tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 03

Impressions Ch. 03


Swati sat on the toilet for the next hour as the vibrator kept buzzing in her cunt. She had no control and didn't notice when other women walked in and out as the orgasms happened one after the other. When the batteries finally died, Swati was a mess, her body was quivering and she was covered with a sheen of sweat. It was almost three o'clock before she made it back to her office. She ignored any looks and quickly shut her door. Once safely inside, she notified her PA that she wasn't to be disturbed for the rest of the day.

Swati sat at her desk, when her email sounder dinged. She was afraid at who it might be, but knew she had no choice but to look. When she saw Master Cock as the sender, her body started to shake again. Slowly she opened the mail and the only thing there were a few attachments. Taking a deep breath, she opened them and gasped at what she saw.

The first picture was her about to have an orgasm in the revolving door. What she hadn't noticed at the time was with three buttons open on her blouse, her tits were clearly exposed in the picture. Swati gasped again but it was her cunt that pulsed. She couldn't believe she was getting aroused again after her experience in the restroom only a few minutes ago.

The next picture was her sitting at Bert's. She was facing away from the bar and with her legs wide open you could clearly see her panties and the huge wet spot on her skirt. It looked like she had pissed herself, even though she knew it was just beer.

Swati tried to think of who might have been in the bar that she might have recognized, but she was concentrating on her immediate area she really didn't look at anyone in the bar. Just looking at herself she looked like a slut. Now her cunt was itching for attention.

The next picture was her in the men's restroom. There were two men at the urinals and she was naked from the waist down. She was leaning over one of the men, her hand firmly holding his cock and her tongue licking the head. Swati almost screamed at this picture, if Siva would see it she would be blackballed and discarded like the trash she felt she was. Swati was crying uncontrollably but her hand was buried in her pussy, stroking her clit.

The last picture was actually a short video. When Swati pushed play, it was her in the restroom off the lobby. She was on her knees, her tits flopping in the open and her legs spread wide. Swati watched her fingers buried in her cunt as the orgasm was turning her to mush. The video lasted until she was lying on the nasty floor quivering and a blubbering mass of female flesh. As the video ended, Swati's body again exploded with another climax and again she squirted her fluids all over her carpet under her desk.

The text message following the email told her to save the pics in a directory named "Swati's fun pics"

She knew that whoever was blackmailing her could see everything on her computer; she did as ordered and prepared to go home. She needed to get home before Siva so she could shower and change clothes.

Swati wanted to leave at 5:00, but when she looked down the hall most everyone was still there and she didn't want to walk past them dressed as she was and smelling like beer and cum. She sat back and waited for about a half an hour and checked again. This time most everyone had left and she dashed out the door and to the parking garage. She wasn't bothered and made it there without a problem. Swati breathed a sigh of relief and headed home. If she hurried she would still beat Siva home and could clean up and at least change her clothes.

Swati rushed into her home, Siva hadn't arrived yet but was due in at any time. She ran up the stairs and grabbed a pair of shorts and a top. She jerked off her skirt and blouse and buried them in the bottom of the hamper. Rushing into the bathroom, she quickly rinsed off her face and cleaned her crotch. Just as she heard the front door open, her new phone rang, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, screamed out at full volume. She scrambled to her purse and grabbed the phone trying to answer it before Siva heard it.

"Yes Master Cock how may this slut serve you?" She answered quietly, praying Siva wasn't coming upstairs.

"Very good slave, did you enjoy yourself today" Master Cock spoke.

"Please Master Cock, only text me when I'm at home. If Siva hears my phone ring I will be of no good to you." Swati pleaded.

"Who the fuck do you think you are to order me to do anything? I am the Master and you are the slave. I will call anytime I wish and you will answer. Now answer my question, did you enjoy yourself today?" Master Cock barked.

"Yes Master Cock, I did enjoy the day." Swati admitted honestly. The orgasms were nothing like she had ever experienced before. "Please Master Cock, my husband is home and will be looking for me. Have mercy Master Cock." Swati begged.

