tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 14

Impressions Ch. 14


Thank you all who have been reading my story series. This story contains nonconsensual sex, and forced slavery to a woman. It is not condoned nor should anyone be subjected to this treatment. This is fantasy and is meant for entertainment only. It is not based on any real persons and any similarities are strictly coincidental. If this is not your interest please choose another story.

Although you can start at this chapter you would get more out of it if you have read the previous chapters.

A with every author on this site, please vote and comment. That is how we get to know if our work is appreciated.


Swati woke up with a start when she felt something prodding her side. She opened her eyes and saw Mistress Ann standing over her nudging her side with her shoe.

"Wake up slut; it's time to get ready for work." Ann barked.

Swati could hardly open her eyes as they were crusted over. She wasn't sure where she was at first. "Yes Mistress," She answered and rolled over on her knees. Swati started to crawl over to her bucket when the chain still attached to the wall pulled her back. Swati heard her Mistress laugh as she fell back on her ass.

"Slow down slut, I have to release you." Her mistress said.

Swati waited and watched as the chain was released a waited for instructions.

"Okay cunt, you're a nasty mess and you smell terrible. Go over to the hose and bathe. I've set up a mirror and everything you need to be presentable. Do your hair and makeup down here and then crawl up the stairs. I will have your outfit ready when you're done. You have 30 minutes. Don't be late." Mistress Ann commanded.

Swati nodded and crawled to the hose by the floor drain. Beside it were soap, shampoo and conditioner. She looked across the room at the full length mirror leaning up against the wall. She saw her reflection and moaned. Her hair was a wild tangled mess. It was plastered against her body. Even though she was hosed off before she was taken home, there was still dried puke, cum and dirt covering her body. A tear ran down her cheek as she felt like less than an animal.

When she made it to the faucets and turned on the water, it came out freezing cold. She turned the hot on more but the temperature didn't change. She wet her body and grabbed the shampoo. A few minutes later she rinsed her shivering body and grabbed the small towels provided.

Even if the water was cold it helped revive her tired and sore body. With her mind now functioning; her thoughts drifted back to yesterday. It started in the kennel and being washed by the laborers and then fucked. Then it was the ride to Beth's house and her outing to her friends. She trembled at what she had to do. The begging them to dominate her and sucking their toes, acting like a bitch dog and playing fetch, to licking their asses and eating her friends cum. All of those thoughts weighed heavily on her as any hopes of escape seem to get further and further away with each waking moment. The final humiliation was the glory hole and sucking so many cocks and vomiting all over her body. A sob broke out as she was actually looking forward to going to work and her true master, Master Jamal.

She had no idea of how long it took her to finish cleaning up. There wasn't a clock and her mind still wasn't totally back yet. When she took a final look in the mirror, she actually looked okay, except for being naked and her knees red from crawling so much. If she were dressed no one would know she was a slave.

Swati slowly crawled up the stairs. She hated Mistress Ann. She was cruel and never gave her any pleasure. Master Cock was her true master and right now all she wanted was to be under his control again. Swati slowly crawled to the kitchen and smelled the bacon and coffee. Her stomach was growling and she didn't know when she last ate something other than cum. Once inside the warm kitchen the smells were causing her mouth to water.

"Well slave, you just made it. I thought you would be late. Very good, your training is coming along nicely. Your breakfast is over in the corner. I want you to eat it all as it may be a while before you get the chance again." Mistress stated and pointed to the far corner. Swati slowly crawled over to the two bowls on the floor. She was afraid what might be in them and was surprised to find a mix of eggs, bacon, and potatoes. Next to it was a bowl filled with black coffee. She looked back at her Mistress and whispered, "Thank you Mistress." Swati slowly dropped her head to eat when Ann barked, "You can use your hands slut. We don't have time for you to fix your makeup again."

Swati quickly dove into the meal relishing each and every bite. She heard her Mistress laugh but didn't care. It was the most wonderful meal she had ever tasted. It didn't take long for Swati to finish her breakfast. She hadn't felt this full or this good in a while. Now getting ready for work and she felt almost normal. At least as normal as a slut could feel going back to see her Master.

