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Impregnating Friends


This is a freaky pregnant woman fuck parody... It ain't real.

This is a freaky fuck parody about me getting the women of the TV show Friends pregnant... It takes place in 2002... Enjoy my fellow freaks.

The Village Lower Manhattan, New York 2002

I was chillin' sitting at home with my girl, Rachel. We were smoking some weed and watching TV. I was rubbing her sexy feet... It's a relaxing hobby of mine. The phone rang and Rachel picked it up. It was our friend Monica. "Yeah Mon... What's up?... No, just sitting here with James, watching some TV." She passed me the blunt. "No, I have to work tomorrow. Oh... Sorry. OK, I'll talk to you later. Bye."

"What was that about?" I passed the blunt back to Rachel. She exhaled and coughed. She passed it back to me.

"Monica asked if I was gonna be here tomorrow. It was weird. I have to work and she said she would meet up with me some other time. Weird." I smoked and rubbed my girl's sexy feet. Rachel has beautiful feet. I'm not a "foot guy." I just enjoy relaxing with her and massaging her feet. She enjoys it too. I tickled her.

"Hey you. I'm ticklish. You know that." She winked at me and rubbed my cock, through my pants, with one foot. She's so beautiful. We've been living together for several months. The sex is awesome and she makes me happy, so it's a cool relationship. I pulled her into my lap and kissed her. I felt her up too, massaging those gorgeous tits of hers, through her dark red, HOTTIE, tee shirt. I got it for her. It definitely fits. I ran my hands under it, she wasn't wearing a bra, and fondled her bare tits, as we kissed. The damn phone rang again. Rachel answered it again. She handed it to me. It was our friend Phoebe. She's not only a friend, but she also is a ho for me. Yes, I'm a pimp. A very successful one.

"James, you gotta come get me. I got locked up. I can't call Mike... (Her boyfriend)... Please come quick, ok?"

"Ok babe, I'll be right there." I hung up and gave Rachel a sad look. She smiled sweetly and kissed me. It's part of the job. I take care of my girls. I kissed Rachel again and left to go bail out Phoebe. I bailed her out and she gave me a big hug.

"Thank you so much James. I'm sorry, it wasn't a sex charge though. It was assaulting a cop for trying to pick me up. Damn horny cop." We laughed. I like Phoebe. She's not only a good friend and ho, but she's also a cool person. She can handle herself... And she's got a temper too. She's awesome. She couldn't call her boyfriend Mike because he doesn't know she's a ho. She's a masseuse, who does part time work for me. We got in my car and I drove her home. She looked great, a white, The Clash, tee shirt, short, light blue mini skirt and white stripper pumps. Her long, straight blonde hair in a ponytail that was raised off of her head a few inches. She's a very sexy woman. "I'm really sorry about this again, James. I know you were at home with Rachel. I'm sorry I messed up your quiet evening."

"It's fine babe. It happens. You're a good friend and a good work associate too." I smiled and winked at her. I pulled up to her apartment building.

"I think I should thank you properly, daddy." Phoebe laid the sexy voice on real thick. She reached over and pulled my cock out of my thin sweatpants. She stroked it softly, tickling under the head. It jumped in her smooth hands. She rubbed up and down it softly, slowly. She blew me a kiss, leaned over and licked it from tip to base. It felt so good. She kissed every inch of my cock, leaving red lip prints all over it. She put the head in her mouth and softly chewed on it. She licked under the tongue, as she sucked me in deep. My cock glided over her tongue, hardening in her mouth. She sucked me slowly, shaking her head, that long blonde hair flailing wildly. Phoebe tickled my meaty balls and massaged them. Her tongue glided over every inch of my cock, as she sucked me so expertly.

