tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 09

Impressions Ch. 09


Swati woke the next morning and for an instant she didn't know where she was. It finally dawned on her that she had fallen asleep in their spare bedroom. She was still wearing the outfit her Mistress had given her. Knowing how revealing it was, she slipped out of the spare room and into her own bedroom. Siva was gone and so were his bags. She rushed to her closet and grabbed a robe, one that covered her body. Turning to the bathroom, she used the toilet and brushed her teeth. Not knowing where her husband was, she pulled her hair back and put it in a ponytail and headed downstairs.

When Swat walked into the kitchen, Siva was just finishing his breakfast. He looked at Swati and smiled. "I see you are at least covering your body today. I had better not hear from Jack and Ann about you dressing like a whore. I can't believe you dressed as you did last night. I have never been as humiliated as I was last night. And of all nights, the night I get my big promotion."

Swati, groaned, he had no clue that she had no choice. That she was being blackmailed into being a slut for her Master and Mistress's pleasure. A tear ran down her cheek. "I'm so sorry Siva, I didn't realize the clothes were so revealing. I guess it was the bump on my head. I wasn't thinking clearly. Please forgive me." Swati was already falling into a submissive mode as she was being trained. Now it seemed that anyone with a strong personality could take advantage of her.

Before she could say anything else a horn beeped outside. Siva jumped up and muttered, "My Uber is early." He wiped his mouth with a napkin and rushed to the door. He had already set his bags on the porch. As Siva walked past Swati, he gave her a peck on the cheek.

"Ann is expecting you this evening. She said to bring nothing; she would take care of everything. She said you have an important meeting with a special client, Master something. You should get ready for work or you're going to be late."

Swati just stood as she watched her husband walk out of the kitchen, down the hall, and out the door. She was now alone and regardless of where she went she would be humiliated for someone else's pleasure.

Swati dropped to a chair and held her head in her hands. God, she didn't want to go to work. She still hadn't fully recovered from the weekend. Finally, she decided that she would call in sick and take a day to try to figure a way out.

Swati stood and walked to the counter to grab the phone, when her slut phone dinged. Just the sound caused a reaction with her body. Her pussy pulsed and her nipples started to stick out like head lights. Swati knew she was being watched, she set the home phone down and grabbed her slut phone from her pocket.

Master Cock: I hope you aren't thinking about not coming to work today. I have special plans for you. Wear a short skirt no longer than mid-thigh. A sheer button down blouse, and your highest heels will complete your dress for the day. Yes, I know about the 6" heels buried deep in your closet, and no you are not allowed to wear a bra or panties. I expect you in your office in thirty minutes, not a minute later.

Swati was panting, almost hyperventilating as she read her instructions. Her cunt, now fully aroused, maybe even more than yesterday. All she could think of was the circle of cocks she had serviced just a day ago. It would take her twenty minutes to get to work that left her only ten minutes to get ready. She ran up the stairs and into her closet. Swati never wore short skirts and certainly nothing sheer. She finally found a skirt she had worn when she was in college. It wasn't short enough, but she rolled the waist band until it was. The top was a problem. She had no tops that met her Master's requirement. With no time to spare, she grabbed an older tee shirt that was too small and slipped it over her head. She looked in the mirror. The woman standing looking back at her was a stranger. It was her face and her body, but dressed as she was, she looked more like a slut than a respected manager of an office. She glanced at the clock and had only 15 minutes to get to work. Swati grabbed her purse, slut phone and rushed out the door.

Swati arrived at her office almost 8 minutes late. She was panicking at what her Master would do to her. He had set impossible time limits, but that didn't matter, she was late.

By the time she reached her floor, she was almost 12 minutes late. Now her cunt was leaking down her thighs. Her nipples prominently displayed beneath her tee shirt and each step caused the bouncing tits to tease her nipples even more. When she entered the lobby, she saw Crystal sitting at the receptionist desk. Just the sight of her brought back vivid memories of Friday night. She kept her head down, praying Crystal wouldn't recognize her. Just as she was passing the desk, Crystal spoke. "Swati, someone dropped this off for you." She said and handed her a paper bag. It wasn't sealed and when Swati looked inside she blushed down to her toes. Swati didn't know what to say. Inside the bag was a set of nipple clamps, a single clamp with a bell attached, and a ring gag. Swati glanced at Crystal and noticed the smirk covering her face. She knew she had looked inside the bag.

