tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 10

Impressions Ch. 10


This story was originally posted with different character names. These names have been changed at the request of the woman whose fantasy this depicts.


Sarah lay on the floor for almost a half an hour before she managed to get control over her crying. She slowly stood, walked to her clothes and dressed. Finally she headed for the door and out to her car. The ride to Mistress Ann's house was not long enough. She dreaded going there as she knew her Mistress would torture her. She pulled into the driveway and around behind the massive home. Sarah sat in the car and gathered her thoughts. The day was already long and now she had to face her new Mistress. Sarah opened the door and stepped out of the car and to the back entrance. Sarah didn't know if she was to walk in or knock. She decided to knock.

Ann Winters had received a call from Jamal about Sarah's day. She knew he had locked her in the chastity belt and was familiar with the Vibe locked in her cunt. Jamal informed her that he didn't want her to orgasm and absolutely no vaginal sex. Ann loved the thought of driving Sarah crazy with lust, pushing her to the point of surrendering her freedom just to get sexual relief. She wanted to see how long before Sarah accepted her fate. When Ann heard the knock she smiled and waited just to make the slave more uncomfortable. Finally she opened the door and barked. "Slut, what took you so long to get here, and why are you dressed? You are never to wear anything I haven't given you. Now strip and drop to your knees."

Sarah quickly discarded her clothes and dropped to her knees. "I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't know." Sarah tried to explain.

"Shut up slave, you are not to talk unless directly addressed, and never refer to yourself in the first person. From now on your name is slut, or slave, and you will refer to yourself as such." Ann commanded.

Sarah knelt there on the doorstep and trembled. She had only been there a few minutes and already she felt like a possession, a thing, not a person. Her mind was reeling but her body already on the cusp, inched a little closer to the edge.

Mistress looked down at her new slave and grinned, "Okay slut, here is what you do when you arrive here. Do you see the box over to the side?" Ann pointed at what looked like a dock box sitting about 10 feet off to the side.

Sarah nodded but quickly added, "Yes Mistress the slave sees the box."

"Good, when you arrive or leave to go to work, you will go to the box which will have what you are to wear. You will strip off your clothes and put on whatever is in the box. You are a slave and slaves have to earn privileges. Now go and do as you're told." Ann commanded.

Sarah crawled over to the box, dragging her clothes with her. She opened the box and gasped. Inside all she saw was a chain, and not just any chain, but a huge chain. She started to pull it out of the box and was surprised at how heavy it was. The links must have been almost 3/8" thick and 2 inches long. The chain was very long; she guessed it was at least ten feet long. On one end of the chain was a hinged ring with a hasp. The chain was attached to a ring welded to one side of the hinged ring, with a large padlock. The other side of the ring was the hasp and open lock. Sarah slowly brought the ring up and fitted it around her neck. She had to squeeze it tight against her neck to close the hasp and lock it around her neck. The ring itself was about 2" wide and a ¼" thick, it alone must have weighed well over a pound. It didn't choke her but it was very tight. The weight of the chain, dangling down to the ground was already very heavy and that was only with a couple of feet dangling from the collar. On the ground was a pile of chain that must have weighed over thirty pounds. Once locked in chains, she placed her clothes into the box and locked it. Sarah turned and looked at her Mistress.

"Oh you look so sexy slut all chained up. Now let's go in." Mistress Ann barked.

Sarah started to stand but the weight took her by surprise. It was so heavy that she stooped from the weight. Sarah headed for the door but Mistress Ann stopped.

"Where do you think you are going slut? You have not earned the right to use a man door. Use the doggy door on the other side of the box." Mistress snarled and pointed at a small door only about fifteen inches square, covered with a flap.

Sarah walked over to the door, dragging the chain behind her as she went. When she got to the doggy door, she had to lie down on the ground and crawl on her belly through the door. Sarah tried to push her head thru and then her shoulders, but quickly found out the chain got caught and she couldn't go any further. She could hear her Mistress laugh at her from behind. Sarah backed up and grabbed the heavy chain and pushed it through the door first, then her arms, followed by her head. The door was so small; she had trouble pushing her shoulders and tits through the small opening. Finally she managed to get the top half of her body inside and struggled to get her hips in. By the time she was kneeling on the floor of the utility room, her body was covered with red scrapes and dirt. Her nipples hurt as well as her hips. Sarah didn't know what to do so she stayed on her knees and waited for instructions.