She quickened her pace, sucking me faster. She licked my shaft, as she sucked me deep into her mouth and throat. She jerked my shaft quickly, wanting my cream badly. I put my hand on her head and pushed it further down on my, solid as steel, cock. She sucked me all the way in, every inch down her throat. Her saliva coated my cock perfectly. Phoebe jerked my cock faster, her beautiful lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, sucking hard, her cheeks puffed out from my cock. I felt my nut surging from my balls, so did she. Phoebe sucked me so amazingly hard, jerking my cock with blazing speed, her hand flying on my shaft. I held her head and came hard. My cock blasted my cream deep in her mouth. Phoebe swallowed every drop of cum, as my cock pumped it out. She sucked me totally dry, moaning her taste approval around my cock, as she sucked me clean.

She kissed my cock, opening her mouth, showing me she swallowed it all. She smacked her lips and licked them so seductively. She blew me a big kiss and put my cock away. She looked at me and slowly licked her lips. Phoebe knows how to be sexy. It's a great trait for not only a great ho to have, but it's also cool as hell, when she flirts. We hugged and she went up to her apartment.

The next day while Rachel was at work, Monica dropped by. She said she needed to talk to me really bad. "I didn't want Rachel to be here James, because what I have to ask you is kinda weird." I was intrigued. "You know, Chandler and I, have been trying to have a baby, but we've had no success. I was wondering... Maybe... Um... COULD YOU GET ME PREGNANT?"

I was caught off guard... slightly... But I kept calm. I looked at her. She had her hands clasped, begging me to help her. She had a sad and sweet look on her beautiful face..."I can't Monica... Sorry."

"Pleaseeeeeeeee." She looked at me so sad. I could tell it meant a lot to her, but I didn't want to get her pregnant. She showed me how convincing she can be. "I know you like me James." Monica reached over and grabbed my cock, through my shorts. She stroked it. "I know you want me. Think about it. You can fuck me as much as you want. It's really hard to knock me up, so... We can fuck a lot." She smiled and stroked my cock slowly. She's definitely pretty convincing. "You fuck other girls anyway, so Rachel won't mind. She knows you fuck Phoebe. Pleaseeeeeee." She took off her tight black blouse and her black bra. "C'mon daddy, knock me up. We can have so much fun. With this cock of yours, I'll definitely have a blast.

I know you like fucking other guys women. Chandler won't know anything. You can fuck me while he's around if you want. It'll be exciting. Pleaseeeeeee daddy." Monica leaned over and softly kissed my neck, stroking my cock faster, slowly licking my neck. My cock was so hard. Fuck it... .. I fucked her.

I pulled her pants and panties off and laid her on the couch. I threw my shorts off, as we kissed and held her arms above her head. I moved my cock, with no hands, it's a gift, to her pussy and slid quickly up it. We kissed, as I fucked her juicy cunt. My rock hard cock twitched, as I plunged up her wet cunt with long quick strokes. Her beautiful tits rubbed my chest, as I fucked her. Monica moaned loudly in my mouth and squirted all over my cock. I fucked her wet, neatly trimmed pussy rapidly, so deep. Her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. She kept moaning into my mouth. I fucked her faster, every inch of my insanely hard cock, tasting her sweet snatch.

My cock drove up her with lust and purpose, wanting to fulfill her wish. I drilled her sexy, wet snatch faster and faster and faster! Monica squirted again, covering my rampaging cock with her sweet cream. I grunted and came hard in her. My cock pumped out my creamy jizz, filling her pussy. Monica screamed in sexual bliss, into my mouth, as we kissed. My cock finished pumping my load up her pussy.

"Thank you James. I hope it didn't work though... I wanna keep fucking you, as much as possible." We laughed, kissing and making out. I agreed with Monica. I hope it didn't work, so we could keep fucking. I had an idea we would keep fucking anyway though.

It continued that way for a week. Monica would come over when Rachel was gone, for privacy, and we would fuck. She would ride me, take it from me doggy style, any way I wanted to fuck her, as long as I came in her sweet, dark haired snatch. It was fun. Monica is very hot and a great fuck too. A week later Rachel came home and found us fucking. She wasn't surprised, as Monica said earlier, she knew I fucked other girls and she was ok with it. She knew about Phoebe and me, so she was ok with it. When Monica told her about wanting me to impregnate her, Rachel was caught off guard... like I was in the beginning.