"Thank you, Crystal," She mumbled, shoving the bag inside her purse.

Swati hardly managed to sit down at her desk, when Devika walked in like she owned the place. "Oh did you get a gift? Who is it from? Crystal showed me and I just had to ask. Is it from your Master?"

"Please Devika, I just got in, I need a few moments." Swati tried to take control, but Devika would not be dismissed. She grabbed the bag and started to walk out the door. "I wonder how much fun I can have when I show everyone the toys you had delivered to the office.

Devika didn't make the door before Swati was grabbing her and pleading, "Please Devika, don't do this, please, I'm begging you." Swati pleaded.

"You know, begging is better done from your knees?" Devika stated.

Swati dropped to her knees and again begged Devika to leave the bag behind.

"I don't believe you are sincere. Maybe you should beg naked and on your knees?" Devika was ramping up the pressure. Swati's mouth opened as she started to protest, but she knew if she did, Devika would make it worse. Swati finally gave in and pulled off her top and skirt, leaving only her sky-high heels on.

Devika loved every second of Swati's capitulation. She now had a slave for a boss, and could do anything she wanted. "Well?" Devika said as she looked down at her naked cowering boss.

"Please Devika, please don't go. Please don't show everyone the bag. I'm begging you Please!" Swati was pleading with her employee. Swati's self-esteem had just taken a major hit. Sure, sucking dozens of cocks, eating her friend's pussies, and dressing like a whore hadn't helped. But this was her work, and Devika was her employee. She was forever under Devika's control. She could almost feel her self-worth slip out of her soul.

Jamal watched and recorded everything in Swati's office. He smiled and waited, because he knew that the feeling of power washing over Devika would be her downfall. He already had her dominating Swati once before, but the more he has the less chance Devika would resist. He watched as Devika was getting in Swati's face.

"Now you fucking slut, I own you. You will be my toy for as long as I want." Devika spat holding Swati's chin and pulling it to Devika's face. "And now every morning you will put in your schedule 20 minute first thing. You will strip and wait in front of your desk with your hands behind your head for me to arrive. For the next 20 minutes you are mine." Devika walked over to a chair, pulled her skirt to her waist, sat down and pointed at her dripping pussy. "Eat me SLUT!"

Jamal was beyond happy, Devika couldn't have sat in a more perfect place. Every camera had a great view of everything. He waited for just the perfect moment to spring the trap.

Swati crawled over between Devika's legs. She wanted to be repulsed at the thought, but her scent was intoxicating and Swati's body was tingling more and more the closer she got. Swati looked up at her Mistress and slowly extended her tongue. She started just above the knees and steadily worked her way up Devika's thighs. Swati never moved or diverted her eyes, staring directly at her face. As she approached Devika's core, Swati started to nibble and lick, nibble and lick, each time Devika squeaked and moaned.

Swati placed her hands on Devika's knees and pushed them apart, leaving her pussy completely exposed. Swati was now almost as aroused as Devika as she dove into her cunt and swallowed her whole. Devika gasped and grabbed Swati's head and rubbed her face roughly up and down her slit, spreading her fluids all over her face. It was only about a minute before Devika's body exploded as Swati drank down her new Mistress's cum.

Just as Devika's body was consumed with the orgasm, Swati's slut phone went off. OH, MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, OH MASTER COCK TAKE ME, Swati jumped up and grabbed her phone from her purse. Devika was still recovering from the massive orgasm and was slightly punchy, laughed at the ring tone, and watched Swati scramble to answer the phone.

"Yes, Master Cock how may this slut serve you." Swati answered as the phrase was getting easier to say each time.

"Well slut, you have made my day. Look at your monitor." Master Cock said with a bit of cockiness in his voice.

Swati looked over and her screen saver was a picture of Swati eating Devika's cunt. It was clear that Devika was in the throes of an orgasm. A second later the picture changed and it was from the first time Devika had abused Swati. Several more pictures went by in a slide show.

Swati could only stare at the screen; it was when Master Cock spoke again that woke her out of her stupor.

