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Impregnation Party


The McGraw clan was a close knit group. They gathered often for family celebrations of life milestones--birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, divorces, deaths. They looked out for one another's families, helping build each other's homes, barns, looking after each other's children. So it wasn't too much of a surprise that when Penny and Rob discovered that Rob's sperm count was too low for her to conceive, that the men folk of the clan would step forward to help.

Penny was a luscious little blonde with an hourglass figure and long silky hair. Her young body was ripe for bearing children, and she ached to become pregnant and start a family with Rob. So she and Rob asked for a family meeting to be held, where they could present their problem.

Penny sat anxiously on the sofa beside Rob, with her full breasts barely contained in the short tank top she was wearing, her hard nipples pushing against the fabric, showing how excited she was to be discussing her body's needs. Her hip-hugger cut offs allowed her smooth belly to be exposed, a belly that she eagerly awaited to be filled with a growing child.

Rob was a young rancher, like the other men folk who had gathered--wearing tight jeans, cowboy boots, work-worn hats and cowboy shirts that stretched across broad muscled shoulders. As his relatives sauntered in to the room, they perched on table tops, chairs pulled in from the dining room and every available place to sit.

Rob spoke first, saying that he and Penny were hoping the family could help them solve a personal problem--they were having trouble conceiving because his sperm count was low. Penny blushed, as she sat next to him, her nipples growing tighter and her breasts feeling heavier as the conversation centered on their bodies. Rob turned to Penny as he asked the group to look at how ripe and ready she was for motherhood--her breasts and hips so curvy and full.

Uncle Pete, who was perched on the kitchen table, perked up as Rob asked them to see how ripe Penny looked and he actually asked her to stand up and turn around for everybody to see what Rob meant. Penny's Grandpa, who was sitting nearby, reached out and touched the tip of one of Penny's straining nipples, mentioning that she did indeed look ready for something. Rob's sister, who was 7 months pregnant, heaved a sigh and mentioned how sexy Penny looked, and that got the others in the room to cheer Penny on and encourage her to lower the straps on her tank top and show off those lovely tits, which she did, at first a little bashfully, but then with pride, as the group cheered her on with cheers and whistles and compliments. Grandpa actually rose out of his seat and nipped one of her nipples, jutting so proudly, and gave it a lick and a quick suck, commenting then on how tasty she was--"like a sweet raspberry, guys," he said.

Uncle Pete stepped forward and swung her into a little dance, spinning her around so that her full breasts flew away from her torso like a milk maid spinning around with a full pail of milk. When he helped her regain her balance after the spin, he rested his hands on each side of her waist band and pulled her cut offs down, revealing her full hips and her tidy pubic area. He continued the dance, spinning her around and then other men in the family broke in and danced with her in turn.

Rob's mom had the presence of mind to put on some blue grass music and help the dancing along. Penny was blushing from head to toe, flushed with excitement. As the music got louder, the men stood back at one point and let her dance in the middle of the gathering by herself. She went up to individuals around the perimeter of the room and they fondled either her big breasts with those lovely raspberry tips--sometimes, taking a sweet nip at them--or her sweet bottom, fingering her love box and finding it very wet. She'd reach down to fondle the men's cocks, all hard and bulging inside their tight jeans. Some of the men were itching to massage their aching cocks and before long, Penny was sliding zippers down and releasing those massive meat sticks from their restraints, sometimes bending down to kiss the head of a cock with her lips.

Penny's sister brought out some pillows from a nearby bedroom and laid them on the kitchen table so that Penny could comfortably lay forward on the table with her luscious pussy lips framed by her curvy buttocks, exposed to the men. They were obviously ready to help Rob impregnate Penny.

Uncle Pete stepped up to the plate first--his straining cock leading the way to Penny's pussy. He fingered her first to open her pussy lips and then coated the tip of his cock with her juices, before pushing the thick head of his cock against her opening. Penny gasped with excitement, longing for the feel of Uncle Pete's hard length ramming into her. He pulled his own pants down a little farther, exposing his heavy balls and pushed into Penny with one long smooth stroke, that made her cry out in delight. Embedded to the hilt, Uncle Pete reached around Penny to hold her luscious tits, one in each hand and began massaging them as he rhythmically pumped Penny's love box. Penny was moaning in ecstasy, loving the feel of Uncle Pete's cock thrusting so deeply against her cervix. The sound of his balls slapping against her bottom brought cheers from the crowd gathered round for support.

