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Writing this particular story has been difficult. Vivid memories of a dear departed friend and the pain made me scrap and rewrite it several times. It was Tanya who encouraged me to finish, feeling it will put some of the later events, not yet written, into perspective.

This story is the fourth in a series of events that have actually taken place over the last several years. Although most names are fictitious to protect the ‘not-so-innocent’, places and events are factual. I have put ‘pen to paper’ for three reasons: i) to preserve the images and memories in our minds; ii) to share the images with you. Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, the emotions are still vivid and I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course.

So, read and enjoy in the knowledge that the words are relating true events; and when you feel stirring in your loins, feel free to relieve yourselves of any stress that may be swelling up.


We arrived home at 2am, totally exhausted after a 13hr flight from Darwin to Los Angeles, then another 14hrs from LA to Heathrow. This was topped off by a 3hour road trip up the M25 and M1 to Nottingham. Tanya collapsed on the sofa whilst I carried the luggage into the kitchen, opening the cases and upending the contents onto the worktop above the washing machine.

“Want a cuppa?” I called out. Yes, we were exhausted, but our bodies were still 12 hours off, still on Northern Territory time.

The answerphone announced five messages in the queue.

“Hi, it’s John… you must be on that holiday I guess… never mind, I’ll call back on Monday evening.” Beeep

“Hello… hello…” Beeep

“Hi, it’s John again, let me know as soon as you get home. It’s about what we were talking about in the pub. See ya.” Beeep

“Hello… hello…” Beeep

“Hello, it’s Julie, just calling to see if you’ve made it home in one piece, call you in the morning, no make that tomorrow afternoon. I’ve got some fantastic news for you. Bye” Beeep

“Hmm, I wonder what that’s all about?” Tanya quizzed. I shrugged my shoulders and sipped my tea.

“Come on, lets hit the sack,” I ordered.

“But I’m not really tired, just exhausted. I don’t think I’ll get much sleep.”

“Who said anything about sleeping?”

Tanya slowly eased herself out of her skirt, dropping the denim on the rug. Her panties were next. “I think that needs another shave,” I told her as she crawled over the bed towards me. “I’ll get the razor.”

When I returned from the bathroom, Tanya was lying on her back, legs spread to allow me full access for shaving. I squirted foam onto her pussy and gently massaged it over stubble and the folds of her vulva, down to her rear entrance. Tanya always enjoyed the attention whenever I gave her a wet shave. The fresh blade made quick work as each striped of smooth flesh were exposed with every stroke of the razor. I wiped the excess foam from her pussy and the crack of her ass, then gently ran my tongue over her soft silky skin.

I nibbled Tanya’s clitoris and playfully darted my tongue into her pussy. She groaned with pleasure as I brought her to climax.

“Your turn,” she said as she sat up, forcing me onto my back. She knelt between my knees and took my swollen cock into her mouth, sucking me hard. Taking the shaving foam, Tanya spread a palmful over my pubic hair and began to shave me.

I had never been shaven before and the coolness was refreshing. Tanya wiped away the remnants of foam and slowly wanked my cock.

She began to retell how much she had enjoyed our last two holidays. “How can we better that?” she queried. I rocked my head back and forth, ‘I don’t know’.

Tanya then described the feelings as she felt the crewmembers of the ‘Vancouver’ fuck her as she was restrained, then she went on recounting how she enjoyed the taste of Margo’s juices on Wilhelm’s cock.

My cock twitched as I ejaculated over Tanya’s breasts, semen running down her stomach and onto the linen. We cuddled, and glad to be back in a familiar bed, eventually fell into a deep sleep.

Julie had rung and told Tanya something that got her excited. “I’m popping over to Julie’s,” Tanya shouted up the stairs, “be back in an hour.”

“Okay darlin’”

The phone rang again: “Hi Dave, had a good time?” It was John returning his call.

After a brief recount of the holiday, with the sexy bits left for later when we could talk over a couple of beers, John went on to say he’d just changed his car. “Yep, she’s a cracker; V8, 4.5 litre, nought to sixty in 5.1 seconds. You aught to see her, she’s a cracker all right,” John was blabbering on excitedly.

“Well, there’s no time like the present. Tanya’s just popped out.”

“I’ll be right there, give me ten minutes.”


“There you go, sixty!” John was like an eleven year old on Christmas morning. The speedo past seventy, eighty…


I woke up. Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep. A familiar sound I couldn’t quite place, and what was that smell? Where was I?