"SLUT, turn the monitor so Devika can see the show and hand the phone to her." Master Cock barked.

Swati acting like a slave did as she was told; she turned the monitor towards Devika and held out the phone.

Devika was only now coming around when Swati handed her the cell. She grabbed it and held it to her ear, "Hello." She said sounding slightly confused.

"Devika, look at the monitor." Master cock said as he watched her turn her head and gaze at the pictures scrolling across the screen. He always loves their expressions when they realize they are in trouble. At first, it's shock, then anger, then embarrassment, and finally acceptance.

Devika took a few minutes to run the gamut but finally it hit her that she was being blackmailed.

"Please what do you want?" Devika whispered.

Jamal almost jumped out of his chair when he heard Devika whisper those words. He then proceeded to explain, "Slut you are now my slave. You and your lovely boss will serve me at my pleasure. I'm quite certain Swati will agree there is a lot of pleasure. You will be receiving a package later today. In it is a cell phone that you will keep with you always. There will also be other items that I will make use of later. Now strip and offer me your tits. Say in a loud clear voice, "Master Cock, you own this worthless slut slave. I will obey your every command. Please accept me as your slave."

The phone went dead and Devika handed it back to Swati. "Did you set me up? You fucking bitch, you did set me up?" Devika spat at her boss.

"No Devika, I didn't set you up. You did this to yourself. I fell into his trap as he has my office covered with cameras. I couldn't warn you before you had me naked and eating your pussy. There wasn't anything I could do. I'm sorry but I'm afraid you're going to have to find a way out, because I can't."

Devika slowly stood and removed all her clothes. She turned towards Swati, and said, "Master Cock, you own this worthless slut slave. I will obey your every command. Please accept me as your slave." She slumped back into the chair and asked Swati what to expect.

"I don't know, Devika, he usually text, or calls me with instructions. If you want to know why I've been getting naked in the restrooms, and in my office, well now you know. I don't have a choice. It is everything I can do to keep this a secret. I'm guessing he will wait until you get your phone.

Devika sat there for a minute before she asked, "Should I get dressed?"

"Yes, if he wants you to do something he will tell you. Now please I need to get busy." Swati strangely felt better that Devika was in the same boat as she was. She decided to take charge and put her back in her place. "However, he never wants us to wear panties and bras. You better leave them here." Smiling as Devika nodded and handed over her undergarments.

Devika dressed and quickly left Swati's office. Swati watched her go and as soon as her door closed a text arrived.

Master Cock: Get dressed and try to work. I want you to edge every ½ hour for five minutes. I want your slutty cunt dripping. At lunch, grab the blindfold in your right-hand desk drawer and go down to the basement. Follow the signs to the boiler room. When you arrive at the door, strip and leave your clothes in the hall. Put on the blindfold, open the door and crawl inside. Someone will direct you. I expect you to follow all directions to the letter. You are not allowed to climax. If you do you will be punished. When you are finished, spread out any cum on your body, dress and go back to work. I will email you directions for this evening.

Swati read and reread her instructions. She didn't cry or get upset. Siva was out of town and Devika was now a slave too. Unless something goes wrong, she felt like she has a hall pass.

Swati: Please Master Cock, May I cum? I need to cum. Please Master?" Swati was begging, but Jamal wanted more. This evening he was going to introduce himself as her Master and he wanted her to be ready for him to fuck her. He wanted to take her slave cunt for the first time.

Master Cock: No slut, you may not cum. You are only to service others; your pleasure is inconsequential. When you understand that your only function it to give pleasure to others, only then can you achieve pleasure. Now get dressed.

Swati reached over and picked up her clothes off the floor. She slipped on her top and skirt. Looking at the clock it was 9:30. She pulled the vibrator out of the filing cabinet and turned it on high. She was so wet she didn't need any spit for the large dildo. It took about ten seconds before she had the vibe buried deep in her core as she dreamed it was the cock from Bert's.

The rest of the morning went quickly. Every thirty minutes came quickly and finally at 11:30, Swati didn't stop, but kept edging until noon.