She actually played along, as she sucked me hard again, after I came in Monica. She got me hard and watched Monica ride my cock for another 20 minutes. I ate Rachel's pussy, as she rode my face and played with Monica's tits. I came again in Monica's pussy, after she came three times. Rachel pulled me out of Monica's pussy, after I filled it once more. She sucked me clean, as she came in my mouth. We 69'ed for a few minutes, licking and sucking each other clean.

"That was fun. I love you James. We need to do that more often." Rachel said, kissing my spent cock. Monica happily agreed. I just smiled. I smacked Rachel's perfect ass and kissed her pussy.

"Your man can definitely fuck Rachel. I hope you don't mind me using him for this." Monica said, playing with Rachel's tits.

"I know he can baby. Of course not Mon. Just make me godmother." They kissed.

"Deal!" Monica happily agreed.

Monica went home to Chandler. Rachel and I were in bed, when she asked me... "James, will you get me pregnant too?" A lot of impregnating requests going around.

"Um... Sure, I guess. Technically, I never agreed to get Monica pregnant. I was just horny and wanted to fuck her... But, since she might get pregnant from it, I guess it's only right if I knock you up too." Rachel laughed and kissed me. Well, that's two... Phoebe couldn't ask me... Could she?

Rachel woke me up, riding me. I reached up and squeezed those gorgeous tits of hers, as she bounced rapidly and intensely on my cock. Her booty slammed down on my thighs. I rubbed her nipples, as I squeezed her tits. Her thick, rock hard nipples felt so good. Rachel came hard, squirting all over my cock, riding me fast. "YESSSSSSSSS!! I LOVE YOUR COCK JAMES!!" Rachel screamed. I leaned up and sucked her tits, pulling her nipples with my mouth, sucking her whole tit in my mouth. I smacked her well toned, tan ass and squeezed it, loving her wet pussy tightly wrapped around my rock hard manmeat. I blasted my cum up her snatch. My cock pumping cum rapidly into her wet hole. Rachel and I kissed passionately, as I filled her twat.

Later that day, Phoebe came over and completed the impregnation request hat trick. "Please get me pregnant James. Monica and Rachel told me about you agreeing to get them pregnant... It fucking turns me on so fucking much. I came twice on the subway ride over here thinking about it." Phoebe took the lead. I didn't have time to answer. She jumped into my arms and knocked me to the floor. She rode me right there, the door open. It turned me on, I have to say. I love public sex and "knocking up" Phoebe, while anyone could watch in the hall was hot.

Phoebe rode me hard and fast, cumming twice. She turned around on my cock with it still in her pussy and rode me, reverse cowgirl, looking at the doorway. Two guys walked by and watched. They cheered us on and Phoebe played along, cheering herself. I reached up, grabbed her small tits and drilled up into her sexy blonde pussy. Her long blonde hair hung down, tickling my face, as I drove my hard cock up into her soaking wet snatch. "I'M CUMMMMMINGGGGGGGGGGG!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!! GET ME PREGNANT JAMESSSSSSSSSS!!" Phoebe screamed in delight, squirting all over my cock. It shot out of her pussy and soaked my balls too.

The two guys in the hall took pictures and chanted, "KNOCK HER UP!! KNOCK HER UP!! KNOCK HER UP!!" I laughed. I came deep into Phoebe's pussy. My cock spurted repeatedly up her cunt. My cream splattered up her wet pussy. It felt so damn good. Phoebe screamed out in ecstasy again and squirted once more. I kept shooting jizz up her pussy. I finally stopped. The guys applauded and left. Phoebe and I kissed, as she laid back on my chest. I had to admit, I was enjoying trying to "knock them up."

