tagRomanceImpregnating Sarah

Impregnating Sarah


Sarah and I had been a couple for quite a while when I began to realize her sex drive would not taper off as we grew familiar with each other. That was more than fine with me; it was merely surprising. I expected desire to dwindle with routine and repetition, but not for Sarah. She was always effortlessly finding ways to make things new. As a bonus, she was one of those women you think are too hot to engage in anything so base as a thorough fucking. Tall, willowy, and blond, she dressed and bore herself like a Senator with fashion sense. To spend time in bed with her was to be constantly amazed.

One Sunday morning, I woke with a strong erection. I had been dreaming of Sarah when, in the waking world, a fire truck passed by on the busy city street outside my apartment, siren blaring. Realizing I was awake, I was at first annoyed at having lost the dream, but then thought: Here was the real Sarah lying here with me! She lay on her back to my right, golden tresses arrayed about her head. I raised myself up on my right elbow to watch her steady breathing. I've never gotten tired of that rhythm. But my pulsing cock was on a mission.

Sarah had told me she liked to be awoken with erotic caresses, but I had never done it before, so I was unsure how to proceed. I pondered my options for a few seconds. Finally, I reached out and tentatively dragged the fingertips of my left hand across the underside of her right breast. She didn't stir. Slightly more bold, I cupped her breast with my the palm of my hand, thumb poised. Gently I caressed her. I fought the urge to lean down and suckle her. Instead, my thumb traced the edge of her areola, and I got my first reaction: her nipple began to stiffen. In fact, soon both her nipples were erect. I was doing something right! Then I did lean down and tease her left nipple with my tongue, and I felt her breathing accelerate. I hoped her dreams were shifting to something similar to what mine had been. My lips opened and engulfed her nipple, and the tip of my tongue swirled around the taut little nub.

I could hear her breath whispering in and out of her now as my left hand stole down across her belly and onto her right thigh. I couldn't resist seeing how wet she was; lucky for me, her legs were already parted, and I had no trouble slowly sliding down and in across her inner thigh. Sarah neatly trimmed her pubic hair to a small patch above her pussy, so inadvertent tickling would not be my undoing. Ever-so-lightly, I stroked her outer lips. Encountering Sarah's wet pussy for the first time in each of our sessions was always tremendously exciting to me, because it told me she wanted me more powerfully than any words ever could. I pressed gently inward and parted her outer lips to find what I sought. Her pussy was indeed warm and wet, and I began to stroke my middle fingertip between her lips, opening her and spreading her slick juices evenly.

By now, I could hear a bit of a quiver in Sarah's breathing, but when I stole a glance at her face, it seemed she remained asleep. I slid my middle finger upwards toward her clit, just barely opening her clitoral hood. I admit it: I'm a tease, even when my victim is asleep. Back down my finger slid between her gloriously wet pussy lips, and up again to part her hood. I could scarcely believe she was still asleep. I allowed my finger to lightly brush her clit, and I heard her breath catch. If she had been awake, she'd be saying "Oh, please..." But my finger slid back down between her lips again. Finally, I gave her clit the attention I knew she would have felt it needed, slipping up and gently circling her bud. Within a few seconds I heard her give the very slightest of moans.

Shifting slightly, I began to suck and lick her right breast while my middle finger continued to circle her clit, dipping down between her lips only occasionally to keep wet. I realized the tip of my cock was brushing her hip, smearing a drop of pre-cum there. Sarah wasn't on any form of birth control, and I knew she was at about the mid-point of her cycle, so this was something I had to be careful about. It also made me think how nice it would be to just shift down a little bit and... but no, of course that would be crazy. I concentrated on making just the right circles on Sarah's clit that I knew she loved most. It usually didn't take her long to cum if I was spot on, so to speak. Her moans were growing a little louder and more frequent, but she was wordy girl, and I was pretty sure that if she were awake she would be speaking her pleasure.

"James?" She was awake after all! "James... mmmmmmmm..." Well, OK, maybe she was only working toward wakefulness. "Oh, God... so good..." I pressed a little harder on her clit, still circling. "Baby... baby... I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Unnnnnnnnnh..." I felt the spasms in her pussy like distant mini-earthquakes as she came. "Unnnnnnnnnh..." Her legs closed on my hand and her hips bucked upward slightly. I loved to hear and feel her cum. I didn't stop circling her clit till she reached down and pulled my hand away. It was easier for her than trying to teach me when to stop, I guess. I cuddled up close to her and kissed every spot on her face but her mouth, which was gulping air. I held her while her breathing slowed and licked her sweet juices off my fingers. Not for a second did I forget my straining cock wedged between us.

"What a good morning!" she said, finally.

"Good morning to you, too, babe," I said, and kissed her warmly as my hand once again cupped her breast, thumb brushing her nipple softly. Her tongue slipped between my lips and my tongue greeted her. Soon I realized I had been gently humping her hip for a few seconds. She broke our kiss.

"Somebody," she said, reaching down between us to grasp my pulsing cock, "needs attention!" I stopped humping and let her stroke me. I renewed the kiss and she had me moaning into her mouth in seconds. She knew just how to stroke the sensitive spot on the underside of my head, and I would have cum very quickly, but she knew me too well to let that happen. She broke our kiss again.

