tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 12

Impressions Ch. 12


Raj and Juhi and sat in the car outside the house where Swati was staying. Arjun sat in the back in his car seat. Raj looked over at Juhi and shook his head. The despicable display of their daughter in law was unimaginable. Not only did she dress like a whore, she smelled like one.

The two grandparents drove for a few miles until Arjun fell asleep. Juhi looked into the back seat to make sure her grandson was fast asleep and spoke quietly to her husband. "Raj, did you notice Swati's breasts kept falling out of that whore dress? My god what has happened to her?"

"I always had my reservations about her. Now I know she is a slut and we cannot let her have our grandson back without Siva around. Do we tell him his wife is a whore?" Raj answered.

"No we should stay out of it, but I agree we can't let Arjun be around her." Juhi spoke quietly.

The two drove in silence for the remainder of the trip, each deep in thought. Juhi was thinking about how to keep Arjun safe from his whore mother, Raj thinking about how to punish his whore daughter in law for her behavior.

Swati slept for several hours. The day's events had drained everything from her. She lay on the small pad in the kennel, her body still a filthy reminder of yesterday's events. Her mind drifted back to Burt's bar and her shameful behavior, sucking so many cocks and choosing the cock of her dreams to be his slave.

Swati, hand drifted down to her already dripping cunt and stroked her clit. She remembered crawling into the pickup and being covered with the filth filling the bed. Her hand was now stroking her clit harder as her memories were rushing back.

As visions of the construction workers pounding her body, Swati inserted two then three fingers deep inside her quim. When the cock of her dreams filled her with his seed it was four fingers as she pushed deeper into her slave cunt.

Swati was now panting like a dog, a bitch in heat in the kennel as she relived yesterday's total submission into slavery. The scene in her head changed to the small room and Master Cock who finally released her kitty as she begged him to take her final hole and complete his ownership of her body and soul. Swati folded her thumb and pushed harder as her slut cunt swallowed her hand. Swati's mind was consumed with lust as her body erupted with a massive orgasm shaking her to her core.

Swati's body was convulsing as she came down from the massive orgasm. Her mind clearing as she regained control. She slowly pulled her hand from her cunt and brought it up to her lips, licking her essence from her fingers. That is when her mind drifted back to when she returned to her Mistress's house. The shame and humiliation swept through her like a tsunami. Her son running up to his whore mother as Raj and Juhi stared at her with obvious disgust. She wanted to crawl into a hole as her mind relived every second and each look her son's grandparents gave her. Swati's body was again trembling only this time it wasn't arousal but from the humiliation of her submission.

Swati didn't have much chance to recover from her shame with Mistress Ann arrived. Swati watched as Mistress opened the kennel and pointed at the ground by her feet. Swati already feeling intense shame, slowly crawled out to kneel at her Mistress' feet.

Mistress Ann watched as the defeated slave crawled to where she pointed. She waited until the slave knelt down and kissed each foot. She knew that the once proud executive was gone and in her place was a lowly slave whore that craved abuse, even if she didn't quite realized it.

Ann reached down and grabbed a handful of Swati's long black hair and pulled her up to her knees. She didn't say a word but quickly locked a solid silver ring around the slave's neck. Attached was silver chain that was attached to Mistress's belt. The chain wasn't long enough for her to stand without stooping and Swati knew her place was on her knees.

Swati crawled after her mistress and out into the yard. Swati was too ashamed to look around until he Mistress stopped. She looked up and there were two of the landscapers standing in front of her with hoses, buckets, and brushes. She didn't move or make a sound. Her mind had shut down and her body barely functioning.

Mistress Ann released the chain leash from her belt and pulled the slave between the two Muslims. Only two weeks ago Swati wouldn't even have given them the time of day. Now she was something less than an animal about to be cleaned like a common pig.

As soon as Mistress moved away, Swati's body jumped when a blast of ice cold water hit her ass, right between her cheeks. Soon the two Muslims were roughly scrubbing her body with what felt like wire brushes. Swati's body was bright red and it felt like it was on fire. When they finished, they took the slave over to the garage door, there they shoved a muzzle penis gag in her mouth, stopping just at the entrance to her throat. Swati moaned but quickly squealed when the other man, shoved an anal plug tail up her ass. It suddenly dawned on Swati that she was an animal. Her body convulsed as she collapsed to the ground and sobbed.

