tagNonConsent/ReluctanceImpressions Ch. 15

Impressions Ch. 15


Thank you all who have been reading my story series. This story contains nonconsensual sex, and forced slavery to a woman. It is not condoned nor should anyone be subjected to this treatment. This is fantasy and is meant for entertainment only. It is not based on any real persons and any similarities are strictly coincidental. If this is not your interest please choose another story.

Although you can start at this chapter you would get more out of it if you have read the previous chapters.

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It took Swati almost 15 minutes to gather her thoughts and put herself together enough to walk out of her office. The morning had been difficult; Swati had given six blowjobs and eaten two women including Crystal. Her mind hated every moment but her body was on fire. The constant sex and no relief were driving her crazy. Now walking out of the office she couldn't even look anyone in the eyes. She wanted to run away and hide, but her mind was now thinking about her Master, and with each step she wanted him even more.

By the time Swati reached the basement where Jamal's janitor closet was located, Swati was dripping and needing his cock. The last few days really didn't give her satisfaction like her Master. His cock and his control was what she desired.

She knocked softly and waited for him to open the door. It was quiet as she stood waiting for a response. Swati stood there nervously not knowing what to do and just as she started to knock again, the door opened. Just the sight of her master, the man that took total control over her just a day or so ago sent shivers up and down her spine.

It was only a day ago since she last saw him, but after all that had happened to her, it felt like ages. With Siva gone, and her son at his grandparents, she was left with only her Master for her to love.

Jamal eyes scanned the slave nervously standing in front of him. Swati felt like he was stripping her naked even as she stood with her dress still draped on her body. Unconsciously she dropped to her knees and kissed his dirty shoes, the same shoes that mopped and cleaned the floors. Never in her life would she ever would have done such a thing before. But now her mind and body was stripped of any pride, or self-esteem. Not only did she do the despicable act, she did it voluntarily and willingly. The taste turned her stomach but left her feeling satisfied that she might be pleasing her Master.

The only thought going through her mind was to prove she was his slave, owned, and completely his. She hated her Mistress and the terrible things she made her do, but if it pleased her Master she would endure it.

Swati felt a hand on the back of her head. Stroking her hair as if she were a pet, as a warm feeling filled her body. "Stand slave." Was all he said. Swati jumped to her feet, keeping her eyes lowered. She no longer felt worthy to look him in the eyes. She stood passively waiting on instructions. She didn't think of her job, her friends, her family, her concentration was solely on her Master's voice.

"Strip" was his next command. Swati unfastened the chain belt and slid the slinky dress from her shoulders and dropped it to the floor, leaving it in a pool at her feet.

Swati's eyes were still locked on the floor when she saw his large black fingers grab her nipples. The touch was electric sending shocks to her extremities. When they tighten and pulled she gasped as the pain wasn't pain but filled her with lust as her cunt pulsed and her mind filled with memories of when he took possession of her.

Jamal pulled his slave by her nipples to a small table in the middle of the room. Not saying a word, he pointed at it and shoved her gently. Swati didn't need verbal instruction, she laid down on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could. She was giving herself to her owner. Her mind thinking he would take her again and praying he would. He grabbed her ankles and pushed them up until they were near her head.

"Hold them and don't let go." Again his commands left no doubt who was in charge. She knew he expect complete obedience and she was not about to disappoint him. She reached up and grasped her knees and pulled them closer to her head, leaving her completely exposed and totally available to him.

She held her position as her Master took in her body scanning every inch of his possession. She could feel her kitty purr with anticipation of him filling her and completing her, filling her with his seed and owning her again.

Swati was panting as her body started to quiver from the awkward position. Her legs burning from the exertion of holding herself so open. But the pain only made her more in need of his touch. It didn't matter how he touched her, just to feel his touch would be enough.