"Baby, I need you inside me." Wow. She couldn't have missed my cock twitching in her hand when she said that. Immediately I was rummaging around in the bedside table's drawer for a condom... and rummaging... and.... uh oh. I moved over to get a closer look. There was the condom box, empty, and I had thought there'd be be a loose condom or two left in the drawer... but no. Nothing.

"Babe..." I started. My cock had already started to wilt.

"I already know," she said. "C'mere." I curled back up with her and her hand went right back to encircle me again, coaxing my erection back to life. "I really need you in me," she said.

"I know, but..."

"Yes, and I know, too. But I really need it. Before I woke up... You should have seen that dream! Well, I guess you were sort of there..."

"Sounds like the same dream I had."

"Mmmmmmm." She smiled. "Baby, just put it in me a little bit. I need to feel you. Don't cum in me, but..."

"Sarah, what's on your hand right now?"

At first, she wasn't sure what I was asking. "Pre-cum. OK, I can fix that." She knelt over me and took my cock in her mouth. For a moment, I thought she had changed her mind, and I relaxed into it, but then I realized she wasn't trying to get me off; she was trying to clean me. She was stroking the pre-cum already in my cock up and out and sucking it down. Hungrily, I might add. When she was done, she laid down next to me with a smile on her face. "That should make you safe enough for a little while."

I badly wanted to fuck her, which was tough. And I knew she badly wanted me to fuck her, which made it tougher. And she had just made it very easy for me to tell myself it was going to be all right, and by sucking my cock! So I did the same as you would do.

"OK. But just a little bit. And then I'm out."

"Just a little bit," she agreed.

She raised her knees and spread her legs and I knelt between them. My rigid cock stood out from my body, still glistening with her saliva. I looked at her with a nervous smile and shook my head a little bit, amazed at what we were about to do, then sat back on my feet and scooted my knees under her thighs so that the head of my cock lay just at her entrance.

"You're sure?" I asked.

"I'm sure, baby. It's OK. Just pull out if you're close at all."

I reached down and grasped myself, pressed the head of my cock between her pink pussy lips, and nearly passed out. It was the first time I was feeling her pussy on my bare cock, and it was exquisite. Sarah giggled at my expression as I leaned forward and began to enter her. God, it was glorious, every millimeter of it. I could feel my cock being slowly coated with her wetness for the first time. Every tiny wrinkle and fold of her beautiful pussy was mine for the first time. Somehow I managed not to cum right then and there, but by the time my swollen balls were resting against her ass, I couldn't think of why I would ever go anywhere else. I was home.

"Mmmmmmmmm," purred Sarah. "Just what I needed." While we kissed, even the smallest shift sent tremors through me. We often kissed and fondled for ten or twenty minutes like this with my cock buried in her to the root. But after a while, she looked up and smiled and said, sweet as can be, "Do you think you could... fuck me a little?"

"OK, a little." Slowly, I withdrew. Slowly was about all I trusted myself with. I'm not sure if it was that it felt so much better or if it was that I was so excited, but this was like a whole new sex act. When just my head was parting her tender lips, I pressed back into her, a little more quickly this time.

"Oh, baby," she whispered as I stretched her open again. "So deep in me..." As I dragged myself from her, her pussy clung to my cock. "You really would get me pregnant." Yeah, no kidding. Again I thrust into her deeply, this time at nearly the speed I would if I were wearing a condom. I was lucky my cock wasn't any longer, because I couldn't imagine withstanding a longer stroke. She moaned her pleasure as my cock seemed to fill her completely. Was I close to cumming? I knew how close I was if I had a condom on, but every stroke without it was a discovery.

"I gotta take a break," I said, letting my hips rest against her and kissing her again. I tried not to think about the pre-cum I must be leaking despite her efforts. "In fact," I said, "if I need a break, I should stop."

"Oh, no, baby, you can't be close yet. You last much longer than this." She was mock-frowning and crossing her legs behind my back.

"Everything's different... so much better. I can't tell."

"Well, are you right on the edge?"

"Not exactly."

"Then relax. It's OK, baby. Don't think too much. When it's gonna happen, you'll know and you'll have time." Now, if my cock had not been rock hard and deep inside the wet, warm pussy of the woman I love, I might have been able to resist this argument. Writing this now, I know I was completely out of my head then. But I wanted her to be right!

"OK." She let her legs ride behind my back as I withdrew and thrust into her again. God, it was good. This might well be the best thing that ever happened to me. Again. And again. Each thrust felt like it might make me cum all by itself, but part of me knew I wasn't really on the edge yet. I began to trust myself with this new sex, thrusting deeply into her over and over. She looked up at me with a wonder-struck smile.

"James," she said, "this is how it will feel... when we make a baby." I had been ready a long time, but she thought we should hold off a bit longer. I nodded and she continued, "God, I wish we were doing it right now." I nodded again, my mind spinning with possibility. I fantasized about this quite a bit, but the condoms made it difficult to role-play together. We did role-play a lot, though. Maybe now was the only chance we'd get for a while. I buried myself with some finality in her, stopped, and again let my hips rest against her. A look of disappointment crossed her face. "Another break?"