The two Muslim men laughed at the sobbing former upper class Indian woman wallowing on the ground, a muzzle covering her mouth and a long furry tail sticking out of her ass. One man grabbed her leash and pulled her to her knees. The other man knelt behind her and lifted her tail. Swati didn't move but remained on her knees knowing what was about to happen. What was worse for her was her own body betraying her as her cunt started to moisten. When the man behind her stroked his finger up and down her slit, she moaned involuntarily. In seconds, her hips started to push against his fingers trying to entice him to push them into her core.

The two Muslim men laughed at the slut as she humiliated herself to get relief. The man behind Swati smacked her ass several times turning her cheeks an even brighter shade of red. Swati was sobbing but not from pain but from frustration. She needed to be filled and at that moment she would do anything to have him fill her dripping kitty.

The two Muslim men tortured Swati for almost thirty minutes before one of them shoved his cock deep inside her body. Swati screamed as it penetrated her and pounded her into complete submission. They continued to fuck her until both were drained and could no longer achieve an erection. They then led the slave over to a tree and tied her leash to it leaving her like the animal she was.

Swati had no idea how long she was attached to the tree. She lay on the ground dozing her mind filled with erotic dreams. She didn't even see her Mistress walk up until she felt the leash move. Swati looked up and rose to her knees. Her head bowed, waiting for instructions.

Mistress Ann looked down at the slave kneeling at her feet. She knew the slave was completely defeated. There was no resistance. She patted her head as she would any other pet and pulled the slave around the house to the garage.

Mistress Ann wanted Swati completely void of any resistance, and treating her like an animal would destroy any sense of self-worth. Once inside the garage, Mistress Ann opened the trunk and pointed inside. "I can't have a cum slut animal ride in my car. Your place is in the trunk. Now get inside and be a good slave." Mistress Ann barked.

Swati didn't hesitate but crawled inside the trunk and watched as it was closed, leaving her naked, collared and in the dark. She had no idea of where she was being taken and really it didn't matter. She was a slave and would do as she was told. There was no escape.

She heard the car start and felt it pull out into the drive. Swati had no idea of where they went as after a few minutes and several turns she was hopelessly lost. She finally gave up trying to figure out where her Mistress was taking her and dozed off. The trunk was much more comfortable than the kennel.

Swati didn't even notice that the car had stopped and the engine turned off until the trunk opened and bathed the slave in bright sunlight. She covered her eyes as the bright sunlight blinded her. Swati felt her leash being pulled and crawled out of the car. As soon as she landed on the driveway on her knees, she recognized the house. It was Beth Anderson's house and she was now naked completely exposed to any neighbors that might be looking. Swati felt her body flush with humiliation and dropped her head to stare at the concrete drive. Her Mistress grabbed her chin and pulled her face to look directly into her eyes.

"You better not disappoint me slave!" She barked, "What are you?"

"I am a slave Mistress." Swati answered.

"That's right and I expect complete obedience from my slaves. Now when we go in you are to be a good slave and do as you are told. If you don't losing your marriage, your family, and your job will be the least of your worries." Ann spat at the cowering slut slave on her knees at her feet.

Mistress Ann pulled the leash and Swati crawled after her Mistress to Beth's front door. Once there, Mistress Ann rang the bell. While they were waiting, Mistress leaned down and spat, "You better not embarrass me or I will send Siva and his parents all the videos. I imagine it would only be a couple of days before Arjun is taken away and you will never see him again."

Swati choked back a sob and nodded. She knew that it was only a matter of time before Siva found out, but if she was good she could delay it.

When the door opened Swati groaned. Beth stood there wearing a short summer dress, high heels and smiling with an evil smile. The dress hugged each and every curve and screamed sex. Swati in spite of her mind consumed with humiliation, her body trembled at the sight. Swati's mouth watered and her cunt pulsed. The humiliation soon passed and all thoughts were how much she wanted to worship her friend.

