tagIncest/TabooImpossibly Dreaming Again

Impossibly Dreaming Again

byNigel Debonnaire©

"Well, it's this a great way to celebrate Easter Monday?" Father Gregory Harper said as he came down the back stairs to his kitchen. He was a handsome, fit man just over 50 with slightly greying hair and chiseled features: he wore his huge red velvet dressing gown with his bare legs and feet protruding beneath.

Sitting on a chair were his two tenants, Sister Janice Harper, his second cousin, and Sister Shelley Abrams, short chubby women in their mid 40s who were wearing tan dressing gowns as Shelley, the smaller woman, sat on Janice's lap. Lacking their wimples, Janice's short salt and pepper hair was a contrast to Shelley's cropped mop of red hair starting to transition to grey. Greg interrupted them as they were kissing with their free hands buried beneath each other's garments. Janice looked up and said: "And a Good Morning to you, Reverend Father. How nice to see you up earlier than usual this day after the Triduum marathon."

"I'll need another day or two to recover from that, Pookie," he said. "Been used to getting up with the sun often enough I couldn't convince myself I could sleep in today."

"How terribly awful for you, Father," Shelley chimed in a high, mocking tone. "Lent's over and you're still bearing with an incredible penance."

"I offer it up, Sister, I offer it up for the glory of God and his Church. Is there any chance you two have left me something for breakfast?"

They looked at each other for a long moment, feigning deep thought before Shelley said: "There is a bit leftover: a little gruel, some lightly toasted worms, a piece of cardboard. . ."

"We've got the full spread, Greggers," his cousin cut in. "Sausage, eggs, biscuits and gravy. Stuff guaranteed to stop your heart one day when you least suspect it. Aunt Mindy sent us some grape jam, and Monica Deveraux dropped some cinnamon rolls by when you were out yesterday afternoon. Ducky here will even get off her fat ass and cook it for you, give you a day off, if I spank her a bit. Interested?"

"I'd be happy to do the spanking myself, if you need me to," he said with a leer. "Sure, bring it on."

Shelley jumped to her feet, exposing a large swatch of pure white skin full of freckles beneath her robe before she flipped it shut, and went over to the stove. "That's quite enough of that nonsense. Give me five minutes and keep your hands to yourselves. Eggs over easy, correct Father Snidely?"

It took less than five minutes for Greg to receive his breakfast. After serving him, Shelley refreshed everyone's coffee, and they chatted about the Easter celebrations. "What do you think they did back home yesterday?" Greg mused.

"They had the big dinner at Nana's old house, as always," his cousin Janice replied. "Baked ham, sweet potatoes, asparagus, everything they did when we were kids. Your mom started organizing it after Nana passed, and I think everyone within driving distance made it. At least that's what my sister Gloria said."

"My family still gets together in Cleveland, you could set your calendar by it," Shelley cut in. "My father enjoys playing the host, and still hides the Easter eggs for the kids. Still colors them himself the week before, big kid that he is."

"Yeah, I haven't gotten home for Easter dinner since I was ordained," Greg said as he sipped his coffee. "Always been too busy and too far away."

"Same here," the two nuns said simultaneously.

Greg put down his cup and thought a moment. "I thought you'd both be gone since the Catholic Education convention's this week."

"No, no, Father Snidely," Shelley replied, "We've tired of that party. Twenty five years with the same agenda is enough, and the talks get worse and worse. Just want to kick back this week without the kids around and rest. Is your calendar free this week, Father Snidely?"

"Nope. Just the usual stuff, daily mass; no meetings, no appointments."

"I thought you'd have a wedding this weekend."

"Nope. The only one I've got on the calendar is mid-June. Kids are too happy just to live together these days, fortunately. If they can survive my pre-marriage training, they deserve to get married with the Church's blessing."

They sat drinking their coffee and listened to the flights approaching Midway Airport for a while. The weather outside was mild for a Chicago April, and birds were chattering in the trees. From time to time a bus pulled up to a stop across the street, pausing momentarily before continuing its journey across town. "You know," Janice said out of the blue. "There's something I've always wondered."

"What, Peaches?" Shelley replied.