The family men were lined up behind Pete with their zippers down and engorged cocks exposed, some stroking them themselves, some being tended to by the women folk who were also there. When Uncle Pete eventually stiffened and rammed Penny with a final plunge, Penny's climax could also be heard. They rested briefly, and then Uncle Pete pulled out of Penny with a little pop and left Penny's bottom oozing with his jizz.

Grandpa stepped up to Penny's bottom next--enjoying the slickness left behind by Pete. His thick cock wasn't as upright as Pete's, but it filled Penny's box to the max, and she gulped a little as she stretched to accommodate his size. Grandpa was a little slower than Pete. Penny's sister came up behind Grandpa and massaged his balls as he fucked Penny--which helped him pick up a little speed. The line of guys waiting wouldn't want him to take all night. And thankfully, he didn't--with all the cheering and the music and massaging of his balls, he came in about 10 minutes--unloading shot after shot of hot seed into his granddaughter. He pulled out, saying, "There ya go, darlin'," and she said, "Thanks, Grandpa."

Penny's Dad and brother were also in line, cocks jutting out eagerly. They joked that they should have a little sword fight to see who would get to fuck Penny first, and they jabbed their cocks at one another in a comical duel. That got everybody laughing. But Penny scolded them a little, that they should quit bickering and somebody should get to work, so they shrugged their shoulders at one another and Penny's Dad said, "You heard what the lady said, we'd better get to work." Penny's brother said, "After you, Dad."

So he stepped up to Penny's now red and irritated bottom that was oozing cum from Uncle Pete and Grandpa and plunged into her depths, fucking her for several strokes before pulling out completely and letting his son have a turn. Penny's brother did the same, fucking her for several strokes before pulling out and letting his Dad resume. They continued to alternate until Penny was furious with the interrupted fucking--she needed some serious ramming and her brother was happy to oblige. He pumped her like a jackhammer, letting his loose balls slap her ass with audible smacks. The crowd clapped along with the smacking and Penny literally screamed with her orgasm, just before her brother dove in one last time to the deepest penetration and shot his young hot semen into his sister.

Dad hadn't had his climax yet, so he helped his son disengage from Penny and asked her if she was ready for some serious fucking from Daddy. Of course, she couldn't wait to have her Dad shoot his load into her, so she welcomed him to give her the final load. Mom turned the music up extra loud and the clapping continued as people cheered and shouted encouragements--"Ram her deep, Bill!" "Give her all you got, honey!" "Fuck her hard, Dad!" Way to go, Son!" Smack, smack, smack, was heard with each thrust into Penny. Bill was reaching around massaging Penny's tits, like Uncle Pete did, and letting Penny know what wonderful hooters she had, rolling the nipples and feeling the lobes engorge with more excitement.

"Okay, honey," he said. "I'm about to shoot my load, are you ready for Daddy to cum?" "YEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!" she replied, just as Daddy stiffened and held himself deep at the opening of her womb. He held himself there as his cock spurted load after load of creamy jizz into his daughter, and she squirmed with the passion of her final release, gasping and screaming in ecstasy.

When Daddy was able to move, he backed out of Penny, his cock dripping with so much cum from all the men's loads. Penny's Mom and sister came up to her and helped her roll over on the table and propped the pillows under her hips. Rob came over and massaged her love hole, so sore from all the fucking and easing her down from her climax with her Daddy, and holding the wonderful cum inside her. He bent over and kissed her and they smiled and each other, knowing that she would now probably be pregnant.

The men were cleaning themselves up and tucking their spent cocks and shirt tails back in their pants and one by one leaving the room with their women, wishing Rob and Penny all the best. In case she wasn't pregnant from this session, they'd be happy to come back for another go at it, just to give them a holler. Rob said thanks and, yes, he'd give them a holler if they needed another impregnation party.

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