"No worries slut, I just called to give you some rules. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself today, because from now on I control your cunt. It is mine and you do not cum without my permission. You will also no longer wear pants." Master Cock stated as if he were talking to a child. "Tomorrow you will receive a box; in it will be several spy cams. When you get it, you will place them around your home. I want them in every room. There better not be any blind spots. There is an app on your phone you can use to set up each one. Once all the cameras are positioned, power up the black box delivered with the cams. Set it in a closet or out of sight. I will take care of the rest. In the meantime boot up your laptop and turn on the camera. I want you in sight of that camera at all times. Remember no climaxes without permission."

"Yes Master Cock." Swati answered and jumped when there was a knock at the bathroom door. She squeaked and almost dropped her phone. Before she could do anything but shove the phone under a towel, Siva walked in the door.

"Who were you talking with Luv?" He asked, leaning over and giving her a kiss.

"Oh no one, I was just thinking out loud." She explained. "How was your day?"

"Tiring but productive, how was yours?" Siva answered.

"It was good, pretty boring actually." Swati lied. She had never lied to Siva before. She gave him a kiss and pushed him out of the room. She heard him laughing as he walked down the hall. Swati quickly grabbed the phone and saw that her Master was still on the line, the cock picture still glowing brightly.

"Master Cock, please I'm sorry..." She tried to say when he interrupted her.

"Silence slave, I talk you listen, got it?" Master barked.

"Yes Master Cock, I understand." She meekly answered.

"Good, now remember what I said and turn on your computer, I want to watch. Also let's turn up the heat. Go put on your sexiest night gown, something that shows your ass. Make sure Siva is aroused and wants to fuck you. You are to let him take you anyway he desires but you are not allowed to cum. I will be watching. Enjoy your night slut." And the phone went dead.

Swati stood there trembling and confused. At first she was angry about being forced to betray her husband, that lit the fire, but what got it burning was the loss of control. She no longer owned her own cunt. Just thinking about being so vulnerable and exposed had her body on the edge. Now she had to seduce Siva and fuck him anyway he wants and not cum. At this moment she didn't think she could walk to her bedroom without orgasming.

That night was as difficult as anything Swati had ever done in her life. Her body was sore, especially her pussy after masturbating for what seemed like hours in the restroom as she orgasmed out of control. In spite of her body being exhausted, she slipped into a powder blue baby doll nightie and a pair of sexy white high heeled sandals and slipped down the stairs. She walked up behind Siva and wrapped her arms around him. He moaned and held her hands tightly to his chest. Swati leaned in to his neck, nibbling and licking as she felt his body start to tremble.

Knowing she had his attention, she slowly slid her hand down his stomach, raking her nails across his skin. As she reached his shorts, she slid under the elastic and down to his cock. The first thing that flashed in her head was the massive cock she held earlier today. It was as heavy as it was huge. She found Siva's cock and smiled as it felt so much smaller. She knew what this cock felt like buried deep inside her. It never failed to please her. But the shear mass of that cock kept forcing its way into her mind and left her wanting more.

Siva was enjoying his horny wife, it had been a long time since she had paid this much attention to him. He really couldn't blame her. The last few years had grown increasingly frustrating for both of them. For years he had no problems achieving an erection and maintaining it. However about two years ago, Siva got sick and had to have an extreme course of medications to get over his sickness. From that day on he had problems. At first he could get an erection, but maintaining it was difficult. He would be able to stay hard long enough to climax, but in order to bring off Swati he needed to recover and drive her to an orgasm. He was no longer able to get an erection after climaxing, sometimes it was a day or two later before he could get erect period.

As time went on, Siva's cock could still get hard but only for a few minutes. Now neither could climax via intercourse. As the lack of intimacy because of no sex left both frustrated, they had grown apart. Now the only way Siva could cum was masturbating and even then it was difficult. Swati tried over and over to excite him and even had him visit a urologist to see if he could help. But short of installing a pump and a bladder in his penis, it was doubtful he would ever be able to satisfy her again.

