tagGroup SexImpregnating Alice Ch. 04

Impregnating Alice Ch. 04


The following Saturday in Santa Barbara eight couples were sharing a big house in the hills for a long weekend. Among them were Alice and Gabe. Curt and his girlfriend, Bobili, were there too.

Bobili had to be the most exotic creature most of these people had ever seen. She was Eurasian. Tall and thin like her Australian father, she had red highlights in her hair and freckles. Her angular, kittenish face with its high cheekbones, and her almost black hair, on top and down below, obviously came from her Vietnamese mother. Her body was willowy and girlish, with pert, cone-shaped little breasts ending in long brown nips. She had a long neck, narrow hips, tiny hands and feet, and a tattoo of a Chinese dragon like an armband around her right arm. She had grown up in Sydney and came to LA for a lark, to work and party. It was easy to get a job, since nurses were in short supply at the time and she was a good one. For the last year and a half, she had been doing obstetrics work.

Bobili looked so delicate but she was tough. When she opened her mouth, her talk was pure "'Strine", and her language was crude as a King's Cross streetwalker. Nobody had any idea how she got the name Bobili -- she didn't know herself.

Gabe, Alice, Bobili, and Curt liked one another. They often partied together as a foursome on weekends if there were no singles events going on. Curt and Bobili had been a couple for two years but they had an open, exhibitionistic relationship. Curt loved to poke Bobili in front of their friends and Bobili didn't mind. She especially liked to get poked while she was eating out another woman. Especially when the other woman had just been fucked and was full of creamy semen.

Bobli liked Alice a lot, and would have cheerfully gotten it on with Alice as much as Alice would let her, but Alice was so into men that she didn't usually respond sexually to Bobili until she had been sexed up by a couple of male lovers.

Boboli was famous for indiscriminate flashing, at least when Curt was not around. Sometimes in public, on the street, Bobili would flash her tits for fun at guys she liked, or at girls she thought might be into it, but she never did it when Curt was around, because he had to be so discreet, being a lawyer and all. Boboli sometimes bent over and spread her cheeks, flashing her little pink anus to her friends or to new friends at a bar. Sometimes she even flipped up Alice's tiny skirt when they were out shopping, baring Alice's usually pantyless pussy.

The friends also shared each other. Curt had a long dick that touched bottom in Alice's cunt. Alice liked him well enough as a lover and a few times when Gabe wasn't available and there was no orgy on she had called Curt. Once she and Bobili had got together to fuck with Curt and each other without Gabe, when he was out of town at some medical meeting. Bobili, andltho she liked sucking on Alice's pussy best of all, liked Gabe's style too and sometimes let him take her in the ass when she felt like it. Since Bobili was a great ass-fuck, tight and responsive, Gabe sometimes stopped by her place for a quickie, just the two of them. Everyone was cool with this and none of them would have wanted it otherwise.

The party had started off well, even elegantly. Everyone had come in beautiful, sexy clothes, which stayed on for the dinner and reception on the first night. Everything was gourmet and first-class in this set. The house was quiet, hidden on a hill, and very private. The guests had parked their cars in town and were driven the rest of the way, so that the neighbors, would not see all the luxury cars parked on the street and know something was going on. Everything was very discreet, very managed, very confidential.

The clothes came off just before midnight, about halfway through the dancing. There were three rooms in the house that were prepared for groups, with cushions and couches and nice thick rugs. There were also four bedrooms, a deck, and a nice soft lawn in the backyard, and blankets on the lawn for guests who didn't want grass stains on their skin. At first, couples paired off, threesomes formed, and sometimes the more exhibitionist guests, usually ladies, would dance or let themselves be sucked or fucked in front of the whole group.

A statuesque redhead, named Dorrie was stripped naked by her boyfriend. She let her low-hanging, pendulous breasts and her bare, bright-pink crotch be fondled by the crowd, until one of the men pushed two fingers inside her from the front and stroked her G-spot. That seemed to inspire her. She climbed up on a picnic table, got down on all fours, arched her back and wiggled her butt. A tall man with a long penis climbed up behind her, grasped her hips, and mounted her in one smooth thrust. Dorrie groaned and her full breasts swung underneath her. He bent over her, supporting himself on her broad, generous pelvis, as he fondled her hanging, swaying breasts with both hands. Soon, he came with a grimace and jerky thrusts as she smiled mysteriously, with her eyes closed, so that nobody could really tell if she had come or not. When he pulled out, she sat up and spread her legs, so that the crowd could watch his semen ooze out of her magnificant pink hole. Then, before anyone leaned over and lick her, she surprised everybody when she climbed onto a law sprinkler, turned it on, pulled apart her pussy lips, and let the water shoot up her vagina to clean her out.

