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Impressive Miss Jones



Born pretty and improving like a ripening peach, Satin Jones wandered along Main Street in despair. She had $1791.67 to her name and $1327.00, her one-third share of the month's rent of, was due next Tuesday. Should Satin fail to stump up with her share of the rent, her two roommates would surely ask her to pay what she could and then leave so they could replace her.

Three years ago Satin, daughter of a dressmaker mother and shoe store manager father, had left home when her parents decided to split. She'd nowhere else to go apart from asking either of two aunts to take her in. However their kids had left home and she thoughtfully assumed they'd not welcome having her taking up residency and in need of financial support to upset their new routines.

She really would have to find a replacement job and find it quickly. The company she'd worked as a kitchen appliance sale assistant had folded, leaving her adrift in a tight job market. Although possessing some skill, she believed she lacked the experience and dress sense and hip sway to be a successful hooker. But she was facing financial crisis.

Satin noticed a film crew ahead of her interviewing people on a snap poll.

The 22-year old blonde former college beauty queen stood and watched people being questioned about the chances of a contender attempting to unseat Mayor Walt Pearson at the upcoming election.

Some of the comments were predictable such as, 'They both have a chance' or 'My thinking is one of them will win'.

It was pathetic.

Suddenly she was bathed in camera light and a microphone hovered on a boon above her head.

"Young lady, what's your name?"

"Satin Jones."

"No I mean your real name."

"Shove off you jerk. I was named Satin Jones within an hour of my birth."

In Orion Film's studio a mile away the woman watching the monitor called, "Rebecca quickly, take a look at this."

Rebecca came running and shrieked, "Omigod" and grabbed her phone.

The sidewalk interviewer apologized, and said, "Who do you think will win our mayoral contest?"

"My hope is Jed Wilks will unseat Sam Pearson who who's done next to nothing for this city in his third term in office. He's run out of ideas and is just cruising. We need new blood."

The interviewer grinned as said, "Thank you Satin. You have delivered a strong opinion."

The camera focused on someone else and a woman wearing a headset appeared beside Satin and said, "Please take this call miss. It really is for you."

Wondering what this was about, Satin took the phone and said, "What do you want?"

"Satin my name is Rebecca Florence and I'm a casting agent from Chicago. I'm in your city on a scouting visit. A car clearly marked Orion Films is on the way to collect you. It should be there within ten minutes. Ask Fiona, the woman who handed you her phone, to confirm who I am. Note Fiona is wearing a vest with Orion Films named on it and she is wearing an ID that states she is Fiona Smith of Orion Films. My hope is I can offer you work."


Satin handed the phone back to the redhead woman and checked her ID card on a neckband to confirm she was Fiona Smith.

"Who's Rebecca Florence?"

"She's freelance casting agent from Chicago who's looking for a fresh face for a leading advertising agency."

"Does my face look fresh?"

"You look pretty good to me but those people look beyond 10-second appeal... you know hair, eyes, chin, length of neck, smile and the hidden elements of the mix."

"The mix? Like what?"

"Allure I suppose."

"Do I possess allure Fiona?"

"I have no idea but if you would like fame and fortune, even for a brief period, Rebecca Florence might be your meal ticket."

"So what do I do?"

"Walk away or go to her and gamble you have what it takes. It's your call. Mrs Florence is not your keeper."

Satin decided in an instant she needed a meal ticket and waited for the vehicle to arrive.

Mrs Florence watched Satin approach and heard her mutter, "Omigod, the body as well."

Satin had no idea what 'as well' referred to.

They talked.

"So I test and if accepted I walk into a shower nude, pick up a bottle of hair conditioner, apply it to my hair keeping my face clear of my arms and look down just to the left of the camera and say, 'I feel beautiful'. A voice-over will add product description and for that brief work I'll get two grand?"

"That's about it although there will be several takes to get everything right. You'll have no agent's fees because you don't have an agent but you'll have to join Actor's Equity otherwise the film crew and support crew may refuse to work with you."

"Oh if I'm to go to Chicago I'll need a loan. I'm flat broke."

"I'll drive you there in the morning. Here's a couple of hundred to buy a half-decent dress and shoes. Give me the address where I can collect you at 10:00."

