tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 08

Impressions Ch. 08


This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


Sarah was left kneeling in the middle of the crowd. Mistress Ann walked away and started to socialize with the party goers. Sarah watched her float around talking with several people, when she suddenly stopped and stared at Sarah. Her eyes were pure evil and shivers went up and down Sarah's spine. Sarah stared at her like a deer in the headlights. She was frozen in place. It was when Mistress Ann bent over and snapper her fingers, that Sarah understood. She quickly crawled over to the spot her Mistress pointed. She sat back on her hunches and looked at the ground. Sarah moaned as a drip of cum fell off her chin and landed just above her cunt. She felt a tug on her leash and looked up at Mistress Ann.

"Doesn't she look so slutty? She is so precious, all innocent and thinking she's above everyone. She's learning about a new life." Ann announced more than spoke to anyone.

Sarah looked at the ladies around her and gasped. Everyone was at least a friend and two were her good friends. As she looked at each one, she could see their expression change when they recognized her. Sarah's mind was thinking that her life with Sam was over. Her only hope was to beg.

"Please don't tell Sam, Please I'm begging you. I will do anything! Please take this slave and use it like the slut it is?" Sarah could feel her mind changing as she spoke. Yes, she wanted to keep them from telling Sam, but by the end of the sentence her mind knowing that being a slut got her in this mess and now being a slut would get her out. Sarah leaned forward and licked her best friend Beth's shoes.

The women standing around Mistress Ann all giggled and gasped. Each was shocked at Sarah's appearance. Never in their lives would they have expected Sarah, the most conservative woman ever would be naked, covered in cum and begging to be their slave slut.

"Finally, it was Beth that spoke first. "Well Sarah, I don't know what happened but I never would have guessed that you were a slut. I would never have let you in my house if I had known. We should call Sam right now and tell him his wife is a whore!"

"Please Beth, I can't explain why but please I'm still your friend." Sarah pleaded.

"You are a cum slut, a slave, and not my friend. You are licking my shoes for god's sake. Why do you deserve my sympathy?" Beth spat but then continued, "So you sucked lots of cocks, and probably fucked them too, why shouldn't we tell your wonderful husband what a slut you are?"

"Please Miss Beth; this lowly slut begs to keep her secret. I will serve you and your friends if you keep my secret. I will obey any command as a good slave should and serve anyone anyway you desire." Sarah was throwing in the towel; she had nothing else to offer. She knew that with Beth and her friends, Mistress Ann, and of course Master Cock, she was in a death spiral and may not escape. If was either submit or lose everything. She knew that deep down inside her being, she should be rebelling, but the only thing going through her mind and body right this minute was please let me cum.

Beth turned to the other ladies standing around the cum soaked slut and huddled for a few moments. Sarah couldn't hear what was said and could only keep her head planted on Beth's shoe. Finally, Beth turned back to the kneeling slut and announced. "We will keep your secret slut, but in return, you will spend one evening a week with one of us and obeying every command. You will clean, lick, suck, fuck, anything and everything we tell you. No complaints, no hesitation, no refusals. If you disobey or do not comply you will be exposed to the world as the slut you are. Do you understand you worthless piece of female flesh?"

Sarah had no other choice, and nodded her head.


Sarah started to cry as up to this point her slavery was relativity secret. Now she had to tell the world she was voluntarily submitting to be a slave.


Sarah collapsed to the ground and trembled as her body flushed with humiliation, also pulsed with excitement.

Mistress Ann nodded at the ladies. What Sarah didn't know was this was all arranged by Mistress Ann to push Sarah to even greater levels of humiliation. Sarah also didn't know that Beth and the other five ladies were part of Ann's harem. Ann had used her husband's position of authority to snare several of his subordinate's wives to serve her kinky needs and lifestyle. Sarah had just fallen into their laps. Because of Sam's conservative upbringing and straight laced morals, Sarah was never considered to be enslaved.

"Sarah, I guess you're going to have to serve several masters/Mistresses. I know Master Cock has plans for you, and now we also own you. I can guarantee you will have an exciting life, and if you're a good little slut, Sam need never know." Mistress Ann said as she held Sarah's chin and spoke directly into her face.