Mistress Ann directed Swati into a spare room where a dress was hanging on the closet door. Swati saw the dress and her body pulsed. It was short, she knew it wouldn't reach her knees, and thin, it was made of a satin type material. She waited for her mistress to tell her she could get up before she stood and walked to the rest of the outfit sitting on the bed.

Swati looked at the bra, a front release, quarter cup shelf bra. She picked it up and wrapped it around her body. The bra was small and pushed her breasts together giving her lots of cleavage. Her nipples prominently displayed, especially now that her mind was thinking about displaying her body to her coworkers.

She looked for some panties but saw none. There was a pair of stockings and a garter belt and 4 ½ inch high heel strappy sandals. Swati worked the stockings up her legs and loved how they felt. She had never worn a garter belt before and had trouble figuring out how it worked, but Mistress helped.

"You're going to look just like what you are slut." Ann teased.

Swati blushed as she stood and grabbed the dress. The dress was a light pink wrap around dress with a chain belt around the waist. She slipped it on and gasped as it barely made it around her waist. She looked for the tie on the inside and there wasn't one. Swati knew it would be difficult to keep it from splitting open and keeping it together. She wrapped it around her body and looked down. It came to mid-thigh and hugged her body like a glove.

Swati looked at her Mistress and saw her smile. "I love it," she said as she reached out and tweaked the slut's nipples. "Now it's perfect!"

Swati looked down and her nipples were clearly visible. But her Mistress didn't stop there. She turned to a box on a dresser and pulled out something. Ann turned back to her slave and opened the dress. She grabbed Swati's nipples and pinched them hard. It didn't take much for them to harden. She reached out and placed two small orthodontic rubber bands around the engorged nipples, binding them and keeping them erect.

Swati moaned as the constant pressure sent tingles straight to her cunt, and felt her body start to get aroused. When the dress was closed the satin fabric brushed them and sent shivers down her spine. Swati knew her nipples would be visible all day.

Swati arrived in the parking garage around 7:15. Mistress Ann wanted her to get there early. She was actually glad because she knew not many people would be in yet. When she stepped out of the car, her body pulsed as the balls and Anal plug her Mistress made her insert in her cunt and ass both shifted and send shivers up and down her spine. She took a deep breath and started for the elevators. The wrap around dress split open almost to her crotch as she walked. With each step her body's arousal climbed higher. By the time she pushed the up button she could feel a drip slid down her thigh.

Swati exited the elevator and walked to the main office door. She prayed no one was there yet but when she entered she was shocked when she saw Chrystal sitting at her receptionist desk smiling at her.

"Good Morning Swati. Are you feeling better? I love the new look." Chrystal asked in rapid order.

"Good Morning Chrystal," Swati answered, "Yes I am and thank you." Swati kept walking hoping she could get to her office without any additional questions.

"Wait Swati, I have a couple of messages for you and I want to take a closer look at your dress." Chrystal added.

Swati stopped in her tracks, her mind instantly obeying the command. She turned and faced her, she stood still while Chrystal walked up to her and spun her finger. Swati knew what she wanted and spun in a circle showing off her dress. When she was facing Crystal again she stood with her hands at her side as Mistress Ann required.

Crystal smiled at Swati's compliance with her commands. She was expecting her to arrive as Jamal told her what to expect.

"My aren't you sexy today. Did you forget to wear your bra? I would never have expected you to be such a slut." Crystal goaded.

"Please Chrystal; I need to get to my office. I have a lot of work to do." Swati asked but it sounded more like she was pleading.

"Why of course but let me adjust your dress, is seems to be coming apart." Chrystal answered as she reached forward and grabbed each side right between Swati's tits. Swati gasped as she felt her finger slip inside the fabric and touch her already aroused nipples. In spite of her efforts to hide her body's arousal, she groaned and felt her knees weaken.

Chrystal knew the slut was completely under her control and slowly slid her hands down to the belt holding the wrap around dress closed. Swati was now panting as she stood there as the receptionist slowly opened the belt and her dress.