"Um don't you want me to sign a contract?"

"Not today. You can't look like you do and be untrustworthy."

Satin took a cab home and in a daze told Jess and Zoë she was off to Chicago to make her fortune. They listened to her in awe and Jess warned Satin she might have been recruited as a drugs courier.

That thought had occurred to Satin but Mrs Florence looked like what Satin pictured a casting agent would look like and so she trusted her. She laughed and said was sure Mrs Florence was genuine and apologized for leaving without much notice and settled her share of rent.

Mrs Florence arrived in a red current model Mercedes coupe and invited Satin to drive. She said Satin should call her Rebecca and chatted away, complimenting Satin's driving ability and mention she was forty-four and had retired from stage acting six years ago.

"I was a better actress than I am a casting agent but I was aging. I left acting when finding I was no longer winning the sexy women roles that had become my specialty. The only work on offer became motherly roles. My god."

Clint Owen at the advertising agency decided Satin looked perfect for the role. The contract was signed with Satin receiving an advance, Rebecca received her fee and Satin never saw her again.

Satin banked her check and Clint invited her to stay with him, saying his wife was on a modeling job in Dallas for a month.

"Thank you, you are so kind," Satin said innocently.

Clint took her home and said there were only two rules: Satin must not answer the phone because the caller could be his wife or one of her friends and Satin must not touch his wife's things.

"But there's something else you may touch," Clint grinned.

He almost crashed the car when Satin looked at him with her trusting baby blue eyes and asked, "What's up Clint?"

He pulled her hand on to her lap and only jumped missed ramming the cab ahead of the car when Satin cooed, "Omigod you are s-o-o-o big Clint."

Even before the garage door shut, Cliff was over the center console of the car to get at Satin and she was squealing joyfully in such wild excitement that had Cliff almost ejaculating before he'd unzipped.

He was big but no problem for Satin. One of her uncles had been bigger.

In it slipped.

She squeezed.

Clint lasted four strokes and was still trying to free her tits when head jerked back, his mouth fell open and he groaned in dismay as he erupted.

"God you come quickly," she soothed. "Are you able to continue?"

Clint was about to shamefacedly admit he needed a rest but a miracle occurred. Satin moved athletically and rolled him and had his dripping cock tip in her mouth and was tongue flicking it and her free hand was rolling his balls. Within thirty seconds Clint felt an electrical surge through his body and knew he was re-armed, ready to go again. He rolled Satin back into position and invited her not to squeeze until he gave the signal.

There were fluids everywhere and he slid back in thinking holy shit, Satin really was a great fuck.

Pink-faced and panting slightly as she attempted to bang back under the weight of his body, Satin said, "Our elderly pastor taught me that trick and I became the only woman who could get him off."


Clint erupted again only two minutes after resumption.

"Let's go inside. I need a steak and a break."

"Aw, aren't we going to fuck?"

Clint wondered had he at last taken on more than he could handle.

"Clint perhaps I can teach you some techniques to overcome your tendency to slump into premature ejaculations."


"Yikes look at all this mess," he yelped.

Her advice was to remove his shirt and use it to mop them both.

"You come hugely Clint."

Clint couldn't believe it. He felt himself becoming hard again.

He grinned, thinking about a couple of beers and a steak, Satin would really be in the firing line.

Driving to the office next morning, Clint looked more than jaded. The young bitch had pulled him from sleep during the night looking for more dick. He really needed to rejoin the gym and return to an energy-promoting diet. His wife might benefit as well.

Sarah Dulles, director of the all-female film crew, had decided not to ask the young woman to remove her panties in the shower. It was difficult to shoot and keep pussy hair out of view anyway.

She'd allowed an hour for rehearsal and fifteen minutes later, after she demonstrated how she wanted Satin to stand and to smile softly, keeping her facial expression relaxed and left hand rising erotically over her body to cup the left breast to conceal it as she turned from the hips to face the camera a little more directly to project movement.

Satin went into the shower box fully clothed and did what Sarah had demonstrated perfectly.

Sarah blinked and said, "Come out and do it again."

