tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 01

Impressions Ch. 01


I was contacted by a woman that wanted her fantasy documented. This story is the result.


The radio stations morning Jocks voices blasted out of the small clock radio announcing another day. Sarah rolled over and hit the snooze. Mondays always seemed to be the hardest to start. It wasn't because of over indulgence, Sam; her husband was all about appearances. God forbid we ever let loose a little and actually had fun at one of the frequent functions they went to. Now it's back to work and normal life.

Sarah wasn't unhappy, but she wasn't happy either. Her marriage for the last twelve years was arranged by her parents. Sam was a good man, and she truly knew he loved her. However for the last three years, he's had problems. It became increasingly difficult to have an erection. As sex became less frequent they became more like roommates instead of husband and wife. As the weeks, then months passed Sarah had found other ways of finding satisfaction.

There was no way she could have an affair, even to be discovered watching anything unladylike would be humiliating to their family and Sam. Both of them were born into wealthy families in Delhi India. She was just entering college; he was a couple years older. They married and lived with their parents until finishing college. Once out of college, Sam was recruited to the USA to work in Engineering and Product Development at a large multinational corporation. Sarah followed as soon as she graduated, and obtained her Masters at an Ivy League school.

Sarah found work with a start-up IT Company and grew with them. For the next ten years she steadily moved up and was now a VP in Systems. She now had a corner office and a salary to go with it. Together they were a power couple hobnobbing with the rich and famous and political powers all the way to the state level. Sam was adamant that whenever they attended any functions they never indulged in alcohol. They drank at home, but never in public, impressions mattered.

Sarah slowly got up and dressed for her day. She had a couple meetings this morning and had to work on a report this afternoon, overall a light day. She smiled and thought she might have some time to scratch an itch that had been burning in the pit of her stomach. It had been too long since she had some relief.

Work went as expected. The meetings went well and soon it was lunch time. Sarah worked her way down to the lobby where several kiosks and restaurants lined the corridors. She strolled down the line, as she approached the Japanese Hibachi stand, a young girl was handing out samples. Sarah looked down her nose at the young girl. She was a servant and at one time she wouldn't have even slowed down. But after several years in the USA, her upbringing had mellowed. She stopped but didn't acknowledge the girl when she spoke. The girl was obviously a lower class.

I managed to get the report done in record time. It was only 3:30 and I was finished for the day. I could go home but I couldn't relieve myself if I did that. It would be almost two hours before everyone left. Two hours to stoke my flames and tease my body until I can rip off my panties and relieve the tension that has been building for the last week.

I made my way down the hall to get a bottle of water. Actually I was checking out to see who was here and if anyone was leaving early. I was glad I did as already two had left and the remaining twelve were talking about visiting a local bar right after work. I could feel a tingle between my legs as I was already aroused. I made it back to my office and shut the door. I wanted to lock it but if someone should stop by it would be unusual to find it locked. It didn't take long before I pulled up my browser and opened my favorite page. It was an online erotic story site that had thousands of erotic stories from romance to nonconsensual, to bondage, to fetish. I loved it and visited as often as I could, always at work, and always with the same result

There was a particular story that had captured my attention. It was about a professional woman that was being blackmailed into humiliating situations. Each chapter the woman was forced into ever increasingly perverted acts. Each new task was making it harder to keep from being discovered and ruining her life.

Sarah found it last week when she last played. She only lasted a chapter before she took off her pants and panties and masturbated with a small vibrator she kept locked in a private file cabinet.

Sarah opened the story and quickly was immersed in the plot. This chapter had the woman stripping off her clothes and throwing them away in the company dumpster. She had to drive home naked and slip into her house undetected. What made it worse, she had to video herself as she went and describe her emotions. In the last chapter, she didn't explain her emotions and was severely beaten. She obviously learned her lesson as she described every humiliation in great detail from then on.