Ann walked in the utility room and watched as Sarah struggled to get through the doggy door.

"I guess you're going to have to lose some weight slut, because this is how you get in until you earn some privileges. Now follow me and I will take you to your room."

Mistress Ann grabbed the end of the heavy chain and started to walk. Sarah stood and tried to follow but the chain was pulling her down. She wanted to look up but was afraid if she did her Mistress would punish her.

Suddenly her Mistress stopped, turned and said, "This chain is too heavy for me to drag, pick it up and carry it. Leave me about a foot to lead you."

She quickly knelt down and gathered the chain. It was long, heavy and difficult to carry. Finally she had all of it in her arms but the last foot. She started to stand but soon found out she had to stoop with the short lead. Sarah felt a pull and followed her Mistress into the massive house bending at the waist and carrying the heavy chain.

Ann loved every second of having total control over Sarah and led her through the kitchen to a door in the hallway. She opened it and pulled the struggling Sarah down the stairs and into a small room. Inside the room was a bucket, a thin mattress and two bowls. One had water the other had dried pellets. Sarah waited for her to tell her what to do. Finally Mistress pulled on the chain to a ring mounted to the wall. She grabbed a padlock sitting on the floor and locked Sarah to the wall.

"Now the chain is long enough to reach your bed, feed and water and the bucket is in case you have to go. But I will tell you now you're not allowed to go without permission. So if you don't want to be punished ask before you use the bucket."

"Yes Mistress, this slave understands." Sarah whispered thinking her life has ended.

"Oh one other thing, the bucket is also to be used to wash up. When you see it filled with water wash yourself and pour the rest down the floor drain." Mistress Ann added.

Mistress Ann pointed at the floor at her feet. Sarah knew what that meant and quickly crawled over and placed her face on the floor where her Mistress pointed.

"Lick my boots slut. The floor down here is dirty and my boots need cleaning. What Sarah didn't see was Mistress pulling a remote from her pocket and pushing a button, on came a stereo and music blared out from hidden speakers.

Sarah almost jumped out of her skin when the Vibe, which had been lightly vibrating suddenly sprang to life sending intense pulses on her most sensitive bits. She screamed as her body started to convulse as she was losing control over her body.

"Don't you dare cum slut or you will be going to work naked and chained tomorrow." Mistress yelled.

Sarah was hanging on by a threat when she felt something smack her ass. The pain followed a second later as her right cheek felt like it was set on fire. Before she could react another smack landed on her other cheek.

Sarah body was completely confused as the vibrations were taking her places she had never been before and the pain joined with the vibrations to increase its effect. She was writhing on the floor as she struggled to keep licking her Mistress's shoes as Mistress Ann rained blow after blow with her crop down on the helpless slave.

Ann watched closely as Sarah was consumed with all the sensations. She wanted to wait until the exact moment when....

It stopped, everything stopped, the spanking, the stereo, the Vibe everything. Sarah's body froze as the complete loss of stimulations was worse. Her body was on the verge of the largest orgasm in her life and nothing. She lavished her tongue over her Mistress's shoes praying she would turn everything back on.

"Oh does slave want something?" Ann asked with a sweet voice. "Does slave want to cum?"

Sarah's mind could hardly put two words together could only sputter, "Miss... CUM... god... Please."

"No you fucking cunt, you may not cum. You haven't earned anything yet slut." Ann barked and shoved her other boot in Sarah's face. She watched as Sarah didn't just lick her boots, but made love to the black leather boots protecting her Mistress's precious feet.

Mistress Ann pulled away and headed for the door. Sarah was still lying where Ann had left her. She didn't even notice her Mistress had moved away and was licking the concrete floor.

Ann barked, "Slut stop licking you stupid brainless slave. I moved away. Enjoy your new room," As she pushed the button on the remote again and walked out the door.