"No, not quite..." She waited. "I was thinking... Let's say we are."

"Making a baby? You mean role-play it?"


"Ooooooooh." She raised an eyebrow. "That could be fun."

"...if we don't get carried away."

"Uh huh. I think we can handle it." I could tell she was already shifting into her role. "You know, I've been thinking lately..."


"Well, you know how I've been saying maybe now is too soon for us to have a baby?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, I've been thinking lately that now is a good time."

"It is? Oh, honey, that's... that makes me so happy." We hugged and smiled nervously at each other. Tears of joy even welled in our eyes. How much of this was acting? Who cares?

"So maybe... Maybe we don't need to worry about condoms and having you pull out."

"You mean...?"

"Don't worry about it, sweetheart. Just cum." Her legs tightened behind my back. "Cum in me and make me pregnant... Am I scaring you?" My eyes had bugged out.

"No... It's just that... I've waited so long to hear you say those words. They sound so good!" Such a feeling of freedom!

"Cum in me and make me pregnant," she repeated. All I could do was flash her a happy smile and slowly begin to draw back. She reached a hand down to her clit. "I'm gonna catch up with you. When I cum, I'll be pulling your sperm deeper inside me."

Once again, the downstroke was mind-bending, but of course only made me want more. I took long slow strokes, thrusting deep inside her each time. This was wonderful. I could feel her wetness cooling on my cock on each upstroke and re-coat me in snug warmth on the downstroke.

"I'm gonna... make a baby in you," I managed to say between strokes of ecstasy.

"Oh, sweetie, cum! Cum inside me and give me your baby!" I could tell she was frigging her clit furiously as I sped my thrusts.

"Gonna pump my sperm in you... fill you up... knock you up..." I wasn't using the clever lines I had fantasized, but these would have to do. My cock felt like a bar of steel, longer and thicker than ever before. My balls were hugging my shaft as they do when I'm close. Still, I slid myself into her few dozen more times before I approached the point of no return.

She was nearly delirious. "Oh, do it, honey, fuck me... I'm gonna cum... shoot in me, shoot your baby into me... Cum!" That was all I needed. I felt the semen at the base of my cock boil over, and I began to spurt thick ropes of the stuff through the full length of my cock out of me and into Sarah's fertile, unprotected cunt.

"Unnnnnnh... cumming in you..." Just like in my fantasy, I imagined jets of sperm-rich semen spattering against her vulnerable cervix, bathing it, pooling around it, then sperm swimming strongly up her birth canal in search of the egg in her uterus. Her pussy clenched rhythmically on my cock; she was cumming too. With what sanity I had left, I endeavored to stroke my cock into her from below in the hopes I'd brush her G-spot a few times. And I enjoyed watching the various shades of bliss cross her face even as they faded.

It was the happiest moment of my young life.

For a moment.

Then I realized what we had just done. We'd said we could "handle it", but clearly I had not. I didn't pull out and she didn't remind me. In fact, we had reveled in my not pulling out! Yet she was beaming up at me, looking more contented than I'd ever seen her.

My voice had an edge of panic. "Oh, sweetheart!"

She just smiled more broadly. "Shhhhhh! It's all right." My cock was still spasming inside her every time I moved a fraction of an inch. "It's OK. Everything's fine."

"But how could it...?"

"Listen to me, sweetie." She reached up and took my head in her hands to make sure I was paying attention. "Earlier when I was supposed to be role-playing? I wasn't." I gave her a perplexed look. "I really want us to have a baby now. I really have been thinking now is a good time." She laid her arms back on the bed. I tried to process it. It took a few seconds.

"So... we're OK? You wanted this?"

"Mm-hmmm." She smiled up at me again.

I had a lot of questions, but one matter seemed most urgent. My semen was probably running out of her right now! I pulled out of her, much to her surprise, pushed her knees together, hooked my forearm under both of them, and pulled them up to her chest. She understood quickly and looped her own arms behind her thighs. "I take it you're happy?"

"Totally," I said. I looked down at her well-fucked, cum-filled pussy and smiled. "And you should see this." I quickly stepped into the master bathroom, grabbed Sarah's hand mirror, and brought it into the bedroom to show her what we had done.

"Ooooh! That's..." She trailed off. "Plus it's a first glimpse of our child!" She giggled. I set the mirror aside and curled up next to her. Parts of my brain I hadn't known existed were activating.

"So... Why didn't you just... tell me?"

"Well, I was going to, but I was sort of waiting for it to come up naturally, and then... it did, I guess. I just went with it."

"I was a runaway train, though."

"No, sweetie... I mean yes you were, but... I knew what I was doing. I knew what I was saying would make you forget." She held her knees with just one arm and reached down to pat my flaccid, wet cock. "I knew who was in charge. And that's just the way I wanted it."

We spent the day in bed, cuddling and cooing, and whenever we could get my cock hard, fucking another load of my sperm deep into her, though the first was by far the biggest. As luck would have it, she was due to ovulate the next day, and three weeks later she'd definitely missed her period.

We named our new baby girl Trixie.

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