"I've always wondered what it would be like to be crucified."

There was an awkward pause as Greg and Shelley looked at each other in disbelief. Shelley's lip curled dramatically and a wild look came to her eyes. "That's strange, Peaches," she said at last.

Janice shrugged. "Well, after watching that Mel Gibson movie, I've wondered."

Greg frowned. "That was an awful movie: made tons of factual mistakes, the place didn't look anything like Jerusalem, some really stupid imagery and metaphors that weren't biblical, used that crazy German nun's vision as basis for the story rather than the Gospels, and Mel could have called it 'Let's kick the shit out of Jesus for a couple of hours.' Waste of time."

"But people in the Philippines do it every year, literally get nailed up on a cross for a while," Janice continued. "They see it as important to their faith."

"You don't want nails driven through your flesh, do you?" Shelley cut in.

"Well, no," Janice replied. "But being tied up for a while, in controlled circumstances, like the old courtyard in the middle of this place, would be worth something."

"That can be done," Greg mused. "It seems like you've been planning this for a while."

"How did that courtyard get there?" Shelley asked. "It's not normal for a parish like this."

"This was an Irish Augustinian parish at one time, and their first pastor wanted a small cloister for the community that lived here at the beginning," Greg said. "Also gave the place the name of St. Munchin's. They were here twenty five years, and the courtyard wasn't taken out when they renovated a few years ago. To change the subject: what about a cross?"

"How about the one you use on Good Friday? You keep it down in the cellar the rest of the year."

Greg nodded. "Yes, yes. And there's some bits of rope around as well."

Shelley put her hands on her hips. "This can't be too nice, it's got to be tough. Can't be too painless. Let's see: the Romans crucified the victims naked, so you'll have to be naked. And we get to give you some little bits of pain."

"Like what?"

"Let me worry about that," Shelley said with a devilish grin on her face. "Can you get the main part set up, Fr. Snidely?"

Nodding in response, Greg said: "This sounds interesting. We should have done it last week, but better late than never."

About a half hour later, they were gathered in a small courtyard about ten feet across that lay in the center of the Rectory. It was a spot of greenery Janice tended, with a few flowers and a rose bush; it was surrounded on the inside by a short iron fence that paralleled the opening above. The two abusers were clad simply: Shelley in a t-shirt and shorts and Greg in sweats and sneakers. Shelley had a small bag with her, and Greg set up the life-sized, rough wooden cross behind a step stool on the side of the open area. Janice stood in her dressing gown and wimple, barefoot and anxious. The sky was cloudy but mostly blue, and lots of light was flooding down on a nice day. "This good enough, Peaches?" Shelley asked.

"Yes, so far so good," Janice replied. "Standing on the step stool is a good idea. Will really help the metaphor to have my feet off the ground."

"If you'll take off your robe and get on the stool, we can get this started," Greg said. "I don't know how long you'll want to be here, especially when the sun beats down on you, but we'll let you deal with it as it happens. This is your impossible dream."

Janice let her robe drop. She was five feet tall, with a very round body and her pendulous breasts swayed as she got up on the stool, her nipples hardening immediately. The sun was almost ready to peek over the edge of the roof to shine directly into the courtyard. It took a minute for her to find her balance, but soon she held out her arms and said: "Okay, Greggers. Let's get this started."

He tied her arms to the horizontal beam of the cross, then one around her legs and waist to keep her steady. Shelley watched all this with silent glee, and when Greg was done, got a few things out of her bag. "Instead of nails, Peaches, I'm going to use these clothespins," she said.

A look of terror crossed Janice's face. "Where, Ducky, where?"

"No place dramatic, like your nipples or your cuntlips." The unencumbered woman approached her hand and put a couple of pegs in the webbing between her fingers, before crossing and doing the same on the other side. Then she bent down and put a couple on her toes. "That ought to give you something to think about instead of nails, Peaches. Now, Father Snidely, we need to think of some humiliation."

"Humiliation? This is pretty good as it is." Greg stepped back and admired his work, looking over his naked nun cousin with a smile on his face.