It was then I felt the pain, the stiffness. It suddenly dawned on me where I was. As I opened my eyes, I could see the shadow of a nurse silhouetted against a pair of florescent strip-lights. I moaned as I tried to focus.

“It’s okay love, it’s okay. You’ve had an accident and you’re in hospital,” the voiced sounded far away and familiar. “Don’t try to move,” it was Tanya. She was leaning over me, touching my cheek and whispering to me, trying to suppress any fears I might have as I came around in a pool of aches and pain.

John had taken the bend too fast and flipped the car. It had rolled several times, flinging me out into a field. John wasn’t so lucky. The steering wheel had trapped him and as the car came to a stop, it exploded, killing John instantly, that is, if he wasn’t already dead from the initial accident.

I managed to get off lightly. I had three broken ribs, a broken right leg and arm, some internal bruising and several gashes that required a total of eighty-four stitches.

This had happened almost two weeks before and I had been in coma since. The audio for the beep of the life monitor was turned off and I could hear the rustle of curtains as another nurse and doctor arrived to check me over.

I could feel pain down my right leg, my head was bursting and my whole body felt extremely stiff, as if I’d run three marathons, one after the other.

“One-forty over eighty, sixty-seven B.P.M.,” announce Tanya to the two attendees.

“Thank you nurse,” said the doctor in a soft voice. Then to me, “Ah good afternoon David. I see you’ve come around at last. You had us worried for a little while there.”

“How…? why…?” I couldn’t make out how I had got into this mess. Then, it came flooding back! “John, John… how’s John?” I could hear sniffles as the nurse told me to calm down.

“He’s dead, Dave.” Tanya burst into tears and ran to my side, gently squeezing my hand. “He didn’t survive the accident.”

“Shit!” I closed my blurry eyes and wept as a rage flooded over me; how could we have been so foolish? Why did he have to go so fast, I knew he had a fast car. Nought to sixty in 5.1 seconds… nought to sixty in 5.1 seconds… nought to sixty in 5.1 seconds; I could hear his words repeat through my mind. Fuck!

I felt a sting as the doctor sedated me. I lost consciousness.

I could feel Tanya’s breath on my neck, and then I remembered where I was. Tanya had been at my side and had fallen asleep, seated on a chair; she had rested her head on my pillow next to mine.

She must have sensed me coming round. She lifted her head and gently kissed my cheek.

”You feeling okay lover?” she whispered in my ear.

“I think so, just a bit stiff, and my leg is throbbing.”

Tanya explained the extent of my injuries. “Doc says you’ll probably be home in a few days, we just want to keep an eye on you ‘cause you were outers for so long. Lucky I’m a nurse and I can look after you, or they’d keep you in for longer,” Tanya explained as she gently stroked my hair.

A tear welled up and ran down her cheek, “I thought you were going to die,” she whimpered, “when I got back to the house, there was a message on the phone from the police. I’ve been here most of the time since. That was fifteen days ago.

Another tear dropped onto the white starched bed sheet. Tanya kissed me gently on my mouth and held me as close as she could possible get without hurting me too much.

“The bones will mend, but they’ll take time. The scars will leave lines on your legs, groin and the back of your arm; luckily, your face was not damaged. The bruising is all but gone, so you’re.. no I’m a lucky kid,” Tanya reflected.


Julie knocked on the door and entered the lounge. “Tanya asked me to pop in on you, they’ve had a multiple and she wont be home until later.”

Julie made some coffee and placed it on the low coffee table. The ringer on our phone had been turned off so as not to disturb any sleep I might fall into. Tanya wanted me to recover, and recover quickly. We hadn’t made love in over two months and, although I wanted to, I just couldn’t get it up. Tanya had spoken with one of the psychiatrists at work who explained that my condition was only temporary and we were not to worry.

“Thanks Julie,” as she placed the cup on the table.

“Hey, you fancy something to eat?” Julie was always a bubbly person. She had been a regular visitor, supporting her best friend and me since the accident.

“No thanks, I’m not hungry”

Julie sat next to me and put her arms around me. “You know, Tanya and me, well, we cried to sleep on this sofa when you were in a coma. The doctors ordered her home to rest awhile, there was nothing she could do at the hospital, it just had to run its course.”