Now for the first time in months, Swati was again trying to seduce him. When her hand reached down and touched his cock, he groaned and felt something he hadn't felt forever. His cock was getting hard. It must have been her nibbling and licking his neck, while whispering that she wanted him any way he wanted to take her. As he felt her squeezing his cock and feeling the blood fill it, he spun around and pushed her to the kitchen floor.

Swati squealed as her husband started to take her, own her, with a passion she hadn't seen from him in years. She wanted him in her so bad, she needed to be fucked. Not made love to but fucked. She lay back and spread her legs and raised her hands over her head in submission. She wanted the feeling of being controlled and forced to be a slut. She knew her body was very aroused and was about to orgasm with just a little bit more of attention. She knew that Master Cock was watching as she brought the laptop down with her when she went into the kitchen. Swati needed to cum and right now she didn't care if it happened, she needed to satisfy her husband and if she orgasmed so be it.

Siva attacked Swati's mouth as he moved into position between her legs. His cock was still hard and pulsing with excitement. His hands were mauling her tits and squeezing her nipples. Siva knew Swati well and could read her like a book. He knew that she was ready to explode and started to push his cock between her folds. Both Siva and Swati groaned together as this was the first time he had managed to penetrate her in over a year, and both needed it and relished every second.

Swati's body welcomed his cock like a glove to a hand, squeezing and caressing it as it drove deeper inside her body. Both were frantically trying to achieve a rhythm and achieve their orgasms before his cock lost its erection.

Just as they managed to coordinate their movements, there was a knock at the front door. Siva looked up and was surprised that the door was open and only the glass storm door kept the delivery guy from entering. However in their haste the fucking couple was in plain site from the door and his erection disappeared in a second. Siva rolled off his wife and out of sight from the door. Swati heard the knock but didn't know she was exposing herself to the delivery man and she screamed at Siva.

"Siva what are you doing? I need you now!" She screamed, and when her head turned she saw the driver. The humiliation hit her hard. She was almost naked and fucking on the floor like an animal, screaming at her husband for leaving her unsatisfied. Her body reacted at once and she flushed to her toes. Swati's pussy pulsed and started to leak on the floor between her legs. The front door only a few feet away gave the driver a clear view of her needy body screaming for relief.

Swati got up and ran upstairs to their bedroom. Siva answered the door and took the box from the driver. Swati lay on the bed crying in frustration and arousal, when her mind cleared. She needed to get the laptop, if Master Cock noticed that he couldn't see her, no telling what he would do to her. As soon as she heard the front door close, she slowly crawled out of bed and went back downstairs. Siva was sitting at the kitchen table across from her laptop looking at the box addressed to Swati. When she entered she remembered what Master Cock said would be coming for her. She just expected it tomorrow. Swati's mind was trying to come up with a reason for the box.

Siva looked up at his frustrated and angry wife and asked, "Swati what is this..." Was all he could get out before Swati started to scream.

"Oh just shut up I'm not in the mood. And that box is mine, give it to me!" She shouted. Siva backed off and pushed it across the table. He had never heard her so pissed and dominating. He just watched as she grabbed her laptop, put it on the box, and carried both of them upstairs. In a few moments, he heard the bedroom door slam.

The rest of the evening they both stayed away from each other. Siva stayed in the basement in his man cave, Swati in the bedroom going over everything in the box. While Siva was hiding in the basement, Swati used the time to place the tiny cameras around the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms. They were very easy to hide and set up. In only about an hour the entire upstairs was under surveillance. She found a perfect place for the hub in her closet and soon the lights were blinking showing it had connected to the various cameras.

Looking in the box again, there were probably twenty cameras still in the box, but there was another small box at the bottom. She pulled it out and saw the note attached.

Slut slave,

Now that you have found my surprise beneath all the cameras, open this box and I will let you know what to do.