Sarah's body reacted immediately to the Vibe as it sprang to life again. Only this time it wasn't as intense. Sarah was panting and trying anything she could to increase the sensations. She needed to cum and she didn't care what the punishment was. But the demon toy locked behind her belt was just intense enough drive her crazy but no satisfaction.

Sarah had no idea how long she was in the room. A few minute after her Mistress left, the light went out and she was plunged into total darkness. The only thing going was the stereo and the Vibe. Sarah's cunt was in overdrive and she leaked all over the floor as copious amount of her pussy slime was pouring out around the chastity belt.

Suddenly the light turned on and Sarah jumped as the music stopped at the same time. She couldn't move as her body was exhausted and drained. The door swung open and a young naked woman walked in.

She smiled down at the prone slave lying motionless on the floor.

"Here slave, I'm going to give you your rules to follow from now on. You are to memorize them so get to work." The naked girl tossed a piece of paper down on the floor and walked out.

  1. Your Mistress is always right.

  2. You will obey me at all times.

  3. You are to be naked at all times unless I deem otherwise.

  4. You will only wear what I allow to work.

  5. You will always be on your knees whenever you are in my presence.

  6. You will not speak unless given permission or directly addressed.

  7. You will obey any commands regardless of who gave them to you. You are a slave and slaves have no rights.

  8. No orgasms without permission.

  9. You will make any slut hole available to anyone at any time, regardless of when or where you are.

  10. You will ask to use the toilet. If you can't reach me, go outside to shit or piss.

  11. If you break a rule you will be punished.

There will be other rules that will be added later. Now let's have some fun.

Sarah read every word and cringed at each rule. She was now very much afraid she would lose her job and her marriage. But she was trapped and had no idea of how to get out of her predicament. She was chained to the wall, naked, and constantly under surveillance. She crawled over to the bowls and drank some water. A few minutes later the lights went out and again she was left in total darkness and the Vibe pulsing to the never ending music.

Sarah had no idea how long it was until the lights came on again. Her body had long ago shut down under the constant stimulation. Left in a room in total darkness, left her with nothing to concentrate on but the vibrator constantly teasing her bits. Her mind had slipped into an erotic abyss with erotic images barraging her mind. When the lights came on it actually caused her body to jump and roll off the mattress.

Mistress Ann strolled into the room and smirked at the naked and groveling slave. Well my slut, did you sleep well? I certainly hope so as you have to go to work. Now over in the corner is the shower, it will be only on for five minutes starting now." Mistress Ann announced as a spray of water fell from the ceiling in the corner.

Sarah was confused, for the last few hours she was effectively isolated in her own mind. She actually didn't know where she was. But gathered her thoughts and crawled over to the shower dragging the heavy chain behind her. By the time she reached the water, the chain was pulled tight, pulling at her collar making it difficult to breath. She grabbed the chain to give her some slack but now she could only stand under the water and not scrub.

She stepped back to give her some slack in the chain and started to soap her body with the bar of soap Mistress tossed to her. She managed to work up a good lather and started to step back under the water when it stopped. Sarah looked over at her Mistress hoping she would turn the water on again, but the look told her no chance. She dropped to the floor and crawled back over to the dominating woman standing so tall in her room.

"Well slut, I guess you'll learn you can't hesitate. Now let's get you ready for work." Mistress Ann held out her hand waiting for Sarah to hand her the chain leash. Sarah reached down and gathered the chain, leaving about a foot for her Mistress to hold.

Ann smiled as Sarah struggled to hold the heavy chain. And walk stooped over as she led the submissive woman down the hall and up the stairs.

Mistress Ann handed the slave to another naked young woman and ordered. "Make her presentable for work, remember she doesn't have door privileges yet."

The girl nodded and took Sarah's leash. She recognized her from before when she delivered the rules. Sarah followed and said nothing.

The next few minutes flew by as the naked girl led Sarah to a small room and fed Sarah her breakfast of toast and water. While Sarah nibbled at the toast, the girl fixed Sarah's hair and makeup. She almost felt normal if she wasn't naked and chained.