As the night went on that first day, some couples got really into each other and others joined little orgy groups -- nothing as dramatic as a daisy chain but little groups of compatible guests who took care with each others' bodies for their own and their partners' sexual pleasure. The many and varied ways of sex were theirs to explore and they did.

By morning, some of the guests were sleeping where they had last come, others were wrapped in blankets on beds or floors, most with partners but one or two alone. They slept as much as they needed and when they awoke, they found themselves revived and ready again. Morning copulation is a wonderful treat and a good time to approach a new partner, many of them found. Most of the guests were up by the noon meal and went on walks, wearing clothes until they could safey show off in nature, or went horseback-riding, to feel the slap-slap-slap of the saddle between their legs, or swimming nude in the pool in the afternoon. Many couples and threesomes sat lazily in in the shade of the patio, fondling one another, until guests started coupling again.

By the evening of the second day, though, the party was definitely slowing down. The men were finding it a lot harder to get up and stay up and a few of the women were more than a little sore. A couple of the men were content just to watch sex videos while they regained their staying power.

"Fancy a poke with that sheila, d'you? Well let me tell you she's got a right bleedin' wonder mouth on her and you'll come in a minute if she sucks you off" she was saying to Curt about Dorrie.

Bobili had just been eaten out by Dorrie about an hour before and had come like gangbusters. Dorrie liked to put her face in Bobili's crotch and lick her inner thighs after Bobili was fucked. Then she would lick Bobili's labes clean and start on her cunt. By this time Bobili would usually be aroused again and she often came again, even before Dorrie reached her clit. When Dorrie got that far, though, she could always get Bobili off again, even if she had come a dozen times. Dorrie knew just how to do it and how a woman's scent changes when her sex is in overdrive. Sometimes Bobili returned the favor but rather than sucking on sloppy seconds, Bobili liked to flat-fuck and rub her breasts together with Dorrie's. Sometimes they put on a show for the crowd, like last night. Alice didn't like Dorrie; she thought Dorrie was a show-off, but she had to admit that together with Bobili she was hot.

The party was now in its second day and the rut rate had slowed down.

By nightfall of the second day, the women were mostly just wrapped with a blanket around their shoulders, occassionally flashing a potential partner to show they were interested. The men wrapped towels around their waist so that they would not stick to the seats, but they usually sat with their legs spread, to remind the women that they had cocks. With all the semen and cuntjuice flowing, they needed the towels to mop up anyway.

The four friends had separated from the rest of the house and were relaxing together after dinner on a balcony where they could see the ocean in the distance. It was getting dark and with the way the house was designed nobody could see them.

Alice was tired but happy. Her pelvis ached from coming so much; she must have ripped off a half dozen orgasms in half an hour during that last coupling before dinner with the black guy from San Francisco. She had had to wash the semen off her thighs, because there was so much of it and it was drying and rough on her skin -- usually she likes to feel semen ooze out of her and onto her thighs or drip on her ankles. It was like a trophy she had won. But now, she was resting after a big one and was content to just sit there, talking.

She sat on a bench with her legs curled under her, under the blanket. From downstairs came the sound of moaning followed by a grunt that they recognized from experience as meaning that a certain popular brown-haired girl with fried-egg boobs had just popped.

That made her smile and she moved her hand between her crotch and gently touched herself , thinking about it.

"Something really funny happened this week," said Curt. "I got the strangest call. A client wanted me to find him a surrogate child-bearer."

"What's so unusual about that?" Bobili asked.

"He says he needs a male heir and he's running out of time. He says he's sick and doesn't have long to live. He's very rich and he wants to leave his fortune to the kid. The funny thing is, he's married."

"What a bounder!" Bobili spat. "What's he got against sheilas?"

Curt shrugged. "What can I say? He's a jerk. Very old fashioned. He just knows how to make money, but he sure is good at that."

"Anyone we know?" Alice asked.

"You would know the name," was all Curt said.

Gabe and Bobili both looked uncomfortable because they knew that this was confidential information. Curt had already said too much, which was unlike him. He probably had a reason for bringing the subject up. Maybe he figured that one of Gabe's patients would be interested.

Alice said "Why doesn't he have a child with his wife? Can't she get pregnant?" She laughed. "Maybe she married the wanker for his money but she can't stand him!"

"Actually that might be true," Curt said. "But he says that they've tried for years and she can't have children. He wants a kid to leave a legacy behind."