Sarah could only say, "Yes Mistress Ann."

"Good, now Mistress Beth will call you in a couple of days, I expect that no matter what you are doing, you will stop and obey her without hesitation." Mistress Ann explained.

So your work is done here today. Go home and try to make Sam's day." Mistress Ann said with a chuckle and tossed Sarah's wicked weasel suit at her. "Get dressed and get out of here. In the future never park in front of my house again. You are a slave slut and as such are never allowed to enter the front door. There is a small area to park behind the garage, but I would prefer you Uber over here."

Sarah nodded and stared at the ground; she finally looked up and asked, "Mistress, may I ask a question?"

"Slut, do not refer to you in the first person. Now try again." Mistress Ann barked.

"Please Mistress, may this slave ask you a question?" Sarah again asked.

"What do you want cumslut?"

"Please may I clean up first, and do you know where the slut's tee shirt is?" Sarah asked her voice barely over a whisper.

"No slut, you can't clean up. You should wear any cum as a badge of honor. You should always lick up any cum not deposited in your cunt or ass. And your cheap shirt I threw away. Never wear anything like that here again. Now go home and remember we own you." Ann spat and laughed at the cowering slut.

Sarah started to get up and walk away, when Mistress Ann kicked her in the ass. "No one said you could walk. You are nothing more than a pet, less actually. You will always be on your knees in my house or on my property."

Sarah grimaced and crawled away. Her body and mind in pain. She had no idea of how she was going to lead this double life. However, she knew if she didn't and Sam divorced her, her own family would disown her and leaves her penniless and shunned.

Sarah crawled all the way around the house and to her car. She carried the wicked weasel all the way until she opened the door and climbed inside. It was then that Sarah broke down. All the emotions, the arousal, the cocks, everything came crashing down on her as she cried hysterically. Finally, she untangled the mass of string attached to the three small triangles and tried to cover her nipples and cunt. The last time she drove home dress like this, it was very late at night and there was no traffic. Now it wasn't even dark yet and hundreds of people were out driving, walking and even riding bicycles. Sarah's body reacted immediately to the potential humiliation and started the process all over again. Sarah suddenly realized she was a slave to her own body as much as to her Masters.

It took Sarah almost an hour to drive home. Normally it was a 20-minute drive, but she took every side street to avoid any traffic or even people if possible. When she arrived at her house, Sam's car was in the driveway. She knew she couldn't hide out dressed as she was, and her only hope was Sam might be in his man cave. She pulled in beside Sam's car and slipped out and into the garage, praying that Sam was somewhere else than in the kitchen near the garage door.

Sarah slowly opened the door leading to the kitchen. She looked inside to see if Sam was around. Not seeing him she slipped into her house and dashed down the hallway. Still she saw no signs of her husband. Knowing he could appear at any moment, she rushed up the stairs two at a time. Finally, she made it to her bedroom and shut the door. Quickly jerking off her slut uniform she started to go to the attached bathroom, when she saw the door was closed. 'Oh, my god, Sam is taking a shower.' Sarah thought. 'Now what do I do? I can't take a shower, I'm covered in cum and I smell like a whore.' Sarah stood there for a second trying to think of what to do, when the shower stopped. Now if she was lucky, she might have five minutes before he walks out. She did the only thing she could think of and jumped into bed. Wiping off the cum crusted on her face and fluffing her hair stuck to her neck. She had no idea of what she looked like but prayed she did enough to get by. Just then her slut phone went off, 'OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME.' The ringer went off, seemingly echoing off the walls. Sarah jumped up and grabbed the phone off the dresser she had placed it. Now she was standing naked in the middle of the room, her body still covered in dried cum, holding a phone that Sam had never seen. "Yes, Master Cock, how may this slave serve you?" She asked, her body reacting to the ring tone and wave after wave of sensations shot up and down her spine.

"Well slut, have I told you that you look good covered in cum?" Master Cock said. She could hear the condescending tone in his voice.

"Thank you Master," she weakly replied.

I think it's time you showed Sam your new cock sucking skills. I don't care if he gets hard, but I want him to cum on your tits." Master Cock ordered and ended the call.