Swati almost cried when he turned his back to her and walked to a locker against the wall. The feeling of loss was debilitating when he moved away. But Swati didn't move a muscle. She would not disappoint him, but could not hold back a moan as a tear slipped out of the corner of her eyes and down the side of her face. 'I have failed my Master!' filled her mind. 'Please don't leave me Master!' her mind screamed. But not a peep escaped her mouth. She held her legs so tightly her knuckles were white as snow, her legs trembling with the effort to maintain the position her Master desired. When she saw him turn back she almost orgasmed. He was not leaving her.

She didn't notice the small object he pulled out of the locker. Her eyes locked on his smile. As he stepped closer to her she could feel her lust for him grow to almost unbearable levels. When he stopped right at her exposed and available orifices, she felt a drip run down the crack of her ass. Her lips winked at him, inviting him to take her.

She watched as his hand reached out and touched her stomach and slid down towards her core. He lightly stroked her body slowly moving closer to her needy cunt. When he finally touched her lips a loud gasp escaped from somewhere deep inside her. His large fingers touching, caressing her, and spreading her dripping lips, as her eyes closed as her entire world shrunk to the small area of his touch. She felt him pull back her hood and expose her bundle of nerves, the cool air causing her stomach to convulse.

Swati was in another world when he grasped her control button and squeezed. Her eyes flew open as an electric bolt shot out to every inch of her sole. When she felt him pull her clit it was everything she could do to keep the massive orgasm building up inside her from exploding and consuming her.

He held her clit between his fingers, not moving as she was struggling to maintain control. As her breathing slowed down, she felt something being clamped on her button. It didn't hurt but kept constant pressure and when his fingers left her the pressure remained.

Then it hit her, vibrations directly on her clit. Swati body shook as the vibrations spread out to her entire body. But her Master wasn't touching her, in fact he had moved away. Swati was panting as the vibrations didn't go away only sent her body ever closer to the edge of a massive cliff but not over the edge. Swati was shaking, her legs cramping and her clit vibrating and her mind confused when she heard him speak again.

"Stand up slave. I'm not done with you yet."

Swati didn't move. 'WHAT!' Her mind screamed.

She was confused and her body was never in need as it was at this very moment.

"Please Master?" Were the first words whispered since she walked in the room.

"Please what slut?" He answered.

"Please Master I need you." She begged, "What have you done to me? I can't move. I can't think. I need to cum Master."

"What you need is of no consequence. What you need is to obey me and get up. Your lunch is over and you need to go back to work." Jamal flatly stated. There was no emotion in his voice. He spoke as if he was explaining to a child.

"What did you do to me? My body is on fire Master." Swati voice was strained as she struggled to understand what was happening.

"Well my slut, you I just attached a small vibrator to your clit. It is designed to be attached to your clit and produces low level vibrations for hours on end. It won't be enough to get you off but it will keep you in the proper state of mind that a slave should be. The only thing I want you to think about is how much you want to cum." Jamal smiled as he looked at his slave was struggling to speak.

Swati, still panting like a thirsty puppy, as she slowly dropped her legs and tried to get off the table. With each movement sent vibrations radiating out from her clit and making each movement difficult. She slid her feet to the floor and leaned against the table as her legs barely held her upright.

"Please Master, I can't function like this. I have a meeting this afternoon. It's with our CEO and I..." She tried to explain when she moved her legs closer together and bumped her clit. The shockwaves shot out of her cunt and left her speechless.

"Not my problem slave. If you lose your job I put you out on the street and your life is forever changed. Now get dressed and go back to work." Jamal barked. "Now spread your legs."

Swati opened her legs as her Master grabbed a metal belt and wrapped it tightly around her waist. He then pulled another belt and attached it to the belt and between her legs. When he finished she was locked in chastity. There was no chance to touch her clit or remove the infernal device driving her crazy.

"Get dressed slave." Her Master barked.

Swati bent over and picked up her now wrinkled dress and covered her highly aroused body. Just the feel of the material sent shivers down her spine.

Jamal opened the door and pointed out of the room. Swati knew not to argue but slowly walked past her Master and into the hall.

