tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn a Bottle... Ch. 02

In a Bottle... Ch. 02


"I need to show you something."

Alan had just finished giving his genie a double orgasm -- something that he had only dreamt about until he had watched her do a striptease for him -- and her body was still flushed with the excitement. He would've been surprised that she could walk so soon after that, but lately things came as less and less of a surprise every day. She had him by the hand and was leading him down his hallway towards the second bedroom of his apartment.

"I hope you do not mind that I let myself into your apartment today," she apologized, "But I was aware of your living situation and made the decision myself to live here where I would be closer to you, and thus more available to assist in your desires."

"Of course I don't..." Alan started to say, but only managed to get a couple of disjointed vowels out because she had opened the door, revealing what was inside.

It was still the second bedroom of his apartment... but solely in the respect that it was attached to his apartment. The room had somehow been altered in the nine hours between when he had left for work in the morning, and now. For starters, it was thrice as big as his main living room, making it not really a bedroom anymore, except for the bed that was now in the center of the room. And what a bed! It was as though someone had taken two king-sized beds and trimmed each into a half circle and then pushed them together. It was also covered with silk sheets that very much reminded Alan of the clothing his genie was no longer wearing. There were pillows strewn about the circular 'bed', since no direction was rightfully the top half, and several more around the base making it look more like a mountain or a plateau of inviting comfort.

"Wow," was all he said at first.

Alan swept his gaze across the rest of the room taking in the white walls (which appeared to be made of real granite), the trickling fountain with five tiers, and all of the decorations before his wandering eyes fell upon a chest of drawers with three mismatched objects on top. One was an ornate vase covered in gilding and murals, with a lid that sunk down so snugly that from where he was standing, Alan couldn't even see the seam that separated them. The second was a sturdy looking treasure chest that had three keyholes down the front and three keys placed neatly beside it. One was heavily jeweled, the second looked to be made of rusty iron, and the third key was transparent as though it were made of glass. The final object was a polished oil lamp that had more arabic writing -- he guessed -- all along the base. Alan turned back to his nude genie standing beside the door watching his reaction.

"Are those...?" he pointed in the direction of the chest of drawers against the wall.

"The three djinni, each with the power to grant a desire to its master," she finished. "I hope this alteration does not displease you. I was not aware that you were in the process of replacing your previous roommate."

"Displease me? Have you gone crazy? This place is amazing! And I am not looking for another roommate, I was merely commenting that my last one would have been uncomfortable with having you..." he gestured with an open palm to her glorious nudity, "Like this in our apartment."

She smiled at his appraisal and bounced across the room to hug him, pressing her glowing skin against his chest. He held her tightly, enjoying the feel of her warm breasts against him and the flowery scent of her dark mane under his nose. The closeness also reminded both of them that Alan's erection had never gone away. He reached a hand down and squeezed one of her irresistible ass cheeks.

"Speaking of desires..." Alan insinuated with a grin. He knew that she would catch his meaning easily enough, but she merely looked up at him with her dark red eyes. Waiting. She knew what all of his desires were. Waiting was torture.

"I desire that you get down on your knees and blow me," he said, finally.

"Yes, master."

With that she slithered out of the embrace and got down on her hands and knees. She removed his pants while shaking her ass to and fro. Once he was as naked as she was, his genie began kissing lightly all along his shaft. Just before she was about to get to the head, she would turn the other way and kiss back down along the opposite side of his shaft. He shivered and groaned and bucked his hips to no avail. She was excellent at teasing him, and it was driving him insane.

When he felt like he was about ready to grab her hair and force himself into her mouth she sat back on her heels and grinned up at him knowingly. She stood up and pushed him backwards until he tripped on something and fell. He threw his hands back to catch himself and discovered that he was on the bed and he had tripped on a pillow.