Beth Anderson stood there watching her friend's reaction as she could see the different emotions pass over the slut's face. She almost laughed at her as her entire body blushed and her eyes dropped to the ground. That was soon followed by a look of lust as her friend's eyes slowly travelled up her legs over her body and finally to her face. By then Swati was totally entranced by her friend's appearance.

"Oh thank you Ann for stopping by, and I see you brought a surprise. Tell me are we going to have time to play?" Beth breathed.

"Oh I think there will be plenty of time to play today. You see my slave has called off work and is free for the rest of the day. I can't stay but I can leave her here and you can drop her off later." Ann answered.

Beth looked down at the naked Swati and smiled an evil smile. She had known Swati for a couple of years, ever since she and Siva had moved into the neighborhood. In fact, Arjun had spent several nights here with her own son on sleepovers. Now the prim and proper Swati was nothing more than a whore slave to be used and abused.

"Oh I think that can be arranged. In fact I was just having a few friends over planning our next neighborhood picnic." Beth beamed. "I'm sure the slut can help."

Ann laughed "I'm quite sure she can. I imagine that the slave would be excellent entertainment." Ann handed the chain to Beth and waved as she walked down the walk to her car. Swati watched as her mistress walked away and cringed, wondering what was about to happen.

Just before Beth pulled Swati into the house, her Mistress turned and called out, "Remember slut you better obey!"

Beth pulled on the chain and led Swati inside the house, shutting the door behind them. Swati crawled behind her ex-friend and now Mistress following closely behind. Beth led the slave, naked, collared and a tail sticking out of her ass down the hall and into the family room. As soon as Swati crawled through the doorway she cringed.

Swati looked around the room and froze in place. Milling around the room were all her friends. Sitting on the couch were Shachi and Nami, her closest friend in the world. Shachi was a petit young woman, thin with medium black hair. Of all her friend she was the cutest. Although not tall, her "C" cup breast looked large on her body. Nami was a large woman, not fat but tall and strong standing almost 5'10" and probably 180 lbs it was well distributed on her large frame. Her Black long hair coming to the middle of her back and neatly tied in a ponytail.

Swati cringed as her friend looked down at their friend naked and on her knees. The look of shock was evident as their mouth flew open.

Swati looked over to the patio doors where Amy and Susan were standing looking out at the back yard, Ann was Swati's neighbor and Amy was an ex-colleague. Swati knew them both well. Although she wasn't as close to them as Nami and Shachi, she considered them friends. Amy had met Susan through Swati and were now close friends. They both were in very good shape and exercised together regularly. They could almost be clones. Both were 5'5" tall and weighed about 120 lbs. their C cup breast were firm and needed little support. Both had tight bodies and loved to tastefully show them off. About the only difference in the two was that Susan had blond hair while Amy had black.

It was Swati's worse nightmare as she was being outed as a slave to her only friends in the world. She could feel her chest tighten and breathing became labored. All she wanted to do was crawl into a hole and hide.

"Ladies, we have a surprise visitor." Beth called out and watched as Amy and Susan turned and saw Swati. Both let out a collective gasp as they took in the sight of Swati naked on her knees beside Ann.

You could have heard a pin drop as the four women didn't know how to react. The awkward silence continued until a voice broke rang out.

"Ann where is your corkscrew?" Shefali called out.

Just when Swati thought things couldn't get any worse she heard Shefail's voice. Shefali was part of her circle of friends, it was mainly because of their common background. Both came from the same city in India. Their families socialized together and had many common friends. But neither really liked each other and often had their differences. Swati didn't agree with Shefali's lifestyle. To say she dressed to impress would be an understatement. Shefali had married an American and adopted the American lifestyle of dressing what would be considered a slut in Swati's eyes.

"OH MY GOD!! SWATI IS THAT YOU?" Shefali screamed. "ARE YOU NAKED?"

Shefali quickly walked over to the humiliated Swati and broke out laughing. "Well I must say for such a prim and proper lady you are slightly underdressed." Shefali laughed at her own joke. "What the hell is sticking out of your ass girl?"

Swati voice was caught in her throat and didn't respond.

"Well answer her slave!" Beth ordered and jerked the chain.

