tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 05

Impressions Ch. 05


This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


It was only a couple of seconds before another man grabbed Sarah and pulled her across the large dance floor. Surrounding it were probably 50 large round tables. Each could seat ten people. Sarah was almost hyperventilating at the thought of all those tables filled. What was worse, she would know lots of those who would be attending. Sam and she had been to a lot of these functions in the past. Usually the entire senior management of his company including their spouses attended. Sarah had noticed the waitresses and servers in the past, but never had they been dressed like this. Sam hadn't shown her the invitation and didn't know the theme was "A Night of Hedonism, Fantasies Explored". Attendees were encouraged to let go and enjoy the entertainment and the clothing optional note at the bottom left no doubt about the entertainment to be provided.

Sarah looked around past the tables and noticed along one wall, were a series of three sided rooms. Each room was decorated in a different motif. One was a lush bedroom, in dark purples and a large four poster bed. The next was another bedroom only this one was pink and looked like a little girls room, complete with posters and lots of glitter. The next room was more like a dungeon, with several wooden items scattered about. Each with rings and chains mounted to them. Sarah gasped at the thought of being chained to one of them. That was when she noticed all the sex toys hanging from the wall. The last room was a cell, complete with vertical bars and a hard steel cot on the side. Hanging from the walls were shackles hanging from the top of the wall and near the floor.

Sarah was shaking uncontrollably thinking about Crystal's words that she would be experiencing everything tonight. She dropped her head and followed the man leading her across the room.

When she looked up again, she looked towards where she was being led and her eyes grew wide. There along the wall was a series of small rooms, more like closets with clear glass or plastic barriers covering the front of each. Inside were a small mattresses and several dildos, vibrators, clips and clamps hanging from the wall. Above these small cubicles was a large blinking sign "RED LIGHT DISTRICT". Sarah was pulled over to one of the cubicles and told to get inside.

Sarah was shaking so bad she had trouble climbing inside her cubical. She looked at the man and asked, "Please Sir, what am I supposed to do?" She was scared at what he might answer, but she had to know.

"Well slut, your job is to do what you are told. Once inside you won't be able to hear or see anyone. The glass is one way so once you are inside it will appear that you are in a room alone. Right below the window is a display. On it will appear instructions. You are expected to follow those instructions. If you fail to do as told, you will be moved to the dungeon to be punished. I wouldn't want to be punished if I were you." He then shoved her inside the cubicle and closed the glass door.

Sarah sat down on the mattress and looked around her. The cubical was about six feet square, with white walls. On the wall to her right hung the dildos, plugs, clips and clamps. There were also several wires that were attached to either adhesive pads or alligator clips. The wires went through the wall and Sarah had no idea to what they were attached to or what they were for. At each corner of the mattress, were four cuffs attached to the walls with chains. There were even cuffs attached near the ceiling of the small room. She touched the cuffs and chains, feeling the steel and the weight of the chains. A shiver ran up her spine and her pussy pulsed thinking about what she might be forced to do. Finally she looked at the monitor. It was now showing a view of the front entryway. She recognized it from the last time she and Sam had been here. With nothing else to do she watched the screen and soon people started to arrive. Sarah watched as more and more people started to file into the room. She didn't recognize anyone and started to breathe a sigh of relief, thinking and praying that she wouldn't. But that thought was soon shattered with a large group of men and women arriving at the entryway. Sarah recognized almost everyone in the group. Several were her neighbors, a few were co-workers from Sam's company, but when she saw Sam walking with the company president and his beautiful wife, Sarah started to pant. She tried to turn away from the window, when a voice called out over a speaker.

"Turn around slut and face the window. You are not allowed to cover yourself and your legs must be spread wide. Failure means the dungeon. Sarah jumped when she heard the voice and quickly turned towards the window and spread her legs wide.

Sarah's body was starting to peak again, with her neighbors, Sam and his boss arriving Sarah could only pray she would not be recognized with her mask. She looked back down at the monitor to watch people arriving when it went blank. She touched the screen and a line of text appeared scrawling across it.