His genie climbed up onto the bed after him like a cat stalking its prey. Still grinning at him, she cupped her tongue firmly around the head of his cock and lowered her face down onto his crotch slowly. It felt as though he were falling without a parachute. Down, down, down into a warm darkness that enveloped his mind and seeped into all of the infinitesimal cracks. He floated in this feeling of erotic pleasure as her tongue undulated against him in little ripples, her lips continuously sucking him farther in. No sooner did his cock touch the back of her throat than he started to spasm uncontrollably. Unable to hold back any longer he gave in and enjoyed the most intense orgasm of his life while he shot squirt after squirt of cum down her throat and she swallowed every drop. When he had finished, she released him and swirled her tongue around the head for another minute, keeping him hard.

"Better?" she asked him in a voice that sounded impossibly far away. He simply moaned in response as his brain clawed its way back into reality. It was slow going, but after a moment Alan's senses had come back one by one. She was sitting on the bed smiling at him.

"That was unbelievable!" he almost shouted at her. "What am I going to do with you, miss perfect? There's no way you could top that if you tried."

"I would be willing to try and prove you wrong," she purred.

"I have never wanted more to be wrong in all my life," Alan declared. He reached over and pulled her down to him and kissed her. Her body was so warm and tempting that had his statement not piqued his curiosity, he easily would've been consumed with desire again. He wondered aloud, "What is your name by the way? Not that we can't just keep calling you miss perfect."

"Djinn are able to tell each other apart by the subtle differences in their magical composition, because of this our creators never gave us names. It is the choice of our masters if they name us or not. I have never adopted a name for myself because I have been called by so many."

Alan made a mental note to think of a name for her and moved on. He had wanted to relieve the ache in his groin so badly that he hadn't had much time to dwell upon the other three genies awaiting him. He walked over to the chest of drawers and glanced at each of the objects on top before opening a drawer to see if anything was inside. He found it full of various clothing items. A robe made of egyptian cotton lying on top caught his eye and he decided to try it on.

"Are the other three genies all as powerful as you? Can they do anything different, I mean?" He inquired of his genie once he was covered up.

"The other genies are all equally capable of granting you a single desire, just as I did. What you choose to ask of them is up to you, but whatever you decide I am sure that it will not challenge their abilities."

"Hmmm, that's good too hear. So nothing is off limits. How exactly do I get them out of their containment chambers? Is there a significant change I need to make to release them like I did with you?"

"All genies require that you speak the mantra aloud to release them from their containment chamber, but each is protected in their own way from being stumbled upon by some unworthy person."

She went over how each of the genies' containment chambers worked. Alan found that paying attention to a beautiful woman explain something was very difficult when she was naked. The lamp, which required you to rub it vigorously with your palm, was the easiest. He was most impressed by the enchantment placed upon the urn. It required only that you remove that lid, which was on very tight so that it would not accidentally slide off of its own accord, however each time a person thought to look inside of the urn, they were affected by a strong sense of deja vu that satisfied their curiosity.

Alan released each of his genies once he knew the tricks, and this time he got to watch each of them form before his eyes -- a sight he had only partially witnessed with his first genie before fainting. It was exciting to see a body form out of nothingness and he enjoyed it each time as all three of his genies seemed to be female and just as stunning as the first. He was a little disappointed to find that only one of them spoke english, but they learned quicker than he thought possible and he soon had the other two speaking fluently with the help of his genie. Each of them were ready to grant him whatever desire he had on his mind.

Alan glanced around at the women standing before him all with their heads bowed awaiting his decision. "Now I'll definitely have to give you names, I can't have four stunning women living with me and nothing to call them. I've already decided to call you Misty," he said turning to his first genie. "You were my first, so I shall name you my favorite name. I thought it also fitting considering how you all seem to materialize out of a gaseous mist."

"Thank you, master," she replied demurely. Alan wasn't sure if she was comfortable being named the favorite with three other djinni watching, but at least he knew that she approved of the name he had chosen for her.