"It is my tail Shefali." Swati answered as she blushed even more.

"A tail, turn around I need to see that." Shefali crowed.

By now the other women had recovered from their shock and walked over to surround their naked friend. Each staring in awe as Swati slowly turned around and pointed her ass at her friends and dropped her head to the floor.

All five women giggled as Swati's ass quivered in humiliation but it looked to them like she was wagging her tail.

Beth waited for the women to get a good look before she took over.

"Ladies, This is Swati's coming out party so to speak. You see she is a closet slut. Well she was a closet slut until she was masturbating to porn on the office computer and got caught." Beth explained. "You see her fantasy was to be a slave and to live the life of a slut slave. So when she got caught it all came out and now in order to keep her job, her husband, and her boy, she gets to live her fantasy."

There was a collective gasp from the women circling Swati as Beth spoke. "Now you're probably thinking she is doing this under duress, but nothing could be further from the truth." Beth continued. "Swati, what are you?"

Swati was panting now and her brain was going ninety miles an hour. She knew what she had to answer. If she said the truth and told her friends the truth, her life would be ruined. She would be free but she would lose everything. If she told them what was expected, she still might be ruined but there was a slim possibility that she could put off the inevitable. Maybe even long enough to get out of this. She looked up at her friends and said, "I am a slut slave and this is my fantasy."

Again her friends all gasped, but this time their expressions changed from shock to something between disgust and lust.

"Now I want you to understand that she chose to be here. She gets off on the humiliation and she no longer got what she needs from just watching porn but needs to be controlled. She wanted me to arrange this meeting as she trusts you will keep her secret and will work with me and others to feed her cravings." Beth spun her web of lies, drawing the five women in knowing that if she could convince them, she would soon have them under her thumb.

Amy spoke first, "Why us, I mean I'm sure there were others she could use to fill her needs without involving us?"

"Yes she could, but she trusts you. A stranger might put her in danger where as you would keep her secret and she could still keep her life. Beside it's the humiliation, well the sex too, but the humiliation that she gets off on and who better to humiliate her but her closest friends." Beth beamed.

Swati looked back over her shoulder at her friends' faces and watched as their expressions changed as Beth spun her lies. She knew that with each word a little more of her life was being taken away. At first it was Master Cock at work. Then it was Mistress Ann while Siva was away and now that her friends were involved she had nowhere to escape. Her eyes went from face to face. First to it was Nami, she was blushing, her face flushed and her breathing coming in short pants. It was obvious that she was aroused and embarrassed. Next was Shachi, the look of lust and a bit of disgust plainly showed on her face and body language.

Swati's body reacted as her pussy pulsed and a drip slid down her thigh.

"Oh my god, look at the slut! She's getting off on this!" Shefali said and laughed. This time the others laughed too.

Swati's mind was losing the battle to control her body. With each passing moment her body was taking control. The training Master Cock had put her through the last couple of weeks was taking over and her body was wallowing in the humiliation and craving more. Swati turned her head and looked at Amy and Susan. They looked more confused than anything else. Swati thought that they might be who she could possibly get their help to get out of this, when she notice Amy had her hand behind Susan and was grabbing her ass. She looked closer and both had their eyes trained on Swati's wiggling ass and swinging tail. That was all it took for Swati's body to take complete control as an orgasm exploded out as she collapsed to the floor and writhed as her muscles convulsed.

Shefali screamed as she watched Swati orgasm and walked over to the prone slave and smacked her ass. "Who gave you permission to cum slut?" She then started to rain blow after blow down on Swati's defenseless ass as everyone stared and offered encouragement.

Swati was completely out of control. Her body was shaking and her mind spinning. She never in a million years thought her friends would turn on her like this. Sure Shefali would, but the looks on the others faces and the shouts to keep smacking her ass drilled down that she was nothing more than a slut slave and deserved exactly what she was receiving.

Beth let things go for a bit before she stepped in and stopped Shefali from spanking the writhing naked slave.

"Now now Shefila, let's not get carried away. The slut is here for the afternoon for us to play with. No sense in beating her senseless yet. There are lots of ways we can humiliate her and feed her cravings."

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