Swati took almost ten minutes to make it to the elevator and to her floor. She walked into the lobby of her office and saw Crystal smiling at her. She walked past her and down the hallway to her office. Once inside she shut the door and leaned against it. She was afraid to sit as each touch on her body only increase her need to orgasm.

Swati didn't know how long she stood there as her mind was filled with need, when she felt a knock at her door. She moaned and moved away from it, turned and opened the door. Standing in the hallway was Devika, Swati stood aside as she walked into her office.

"Swati, your meeting with the boss is in five minutes. I was told to make sure you're not late." Devika spoke her voice quivering. "Are you okay?" She asked.

"I don't know. Master Cock put a vibrator on my clit and locked me in chastity. I am barely functioning and I don't know if I can make it to the meeting." Swati answered.

"Well if you don't you might get fired. Mr. Williams is in one of his moods and you better be there." Devika said and grabbed Swati's hand and pulled her out of the office and down the hall.

Swati's knees almost buckled as Devika pulled her towards the conference room. She looked at her and whispered "Please just a moment. I need a second to gather my thoughts."

Devika stopped and looked at the disheveled executive, standing in the hall, her wrinkled dress barely covering her body, her face and neck flushed and there was a distinct aroma of pussy around her. She looked around and pulled Swati into an empty office.

Devika quickly pulled a brush out of her purse and brushed Swati's hair. Then she gathered her dress and fastened it as best as she could. Swati stood motionless and let her formal rival put her back together. "Thank you Devika." She whispered.

"Shut up slut, I might need you to pull my ass out of a jam sometime soon and you better come through." She said flatly.

It took a couple minutes before Devika finish touching up Swati's face and clothes. She looked Swati up and down and finally said, "Well it's the best I can do. You have about 30 seconds before you walk into the meeting. Get a grip slut." She opened the door and pulled Swati to the conference room and shoved her through the door.

Swati stood just inside the door as the room was already full. She looked around the large table and every eye was on her including the CEO.

"Well nice of you to join us Swati." The large gruff CEO spoke. "The meeting started at 1:15. That means 1:15 not 1:20. Now sit down and grab an itinerary. I expect your report when it's your turn." The man barked and continued where he left off.

Swati was flushed and everyone thought it was because she was embarrassed but it was the clit Vibe that was the cause.

The meeting lasted almost two hours. Luckily Swati wasn't called upon as several items went longer than expected and the CEO had to leave to make a flight.

When he adjourned the meeting and briskly walked out, Swati took a breath for what felt like the first time since she walked in. Everyone left the room but one, Bill Johnson. He was in charge of the interns for the company. Bill was a low level manager and really wasn't needed at the meeting, but because it was a management meeting he had been included.

"Well Swati, nice dress. I like your new wardrobe." He said as he sat down next to her. Swati really didn't know him, she knew who he was but never really looked at him. He was a short man, barely 5'5" tall and grossly overweight. His large belly and ass filled the chair and spilled out over the arms. His white shirt was wrinkled and had yellow sweat stains under the arms.

Swati looked up at his sweaty face and said, "It's been a difficult day Bill."

"It looks like it; did you sleep in your dress?" He asked, but before she could say anything he added, "Or was it when you took it off to give a blow job?"

Swati gasped as she saw him leering at her and laughing.

"Yeah I heard about you and my interns. Did you expect to suck them off without me finding out, you stupid slut? Now unless you want me to announce what happened to the entire office, we will go back to my office and you will give me the same courtesy. It's up to you slut." He demanded as he stood and walked to the door. When he got there he turned to see if she was following him.

Swati slowly stood and followed like a beaten puppy. Bill's office was on the other side of the floor. They had to walk past almost everyone in the company. Of course everyone noticed as Bill led the blushing Swati past them and down the hall to his office.

When they walked in, Bill flopped down in his chair and motioned her to close the door. As Swati slowly closed the door it felt like a jail cell door closing, when the door latched she felt like a prisoner. Standing in front of the large desk covered with piles of paper and empty food wrappers. The smell was almost overpowering of sweat and stale air.

