tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 02

Impressions Ch. 02


This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


Jamal was sitting at his desk Monday morning waiting for Sarah to open her mail. He made sure to send it to her work email instead of her private account. He watched as she looked up from her keyboard when her mail sounder dinged.

Sarah was waiting for an answer from a client she been assigned. When she saw a new mail alert, she opened it without even looking at who sent it.

What came up was a picture taking up the entire screen. It was her naked and fucking herself with a vibrator, sitting at her desk. The clock on the wall and the sunlight through the window proved it was mid-day. It appeared that she was masturbating during work hours.

Sarah knew it was from Saturday but from the picture it looked like a work day.

Sarah closed the message as one of her support staff stuck her head into her office.

Sarah was blushing trying to close the picture. As she spoke to the woman, another message sounded, and another, and another.

Janice, the co-worker giggled and commented about so many messages.

Sarah was looking at the growing list of new messages and cringed. Each were from the same sender, each had an attachment

Janice noticed Sarah's blush when she first poked her head into the new VP's office and assumed the message was personal, "Hey new beau sending you dirty pics? Better tell him not to use your work account. Any porn on company time or computers is immediate dismissal!"

Sarah moaned but quickly dismissed her comment and asked her to leave. She rushed over and closed her door.

Sarah sat there for a few minutes, deciding what to do. She finally opened each attachment and started to cry. There were over twenty pictures from different perspectives showing her naked and having a massive orgasm.

Finally the last message told her to expect a package, No sooner did she read it, she got a call from the lobby. There was a package waiting for her at the front desk.

She closed the pics and walked to the lobby. Sitting beside the receptionist was a small box addressed to her. Sarah thanked Crystal the receptionist and scurried back to her office.

Sarah didn't want to open it, but knew she had no choice. With shaking hands she slit the tape and opened the box. As soon as it opened she gasped.

When Sarah looked in the box, the first thing she saw was a large black dildo. It must have been ten inches long and very realistic. She slowly reached down and touched it with her finger tips. It was hard and soft. The latex covering felt almost skin like. Sarah pulled her hand back and groaned. She hadn't had a good fucking in months. She reached in and pulled it out caressing it as she did. Looking in there were three bags numbered 1, 2, and 3. She pulled them out and opened the first bag.

Inside the bag were two items, a smart phone and a WI Vibe. Attached to the phone was a note.


Today starts your new life. As you can see I have some very incriminating pictures of you in your office. I especially love the webpage you have up on your computer. I also like your choices in reading material. Who knew the building's BITCH is really a submissive slut that gets off on humiliation! Now you have a choice to make. One you can take this box and everything in it and go to the police. They won't be able to do anything as there is no way they would ever be able to find me. Do that and I will broadcast out every picture and video of you enjoying your afternoon at work. Just think about what everyone will think after seeing you squirt all over your desk. I have your contacts list as well as your husbands. Each and every one of them will get a copy.

Or you can unbutton your blouse and turn on the phone. If you do that, you agree that from this moment on you are my slave. You will do as told and if you are good, no one will know your dirty little secret.

It's your choice.

Master Cock

Sarah sat there for a few minutes. She was mortified at the thought of obeying some anonymous sleaze ball blackmailer. But a looking at her screen and seeing all the pictures, she knew she couldn't let anyone see them. Slowly she raised her hands and unbuttoned her blouse. Once the last button was opened to her skirt, Sarah grabbed the phone and turned it on. The apple logo appeared as the phone booted. Soon the home screen appeared and in the background was the picture of her naked orgasm induced squirting climax in living color. The large screen clearly showed her in hi-def. Sarah stared at the screen when a message appeared:

Master Cock: This phone is the most important thing in your life. From this moment on if you do not have it with you and on I will ruin your life.

Sarah: Yes Sir

Master Cock: I will contact you via text, email, phone, twitter and any other way I desire. You are to obey my instructions. As long as you do as told, your home life will remain as close to normal as possible. If you disobey, you will be punished or.....