Shelley stood in front of her friend and said authoritatively. "In those days, hostile onlookers would have jeered, maybe thrown a few small pebbles, slapped them, and found other ways to humiliate them as they hung on the cross. I think we can manage the verbal abuse and the slapping, but throwing pebbles isn't a good idea. So," she reached into the bag and produced a peashooter with a bag of peas.

Greg laughed out loud. "I'll let you handle that."

Janice had a strange look on her face. "You be careful with that thing, Ducky, or there'll be hell to pay."

Shelley put a pea in her mouth, brought the straw to her lips and expertly nailed her one inch to the right of her navel. Laughing, Greg said: "Pookie, you look downright pathetic. But this is going to be fun, and I've got some ideas that probably didn't happen to Roman crucifixion victims."

Darting around in front and behind her victim, Shelley peppered her friend randomly, ducking out of sight so her victim could't get a bead on where the next sting was coming from. After watching for several minutes, Greg came up behind the bound woman and began tickling under her armpits. Gusts of laughter were punctuated by yelps of pain and small red dots appeared on Janice's skin. Tiring of the game, she sat on the grass in front of her target, wiggling her toes and making faces at her.

The sun climbed across the sky, and soon it had illuminated Janice completely. Her skin began to glisten as she hung there, glowing in the harsh light as the sun beat down on her. "What a great whale you are, Peaches," Shelley sneered. "Fat cow with big floppy tits and a huge ass. No wonder you never left theh convent, you were never really tempted."

"It's been good enough for you, too, Ducky, and you're no Portia Di Rossi. Your tits are floppy enough and your ass is big enough to keep you in religious life."

Greg went inside for a moment and returned with three bottles of water, which he put down in the shade and then went around behind his cousin. Two strong hands gathered two mounds of breast into a tight embrace. "Let's stay away from the verbal abuse, girls," Greg said. "It's getting too personal. Let's just stay with the physical."

"Oh yes, Greggers," Janice sighed, closing her eyes. "I agree completely."

His hands began kneading her tits, cupping and fondling them from behind. Shelley sat on the grass, her bare toes quivering as she watched her roommate savoring the rough touch of her cousin. Occasionally, he tweaked a huge nipple, drawing a moan, and her hands pulled against her bounds. Finally he came around in front of her, working down her stomach until he found her damp canyon.

Looking on with interest, Shelley licked her lips as he found Janice's slit, playing with her clitoris and gradually working finger after finger inside her. "How soon is he going to stop, Peaches?" Shelley inquired.

"You'll see, Ducky, not for a while. You'll be amazed what magic Greggers can make. Then maybe he'll make your impossible dream come true."

After bowing her legs and letting her arms droop as much as she could, Janice gave him the room to do what she most hoped for. He came around and knelt down before her, thrusting upward as he got his entire hand inside her cunt, fucking her forcefully as she writhed, moaned and quivered. The sunlight brought out the sweaty sheen and pink skin that announced a climax was on the way. Shelly stood up, came over and began sucking her friend's nipple, which took her friend over the edge, making her wail and scream for several minutes until she begged them to stop.

They released their victim from the cross and she fell down on the grass, worn out and unable to move. Shelley offered her a bottle of water, which she drank three quarters of in one gulp before breathing heavily for several moments. After a couple of moments, she pulled the clothespins off her hands and feet. "Greggers, that was amazing," she finally gasped.

"Thanks, Pookie."

Shelley glanced at the padre's sweatpants and found a small tent. "You know, Father Snidely, there's something I was hoping to find some help with, make a dream of mine come true."

"Yes? What would that be, Sister Ducky?" he said, a huge grin appearing on his face.

"I have always dreamed of getting reamed by something as big as I see in your pants right now," she said, coyly biting her lip and giving him a sultry look. "Would that cock be willing to drill my ass, Father Snidely?"

Greg smile could not be pried from his face by a team of experts. "I think that could be arranged. He seems interested, but may need some more persuasion."

"Well, Peaches seems a bit wrung out and not ready for resurrection right now, so I guess you have a little time free." Shelley licked her lips, stood up and walked over in front of Greg.

"Is this spur of the moment, or have you thought this out?"