I placed a hand on Julie’s and squeezed a thank-you. She kissed my cheek. She smelt so good. She had never been this close to me before, even when Tanya and I used to go out with Julie and her boyfriends to make up foursomes. Yes, I had noticed her shoulder length jet-black hair and sultry brown eyes, her long shapely legs that supported a well-proportioned body. Her breasts were firm under her t-shirt and she never wore a bra. Her cut-off denims allowed the thigh to touch my right leg. Without realising, my cock begun to stir back to life.

Julie must have noticed the slight movement of my shorts and quickly stood up, “If you want anything else, just give me a call.”

“Wait a minute Julie, where are you rushing to now?”

“I’ve just remembered I’ve left something in the oven.”

She left, the door slamming in her wake. I sat there, realising why she had left so quickly. I looked down to my crotch and could see the tip of my cock protruding from the left leg of my shorts. I burst out in a roar of laughter – and boy, did it hurt my ribs.

That evening, when Tanya arrived home, I told her of Julie’s great escape. Tanya laughed and hugged me tight. She was relieved that I was now almost fully recovered, and my mental health was also on the mend.

I laid in bed, arm around Tanya’s shoulders, her naked body snuggled up to me. She was gently caressing my cock, stroking its softness. We spoke of good times we’d had with John, and Tanya described how there must have been over three hundred at his funeral, and everyone asked how I was.

My cock stayed shrunken, but Tanya knew that to make a full recovery I had to get over my fears and face what had happened and accept the loss of a dear friend.

I cried. For the first time since the accident, I wept. Just a tear at first, but it was enough to melt away the barriers and cascade into a full sobbing. Tanya comforted me, relieved that my crying was a major step in my healing process.

I fell asleep. Tanya cried silently in my arms.

Four weeks later, Julie popped round. Tanya was ironing clothes so Julie kept me company in the lounge. I apologised for any embarrassment I might have given her and went on to explain that she should be proud of herself. That was my first erection since that day and I hadn’t noticed how ‘little Willy’ had tried to free himself.

Julie laughed aloud I joined her.

“What are you guys laughing about?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing,” I said. “How about a drink?”

“Tea, coffee?” Tanya asked.

“Hell no! Give me a nice cold beer,” the first beer in recent history.

We sat sipping beer, and within minutes it was as if everything was all right, like old times, talking about holidays (holding back some of the adventurous details), about gardening (Julie was a keen gardener), and about Julie’s love-life.

“This new boyfriend, Mark, is a sexaholic,” Julie commented. “As soon as he sees me, his hands are all over me.”

“I don’t blame him,” I complimented, “You’ve got a beautiful body.”

“Yes,” Tanya agreed, “you should be thrilled with his advances; I would,” Tanya said, the comment coming out sarcastically as if to remind us all we hadn’t fucked for over three months now.

Since my erection on that day nearly four week before, my cock had remained flaccid. Oh yes, I had finger fucked Tanya, lick and sucked her pussy, but she yearned for a hard cock to fill her pussy.

“Oh. I’m sorry,” Tanya apologised after realising what she had said, and the way she had spoken her mind.

“Hey, it’s okay love, we’ll get there somehow.”

“If its stiffness you want, I’ll send Mark around,” Julie offered jokingly.

“Perhaps you should,” I retorted. Tanya looked at me knowing that I meant it. Julie laughed it off as a joke.

“Yeah, next time he’s over, that’ll be tomorrow night actually, we’ll pop over and I’ll introduce you to him. He’s quite nice really, and he looks like Tom Cruise, only he’s a lot taller.”

“Sounds great,” I said. The girls stood and gave each other a hug as Julie left.

“Sorry love, I’m really sorry,” Tanya apologised, “I didn’t mean it to come out that way.” She began to cry. I limped over to her and placed my arms around her, comforting her and telling her not to be so silly, everything was going to be all right.


“High guys, this is Mark,” Julie announced as they strolled into the lounge.

Mark was a few years younger than Julie. Tight curly mousy coloured hair with blue eyes and looked like a giant as his 6’4” frame towered over Julie.

We had the formal intros and cracked open a couple of beers. Julie and Tanya slipped into the kitchen for girl-talk. Mark expressed his sympathy for my condition to which I snapped back, “Yeah, thanks, but I’ll be back to normal, fully functioning in a few more weeks.” His quiet, deep voice would make Barry White sound angelic. I liked Mark, he gave off a pleasant demeanour.

That night in bed, as I snuggled up to Tanya’s ass, my arms cuddling her and my hands caressing her breasts, she told me of Julie’s proposal, made to her that afternoon in the kitchen.