"You slut, you're naked under your dress." Chrystal smiled as her hand slid up and pushed the dress off Swati's shoulders and down to the ground. Swati was now panicking as she was now almost naked in the lobby of her office. Her only covering was the quarter cup shelf bra.

"Please Chrystal, don't do this." She begged.

"Shut up slut and do as you're told." She barked.

Swati nodded and stood waiting for instructions. Her mind unable to refuse any dominate person any longer.

Chrystal knew she only had a few minutes and pulled out a pair of nipple clips from her pocket and clipped Swati's nipples. "Grab you clothes and get to your office. Don't you dare take those off. Master cock will be in touch. Oh and don't get dressed until you're told."

Swati nodded, her voice gone. She bent over grabbed her dress and dashed down the hall to her office. Once inside her body almost exploded as everything that had happened crashed down on her leaving her an aroused mass of female flesh.

She leaned against the door, trying to get her body under control. Her pussy was leaking like a sieve and her nipples aching. Taking deep breaths she managed to keep from having an orgasm and slowly walked over to her chair still carrying her dress. She sat down and turned on her computer. As it booted up her hand drifted to her nipples and pulled the clips sending another pulse down to her core.

When she typed in her password and her desktop appeared, she almost screamed. The picture staring back at her was her kneeling in the booth naked and sucking a cock. Her body covered in spit, and cum. She quickly right clicked and tried to change it but a message popped up she didn't have permission to make changes. Swati knew if anyone saw it she would be fired or worse forced to submit to them. A tear ran down her cheek as her fingers slipped down to her clit and lightly brushed it.

Swati sat there naked and stroking her clit when her cell buzzed, her body jumped at the sound and quickly pulled her phone out of her purse.

"Yes Master Cock how can this slave please you." She answered.

"My, my slave, you can't keep your fingers out of my cunt. Do you like your new desktop?" Jamal demanded.

"Yes Master," She answered as she knew it was required.

"Good answer slave. I see you met Chrystal this morning, and I see you are dressed as instructed." Master Cock gloated. Swati cringed at his words.

"Yes Master I did meet her and I haven't dressed."

"Well, you will now notice in your documents folder there is a new directory. It is marked Slut. I want you to open it and go to the folder marked yesterday's date. You will watch each video before you dress. No matter who comes in you will watch the videos and then dress." Master Cock instructed.

"Master Cock, may I speak?" Swati asked.

"Yes slut what is it" He answered.

"Please Master, I will watch the videos but may I dress. The CEO is due in today and he might stop by. If I'm caught I will be fired." She pleaded.

"No slut, you will follow my direction completely. If you get fired then you will have more time to serve me. Remember you will let in anyone who knocks."

"Yes Master Cock," She answered as she clicked on the folder.

The phone went dead as she opened the first video. It was her waking up in the kennel and being washed by the landscapers. The next file was of her at Beth's house with her friends. Swati watched each and every moment. She wanted to be repulsed and to hate every minute, but her body betrayed her again as her or her Master's cunt pulsed and leaked all over her chair.

Again her fingers drifted down and stroked her clit pushing her already excited body even closer to an orgasm.

Just as she opened the video of her at the glory hole, a knock at her door. She jumped and almost came when she heard it but followed her orders. "Come in please."

The door quickly opened and in rushed Devika. Swati gasped when she saw her fellow employee standing in front of her. Gone was her arrogant attitude, in fact she seemed defeated. Her blouse was open and showing a lot of cleavage. It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Swati looked at Devika's skirt and almost giggled. It was a black faux leather skirt that came to barely mid-thigh. It was so short you could just see the lace tops to her stockings.

Devika was panting and her face looked flushed. "Swati, I was ordered to come here and eat your pussy. If I make you cum I can take out the plug in my ass and go back to work. If I don't I have to go to a glory hole at lunch and suck a dozen cocks." Devika looked down at the floor and continued. "Master Cock told me to tell you that you are not allowed to cum and if you do you will remain naked and suck off anyone who enters the rest of the day."

Swati could only look at her and shake her head. "Oh, god please no!" She whispered. Her body was already on the edge and the thought of sucking cocks, naked in her own office almost pushed her over the edge. "Please Devika don't do this, I can't be sucking cocks in here. Please I need you to not do this." Swati was begging.