Sarah looked up at the clock. It was only 4:15 and she was so close. She needed to cum so badly. By five o'clock almost everyone had left. The only person left was Martin. He was the other VP assigned to this office. Sarah couldn't just walk up and ask when he was leaving, so she cracked her door every ten minutes to see if he had left yet.

Sarah was now about to scream, her body totally enflamed and her hands were buried in her skirt. At ten after six, Martin finally walked out his door and down the hallway. Sarah was peeking out her door. She wanted to scream when she saw him stop and turn back. But he stopped again and headed back down the hall and out the front door.

Sarah practically ran down the hall and locked the door. Rushing back to her office she quickly shut her door and opened the special file and pulled out her toy. She opened another page on her browser to a porn sight that featured Indian women, being pummeled with huge black cocks. Sarah leaned back in her chair, spread her legs wide and slid her fingers down her slippery panties. They were soaked from the constant barrage of erotic readings and porn videos.

Sarah was gasping as she slid the gusset to the side and shoved the vibrating dildo deep into her body. She didn't need to tease her body. It didn't need teasing, it needed to be fucked. It had been too long since she had a real cock buried inside her but for now the vibrator would do. It took only seconds before her legs started to tremble and soon her entire lower half was convulsing as her orgasm was just about to explode deep inside her.

That was when she heard voices. Sarah's body exploded as her long awaited orgasm erupted and shot out to all her extremities. She wanted to move but her body was locked in an orgasm that prevented any movement. Sarah was panicking as the voices got closer to her door. She was sitting at her desk, her panties pulled to the side and a vibrator still being stroked in and out and her hand was the only thing working. The porn video still playing and the woman was now screaming while being fucked in her ass.

Sarah finally managed to pull her feet from the top of the desk and slid her legs under the desktop. The vibrator still buried deep inside her dripping pussy. She scrambled to stop the video and just managed to pause it when her door opened. Standing there was a large Middle Eastern man pushing a vacuum through the door.

The man stopped in his tracks, as the sight in front of him was a very flushed, very pretty woman. The entire office reeked with a smell that made him smile. But as his attention focused on her face, he recognized her as the bitch that always would barely speak and never tried to hide her contempt for him and any of the service staff. Jamal was originally from India, however he immigrated to the USA over twenty five years ago, but he still remembered the class structure. He hated this woman and he knew what she was doing. He hesitated a second as he considered his options. He could make a scene and would probably be fired. Or he could slip out of the office and keep a low profile and if he got lucky he would keep his job.

Jamal took option two and quickly retreated and headed for the men's room, figuring she wouldn't follow him there.

Sarah watched as the man quickly left her office. It had happened so suddenly that she hadn't even gotten a good look at him. She quickly pulled the vibrator out of her cunt and wiped it off. Straightening her clothes and shutting down her computer, she locked up her toys and took a deep breath. She had a choice to make. Should she walk out screaming and yelling about the rude lowly janitor that burst into her office unannounced? The problem is that she wasn't sure she could identify the man. Plus if she made too big a skink the man might have seen something and that couldn't happen.

Her second choice was to slip out and try to leave unnoticed. She figured that with a little luck she wouldn't see that man again. Those people constantly change jobs anyhow. Sarah decided this was the best course of action. Grabbing her brief, she slowly opened the door and slipped down the vacant hall. As she passed each office she relaxed just a bit more. She made it all the way to the door before she almost walked in to a man walking out of the Men's room. She gasped and spat. "Watch where you're going," and rushed past him and out the door.

Sarah finally took a breath as the elevator doors closed. That was the closest she had ever come to being caught. It scared her to her core but it also gave her the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. She made it to her car and collapsed in the driver's seat, her body still buzzing from the intense experience. She pushed the button and the BMW 5 sprang to life. Sarah grasped the wheel in part to drive, in part to stop her hands from shaking. Taking deep breaths, she put the car in gear and headed home.