“Mark is a little bit more than Julie can handle,” Tanya explained. “She says that if it was okay with you, she’d share him, help me release my pent up tension.” I closed my eyes and saw Tanya sliding onto Mark’s cock.

Since the accident, I had one short-lived semi-erection. Yes, it was difficult for Tanya, after all, she used to have a normal appetite for sex, but over the last year or so, I had helped turn her into a closet nymphomaniac; and now, unable to perform, I felt I was letting her down, making her unhappy. I had to repay her for all that she had done for me.

“Hey lover, if you feel you want some of Mark’s energy, take it. I don’t mind. Perhaps it will trigger some sort of psychological reaction and be good for me too.” I kissed the nape of her neck and hugged her, squeezing her body firmly. “Tell me every detail, or, if you think it would be better, I’ll watch.”

Tanya lay motionless, even her breathing had stopped. “I love you,” she whispered after a while. She turned around and kissed me passionately. Eventually, sleep came my way.


It was about a week later when Mark and Julie came over. It had been raining, and they had left Mark’s house and decided to walk the three miles across town. The rain had caught them off guard and soaked them both to the skin.

“Here, let me get some dry clothes and a towel so you can dry off,” Tanya insisted. She hurried up stairs and returned moments later with her cotton summer dress, the one she had worn the night we met Terry and Jane in Tenerife, and a pair of old denims for Mark. “Let me take those wet clothes, here, take these,” Tanya offered the dress and denims to Julie, then Mark.

Julie removed her t-shirt and skirt, not appearing to be the shy Julie I knew as she stripped down to her damp bra and panties. Mark lifted his Pink Floyd t-shirt over his head, revealing a thick mat of hair on his chest, then opening his jeans, swiftly dropped them to the floor. Tanya gasped as Mark stood, his boxer shorts straining to hold in a flaccid cock that must have been at least six inches and hung to the left. Small damp patches darkened his light grey Calvin Klein’s, “Better take them too,” Julie pointed to Mark’s Klein’s. Before Julie had finished her sentence, his boxers were around his ankles and he was stepping out of them.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. It was like a dream. Julie stood in her underwear with Mark totally naked. Tanya looked at me and gave me a little smile. She knew what was in store for her – Mark’s big cock was going to stretch her pussy, making her cum proper for the first time in months.

Julie unclipped her bra letting her firm breasts free, then, she stepped out of her panties “Better take these as well,” she told Tanya, handing her her silky underwear.

Julie moved closer to Mark, kissing him passionately on his lips. I looked at Tanya, she had let the wet clothes drop in a small pile on the floor, her index finger touched her bottom lip as she gazed at her friend and her lover begin their foreplay in our lounge.

Tanya sat next to me on the sofa, her left hand caressing her breasts and her right ribbing her pussy through her denims. Julie and Mark were now entangled on the rug, his swollen cock about to enter Julie’s moist vagina.

I could smell the odour of sex as Mark fucked Julie’s pussy, her juices running down between her ass cheeks and onto the rug.

Tanya had removed her blouse and denims and snuggled up to me, rubbing one hand over my crotch, the other her pussy. She groaned softly as we watched Julie shudder to her first climax.

Tanya knelt behind Mark and placed a hand between his legs. Her finger traced the thin line to his balls, then across what little of his shaft was exposed, then allowed two fingers to enter Julie’s pussy.

I could feel my loins begin to stir. I was excited at the thought that at last, I could perform. I let Tanya continue without distraction as she knelt, over Julie’s face and dropped her pussy onto Julie’s mouth. Julie responded by licking Tanya’s clitoris and probing her tube.

“I’m cumming,” gasped Mark as he pulled out of Julie and sprayed his semen over Tanya’s stomach and Julie’s breasts. By now my cock was hard. I stood and de-robed. Mark rolled onto his back and I took his place, my cock sliding into Julie with ease.

Julie hadn’t realised that Mark’s cock had been replaced. Her attention set firmly on pleasing Tanya, all she felt was a slight interruption. Tanya stood and knelt over Mark in a 69 position, they both sucked each other’s sex. Julie opened her eyes and suddenly realised I was fucking her. The initial shock subsided rapidly as she gave in to her second orgasm, allowing it to rise to a thunderous explosion that started deep within her womb and spread out to her extremities. Her pussy’s grip tightened and I exploded, leaving an overdue dispatch of seed inside Tanya’s best friend.

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