"So what's the deal?" Bobili asked. "He wants some bleeding breeder to plant his seed in until it grows? Maybe take fertility pills? Wear a chastity belt?"

"No," said Curt thoughtfully. "His wife would never let him have a real mistress. He wants to inseminate a woman who would carry his child but he doesn't want to meet her. He doesn't want any complications or ties or claims after the birth. Just procreate, drop the kid and disappear. He wants her to live in his ranch in Hidden Valley but he and his wife spend all of their time in Huntington Beach, when they're not travelling. It would pay well for the right woman. She'd have to put up with staying at the ranch with tight security for as long as it takes. He wants to be sure she doesn't smoke, take drugs, or drink during the pregnancy. Other than that, all she has to be is willing, fertile, and have good genes."

"Don't think that this guy expects charity," Curt continued. He'll pay a ton of money 'on delivery', so to speak. And he needs complete secrecy. He wants to pay all the expenses, even if there are complications, because he doesn't want a trail of insurance papers leading back to him." Again, the others wondered why Curt would even mention this to them if secrecy was so important.

"What's a ton of money?" Curt mentioned a figure. The others sat speechless. Finally, Bobili said, "Who is this guy?" Curt stayed silent. Nobody spoke for a long time.

"Well, can I guess?" said Gabe. He mentioned a name. It was one of the richest men in Los Angeles, who had a reputation as a ruthless businessman. His name was on some prominent buildings. He was not young anymore. His wife had not been mentioned in the papers for years but had been a famous model. She had often gone to Gabe for ... consolation.

Curt kept quiet. "So," Curt said finally. "I need to find someone. My share will be 15% and that's a lot of money." Now it was clear why had said something about this. He was indirectly asking for their help in finding someone.

"I tell you what -- I can look over the files and make some calls." Gabe was thinking.

"I can ask around the hospital," Bobili said. "Our problem is that by the end of their stay the last thing our ladies want is to get knocked up again."

Alice was silent. Suddenly she shrugged off the blanket and sat up with her boobs exposed. "I want to do it," she said.

Gabe and Bobili didn't move -- they were stunned. "What are you doing? You'd be pregnant! Locked up! Used and discarded! What about the baby -- would you really give it up? " Gabe finally said. He knew how loving she was and figured that she had deep maternal instincts that would make it impossible for her to walk away at the end.

"I know that I can do this. Why not? For years now I've known that I love sex more than anything else I do. Now I'd like to experience the other side, to do it for a purpose different than getting myself off. " Alice said softly. "I'm not married and don't plan to. I like my freedom but I'd like to have what I'm missing now. I'd like to feel what it's like to be pregnant, to feel a baby growing, to feel my tits making milk. If I do it now, while I'm young and healthy, I can get back into shape fast. Besides, the child will be well taken care off -- he'll be rich, he'll have a beautiful mother, and he'll get a hell of a start in life even if I'm not in the picture. Really, I see this as my big chance!"

The others were shocked by what she said but had to admit that it made some sense, at least by her logic. Curt promised to do the deal. Gabe to promised to be her doctor during the pregnancy and to deliver the baby, keeping the deal from any chance that nosy colleagues would catch on. Bobili agreed to take a leave from her job be Alice's nurse and midwife, if Curt would make up her salary.

By 11:00, they had a plan. Curt would call Mr. Numbnuts (as they started calling him) at home on Sunday morning. Alice would quit her day job as soon as possible and go off the pill the day after tomorrow, after the weekend fun. Gabe would check her out medically on Monday, for the record. He already knew that her plumbing worked and her tits were healthy but this project would take a bit more probing. Mr. Numbnuts, of course, would have to undergo testing himself to ensure Alice's safety. That was not negotiable.

Curt sighed when they were done figuring out the arrangements. This had not been exactly what he expected. He had just thought that maybe they knew someone in the swingers' circle that wanted to make a lot of money. "You'll be out of action for a while, babe! Think you can take it?" He knew that Alice fucked as a passion, not as a casual thing. Could she manage for nine months and however long it would take to conceive?

"I don't know. I guess I'll have to. This guy won't want me screwing with other men when I'm trying to get impregnated on his sperm. It will be a new experience, slowing down sexually." Here eyes twinkled as she said "Are you worried for me or are you worried that you won't be able to have me? Well, why don't you give it to me while you can?" Alice smirked. She stood up and pulled his towel off.

His cock sprung up, ready again. She turned around, tossed the blanket in the corner and bent over, legs wide apart, grabbing her ankles with her hands. Her gold pubic hair sparkled in the dim light. Curt stood up, put his hands on her hips, and slipped his prong into her willing cunt. It squished. The idea had made her really hot.

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