Devika had a defeated look in her eyes and opened her blouse and dropped it to the floor. Her skirt soon followed. She was standing nearly naked staring at Swati. The defeated look changed to a look of lust as she dropped to her knees and crawled around the desk. Swati was frozen in her chair. Her body was unable to move away. Her mind screaming to run but knowing her Master was watching every move.

Devika grabbed the arm of the chair and spun it facing her boss. Swati's legs were now on each side of her hips. She looked up into Swati's eyes and saw no resistance. She leaned forward and lowered her head between Swati's legs. She extended her tongue she lightly licked the dripping slit now in front of her mouth. The gasp she heard seemed so loud Devika thought she heard an echo. Knowing that Swati was just as close to an orgasm as she was, she attacked Swati's core with enthusiasm. Her own hand was between her legs as she needed relief just as much as the groaning woman she was servicing.

In seconds both women were moaning and thrashing as each were consumed with lust and passion.

Jamal watched as his two slaves each struggled with their own agendas. Devika's was to make Swati cum and Swati to not cum from the tongue buried in her cunt and nibbling on her clit. Both frightened on what might happen if she failed.

It was only about ten minutes before Swati lost the battle as her body exploded and soaked Devika's face and chest. She had to shove her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming out as the orgasm pulsed up and down her body.

Devika sat back and smiled, Swati could only guess what she had been through the last few days, but if her life was anything like hers the last few days she knew it had been humiliating.

Devika slowly stood and dressed. She looked at Swati and said, "I'm sorry Swati, but I must take your dress. I'm not allowed to stop anyone from visiting you once they are near your door. But I am allowed to distract them. I will do my best to keep management away, but I can't make any promises. I'm so sorry but I can't go to a glory hole and suck strange cocks, I just can't." She cried as she gathered Swati's dress and walk out of the door.

Swati was still coming down from the massive orgasm when there was another knock at her door. Swati could hardly speak when she croaked out, "Come in."

The door opened and Crystal strolled in like she owned the place. "I saw Devika in the hall and she told me you lost. Here is how the rest of the morning will go. I will make sure the CEO won't be visiting you, but I will be directing people for you to service. You know that night at the event I thought I recognized you but didn't believe it. You are truly a slut and now you're going to be my slut here at work. So for the next few hours whenever you hear three knocks followed by three knocks, you will invite them in. You will suck their cocks or eat their pussies until they cum. If someone knocks and it's not three knocks followed by three knocks you will call out you are on a conference call and cannot be disturbed. Do you understand slut?" Crystal stated looking down at the naked slut cowling behind her desk.

"Yes Ma 'am I do." Swati answered in barely a whisper. Her job and life were now in the hands of the company receptionist.

"Good!" Crystal barked, opened the door and walked out. As soon as the door closed, Swati collapsed and dropped her head on her desk. She had no control and she knew she was nothing more than the office whore, all because she masturbated in her office on that Saturday morning.

It was only a few minutes before she heard three knocks, followed by three more knocks. She gathered her thoughts and called out, "Come in."

The door opened an in walked two very young men. Both were black and she recognized that they were two interns serving during the summer break. She felt her face flush as she slowly dropped to her knees and crawled over to them.

Swati's mind was on autopilot as she approached the two large black boys. They were young, barely twenty one. Each had a huge smile on their face as the humiliated naked vice president of marketing Indian woman crawled over to them. They didn't say a word but the expressions on their faces spoke volumes. Swati reached up with shaking hands and started to unfasten the first one's pants. She unzipped the zipper and pulled his pants down to his knees. Her face was at cock level as the boxer tented from the large black cock.

Just the sight of the large cock pushed Swati's body's arousal higher. When she pulled the boxers down it bounced off her chin and against her face. It was so large it went from her chin to well above her eyes, and so thick it blocked his face. She reached up and grabbed the massive black cock, her fingers not even touching as she wrapped them around it. She stroked it and felt it grow even larger. The only thought going through her mind was would she be able to fit it in her mouth. Swati kissed the head and licked the slit tasting the pre-cum now dripping out of it.

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