At exactly 12:00, Swati walked out of her office and to the elevators. She tried to not look at Crystal as she passed the receptionist, but a quick glimpse told Swati that Crystal suspected something was up. Swati didn't stop but rushed into the elevator as soon as the doors opened. Pushing the B button, she watched as the floors flashed on the display in front of her. With each floor that passed, Swati's cunt vibrated, and a little more fluid slipped down her legs. She was so embarrassed as she knew everyone could smell her arousal, but she was helpless to stop it. Finally, the car stopped on the first floor and everyone but Swati got off. She was about to breathe a sigh of relief as the doors closed, when a hand stopped them. As soon as the door reopened, in walked three women servers from the cafeteria. Each in their polyester uniforms, each smelling like food, each talking a mile a minute. Swati slipped back into a corner and waited for the elevator to move.

The doors finally started to close and the girl closest to Swati curled up her nose and said, "God it smells like pussy in here. She turned to look at Swati and laughed. The other girls agreed and all three of them stared at Swati, each looking disgusted at her. The elevator doors opened and Swati quickly pushed past the three women and rushed down the hallway. Behind her she could hear them calling her a slut and a whore.

Swati didn't care as she just needed to get away. Luckily, she went the correct way as the signs pointed to the boiler room straight ahead. She had no idea of where the girls went, she just knew what her Master said and the sooner she did as told the sooner she could get back up to her only safe place her office.

Finally, she made it to a door marked "Boiler Room." She took a deep breath and slipped off her skirt, top and shoes. She grabbed the blindfold out of the pocket on her skirt and tied it around her head. Just as she was about to open the door, the three women walked up behind her.

"Oh, my god, look at her Crista, she's fucking naked and blindfolded. What the fuck's up with you bitch?" One of the women said.

Swati was panicking and started to remove the blindfold.

"Oh, no you don't slut, put your hands down and tell us why you're naked and blindfolded at the boiler room. If we think you're lying, we will haul your naked ass upstairs to security." The same woman was still speaking.

Swati was out of options, if she lied and they found out she would be dragged to security, if she told the truth everyone would know she was a slave. Swati's mind was shutting down, and her body was in charge.

"My Master told me to do this. I am to go inside and do what I'm told. Please I only have an hour for lunch." Swati said her voice shaking.

"I know you, you're that stuck up bitch on the 25th floor. You treat us like shit, like we're not even good enough to lick your shoes. Well someone has knocked you down a notch or two." The woman spat, the venom evident in her voice.

"Yes miss, I am learning how wrong I was." Swati was still trying to open the door. This time the women didn't stop her and Swati dropped to her knees and crawled inside the hot boiler room. Unfortunately, the women followed her. Swati stopped as soon as the door closed. She was blind and naked, she had no idea of where she was in the room, and she only knew it was hot and she was sweating and the three women were behind her.

In seconds, Swati felt someone slip a collar around her neck and clip on a leash. She could hear giggles behind her and knew she was being mocked. Swati's body reacted to the increased humiliation and upped her arousal. She was afraid she would orgasm without anyone touching her.

Swati felt a tug on her collar and followed where she was pulled. She had no idea of where she crawled, but it couldn't have been that far as she was stopped a few minutes later. Towards the end of the journey, the women started to talk again. Each comment was about how big a whore Swati is and how ugly she was, and how she was getting exactly what she deserved. They even started to smack her ass. By the time they stopped, her cheeks were bright red.

Swati stayed in position and waited for someone to tell her what to do. If they didn't say something soon she thought she might explode. Finally, a deep voice boomed out in front of her.

"Well if it isn't a slave visiting us for lunch. I'm guessing you're hungry." The dark voice said.

Swati felt a tug on her leash as she sat her ass on her feet. The pull increased and Swati knew what was coming and opened her mouth. She was panting she was so hot. Even if she couldn't see it, her mind was imagining it was the cock from Bert's place. When the tip pushed past her lips, Swati gasped as it was bigger than she expected. In fact it was huge. It was so large; she had trouble getting her lips around the massive cock. Swati could hear the gasps of the women behind her.

"Oh, god look at the size of that thing. God I'm glad it's not me taking that monster." One woman said.

"Oh, fuck I'd take it if it wasn't so long. I like thick cocks, I just can't take anything over 8 inches." Another woman added.

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