Again it was perfect. Shaking her head and not praising Satin to avoid inflating the young girl's ego that could attempt her to over-act, Sarah said, "That will do for the moment. Let's go for coffee."

Later the full female crew gathered in Studio 2 to prepare for filming and the external monitors were turned off.

"Right Satin, time to undress," Sarah called and was handed the authority Satin had signed to check that it was completely satisfactorily.

Sarah heard crew around her draw in breath and the camera woman murmur Omigod. She looked up and saw the most perfect female body she'd ever seen in the flesh.

"Omigod," she breathed.

The young body was like an ancient Greek statue and not a hair in sight below the neck.

Sarah felt aroused and looking around could see she was not alone in that. Wow were her females all secret lesbians?

Her professionalism took over.

"Right," she said in a voice that indicated just who was in command. "Take the container of hair conditioner into the shower box Satin. The water is set to mildly warm."

Satin entered the box and placed her feet on the two drawn images of feet.

"Position is great," called Alix the camerawoman.

Filming began.

Sarah tensed as Satin drew her hand sensuously over her hip and belly to cup the breasts just coming into view.

She glanced around and saw two of the crew touching themselves. Well who could blame them? She returned to look at her monitor.

Sarah called cut and told Satin she was just a fraction too early as no sign of breast mound had come into view.

"We need to time your hand movement precisely. The client doesn't want the nipple to come into view in fear that might offend some potential female buyers of the product. I'll call instructions as we get close to the cover up point and then to slide into cover up. We can delete that instruction later. The sound of water will be picked up on another mike on another channel."

After the fifth take the timing was perfect and Satin delivered her line perfectly. Sarah was about to call cut when Satin jerked her head back and the hair sent her hair arcing back and water droplets flew off.


Sarah allowed filming to continue because she sensed something was about to happen.

She signaled quiet everyone and keep the camera rolling.

Everyone watching felt the tension.

Satin said in a dreamy voice dripping with rising desire, "This container is so beautiful to hold, the texture so lovely to feel. The design makes me think of a flattened out penis.

The crew watched breathlessly as Satin's hand holding the container dropped until it was just below her groin.

Satin spread her legs and with her free hand opened the outer lips of her pussy and help them open, resting her curled palm over her clit.

The watchers began breathing heavily.

The sound technician had her hand under her denim skirt and Sarah was breathing through her mouth and squeezing her very hard nipple.

Slowly the container entered Satin's pussy and she threw her head back smiling erotically.

Satin began fucking the container and the woman around her fought to control themselves.

Finally Satin rose to her toes and sighed deeply, her face flushed, and she relaxed, bending at the knees slightly. Smiling saintly, she withdrew the insertion that emerged with an obscene-sounding plop.

The watchers glanced at one another and when Satin apologized for being carried away she looked astonished when the team applauded.

Sarah asked Alix for the disc from the camera and the one recorded from the monitor and the camerawoman handed them over reluctantly.

"I suspect you won't allow us to take a copy for home use?"

Sarah smiled and said no the risk would be too great. It was be breach of contract and anyway Satin was such hot property anything she said or did would have to be tightly managed because she now that her talents had been exposed it was obvious she was worth a small fortune.

At Sarah's request, the agency's attorney and external legal consultant, examined the contracts between the agency and Rebecca Florence and the existing contract between the agency and Satin and both attorneys were satisfied the terms of contract with Rebecca Florence had been met and that Mrs Florence had no legitimate claims on the future engagement or earnings of Satin Jones and agreed to draft a new contract for the agency to offer Miss Jones. She would be offered a monthly retainer and share of earnings of fees from her work with the agency and in outside work carried out under sub-contract involving personal appearances, filming or any other type of modeling or media interviews.

The contract was signed after Satin, realizing by the amount of monthly retainer she was regarded a hot property, insisted on the advertising agency providing her with a manager who'd also act as her personal assistant and minder.

The agency's CEO, who'd seen the obscene film clip of Satin, couldn't stop looking at her and accepted she really did need a minder to protect Satin from lechers. Er like himself.