A few minutes later, Mistress Ann walked in the door. She smiled an evil smile down at the slave kneeling at her feet. "Slut, your clothes are in the box outside the door. Crawl out your door and get dressed and go to work. Master Cock will take over from there. This evening, you're to go to Sam's parent's house for dinner and visit your son. They are expecting you. Remember to be on your best behavior, they are to know nothing about your slavery. If you say one word you will lose everything. Now get out of here and get to work." Mistress Ann finished and walked out of the small room.

Sarah knelt there for a moment before standing, gathering her chain and following the naked girl towards the utility room. Once inside, the naked girl pushed Sarah to the floor and pointed at the doggy door Sarah had entered yesterday.

Sarah knew what to do this time. She again pushed the chain out in front of her, then her arms, head, and then her shoulders. Now was the hard part, her hips. This was a struggle as she had to force her body through the small opening. Once outside, Sarah's body was again covered in scratches and dirt. She crawled over to the box and opened it. Inside was the key on top of her clothes. She grabbed the key and unlocked the padlock on the collar. As soon as the collar released, Sarah felt the sensation of freedom. Even though it had been on for a few hours, it left a distinct mark on her. The collar was gone but the affect was still very much in place.

Sarah removed the clothes and placed the chains and collar inside. She grabbed the 5" high stiletto heels and shut the box. The outfit consisted of a white button down blouse; it was thin and felt silky. Sarah put it on and noticed the top three buttons removed. The gap ended between her tits, and with no bra she would have to be careful not to expose her tits to anyone at the office. Next was the skirt and it too was a button up skirt. It was tight and again the bottom three buttons were removed. Sarah had to exhale in order to button the top few buttons. When it was on, the skirt ended just below mid-thigh but with the buttons removed it opened up to just below her crotch. She would need to be very careful not expose herself today.

Sarah slowly walked to her car. The belt seemed tighter today and the Vibe, fully charged was buzzing away. After the long night of constant stimulation, the difficult morning and now driving to work to see Master Cock, Sarah truly felt like a slave. Her life had been turned upside down, her body was the first to surrender, and now her mind was following suit.

She arrived right on time. Crystal was at her desk as normal. Sarah looked at the receptionist as she walked by. Crystal didn't even look up but was looking at a magazine instead. Sarah was almost disappointed that she wasn't worthy of a greeting. She walked into her office and shut the door. She booted her computer and up popped her desktop. It was her naked, on her belly, crawling through the doggie door, the collar and heavy chain it plain view. She gasped when she saw it. It was the picture of a slave, there was no other word that fit the picture. Sarah stared at it her eyes refusing to leave it.

It was the message box that broke her concentration. She jumped slightly and clicked on the box.

Master Cock: Good morning slut, do you like your new accommodations? Get used to them it's your life now.

Now, let it be known you have an appointment this afternoon and won't be back from lunch until three. At lunch, you will go back to Bert's Bar. You will have a drink and visit the men's room again. This time on your knees, topless, and offering to help in any way you can. That means you can get their cocks out, hold it while they go, clean it afterwards, and put it back. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself.

At one o'clock, go back out of the bar and go with your favorite cock from lunch. You will do exactly what he says for the next hour and a half. You will then go back to work. You will not clean up, or wash up period. You may however spread out any deposits left on you.

You will edge each hour for 5 minutes fucking your ass with the plug. There is a list of files in your in box. Watch each one.

At five go visit the in-laws and your son. They are expecting you at six. Enjoy your evening.

Sarah read the message and immediately her cunt pulsed, maybe the cock that was at Bert's the first time might be there. She smiled and secretly thanked Master Cock. She couldn't believe she just thought that, thanking her blackmailer for humiliating her again.

Even though it was only 9:45 she leaned back, put a foot on each corner of her desk, and grabbed the large plug buried in her rear passage. In seconds she was on the edge again. She was so close so often, she felt strange when she wasn't on the edge of an orgasm. When that happened she was looking at how to get that feeling back. She was craving it more each day and each day it was harder to achieve, causing her to need ever more increasingly humiliating things to do.

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