in her lust and Nall's tongue on her clit that she didn't notice until the tip of his cock was smearing pre-come on her lips. Her mouth opened automatically, and he bore down until he was almost at the back of her throat. Only a third of his massive organ fit inside her mouth, and her sucking was languid and messy, drool escaping down the sides of her mouth. Isaac wanted to save his come for her pussy anyway, so he simply enjoyed the sensation of her tongue-bath on his pole while her moans became higher and higher.

He glanced down, and saw her small tits give the slightest bounces from side to side as her body involuntarily shifted and shuddered from Nall's attention. Soon enough, her feet were up in the air again, flailing in random directions as Nall made the young and horny girl come. The vibration in his dick as she tried to cry out with pleasure with his cock still in her mouth sent pleasant sensations up his pole and into his whole body.

"She's ready." Nall sat up and backed off, ready to watch Isaac perform his task.

"Stay." Isaac nodded back towards her. "She wants you, too."

Nall looked down at her, then at Isaac's cock as he shuffled backward, moving towards Jessica's folds. He slid the helpless girl over until her ass was on the edge of the bed, and planted his feet on the floor at the side of the bedframe. He lined up his cock with her soaked pussy, Nall's spittle still oozing down towards the young brunette's asshole. He motioned toward her face, and Nall seemed to understand; she got back onto the bed and straddled Jessica's mouth, turning so that she faced toward Isaac. She leaned forward, so that Isaac could bend his head down and kiss his companion while his dick slid into Jessica. Heat and wetness surrounded his dick again in a now-familiar sensation of tightness and eroticism, and his cock surged. Once again, it was as if the beast knew where it was, inside a fertile young woman, and he felt surges of energy in him whole abdomen, and especially in his balls, as his body readied itself to impregnate the small Jessica.

Isaac began fucking the young girl, holding her thighs up as his cock slid in and out of her. He knew she wouldn't come before he did, but he also knew about what would happen to her after she laid her eggs, so he wasn't worried about his normal policy of always making the woman come too. Nall's lust intensified, he could see it in her face and eyes, as Jessica's tongue flicked out into her own folds and teased her clit; the younger girl's attention was distracted, though, and Nall often had to buck her hips and slide her clit all over Jessica's face to keep herself going.

He knew that Nall's strong fetish for egg-laying was probably what was getting her off just as much as Jessica's tongue; the sight of his dick buried in a fertile woman, knowing she would soon expand with hundreds of eggs, always drove Nall into a frenzy. Surely enough, Nall came first, her hips going wild on Jessica's face as her wetness smeared all over the young woman's pale skin. She lifted up her hips after her orgasm, revealing Jessica's matted brown hair, cut short, now soaked with Nall's copious wetness. Both sets of eyes were staring at him, smoky and lustful, and Isaac picked up his pace. His balls boiled, and he gave a low yell as his cock began to spurt.

His seed was ejected in jets, coating the inside of Jessica's pussy with its modified sperm. He continued stroking weakly a couple more times, but his hips stopped as his cock bottomed out and shot the last of its load inside Jessica, staying inside for a few moments longer to ensure impregnation. Isaac slowly withdrew, his cock going limp now that its mission was completed; he let it plop out and Nall quickly was at Jessica's side, her breasts already full of milk. She straddled Jessica again, her boobs hanging low and dripping with white milk directly above Jessica's face. The other girl instinctually took a nipple in her mouth and began to suckle, and Nall stayed frozen in place, her pussy occasionally dipping down to smear a little wetness on the center of Jessica's expanding belly.

Her pregnancy grew over more than an hour, reaching maximum size once again after she'd drained Nall completely two times. Nall seemed not to be in the same rush as she had the last time the two had played with one another after he came inside Jessica; in turn, Jessica took her time sucking Nall's breasts and letting herself relish the sensation of growth and warmth increasing in her own belly. Jessica's hands stayed on her center, feeling the heat and tension, and Nall moved down to her middle at many times also to kiss, stroke, or simply feel the increasingly round belly of her lover.

When the brunette wasn't sucking Nall's tits, the two spent most of their time making out, Nall occasionally suckling on Jessica or teasing her lower lips, or nibbling on her ears and other sensitive places. It seemed almost like the two were playing some kind of naked, sensual kissing game than actually making love; Jessica was too far lost in her own induced sexual fugue, and Nall too focused on Jessica' pregnancy, for either to try and make Nall come. Jessica would come later, he knew.

Jessica's breath quickened and she took Nall's hands, placing them on her belly. "Oh... they're coming. They're coming. Thank you...." She drifted off again, her mind lost in bliss. Nall shifted the other girl, moving her back up so that there was plenty of bed under her body, giving her lots of room to lay eggs. Isaac heard something, the door unlocking. *Who? Wait, didn't... Right. Shit. I forgot, Clara said she'd be here around noon.*

He rushed out into the main room, but it was too late -- she was already inside. Her eyes widened at his nudity, but she quickly closed the door again and locked it. She was as good-looking as he remembered; tall and pale, a redhead with long curls, and a high-cheeked freckled face with mysterious, knowing eyes. She had always had a very skinny body, small-breasted and wiry; she didn't do much to keep in shape, blaming poor heart and lung health from her youth, but she also happened to simply like foods that were very healthy and she'd somehow never gained weight. Clara was wearing a typical office suit, a tailored grey blazer over a slightly darker grey pencil skirt; on her legs she had no hose, and black half-heels. He recalled that she usually dressed conservatively, which was in opposition to this other side of her he was hearing about.


"Boss." She gave a little smile. "Long time no see. I see you dressed for the occasion."