We all four kept fucking for a couple of weeks. I found out Rachel and Phoebe did indeed get pregnant. Monica didn't. I felt bad, but I also smiled. Monica and I got to keep fucking. Monica invited us all over for a party. It was to celebrate Rachel getting pregnant with me and Phoebe supposedly getting pregnant with Mike. Monica looked really down down. I know how much being a mom meant to her. I walked up behind her and kissed her neck."Im gonna get you pregnant babe... I promise." Monica smiled so happily at me and hugged me. I felt a special connection with her right then. I was determined to get her sexy ass pregnant.

I went across the hall to our friend, Joey's apartment, to use his bathroom. Monica's was occupied. Monica came in and sat me on the toilet. She sat in my lap, jerking my cock fast. She looked deep into my blue eyes. She had on a rainbow colored sweater and light blue jeans. She kissed me deeply and jerked my cock so fucking fast. I squeezed her gorgeous tits through her sweater, as she jerked my cock as fast as possible. Her hand flew up and down my hard shaft. She could sense I was close to cumming. Monica quickly took her pants off and her white thong too. She quickly shoved my cock up her cunt and rode me. We kissed and I pumped my cum so fucking hard up her cunt. We kissed through my orgasm, as I filled her cunt with my cream.

She broke our kiss and smiled so big and sweet at me. "Thank you for being so sweet to me James. Thank you so much." We hugged tight. I wanted her to get pregnant bad. I cared very deeply for Monica. I just held her and rubbed softly up and down her back. I kept Monica's thong. She smiled and kissed me passionately, she, like I for her, had very strong feelings for me. She put her pants back on and snuck back to the party.

Monica and I fucked every day. I fucked her in her apartment, in her and Chandlers bed. She would reward me for helping her get pregnant, by sucking me off every day, as well. She swallowed every drop of my cum happily. I fucked her in her shower, while Chandler napped in their bed. I was behind her pounding her pussy relentlessly, with her hands on the wall in front of us. She squirted five times and I came in her twice. We fucked in a restaurant while Chandler and Rachel talked. I fucked her at her restaurant, in her kitchen. It was so much fun. It went on for a month.

A month later I was at home with Rachel and I heard Rachel scream on the phone. She ran into the kitchen and told me Monica was pregnant. I smiled so big. I helped my friend fulfill her dream. Rachel and I kissed. All of us went over to Monica's place. She and Chandler were celebrating. Ross, her brother, was there. Monica's parents were there. Phoebe and Mike, even Joey were all there. Monica took me out onto the patio and hugged me. She cried. "Thank you so much James. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." I just held her tight.

"You're welcome sweetheart. You're definitely welcome." We hugged for a few minutes. I felt so close to Monica at that moment. She wanted to get pregnant so bad. I was happy for my close friend. I didn't even mention how fun the sex was.

The next week I had arranged for a client for Phoebe. A lot of guys love pregnant women. She loved the idea. She wanted a gangbang, but I stuck to the one on one. It was a $2000 job. Phoebe handled it perfectly. The guy called me afterwards and thanked me. He said it was the best sexual experience he had ever had. Phoebe came over and rode my cock. She was still horny after the client. She engulfed my hard cock, with her ass. Damn, she's even sexier pregnant. She fucked me off quickly. Her ass took it all in, as my cock spurted out my load, filling her sexy ass. I hooked her up with a bunch more clients. She was even hornier pregnant. She even did her gangbang, after begging me for two weeks.

Rachel was super horny too. I fucked her four or five times a day. She loves anal. I love fucking her ass too. I even hooked her up with a couple of clients too. No gangbangs, just a couple of one on one's and one DP. She filmed all of them, so we could watch when she got home. We did... and fucked all night, each time.

Monica even did some clients for me. She let them fuck her ass only though. She saved her pussy and mouth for Chandler... And me. I went with her each time and watched. I wanted to make her comfortable. It was so hot watching her get assfucked by a stranger for money. Her being pregnant made it even hotter. She would suck me off, in the car, after each job. That was on top of her and I still fucking every day. Monica loves me fucking her and I love fucking her. I realized I really loved... Impregnating Friends.

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Thanks... I liked the show... I like the chicks better. Swagg Pimpin' 24 /7.

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Dick knocking them hoes up. You make this show better than it really is.

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