Sarah stood there in the middle of the room, naked, cum crusted with her Master on the phone, when Sam opened the door to the bathroom and strolled out naked, carrying a towel. His eye grew large as he stared at his wife. She was a mess; her hair was disheveled and she smelled. Sarah knew she had to clean up and had to divert his attention to something anything else but her body.

"Sam, I'm glad you're out. Ann had me helping clean out the barn and I'm filthy. Sarah rushed past her stunned husband. She leaned against the door and locked it. Knowing that she only had a few minutes before Sam would be wanting to know what happened, she turned on the water and jumped in. Sarah stood under the hot water and it felt like ten pounds of filth slid off her body. She washed her hair and washed it again. She grabbed her scrounge and scrubbed her body till her body was bright red. Over and over she rinsed her mouth but the taste of cum never left. Finally, she got out and wrapped her body in towels.

Ten minutes later, after using almost a bottle of mouthwash, Sarah walked out of the bathroom expecting a barrage of question. But when she looked around, Sam was nowhere to be found. She immediately began to panic, she just knew that someone had call Sam and he was leaving her. She rushed out of the bedroom and down the stairs. Just as she arrived at the bottom, she slipped and fell. Her arms went one way and her legs another as the towel fell helplessly behind her. Sarah looked up and there was Jack and Ann Winters standing next to Sam. Sarah was on the floor, naked. Her legs spread wide, her tits bouncing wildly as she stared at her Mistress and her husband. Sarah was paralyzed and couldn't move. It was partially because of her humiliation, but mostly because her Mistress hadn't told her to stand. Sarah didn't know what to do. She looked at Mistress Ann and saw the look of control and amusement.

"My dear Sarah, are you okay," Ann said as she rushed over to the cowering slave. "Let me help you up pet!" Mistress Ann said, knowing Sarah knew it was directed at her. She allowed Mistress to help her to her hands and knees. Mistress didn't grab the towel but kicked it off to the side.

When Sarah started to get up, Mistress placed her hand on her back and kept her kneeling. Take is slow Sarah, you may have hit your head. You better stay down. I wouldn't want you to pass out and get hurt worse." Mistress was speaking, but not to Sarah, it was Sam.

"Yes honey, stay down. Ann is right. Why don't you come over to the couch?" Sam added.

Sarah knew she had no choice but let Mistress Ann with a handful of hair lead the crawling naked Sarah across the room to the couch. By the time, she got there she was so humiliated that her body was shutting down as all her energy was being consumed to keep from orgasming. Instead of crawling onto the couch, she simply draped the top half of her body on the seat and her lower half on her knees. Sarah's ass and dripping cunt were being displayed like an art exhibit. Sarah didn't even realize it, as Ann was holding her head into the couch cushion.

"I think she's alright. She was just shaken up. How else could you explain her being naked and...."

"Oh my, I guess someone just loves to show off. My dear Sarah, are you excited?" Ann stated as she spread Sarah's cheeks making sure Jack and Sam could see how wet Sarah was. All three stood there for a few moments when Sarah's pussy dripped, and dripped, and dripped again as Sarah had no control.

It was Sam who finally grabbed the towel and tossed it over his naked and arouse wife. Ann laughed and grabbed Sarah's hand and pulled her to her feet. Again, the towel fell to the floor and Ann practically drug the semi aware woman down the hall and up the stairs.

Before she knew it, Sarah was on her bedroom floor, still naked, kneeling at her Mistresses feet. As her brain cleared and she realized that she was just naked in front of Sam and his boss. She knew that Sam was humiliated by her actions, and would do almost everything to make up to Jack Winters for the humiliation.

Ann watched as Sarah's mind slowly grasped what had happened in the last couple of minutes. She laughed and knelt beside the slut slave. "How did you know I wanted you naked? I like all my slaves naked as much as possible. Now shall we go back downstairs?" Ann watched as a look of pure panic spread across Sarah's face.

"Please Mistress Ann, I can't go back down stairs naked. My god he will leave me? Please Mistress please have mercy. I was a good slave today Mistress." Sarah was begging, pleading trying to be allowed to dress.