"Pull you nipples out and pinch them!"

Sarah gasped and slowly her hand slid up her body and pulled the small triangles away from her nipples and started to pinch them.


She followed the text pinching harder, her mouth opened as the effects of being controlled by some anonymous person sent her body into somewhere she had never been before.

"Now show me you cunt!"

Sarah dropped one hand and uncovered her dripping pussy.

"More, spread you lips."

She dropped her other hand and spread herself wide open. She could only visualize how open she looked. She knew she was wet, she could feel her fluids drip down across her rear passage.

Sarah sat there holding her pussy wide open waiting for further instructions, but nothing came across the screen. After a few minutes, she removed her hands and sat there waiting for additional texts.

It was a while before another text came across the screen.

"Grab that large black dildo and fuck your cunt"

Sarah jumped at the text, but reached over, grabbed the large, almost ten-inch dildo and brought it to her mouth. She knew she was wet, but the dildo was so large she knew she had to get it wet before she tried to push it into her cunt.

Finally after licking the entire surface she slowly dropped it down past her stomach and lined it up with her opening and started to push it inside her body. It took a bit for her to push the head past her opening and inside her. She trembled at the feeling of fullness and her pussy was squeezing it as it adjusted to the size.

"Hurry up slut I want it buried completely inside your whore body."

Sarah moaned and pushed it further, then pulled back and pushed forward again going deeper this time. Sarah was panting as her body was in control now as she started to get a rhythm, pushing deeper each time. Finally the large dildo was buried deep inside her cunt and bumping her cervix. She was panting and moaning as she continued to fuck herself, knowing that there could be someone who might recognize her. Just thinking about that drove her to her first orgasm as she convulsed around the black dildo.

"Faster slut"

Sarah was out of control as she obeyed and fucked herself like a machine pushing her body to orgasm after orgasm. Finally she collapsed in a heap, her ass and pussy pointed at the window winking at whomever might be watching. Sarah lay there for a few minutes gathering her thoughts and willing her body to function. By the time she sat up again and faced the window, there were several texts filling it.

"Fantastic do it again"

"Such a whore, plug your ass"

"Bad slut, you didn't get permission"

"Shove it up your ass slut"

Sarah didn't know what to do first. If she masturbated again she might not be able to function for the rest of the night, so she slowly grabbed the cum crusted dildo and slowly pushed it back in her now sloppy pussy. While staring at the monitor, and sliding the large dildo in and out of her cunt, she reached to the wall and picked up a plug. She was actually grateful that Master Cock had forced her to plug her ass earlier in the week. She stopped fucking herself and held the dildo inside her with her thighs, grabbed the bottle of lube, and poured it over the anal plug. Now she rolled over and got on her knees and brought her hands back, spread her cheeks and started to push it in her rear passage.

Sarah had only been plugged a few times this week and never had her cunt filled at the same time. But as she pushed the plug deeper in her ass the feeling of being so stuffed sent her body skyrocketing again towards another orgasm. As soon as the plug seated inside her anal passage, she reached down between her legs and started to pump the dildo again deep into her core. In seconds she was begging to be allowed to cum, but no one could hear her and no permission was given on the screen.

Sarah was panting like a dog her body on fire as the feeling of both her holes filled overwhelmed her senses and she again orgasmed, this time squirting her fluids all over the glass leaving her cum sliding down and distorting the view.

Sarah was again writhing on the mattress in ecstasy as wave after wave crashed over her body. She was no longer in her right mind and any thoughts of someone recognizing her were dashed by the orgasmic haze clouding her brain.

When she was able to function, she glanced at the monitor and read the texts.

"Fantastic job slut."

"Let's play some more"

"Slut you covered the window with your cum. I can't see. Lick it off and leave the plug and dildo buried."

Sarah moaned at the last one but slowly crawled over and extended her tongue. She started at the bottom and licked her way up making sure she licked it all. Sarah's mind started to clear about half way through cleaning the window and a thought occurred to her. She wondered what she looked like to the guests, her ass and cunt filled and her face planted against the glass as her tongue licked up the results of her wonderful orgasm. Just that thought caused her to cum again only this time instead of her ass and cunt facing the window, it was her face and the expression of pure lust in plain view for who knows how many guests.