The manufacturer of the hair products, who wasn't shown the film clip about what Satin did next with the container, was wildly ecstatic about the completed promo and signed up for a series of product promos featuring Satin. He believed she was simply stunning and would draw the attention of males and females alike and didn't object to the steep rise in fees for use of Satin. His expectations were well founded because sales of his company's hair conditioner went through the roof.

He ordered poster-size prints of Satin taken from the initial shoot to use for in-store promotions.

The agency showed a copy of the full film clip to the executive editor of a big-selling magazine that featured articles of some of the sexiest women in America.

The poor guy Lenny Armstrong sat in the viewing room unable to avoid straightening his bent-over dick in his tight jeans.

"By god Jenny," he said to the agency's CEO, "This is one of the most erotic clips I've seen in my entire life and I've seen thousands of clips."

"Give you dick some air Lenny," she simpered. "Would you like me to hold it for you?"

Lenny of course said no because other people were in the room. But Jenny accepted his invitation to dinner at his home that night and he requested she bring the film clip with her.

After dinner Lenny ran in film clip in continuous replay and he, his young wife Cindy and Jenny mated on the carpet like animals.

Almost awash with money, seemingly for a woman who previously had been running most of her life near empty, Satin moved into a beautifully appointed small rental apartment and well, thought she was a princess. This was a new level of life for her. Her PA was a woman of 48-eight, happily married with two teenagers and while not sexually out-reaching, approved of Satin and her sexuality and Satin welcomed Gloria as a motherly influence in her life.

It appeared to be a good mix.

The magazine interview took three hours and the photo shoot took the best part of a day and Satin's briefing was she must be 'sympathetic to Mr Armstrong'.

Frowning when reading that note attached to her contact, Satin said to Gloria, "What does this bit about being 'sympathetic' mean?"

Gloria smiled. "I suggest you take condoms with you darling."


Understanding seeped through her and Satin scowled, "God those bastards want me to pull down my panties for Mr Armstrong."

"Darling I think Mr Armstrong will have them off you before you before you know it. He has a huge reputation."

At that, Satin realized the value of having Gloria at her side.

The interviewer drew out from Satin things she'd almost forgotten and as the probing dug deeper she attempted to avoid sounding evasive or pretentious. She assumed the slowing absorption of professional judgment was beginning to show she was thinking and acting with greater maturity but then she made a decision that identified her as being an idiot: She accepted an invitation to have dinner with Mr Armstrong that evening.

He was predatory, there was no doubt about that and when he sought sex Satin said yes, providing it was in her apartment. She had no wish to risk being filmed by hidden cameras sucking off the chief or whatever he wanted and having that used to embarrass her as some later date. She had no idea how sleazy were Mr Armstrong and his outfit.

Within a few minutes of settling on the couch, Satin found Lenny, as she was now invited to call him, was rather small but she sucked and jerked him off hard enough to get him panting, and he seemed pleased about that.

But it was all about him. He practically ignored her and her needs. So she stuffed him into her and kept her movements tight to help keep him in and when he finally shot half a teaspoonful of semen on to her tummy she kissed him and said he was off to have a bath and would he please let himself out.

He was gone when she returned. She hoped if she ever acquired a reputation, it would be more substantive than Larry Armstrong's when it came to be judged.

The agency transferred Satin to its headquarters in New York, presumably to get her away from Lenny and associated scandal that could besmirch her reputation, and the demand for her services grew.

In time because of advertising exposure in cinemas, billboards, newspapers and magazines and in TV advertising and featuring in TV chat shows, Satin became a widely recognized identity and magazines began reporting her in best-dressed surveys and who she was dating and she even made it to gossip columns although most of that was someone's fantasies.

Her unusual name of Satin as well as her looks branded her.

When she would shop woman would say hi and chat if Satin stopped to speak and guys would greet her as if they really knew her.

Then for the first time Satin was nominated as the nation's female advertising rookie of the year in the industry's awards. Although she'd emerged virtually out of nowhere to be hailed as a stunner from Chicago, the media pounced. Her image and details appeared in many publications but a character- suppressed model from Miami took that award, leaving all other nominees in her wake and Satin didn't even make it as one of the ten finalists. That made Satin accept she didn't really fit the current concept of how a model should look and project.

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