Ann stood, smiled and walked to Sarah's closet. Sarah heard her Mistress moving and shuffling inside the large walk in closet. Soon she returned and handed Sarah a thin white gauze peasant blouse and skirt. Both were very thin and almost transparent. Mistress didn't give her a bra or panties so Sarah just slipped the blouse and skirt over her naked body. Even if you could see her dark brown nipple through the blouse, Sarah was relieved she had something covering her body.

"Thank you, Mistress," Sarah said as she dropped back to her knees.

Ann reached down and grabbed Sarah's chin and spoke directly into Sarah's brain.

''I and Master Cock own you. We own your mouth, ass, cunt, legs, feet and most of all we own your mind. You can never go back to what you were. Even if we left you alone you would come crawling back to be degraded and humiliated." Ann looked into Sarah's large brown eyes. She could tell that the slave was accepting everything she was told. She lightly smacked Sarah's cheek. "From this day forward you will be naked in my presence. If you decide to dress, you will have to complete a task for me. It could be anything, from sucking a cock, to seducing your neighbor. But I will decide and you will do it. Now do you want to dress?" Mistress Ann smiled. She knew that Sarah wouldn't want to be naked again in front of Sam simply whispered, "Mistress I'll take the clothes."

Mistress Ann smiled and pointed at the clothes she had laid out. "Okay slut, you can put on the skirt and blouse but nothing else and come downstairs when you're done. When you come down you are not to sit on the furniture, you may sit on the floor or stand, and when you sit, you will sit at my feet." Mistress Ann demanded.

"Mistress, what do I tell Sam? He will wonder why I'm sitting on the floor." Sarah asked.


"Who told you to question one of my orders? I don't care what you tell your hubby. You just do as you're told."

Sarah nodded and crawled over to her clothes lying on the bed. She watched as Mistress Ann left the room. A tear ran down her cheek as she contemplated what she could say to explain why she wasn't sitting on the furniture.

Sarah walked into the living room as Jack and Ann Winters were sitting on the couch, and Sam sitting in a side chair. There were a couple of open chairs and all eyes were drawn to her arrival. It was Sam's reaction that caught Sarah's attention. His eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head. Sarah hadn't really looked at herself until she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the mirror over the mantel. This time Sarah gasped as she could clearly see her nipples and with the light behind her the skirt almost disappeared. She suddenly felt almost as naked as before.

Sarah didn't say anything but stepped over to the couch and asked if Ann or Jack would like something to drink.

Both said a glass of wine would be nice and Sarah turned and headed back to the kitchen. When she returned with a tray and four glasses of wine, Ann spoke up immediately. "Sarah, you can't drink! You just fell and we're not certain if you have a head injury. Take that glass back to the kitchen."

"Yes Miss, right away Miss," she answered and quickly headed back out of the room. This time Sarah came in and stood for a few moments, when Ann spoke again. "My dear Sarah sit down, you're making me nervous."

Sarah knew what she had to do and stepped closer to the couch. She started to sit, when Jack asked, "Sarah, I love your outfit, please model it for us."

Sarah stopped and nodded, she turned towards the guests and stood with her arms at her side.

"Very nice," Jack said, "now turn around and let's see the back." Sarah slowly spun around and stopped with her back to Jack and Ann.

"Okay now put your hands behind your neck and spin back around," Jack continued, as Sarah turned several shades of red. When she was facing Sam, she could see the anger in his face. Cringing she stood, hands on head her feet spread as she knew she was supposed to stand. Finally, Ann spoke up again, "Jesus Sarah, do we have to tell you everything. Put your hands down and sit down in front of me."

Sarah did as ordered and sat at Ann's feet. The conversations went on for a few minutes. Sarah wasn't listening until she heard about a trip. That caught her attention. Apparently, Sam was going overseas to visit several of their plants around the country. Sarah at first was elated, she didn't have to explain everything, but seconds later, when Ann nudged her with her toe, panic set in. She would be available 24/7 when Sam was gone. Sarah sat there wondering what she was going to do when Sam spoke, "I guess I should start packing, if my plane leaves tomorrow morning. Ann, Sarah and I haven't been away from each other for more than a day forever. This trip will take at least three weeks, would you be so kind as to check on her while I'm away?"

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