Sarah really didn't remember that drive home. Her mind trying to come to grips with almost getting caught, and not just caught, but caught by a Janitor, the lowest forms of life were Janitors. Just the possibility of him seeing her masturbating was beyond any humiliation she had ever experienced. What scared her most was not because she almost got caught but her orgasm was mind blowing intense. The result was she wanted more. Suddenly she felt there was a hole in her life that needed to be filled. Before she knew it she was pulling into the garage.

Jamal sat in his apartment going over in his head was his day. Everything was normal, the crew had finished the floor above and were about to start the next floor. They all knew the Indian bitch on sight. Without her saying a word you could feel her distain. Jamal remembered back when he lived in India. He was lower class and knew he never hope to achieve above his class. He still worked service jobs, but had a lucrative side line hosting a porn site. His sight specialized in humiliation, all forms of humiliation of women and men. He would never get rich but it helped to pay the bills.

Now he was just hoping to keep his job. The next few days he kept a low profile waiting for the axe to fall, but nothing happened. Finally by the end of the week, he figured he was safe. That was when his mind started to work. The only reason she didn't call him out, she couldn't handle the potential humiliation from the questions that might have surfaced. That confirmed she was doing exactly what he thought she was doing, and if she did it once, she would do it again.

The following Monday arrived and Jamal made sure he was the first one to enter the offices. The place was dark and he headed right for the bitch's office. No one paid attention and he slightly closed the door as he opened a small backpack and pulled out several spy cams, discreetly placing them around the office. By the time, he finished he had placed eight cameras, each powered by a lithium cell, motion activated, night vision and 1080I high def quality. He quickly cleaned the room and using an app on his phone to make sure he covered every square inch from multiple views.

Jamal and the crew finished and headed for the next floor, when Jamal excused himself to visit the restroom. The others left and Jamal quickly rushed to a service room next to Sarah's office. He set up a small receiver and hard drive. It was set to capture any movement in the office, store it on the hard drive and broadcast it back to Jamal's website twice a day. He figured he could get about a month's use out of the batteries. Hopefully he would have what he needed by then. Everything had been set up at home and it took only a couple of minutes to hide the unit and power it up. He checked the view from each camera and smiled. If Ms. Bitch, I'm so much better than you moves a muscle, Jamal will know it. He rushed out to catch up with the others.

Sarah avoided any of the service staff for the next week. She ordered her lunches in and pretty much stayed in her office. She had plenty to do that kept her busy but in the back of her head was always lurking that intense orgasm. By Friday she thought she was going to have some time to quench the itch that was growing deep inside her body, but there were constant interruptions. Every time she opened her story site someone knocked and entered. Sarah final gave up and headed home.

That night Jamal was reviewing the latest download. He had watched her all week. He was about to give up as it was getting late on a Friday, when the camera from behind her desk captured the erotic story site plain as day. Now Jamal's interest was focused on Sarah. He followed her as she quickly pulled up her favorites and clicked on a story. Jamal captured the web address and quickly downloaded the story.

Jamal was hoping to get what he needed, but as Sarah's frustrations grew, so did Jamal's, although for different reasons. As the video's ended Jamal smiled as he knew it wouldn't be long now. Frustrated Indian bitches couldn't watch porn at home, if the husband or anyone else would catch her she would be shamed and possibly shunned from the family. He knew that her office was the only place she could get relief. He knew it wouldn't be long until she found the time.

Sarah made it home just before Sam was to arrive; she rushed up to the bedroom needing some relief. She grabbed the first thing off her vanity and rushed into the bathroom. Her pants dropped as soon as the door closed her panties soon followed. She plopped her ass down on the toilet and licked the stick deodorant to hopefully lubricate it some, but she didn't have time and her body was on fire. Sarah slowly pushed the small cylinder deeper in to her dripping pussy, loving every inch. When it was in as far as she could push it and still get it out, she groaned as she needed something bigger. Now panting and rubbing her clit furiously needing the orgasm just out of her reach, when she heard the stairs creak.

'Oh my god, Sam is home! Oh god!!' Sarah jumped from the seat and rushed to grab her pants beside the door.