He looked each of the new genies up and down, appreciating their fine attributes and noticing their differences. The first he decided to call Magik because of her alluring blue eyes, which seemed to glow magically. The second he dubbed Carmella because she had the richest looking skin. Every time he looked at her, he couldn't help but think of the smooth deliciousness of caramel and it made his mouth water. The last was the tallest of all four of his genies and her legs were slender and sexy, he loved to just look at her, captivated. He named her Lucky.

"I wish I could keep all of you..." he noted aloud in a somewhat forlorn voice. It would be hard seeing these infatuating genies leave him as he decided what he desired most and asked them for their help in granting it.

"Is that your true desire, master?" Carmella asked him, eager to please, her gaze shifting uncertainly.

Alan paused for a moment, hoping that he hadn't just wasted one of his wishes. When she continued to look to him hopefully he realized that it wouldn't be a waste at all. In fact, he had said it out loud because it had been one of the most prevalent thoughts in his mind.

"Yes," he said, fixing his gaze on her. "I desire that the three of you will live here as my harem even after you have granted my wishes." Then as an afterthought he added, "And that as my personal harem you may come to help myself or Misty when we need it."

"Your heart shows this to be your true desire, therefore it is within my power to grant it," Carmella said with a smile, breathing normally again, positive now that she wasn't making an assumption.

Alan looked regretfully over at Misty and winced. "I hope you weren't planning on living here with me by yourself."

Misty giggled, wrapped an arm around him, and spoke softly saying, "I am here to fulfill your desires, and that is exactly what you are doing right now. You will have to do much worse than accept my gifts to offend me. Besides, now we both can have more fun."

It took him a minute to realize what she was implying and when he did he looked at her with a glint in his eye. "You really are the perfect woman, aren't you?" he chuckled under his breath.

"In almost every sense," she retorted, grinning at him.

"As your harem does that mean we get to help take care of that?" Magik asked pointing to Alan's now semi-erect penis poking out through the robe. He looked down to where she was pointing, not realizing that he had been getting aroused thinking about his four genies pleasuring each other.

"We will certainly have to deal with that, but first things need to come first," he announced, a little embarrassed at being called out. "Misty is the only one naked here, how are we going to rectify that?"

Before he knew it, all three women were peeling off silks and tossing them into the air revealing the more private details of their bodies to their master, and a very interested Misty. The differences in their bodies became even more apparent as they stripped. Carmella was easily the most slim, but also shortest. Alan could now tell that Magik and Carmella had no bush, and that Lucky had blond hair up top and down below.

He and Misty mock judged the three pairs of breasts displayed proudly to them as though choosing the best looking fruit at a grocery store.

"Yes, the size of those are definitely nice, but shape is also important..." Misty commented in a serious voice. The three nude genies simply stood there smiling, enjoying all of the attention.

In the end, they agreed that Magik had the nicest breasts, though Alan had a soft spot for Lucky's nice puffy nipples.

"You know," he said to Misty, approaching Lucky. "I think we need to factor flavor in also."

Misty cocked her head at him and watched as he lowered his mouth and licked her nipple. Lucky closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair while he sampled both nipples. Misty took the hint and agreed with him that they had forgotten to taste each pair of breasts before she joined him in suckling on Carmella next, who panted loudly the whole time. Magik's nipples had already gotten hard watching them work on the other two women and she yelped in surprise when Alan bit lightly on one of them before sucking it into his mouth and rolling it around with his tongue.

"I think Magik wins for flavor, too," Alan stated.

"A very fine pair of breasts," Misty agreed.

"I think it is our turn for a little taste test," Magik said slyly, reaching into Alan's robe and grasping his engorged cock.

Alan obliged her by removing his robe and instructing all four women to lay down on the bed with their feet in the center of the circle. He could have easily fit seven or eight people on the huge bed. Once he had them all positioned, he went from mouth to eager mouth, letting each one have a drop of the precum leaking out of the tip of his cock. This continued until finally Magik sucked him all the way into her mouth instead of licking him and began to slowly bob her head up and down.

He let this go on for a moment while he looked upon his gorgeous harem of genies laying next to each other on the bed. It was one of the best feelings of his life, even if he discounted Magik's oral attentions. Before she got him too close to the edge he pulled away.