"Peaches did tell me you were hung like a horse." Shelley looked down and smiled shyly. "I have some lube in my bag."

"You were hoping, I knew it. I think you need to do some more persuasion before I can commit to something like this."

She peeled off her t-shirt and shorts, revealing a chubby form with huge breasts, her brush hair bright red and her thighs damp. Kneeling before him, she pulled down his sweatpants and released the serpent, which bobbed in front of her face. "It's been a long time since I've done anything like this," she said.

He smiled and gently touched her face. "It's like riding a bicycle, Sweetness. You'll remember."

"You're going to make an impossible dream of his come true, Ducky," Janice said. "He's always longed for a blow job from a lesbian nun."

Shelley started stroking the huge dick in front of her and mused: "A good trade for being fucked up the ass by a priest."

Tentatively, she stroked his penis and gave it a few teasing licks. A nibble of his scrotum was followed by a long slurp down the underside of his shaft, before engulfing the head and bobbing on him. He reached down to play with her earlobes, which encouraged her to pay more attention to driving his member to a granite consistency. Sighing and groaning, he pulled her head toward him before she fought free and stood up. "No, no, no. No fair blowing your wad down my throat before you buttfuck me. Let's get this monster ready."

She fished in her bag for a bottle, and began smearing clear lubricant up and down his reddening shaft. Janice watched, leaning on her elbow. After lubricating him as best she could, she turned around and put her hands on one of the pillars at the corner of the cloister. Her friend got up and quickly turned to bind her hands to the pillar, smiling. "You'll have your taste of crucifixion, Ducky. If this were ancient Rome, he'd bugger you to death."

"I wish," she purred, and wiggled her ass in invitation.

Janice handed her cousin the lubricant, and he proceeded to work a huge amount into his victim's rear passage. She moaned as he slipped finger after finger into her, working three in to stretch her in preparation. Janice's hand reached out to keep Greg's staff at full tumescence, and poured some more lubricant over it to make it incredibly slick.

"Now," Shelley growled. "Stick it in now. Buttfuck me, Father Snidely, buttfuck me."

Janice's firm hand guided Greg's cock to Shelley's glistening rear portal, and lined it up for entry. A small thrust put the head through, and Shelley gasped at the entry. He worked his rod back and forth slowly, plowing deeper and deeper into her ass as she braced herself to push back against him. From a slow start, the pace grew quicker and quicker, deeper and deeper, until he was thrusting all the way inside her. Tears rolled down her cheeks and her hands flexed and unflexed as she was filled according to her wish. "My God, Peaches, this is so incredible! Better than your damn cucumbers. He's so big, I'm so full!"

Janice smiled, and her free hand found her friend's dripping vagina. Probing with her fingers, she felt the force of the sodomization and fell into synch with her cousins thrusts deep into her friend's bowels. Shelley's head rolled around, her mouth open and her eyes rolled back, lost in sensations for several moments before a huge orgasm unglued her so much Janice worried that her friend might lose her balance, and held her up until the sensations passed.

Smiling, Greg pulled out his cock, still stiff. "You haven't shot your load yet, have you, Greggers?" Janice asked.


"Where do you want to put it?" she said, playing with it to maintain its hardness.

"I want to blow my wad on her face. All over that beautiful freckled face."

Shelley unbound her own hands and turned to kneel in front of him. "Yes, on my face. Blow your nuts on my face, Father Snidely. Please."

A smile creased Greg's face as his cousin started stroking his member briskly. It was only a few moments before his sweet, salty load was covering Shelley's smiling face. When every last drop was coaxed out, Janice started kissing her friend, licking the goo from her skin and feeding it to her from her lips. They lay down side by side and started fondling each other. The sun was shining full upon them, the birds where chattering in the trees, and the Angelus bell sounded the noon hour.

When they were finished, Greg suggested: "Easter Monday is a time for water rituals. Why don't we go up to the shower room on your floor and continue this?"

The two nuns smiled broadly as they lounged naked on the grass, and nodded their heads in agreement. Shelley smiled and giggled: "Easter season should be a celebration, after the abstinence of Lent. We're gonna have fun this week."

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