Master Cock

Swati slowly cut the tape sealing the box, her mind and body tingling with fear and excitement. As she pulled the flaps back, she moaned as it was filled with several sex toys. On top were two anal plugs, both were large, but one was much larger. Next were two plastic balls attached with a string. She wasn't sure how they were to be used, but she assumed Master Cock would want them buried in her pussy or ass. She sat them on the bed next to the plugs. Reaching into the box again she pulled out a set of two clips attached with a chain. She knew what these were and her body tingled at the thought of having her nipples clipped.

Swati stopped for a few seconds before she reached in and pulled out a set of two leather straps, both were about one inch wide and about fourteen inches long. All along the straps were dull metal spikes about a half inch across and every inch around the strap. She looked closer and noticed that they were attached together with only an inch separating them. She sat them on the bed and grabbed the next item. When she pulled it out she recognized it as a slave collar, black, leather, an inch and a half wide and a leash attached. Swati dropped to the bed and moaned at how Master Cock was taking over her life.

Swati sat on the bed, the box a cameras and sex toys scattered all over the comforter. Her mind thinking about how Master Cock would use them, when she heard a soft knock at the door. Jumping up, she rushed to the door and pushed the lock. The last thing she needed was for Siva to see what her Master had sent her. Just as she pushed the button, she felt Siva try the knob. Shaking from almost being caught, she heard his voice on the other side quietly speak.

"Swati, honey, please let me in. I'm so sorry about what happened. Please it wasn't my fault the delivery driver showed up. Let me in Swati" Siva asked.

Swati was by the bed and quickly gathering all the toys and hiding them in her closet. She knew it wasn't his fault, but after being so aroused, and then the toys being delivered she was on the verge of an orgasm and if she let him in she wasn't sure if she could keep from climaxing.


"But Swati, I need some clothes, please I'll only be a minute." She heard him beg.

Swati walked to his closet and grabbed a pair of slacks and a shirt. She opened his dresser and grabbed a pair of socks and underwear, opened the door a crack and tossed them out in the hall. "Here you go, now go away."

She heard him walk down the hall and finally down the stairs. Just as she leaned against the door...

OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, Swati heard her master calling and realized that she had left her phone in a spare bedroom. She opened the door and dashed down the hallway to the spare bedroom next door.

OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, Swati was panicking that she might not make it before it went to voicemail. She ran into the room, grabbed the cell and answered the call.

"Yes Master Cock, how might this slave serve you?" She answered panting and about to panic.

"Very nice slut, I loved how you tried to seduce him. I watched it all, the laptop was perfectly placed. I was even able to see the delivery driver's expression watching you and Siva rutting like pigs on the floor." Master Cock spoke.

Swati groaned as she heard her Master speak but didn't answer.

"So your beloved husband has trouble getting it up. No wonder he has problems. Why do you think you weren't fucked today? No one wants to fuck you. The entire world knows what a BITCH you are and no man in his right mind would want to taint his cock in your cunt."

Swati started to cry as the words her Master spoke cut like knives, cutting away her self-esteem and leaving behind a self-conscious shell of her former self.

"Yes Master Cock." Was all she could say.

"Well I'm about to change that. I will train you and you will earn the right to fuck men in your class. But in order for that to happen, you will need to start at the bottom and fuck your way up." Master Cock continued. "Now, I want to start with your ass. Grab the smaller anal plug and fill your ass. It stays in your ass until I give you permission to remove it. If you have to shit, you must ask permission. I also want you to charge the WI Vibe and get it ready for tomorrow."

"Yes Master Cock." Swati was completely subdued and headed for the closet to retrieve the plug.

"Grab the balls too slave." Master Cock added.

Swati had the balls and plug and returned to the bed.

"Now slave, the balls go in your dripping pussy and they stay there. I'm sure you will love them." Now strip as I want you naked for the rest of the night."

Swati heard him end the call and knew he could see her, slipped off the nighty and panties and headed for the bathroom.

It took her almost ten minutes to get the butt plug locked in her anus. The balls were just as bad as they were well over an inch in diameter. Once she was fully stuffed, she tried to stand but couldn't and walked bowlegged back to her bedroom naked. She was glad she banished Siva to the basement. There would be no way to explain her current position.

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