"Let's get everybody in on this, I don't want to be the only one feeling good," he exclaimed with a grin as he got onto the bed. He motioned to Magik and said, "Misty, you said that you wanted to have fun with these ladies, and I'm sure djinni have desires just like humans."

"Yes, master, we are fully capable of enjoying sexual experiences if that is what you are referring to," Magik replied.

"And do you desire sexual contact?" he asked Magik.

"Yes, master."

"Misty, lay back on the bed here." He caressed her skin as she responded to his request. He then had Magik straddle her face on all fours so she would have easy access to her slit.

"Now, show Magik how well you can use your tongue."

Misty beamed at him briefly before going to work teasing Magik in much the same way she had just done to Alan less than an hour prior. Alan watched triumphantly as Magik tried to manipulate Misty into stimulating her most sensitive spots by maneuvering her hips back and forth. Misty pulled her face back each time she got close before resuming her steady exploration of Magik's pussy.

Alan was immersed in watching the show until he realized Carmella and Lucky were still watching him expectantly. He invited them to come lay on either side of Magik's legs and tickle Misty under her breasts -- since he now knew they were extra sensitive there. They snuggled up next to her and caused her to jump at their feather-light, intimate touches. Even though she knew what was coming it still caused her to writhe futilely while trapped between Magik's legs.

While they were all busy, Alan took the chance to probe around Carmella and Lucky's legs. Carmella had a supple body, soft to the touch just as he had imagined. He massaged his way up and down their thighs, a hand on each, before bringing his ministrations to their slippery lips. He ran his hands over each genie's mound comparing the two and enjoying Lucky's reaction as she tipped her hips forward, pressing into his palm. He dipped a finger into her hole watching the reaction on her face turn to bliss as he pulled it back out and ran it in little circles around her hole before sliding it back into her wetness. He squeezed Carmella lightly and decided that she needed attention as well, rubbing the heel of his hand against her clitoris.

He was very aware of how hard his cock had become and decided that he had every reason to enjoy himself. He held a special place in his heart for Misty, his genie who had come back after he had released her from servitude, and wanted her to be the first to fuck him. He retracted his hands -- now slick with the juices of his genies -- and rubbed them all over his cock, lubricating it. He positioned himself closer to Misty and leaned over beside her as she kissed Magik's pussy flesh.

"Would you mind being the first djinn ever to fuck me?" he whispered into her ear. She looked at him with a delighted look on her face and answered, "Of course, master."

She spread her legs open for him and he aligned himself between her moist pussy lips and pressed the head of his cock against her. Already wet, it slid in with nothing more than a satisfying sound. He pulled back a little and then thrust in as deep as he could go, burying himself in her greedy snatch. It fit like a glove. Misty moaned into Magik's pussy as she continued to tongue her, the vibrations from her moan causing her to grind down harder onto her mouth. She was grasping him tightly, trying to pull him in deeper with her vaginal muscles while he just sad there and enjoyed the sensations. He slowly began to rock in and out of her, the head of his cock rubbing against her smooth ridges.

Once again remembering his other genies, Alan pulled Carmella's hairless pussy close enough that he could access it and told her to wrap her legs around his head while his hands went in search of Lucky. He slid his fingers back into Lucky's welcoming slit using more pressure this time and stroking her clit with his thumb. He ate Carmella with a passion and fucked into Misty as she kept contracting her vaginal walls around him, spurring him on.

Alan became lost in a world of pleasure listening to Magik squeal while Misty moaned into her. He watched Carmella rubbing her clit as he tongued her pussy and she humped against his face. He was pumping into Misty with wild abandon when he heard her scream loudly and felt her pussy clamp down so hard that it squeezed his cock out and she began to soak him with her juices, squirting all over him as she orgasmed for the third time that day. Her scream set off Magik, who also came and collapsed on the bed in a heap, unable to hold herself up any longer.

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