Sarah: Yes Sir,

Master Cock: You will address me as Sir or Master Cock at all times, Sir in writing and Master Cock verbally. Now because you didn't unbutton your blouse completely here is your first punishment.

You will open your blouse completely. You will remove your bra and pull up your favorite porn site. I want a nasty video showing a slut sucking a large cock playing. You are to write a sign and turn around and face the credenza behind your desk. With the monitor clearly showing behind you, hold up the following sign and offer your tits.


Sarah stared at the screen and gasped. She knew that this would only increase his hold on her, but what choice did she have. Her only hope would be if he slipped up and gave her a chance to escape. She pulled her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned the last two buttons. She reached behind her and unfastened her bra and pulled it off her arms. Now it was the most difficult part of the task, writing that horrid sign and letting him take a picture of her giving herself to him. Sarah turned to her computer and pulled up her favorite porn video site. The selections were enormous so she searched for sucking large cocks. Now there were a page of thumbnails with women's mouths filled with enormous cocks. Sarah was frightened at her body's reactions. Her nipples were fully engorged and her pussy was starting to leak. With the horrid sign in front of her pledging her service to Master Cock, she looked up and down the page. Finally at the very bottom was one thumbnail with an Indian woman with a huge brown cock buried deep in her mouth. Sarah clicked on it and almost immediately the video filled the screen. She pushed play and turned down the sound. The video showed the woman, naked on her knees, her hands cuffed behind her and a large very fit man fucking her face. Sarah watched as the scene changed to a close up of her face, drool hanging down off her chin and dripping down her chest. Her tits covered in saliva. Sarah watched at the man grabbed the woman's head and started to fuck her face. She knew this is what Master Cock wanted, grabbed the sign and turned to face the credenza.

She wiped a tear away and with the sign just below her tits, offered them to her Master. She didn't know where the camera was but she knew it was back there. So she waited for a sign from her Master to move.

Jamal sat at his desk and watch as Sarah followed her instructions and humiliated herself. The video was perfect. At first glance the woman looked a lot like Sarah. He was fascinated that she chose that particular video. Because the woman looked so much like Sarah she unknowingly made it look like a video of her sucking cocks. Jamal watched and waited until the man pulled his cock out of the woman's mouth and sprayed his seed all over the woman's face and snapped the picture. He waited for a minute before he text her again.

Master Cock: You may button your blouse again but leave the top three buttons open. Leave the bra off and toss it into the trash. The cleaning crew will be here later and I'm sure they will love it.

Sarah gasped at the thought of leaving her bra for the janitors to find. Those were the lowest class in the building. She slowly did as told and waited for further instructions.

Master Cock: Remember cunt, I can see you! Do not button those buttons until you get home. I will be in touch.

Sarah sat back and cried, her world was falling apart and she didn't know how to get out of it. About ten minutes later, Sarah tried to get some work done when she heard a light knock.

The door opened and Devika, another Indian woman from the marketing department stuck her head into the room.

"Have you got a moment?" Devika said. She was a pretty 24 year old Indian woman; her skin had a perfect sheen and her eyes dark and erotic. She carried herself like a model and had the body to go with it. Sarah was a little jealous of her beauty and felt she was above her class. Devika didn't like Sarah as she always managed to find every mistake and always humiliated her when she did. When she saw Sarah sitting at her desk, her large tits popping out of her blouse, she almost snickered.

"Sarah, your ten o'clock appointment is here." Devika said and saw a flash of panic pass over her face. Devika stood there waiting for Sarah to answer as her boss flushed and stuttered.

"G-G-Give me a moment and show them in." Sarah spoke with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Yes Sarah, Are you okay? You look a little flushed." Devika asked

Sarah was flushed, her tits were waving in the breeze and she now had a Master. Her mind was a jumble of thoughts and her body was tingling with excitement. All in all she was a mess.

Devika pulled back and shut the door. Sarah quickly pulled out a compact and looked to see if her face needed fixing. She touched up her makeup and straightened her blouse praying she wouldn't show her tits.