'Okay slut, I don't have much time, get out of that dress and get over here." He barked. Swati opened the chain and dropped her dress to the floor. Not bothering to pick it up, she dropped to her knees and crawled around to the disgusting obese man. She looked up at him and his smirking face as he opened his pants and shoving them down his fat legs.

Swati almost choked when the smell hit her. It smelled like urine and sweat. His smallish cock could barely be seen below the rolls of fat. Bill leaned back and spread his legs. Swati struggled to not vomit as she watched him grab his enormous stomach and pull it up exposing his nasty cock.

"Come on slut or do I need to grab your dress and walk out and show everyone what a slut you really are?" He barked.

Swati gasped and quickly slid forward and swallowed his cock. It was difficult as her head was pushed back at an awkward angle as when he felt her mouth on his erect cock he released his stomach covering her entire head and almost shutting off all air. Swati almost wished it was cut off as the smell was overwhelming.

It didn't take long before Bill's cock swelled and spewed his nasty seed in Swati's mouth. It tasted worse than he smelled. Swati face was covered in sweat and drool. She pulled back and sat on her haunches waiting to be told what to do. Her slave training was taking charge.

Bill looked down at the naked slut and smirked, "get out of here slut, I have work to do." As he pulled up his pants and turned towards his desk.

Swati's head dropped as she never had felt more like a whore than at that moment. She had been used and thrown away, and what's worse was her body loved every second as her mind hated it. She was confused as the constant vibrations on her clit kept her on edge.

At least with her Mistress and Master, they took some pleasure at using her. With Bill she was just a receptacle for his seed. She grabbed her dress and wrapped it around her body. Swati opened the door and walked out of Bill's office. She looked down the hall and knew she had to walk past almost everyone in the company. The taste of his nasty cum filling her mouth, her wrinkled dress, and her hair a mess left no doubt what she had done. Her body started to tremble with shame and lust. Luckily there was a restroom just off to the left and she rushed through the door. Swati scanned the room and breathed a sigh of relief there wasn't anyone there. She looked in the mirror and it wasn't her standing there but a slut, her lipstick smeared around her lips, her hair an absolute mess, and a wrinkled dress that was clinging to her sweaty body. She slipped into a stall and shoved her hand between her legs. She knew she didn't have permission to cum, but she didn't care. Her body was completely out of control and she needed relief. Punishments be damned. In seconds she had three fingers buried in her gaping cunt with one hand while the other was pinching her nipples. It didn't take long before her body erupted sending out wave after wave of glorious pleasure throughout her entire being, curling her toes and consuming her mind. She hated herself that sucking nasty Bill's cock could do this to her, but god it was wonderful.

How could Master do this to her? How could her body surrender to such humiliation? Is this what she had become, nothing more than a common whore that craved drinking cum and submitting to the worst humiliations in her life? Swati sat on the toilet and cried. She had no idea how long she sat there but three orgasms later she finally got up and cleaned her face. Standing in front of the mirror, she did what she could to make herself presentable and walked out of the restroom and down the hall.

As soon as she arrived in what was called the bullpen, a large room filled with that was part of the new office style. The entire room was open with modular desks facing each other but no barriers to hide behind. She put her head down and walked as quickly as possible trying to attract as little attention as possible. But by the time she made it to the center of the room, all conversation stopped and everyone was watching her every move. Swati's chest felt like there was an elephant sitting on her. Her breathing coming in short pants, as deep down she just knew everyone knew what she just did. By the time she made to the other side, the conversations had started again and everyone was back to work. She didn't look at anyone but continued down the hall on the other side of the room as she headed back to her office.

Swati sat at her desk, the clit vibe still going strong. She pulled her dress up and looked at the chastity belt. Her clit felt like it was swollen and guessed it was almost two inches long as she could feel it outside her lips. She touched the belt and with just a little pressure bolts of electricity shot out and sent wave after wave of sensations to all her extremities. She didn't know how long she could stand it. Her mind was surrendering to her body's desires and now she didn't care if anyone found out, when a knock rang out.

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