This time Sarah collapsed and was out cold. She had no idea of how long she was passed out. When she started to come to, there was Crystal sitting beside her attaching things to her tits, legs and labia. Sarah watched her, but really didn't understand what she was doing. Finally, Crystal stopped and stroked Sarah's hair.

"You are doing a wonderful job, Susan. Now I have a surprise for you. I want you to sit up and raise your hands above your head."

Sarah followed Crystal's command and extended her hands high above her head and watched as Crystal locked the cuffs around her wrists. Now Sarah was even more helpless than ever. As her head cleared she looked around her and saw what Crystal had done.

On each nipple were clips with wires leading from them to the wall, the same with her labia. Looking closer she saw the pads glued to her thighs and lower stomach also with wires. The final thing was a dildo that was made of metal buried in her pussy and held in with a belt of sorts. With her hands secured above her head, she couldn't do anything to get away and she started to get frightened at what was in store for her.

It didn't take long for her to find out. First it was her tits, that a bolt of electricity shot through her nipples. Sarah screamed as the sensations were both pain and pleasure. At first it surprised her and the intensity, but soon she realized that the initial shock was mild as the electricity intensified and locked her body muscles causing her pussy to clamp down on the silver dildo buried in her pussy. Sarah was sweating profusely as the shocks stopped in her tits but started again, only this time from the silver dildo buried deep inside her.

The effects were immediate and Sarah orgasmed for a third time in only a half hour. Sarah was no longer coherent and whoever was on the other side of the window, played her like a violin, switching between different sections of her body and pouring shock after shock through her system. Over and over she orgasmed as they gave her no relief, until she passed out again laying on the mattress, leaving nothing more than a mass of quivering female flesh.

When Sarah woke again she wasn't in the cubical any more. She was on a cot in what looked like a utility room. Beside her sat Crystal. She was lightly caressing Sarah's cheek. "Welcome back, you were fantastic. You had the entire room mesmerized with your performance. No one was even looking at the other girls. I'm proud of you slut." Crystal cooed. "Now let's get you cleaned up and on to your next adventure."

Sarah was barely functioning, her mind still clearing from the multiple orgasms induced by the electricity. Her entire body was still tingling. She wasn't sure she could handle any more and looked at the company receptionist and now supervisor, pleading with her eyes. "Miss, please I can't take much more. Please don't take me out there." Sarah begged keeping her head lowered and praying Crystal didn't recognize her voice.

"Quit bitching and begging slut. Don't for a minute think I don't know what you are. You can take more, much more and you will take it and beg for more before this evening is over. Now go over and wash up, there's makeup and towels. You have ten minutes to get ready. I don't want my new star on the sidelines. It time to get back in the game." Crystal demanded and walked out the door.

Exactly ten minutes later, Sarah stepped out of the room and into the hallway. Crystal was sitting by the door smoking a cigarette and yelled, "It about time slut, let's go."

Crystal grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled her out into the ballroom. It was the first time Sarah had seen the room with all the guests. She looked around and watched as each room was occupied with one or more girls. In each of the bed rooms, both girls were being fucked by multiple men and women. Across the hall at the "Red Light District", she could finally see what everyone else could see and it hit her, and hit her hard. Looking at the windows to each cubical it looked like a big screen TV, only it was live and interactive. Sarah stood and watched when the guests around her noticed her and started to clap. Sarah stood there in shock as in seconds the entire room was applauding and giving her a standing ovation.

Sarah's knees were about to buckle as the humiliation consumed her. She lowered her head and felt her cunt clinch and fluids stream down her legs. Crystal was laughing and clapping along with everyone else and finally announced, "Thank you everyone, my dear Susan will be serving drinks for the next two hours. Please feel free to enjoy her as she works to please you." She then led Sarah over to the bar and grabbed a tray. The tray wasn't the standard server's tray. It locked around her waist with a belt holding it tight to her stomach. On the opposite side were two straps that had butterfly clamps on the ends. Crystal grabbed the clamps and attached them to Sarah's nipples. She then pushed two BenWa balls into her pussy and pinched Sarah's clit. Finally she turned Sarah around and cuffed her hands behind her. Now it was the belt and nipples that held the tray.