The meeting was pure hell. It started when the two men strolled up to her and shook her offered hand. Both men were from Texas and were big burly cowboy types and vigorously shook her hand. Sarah gasped as her tits bounced and almost popped out of her blouse. The rest of the meeting was the men trying to peek into her blouse and Sarah trying to maintain her modesty.

As soon as the men left, Sarah's new phone rang. Only it wasn't a normal ring. The ringtone was of a woman in the throes of an orgasm, screaming 'OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME.' Over and over. Sarah quickly grabbed the phone and the picture of the caller, was a huge erect brown cock that almost touched the man's naval. Sarah dropped the phone when she saw the picture as if it was a cock. But the woman kept screaming and Sarah had no other choice but to grab it and answer the call.

"Hello?" Sarah whispered.

"Hello hell slave! That is no way to address your Master!" The voice barked.

"I'm sorry Master Cock, please forgive me." Sarah scrambled to please her master.

"Always answer my calls with the following: Yes Master Cock, how may this slave serve you. Do you understand?" Jamal barked, with his voice electronically altered.

"Yes Master Cock, how may this slave serve you?" Sarah answered as a tear ran down her cheek.

"Good slave, however that doesn't get you out of a punishment. Take the WI Vibe, turn it on and pair it with your new phone. Insert it into your sloppy cunt and pull your panties back up. I will be in touch."

The phone went dead and Sarah almost collapsed. If the phone sounds like that every time he calls she would be fired before the day was over. She opened the vibe and read the instructions. She hiked up her skirt and slid her panties to the side. Soon the vibe was firmly planted on her clit and "G" spot. She waited to see if anything would happen and....

Noting happened, five minutes, ten minutes, finally Sarah started to go back to work when her phone buzzed and the vibe started to vibrate. At first it was the portion just inside her pussy. Then the outside did the same on her clit. The vibrations started to pulse, inside, outside, inside, outside, over and over. Sarah tried to ignore them but they kept up and now were growing stronger. Sarah's body was reacting to the constant stimulus and her nipples were threatening to poke holes in her blouse. The longer it went the closer she was to a climax. Then everything stopped. Sarah was panting as her body was slowly calming down from the onslaught of sensations in her core.

She jumped when the phone buzzed with another text.

MASTER COCK: Slave it's time for your lunch, leave your jacket and walk out of the office. When you get to the street, walk two blocks north to Burt's Bar and Deli. Sit at the bar and open four buttons on your skirt. Order a sandwich and a Long Island Iced tea. Eat and drink everything. Do not close your legs and do not rebuff any advances from anyone, man or woman. You will be watched!

Sarah moaned but slowly stood and walked to her office door praying that the vibrator didn't start vibrating again. She opened it and stepped down the hall, her tits bouncing with every step. Sarah's body was still excited and the vibrator still embedded in her cunt was not helping. She was afraid it would start again and she wasn't sure she could keep control of her body. Sarah couldn't look anyone in the eyes as she was afraid they knew her body was stuffed and on the edge of a massive orgasm.

Luckily no one paid her any attention. She wasn't the most popular person in the office and had only been there for a short amount of time. The elevator opened on the ground floor and Sarah walked across the lobby. She noticed the janitors standing off to the side as well as the two security guards at the entrance. She normally wouldn't have even noticed them but after almost getting caught and the photos, she glanced at them to see if anyone of them were watching her. Seeing no one paying attention she pushed the revolving door and started to leave the building.

However as soon as her hand touched the door, the WI Vibe went off with intensity well beyond what she felt in her office. Her legs buckled and a massive groan expelled out of her body as her cunt clinched the vibrating toy. Sarah stopped right where she was, trapped between the two doors. Her legs stopped working as her body was about to explode. Sarah's eyes were locked on the people looking at her as they waited to enter the building but she couldn't move. She was panting and blushing down to her tits as her body was racing to an orgasm in front of the world. Just as fast as the vibrations started, they stopped. Sarah stood for a second and pushed her way outside and quickly headed down the street. Several of the people she passed snickered and a couple barked at her, but she just wanted to get out of sight. Soon she was heading to Bart's, as ordered.