He glanced down at himself, his dick still glistening with Jessica's wetness, and felt more embarrassed than he probably should have if Clara really did know everything and had come here for the reason Nall said she had. "Oh... uhh, I can explain."

Clara was already in front of him, her hands running down his sides and stopping to grip onto his muscled ass. "Just show me."

"Are you sure?" He glanced toward the bedroom door, knowing Nall and Jessica were both inside, nude, eggs and clear goo emerging from the pregnant Jessica in an otherworldy spectacle.

"Nall explained everything to you, right?"

"She said you knew she was an alien, what her mission was, what she did to me..." He glanced over again. "And that you wanted to... to try it." He settled on a vague term, unsure how specific Nall had been about egg-laying -- but knowing he definitely wanted to 'try it' with Clara, if she was willing.

"Right on all counts..." Her hand drifted down to his limp dick, stroking along its slippery length. Clara brought her hand back up and smelled it. "This is fresh... whose is it? Nall's?" She licked it off, looking away, then back at him. "Not Nall's." Nall's pussy did have an unusual taste, he knew, not bad but different from human women.

"Umm..." Isaac's mind raced, then he decided to just tell her the truth. "Her name is Jessica. She lives down the hall." He hoped she wouldn't be mad at his rampant promiscuity; Nall had no intention to allow him any kind of monogamy.

"Is she cute?"

Isaac paused, then decided there was no real need for caution. "Very."

"Did you do to her what Nall told me about?"

Isaac paused again. "Yes."

"Let me see."

Isaac shrugged and acquiesced, taking Clara by the hand and opening the bedroom door. Inside, Jessica was still on her back, Nall between her legs. As soon as they walked in, an egg emerged, exiting Jessica's folds silently and plopping wetly into Nall's soaked hands. Clear goo followed, seeping down between Jessica's ass-cheeks and into an increasing pool on the bed. The only sound was Jessica's deep breathing until the next plop as another egg fell into Nall's hands. Nall glanced backward, seeing Clara. She smiled, looking at Isaac then Clara again, then she returned to her task.

There was a small but growing mass of eggs to her side, each well-shaped and a mottled grey color, which he now knew meant they were most likely healthy. Clara leaned against him, stroking his chest and simply watching the scene play out. Jessica's belly gradually decreased in size as more eggs and goo were birthed, the whole process taking quite a while. Clara occasionally whispered questions to Isaac, and he answered as best he could; mostly she seemed concerned with how things felt, was anything dangerous, how had he changed, could Nall turn red again? He found his own arm over her shoulder, pulling her closer.

Jessica finished laying her eggs half an hour later. Nall pulled a warp beacon out from the bedside table and looked over at Isaac, then to Clara. "You remember what I told you about what happens after the egg-laying?" Clara nodded. "Do you want to finish her off?"

Clara's eyes widened. "Will she be okay?"

"Very... the process actually leaves the female healthier." Nall twisted the end of the warp beacon, activating it. She used the wand-like tube to point down at Jessica, looking at Clara. "I want you to see what will happen to you soon, how hot it is." Isaac's dick had mostly recovered by now, and the occasional flicks and toying with it Clara had given him had him almost erect again. Clara left his side, and kneeled down at the edge of the bed.

"What do I do? Anything special?"

"It's just like eating any other woman. Take it slow. She's very sensitive, it won't take much to set her off, but push her too hard too suddenly and it will shock her." Clara nodded again and began to lick gently at Jessica's folds, the young brunette suddenly crying out as her super-sensitive pussy was manipulated. Her hands rushed down and dug into Clara's hair, involuntarily trying to push Clara away, but she pressed forward, eating the younger girl expertly. Isaac knew from watching her that Clara really was bisexual already, probably long before Nall had met her. Her loving attention to Jessica's pussy was too genuine to be faked.

There was a series of quiet *whoop* sounds as Nall began to transport the eggs away, and over a scant fifteen seconds Clara made Jessica come. The young girl's body moved slowly, gripping the sheets with white knuckles as her body surged with an extended orgasm so powerful that it robbed her of all the remaining energy she had. The young girl let out a low keening, lost in her own pleasure and in a single moment becoming as starkly, nakedly beautiful as any woman he had ever seen; afterward, she gradually passed into a deep sleep. Isaac went to help Nall with the eggs, which were soon all gone.

Clara only stood and stared down at Jessica, now restored to her former skinny beauty, her belly no longer inflated with countless eggs. After cleaning up the eggs, Isaac slid the blanket out from under Clara with Nall's help, moving her out of the cooling mass of her own goo. They folded up the blanket and placed it in the hamper, to be cleaned later. Nall walked over to Clara and kissed her ear and neck, sliding her hands under Clara's jacket and cupping one of her small breasts.

"It really doesn't hurt?" Clara turned her head to Nall, staring into her eyes after watching Jessica sleep peacefully for a while.

"No." Nall embraced Clara from the side, her hand going to Clara's stomach. "I promise." Nall leaned in and kissed her, and Clara embraced her back.

"Do it to me." She said, breaking the kiss. Clara eyed Isaac, giving him a penetrating and clear gaze that told him she wanted to be filled up of her own will. "Make me lay eggs too." Isaac nodded, his cock even more ready than he was. Nall and Clara kissed passionately again, and the two women managed to move their coupling out into the main room in between shared tugs on Clara's suit, along with mixed kisses and tickles. The two had a clear chemistry, each knowing the other's preferences intimately and -- despite his painfully hard dick -- neither was in any rush, spending easily more time playing with one another than progressing with Clara's 'preparation'.

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