Crystal leaned over and whispered into Sarah's ear, "You are to allow any groping, fondling, or requests." She then grabbed an empty water glass and set it on the tray. She continued, "You have two hours to fill the glass with cum." Crystal turned and walked away.

Sarah stood there for a few moments before she started to walk out into the crowd. However she only took a step before a girl grabbed her arm and pulled her to the bar. Soon her tray was filled with drinks. The weight of the drinks caused the clamps to tighten on her nipples and she was grimacing in pain. Sarah quickly walked into the crowd and was practically attacked. She was surrounded by several drunken men groping and molesting her. The problem was, Sarah's body was rapidly losing control and everyone could see the same expression of lust that they had witnessed in the cubical.

Finally a couple of women pushed through the crowd of men and pulled her away. Sarah breathed a sigh of relief at her rescue, but those thought were short lived. The women pulled her over to a group of women standing near the Red Light District. She was told to stand still as each woman grabbed a magic marker and started to write on her body. Just as the first woman started to write just above Sarah's ass, Crystal showed up on of nowhere.

"Sorry ladies, but that's not allowed. Some of my girls are here for the adventure and cannot be exposed at home. Now I know you were looking at humiliating her but you can't write on her body."

There was a collective groan when Ms. Winters, Sam's boss's wife spoke up, "Can we have her kiss our asses?"

"Oh absolutely, anything sexual, you can do. You can also spank, tweak, probe, fondle, or have her crawl around like a dog and fetch things. However you will need to wait until she finishes serving before she can be your puppy." Crystal answered.

"Okay, follow me slut." Ms. Winters said and grabbed the straps attached to Sarah's nipples and pulled her towards the restroom.

Sarah was scared to death she might be recognized by Ms. Winters and kept her head lowered as she meekly followed her and the other women into the women's room.

Once inside, Sarah's tray was removed and she was pushed down to her knees. They pointed at the handicap stall and ordered her inside.

For the next half hour, the only thing Sarah saw was ass after ass. Each one she was forced to lick and probe with her tongue. Finally there was only Ms. Winters left. She stepped into the stall and closed the door.

"You are such a slut. I've never witnessed such wonton behavior before in my life. I've never seen a bigger slut in my life." Ms. Winters barked. With each word Sarah's self-esteem eroded away. "Open your filthy mouth slut. I don't want that nasty tongue up my ass, but I have another treat for you."

Sarah just wanted it to end and opened her mouth wide as Ms. Winters stepped up and pushed her pussy against Sarah's lips. Now Sarah had her mouth covering Ms. Winters cunt, her head tipped back and looking up at Sam's boss's wife directly into her eyes. For a second she thought she recognized her, but then her eyes closed and suddenly Sarah's mouth was filling up with her piss.

Sarah was totally taken by surprise as her mouth was quickly filled and urine was pouring down her chest.

"Swallow slut or I'll have you licking up the floor." Ms. Winters ordered.

Sarah quickly swallowed and kept swallowing until the stream stopped. When Ms. Winters stepped back, she grabbed Sarah's wig and pushed her face down to the floor. Sarah squeaked but didn't resist. What Sarah didn't know was that Ms. Winters had pulled her wig off and now Sarah was really exposed, the only thing hiding her identity was the half mask.

"Go ahead slut, clean up your mess. I want that floor clean enough to eat off it."

Sarah's hair, now released from under the wig, fell to the ground and into the puddle of piss around her face. She didn't look up but just started to lick up the puddle of piss. Sarah didn't look up for fear Ms. Winters recognize her, kept licking and soon saw her wig on the floor beside her and the restroom empty. Tears were running down her face but she didn't stop licking until she was done.

Crystal walked in and started to laugh. "God you are a mess," as she pulled on Sarah's arm and pulled her to her feet.

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