The deodorant tube still buried inside her she grabbed her pants and pulled them up her legs. Just as she managed to stand and fasten them, Sam knocked and opened the door. Sarah was leaning up against the sink trying to look normal. She knew her face was flushed as she grabbed a hand towel and wiped her face. She hadn't time to put on her panties and they were lying beside Sam's foot. Knowing that any underwear of any type should never be seen she wanted to distract her hubby to keep him from seeing the wet panties on the floor.

"Hi Sarah, you're home early! I was hoping you would get home early. My boss is having a get together at the country club tonight. I want you to get dressed; we have to be there by seven." Sam said and walked out the door. Sarah was going crazy; her body was tingling at almost being caught again only this time it was her husband that almost caught her. She walked to the door and locked it this time. She went back to the toilet and started to complete what she started, when Sam knocked again.

"Hurry up I need to make a stop on the way there." He called through the door. He had no idea of how bad his wife's need to cum. Sarah groaned in frustration and pulled out the deodorant and rinsed it off. She washed her hands and walked out the door to their bedroom.

Sarah didn't want to go to the club. She wanted to beg off but before she could say a word, Sam spoke again. "Sarah, today Mr. Jenkins told most of the senior managers that he wanted us to be at the club tonight. He has something planned. We have to be there."

Sarah knew she had to go, appearances are important. She just nodded and pulled out a dress to wear. As normal, the dress covered her from her neck to her ankles. Although form fitting, the material was heavy and covered any contours of her body. She waited for Sam to walk out of the room before she opened her lingerie drawer and pulled out a very sexy bra and panty set. Even if she wasn't dressing sexy she could still feel sexy.

The evening ended just like all the others. Sam was standing off to the side with his boss and several other men, while Sarah was over by the kitchen with the wives. She was only half listening when she turned and bumped into one of the servers. The young waitress apologized and offered a napkin to wipe off her dress. However Sarah, already frustrated, barked at the trembling young girl, "Watch where you're going slut!" As soon as she said it she was sorry. Everyone in the area stopped and stared at her. She looked at her husband and blanched, he was staring at her. The evening ended soon after that. The drive home was quiet and Sarah didn't want to start anything so when they got home they went their separate ways.

The next morning, Sam was working around the house and Sarah's body was still aroused. She needed relief and decided to go to her office. No one would be there and she could read, watch and finally get some relief. She called out to Sam and told him she had to go to the office and would be back later this afternoon. She heard him grunt and quickly walked to her car and drove down the street.

The drive to the office took only a few minutes, what with Saturday traffic and all. Sarah pulled into her parking spot and headed for the elevator. With each step she could feel her body tremble with excitement. Once on her floor, she unlocked the door and was relieved that, as expected no one was there. Sarah practically sprinted to her office and quickly opened her file cabinet with her toys safely stored inside.

It took a few minutes for her computer to boot and Sarah walked down the hallway to the small lunch room. She opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. She stood there with one hand holding the bottle the other sliding up her chest and tweaking her nipples. She closed her eyes and opened a few buttons to allow her fingers access to her needy nipples. The more she touched and caressed the more her body demanded. Her dress was now completely open and her bra was above her tits. When she sat the bottle down and slid her other hand into her panties her knees buckled and she dropped to the kitchenette floor. As much as she wanted to cum, she knew if she went back to her office and opened her sites it would be even better. Sarah smiled stood and walked back to her office, her dress open and her bra useless.

Jamal was sitting in his house. He had just finished a couple of projects arranging things for new videos for his website. He logged in and started to review all his automatic downloads. Sarah's office was only one of several he had around town. When he looked at what locations had downloaded, he was surprised when he saw 'The Bitch's' office. He sat back and opened the file.

The video opened with Sarah walking into her office. She was dressed in a button down flowered summer dress. She moved around the office for a few minutes and turned on her computer. Jamal watched as she left the office. It was about five minutes later when Sarah walked back into the office. Jamal almost screamed when he saw her dress open and her tits hanging out. He smiled and waited for the show to begin.

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