tagLesbian SexImpulsive Diversion Ch. 01

Impulsive Diversion Ch. 01


Marina Randell sat in her room lazily daydreaming about the new caretaker her father hired. Kenneth Randell was a wealthy man with an extensive estate. He was constantly away on business trips. Kenneth knew between the media and the envious herd of people, among other things, that his daughter needed someone to take care of her and keep her safe, so he hired an experienced young man in his mid-twenties named Palmer to do the job.

Palmer is young, full-bodied and has a massive amount of strength, Marina thought with an overwhelming sense of ecstasy. She was determined to get him to notice her before her father came home from his two- week business trip. Marina's thoughts were disconnected by the boisterous, overbearing yell up the stairs.

"Marina, come tell your daddy goodbye," Kenneth bellowed.

Marina sighed. "Coming, Daddy," she shouted back at him. She scrambled down the stairs, her long chestnut hair flowing out in all manner of direction. She beamed when she reached the bottom of the stairs. "I'm going to miss you, Daddy." She announced as she gave him a hug.

He reached down and lightly pinched her back-side. She giggled with delight and then with embarrassment as she glanced over her shoulder and saw Palmer curiously watching this abnormal display of affection. "Daddy, knock it off." Her face was flushed with distress.

"Walk outside with me, my little angel." Kenneth shot an intimidating look over in Palmer's direction. Palmer gave him what seemed to be a conquered look and walked into the kitchen.

The porch was occupied with a sea of numerous amounts of flowers. "Oh, Daddy," Marina said breathlessly. "These are for me?"

"You can only keep them if you're a good girl while I'm gone," Kenneth declared as he kissed her lightly on the mouth and then on the neck.

"OK, Daddy. I have one question before you leave. Can Simone stay the night tonight?"

"Of course," Kenneth said pleasantly as a look of frustration shadowed his comely face. Simone was a seductively innocent girl with large breasts and a very attractive body. He knew she was young, but he couldn't help lusting after her virginal flesh. He shook his head to block out the arousing thought. "Well, I'd better go," Kenneth proclaimed distraught by his thoughts. He opened the back door to his limousine, got in, and the limousine driver drove off. Marina waved at her father until she couldn't see the car anymore.

She squealed with excitement, "Two weeks without Daddy. What am I going to do?" She grinned wickedly, she knew exactly what she was going to attempt to do.

Simone pulled her red mustang into the driveway two hours later. She hoisted her bag out of the trunk and onto her back and stared in awe at the enchanting creature that stood next to the gate trimming the bushes. Palmer's rock hard, tan skin glistened with perspiration as the fiery sun shone on his sexy back. "Whoa, baby," Simone mumbled quietly. She glanced over at Marina who sat on a lawn chair sipping Coke admiring his perfect body. I know exactly what's on that little slut's mind, Simone thought as she smiled with jealously.

"Hey girl, what are you up to?" Simone asked as she sauntered up to where Marina was sitting.

"Just admiring the view," Marina voiced innocently.

"Yeah, I bet," Simone snickered.

"Oh," Marina snapped back into reality, "Here, let's go up to my room and do a little girl talk." She grabbed Simone's bag and winked. "This is going to be fun." The girls sat in Marina's room bluntly discussing all the extraordinary things about Palmer's body.

"I wonder how big his shaft is." Marina declared.

"You would think about something like that," Simone stated. The girls giggled loudly.

"You're still a virgin, aren't you Simone?" Marina smirked.

Simone's face flushed with embarrassment. Before she had a chance to answer, Marina pulled out a bottle of Everclear. "Do you know what this stuff will do to you?" Marina asked.

"Let's get wasted." Simone was emphatic.

The girls drank until they didn't know what they were doing. "Let's watch a movie," Marina said. She was getting wet.

Simone looked up after Marina put the video in and saw a well-built guy getting his manhood suckled by a blonde with giant breasts. "What are you watching?" Simone asked horrified by her best friend's audacity.

"I can't sit here, think about Palmer, and do nothing about it," Marina replied hungrily with passion flaring in her cobalt eyes. Her friend stared at her wide-eyed. She looked like a frightened deer. "Simone, you're so sexy when you're flustered." Marina laughed wildly. She walked erotically over to Simone and kissed her intimately. Her teeth grazed Simone's neck lightly.

"What are you doing?" Simone breathed as she secretly craved more.

"I'm tired of you not knowing what it feels like to get off. You're so hot, Simone, you deserve to feel that good."

Simone's pussy became wet with desire as Marina ravenously pulled her shirt over her head and reached behind her to take her red laced bra off. Marina lightly bit Simone's peaks sending her into a rage of ecstasy. Marina slowly kissed Simone's body down to her stomach, pulled off her tight jeans, and began to caress Simone's bud with her tongue. Her juices tasted sweet as Marina sampled her slit for the first time. Marina lifted her sexy black leather skirt and rubbed her own mound with delight as she yearned for Palmer's meat to fill her hole.

Simone bucked her hips up and down as Marina began lapping rougher and more rapidly at her cream. Simone squealed with gratification when she reached her peak. She lay motionless on the bed as Marina fingered herself to a fulfilling climax.

"Oh, my god! That was wonderful," Simone said breathlessly. She smiled with contentment and looked up at Marina. "I want to taste your honey now."

Marina leaned over and devoured the inside of Simone's mouth. Simone's tongue made Marina hunger for more sex. She glanced up amused and saw the door was cracked open. She caught a glimpse of two dark eyes staring at her with a mixture of guilt and disconcert. They quickly disappeared. She heard footsteps rush down the hallway. She laughed pleasantly, Palmer had been watching, but for how long?

"We'll, do it again, Simone," She stated loudly. "But for now, we're going to sleep. I'm tired."

"I can't wait until next time. I hope every time is as good as this one," Simone said happily and closed her eyes.

To Be Continued...

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