Jamal watched from his perch off to the side of the room. So far it appeared that his slave had obeyed instructions. He waited for her to get to the door before he pushed his app to start the vibrator. He wanted to catch her inside the building, but there was a delay before the vibrator activated. Jamal smiled as he watched Sarah get stuck in the revolving doors and everyone in the area was watching her as she was about to orgasm. It was even better than he had planned. He waited until it looked like she was about to collapse before turning it off. He laughed as she rushed out the door and staggered down the street. Knowing where she was going, he headed back to his janitor's closet and waited for the rest of his plan to humiliate her.

Sarah was walking down the street, her panties soaked and her body on fire. Everyone who passed her stared at her bouncing tits. Finally she reached her destination, Bert's Bar and Deli. She stopped and looked at the bar. It was old and badly in need of repair. The sign was only half lit, showing only Be Ba & De. Sarah watched as two very rough men, dressed in dirty jeans and ragged flannel shirts walk in ahead of her. She didn't even want to touch the knob, but took a deep breath and stepped inside.

As soon as she entered the smell almost took her breath away. It was a mix of mildew, stale beer and body odor. Sarah was obviously in the wrong bar as each table was filled with rough men and even rougher women. None of them, she would have ever spent a second with if she hadn't been forced. She slowly walked to the bar's only empty stool, between a woman that looked like a sixty year old hooker and a man that looked homeless. Both had a few empty glasses and both were obviously intoxicated. Taking a deep breath she climbed up on the stool. There was no back and it wobbled a lot. She tried to keep her dignity but it was difficult.

Her phone buzzed again and Sarah panicked thinking that the vibrator would start again. When it didn't go off, she pulled the phone out and read the text.

Master Cock: Slut did you open the buttons on your skirt? I have eyes on you and you better not lie to me?

Sarah gasped and quickly dropped her hand to her lap and as discreetly as possible started to open the buttons. The first couple was not problem, but she soon realized that by the time all four were open, there would be a clear view all the way to her soaked panties. Knowing she had no choice she opened all four and tried to move closer to the bar.

Sarah: Yes Sir they are open.

Master Cock: I think you tried to get away without following my instructions. I want you to grab one of the empty beer cans and place it length ways between your legs and leave it there until you leave. Set your alarm on the phone for every ten minutes. When it goes off spin around and face the tables until the next alarm. When it goes off again you spin back around towards the bar. Keep doing that until you finish your lunch.

Sarah: Please Master Cock, don't do this. I'm begging you. What if someone from my office stops here for lunch? I couldn't show my face in my office.

Master Cock: Nonsense, do you think anyone from your office would eat here. Only the poorest and lowest persons would frequent a place like Bert's. Remember you always have a choice. However you know the consequences of that choice.

Sarah: Yes Master Cock, I will obey.

Sarah was panting as she slowly reached out and grabbed the closest can on the bar. Both the woman and man sitting on each side of her watched and wondered why such an uppity bitch was there and what did she think she was doing with someone else's beer.

Sarah slowly grasped the cold can, not noticing that there was still beer in the bottom, pulled it to her lap, spread her legs and placed it on its side forcing her legs far apart. Sarah's head was spinning as the humiliation was clouding her brain, but it was the cold sensation between her legs that woke her up as the can spilled its contents all over her skirt and panties.

Both the woman and man burst out laughing at the stupid bitch that just poured beer all over her cunt.

"Hey slut, if you're hot I can fix that. You shouldn't waste someone else's beer you know. I can only afford the cheap stuff. Are you buying me another one?" The dirty man sitting on her right said.

"Hey Burt, you have a hot one here." The woman practically yelled at the bartender. "She just poured George's beer all over her pussy. I think she excited to be here." The woman on the left yelled as it sounded like the entire bar stared at her and laughed.

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