tagSci-Fi & FantasyIn a Bottle... Ch. 03

In a Bottle... Ch. 03


The first thing that Alan noticed the next day was the cramp in his gut. He was so hungry it had actually awoken him. Slowly he opened his eyes to the morning light, finding himself wonderfully tangled up in a mass of arms and legs. He blinked hard for a minute trying to remember why he wasn't in his own bed. The previous night hung in his consciousness like a hazy dream, not quite seeming real. And yet...

Misty lay facing him, her eyes closed and her bottom lip hanging loose as she rhythmically inhaled and exhaled. Alan pulled his arm out from underneath Carmella who was snuggled against his right side. She stirred slightly at the disturbance and nuzzled closer before drifting back to sleep. Alan reached out with his hand and lightly traced the outline of Misty's body from her shoulder down past her hip and back up again. A smile briefly touched her lips and he continued with his slow tickling over her ribs. With care not to wake her, he continued his featherlight caresses more boldly, tracing his fingers around one of her beautiful teardrop breasts. Forgetting how sensitive the undersides of her breasts were, he nearly jumped out of his skin when her hand instinctively whipped up and grabbed his wrist. He looked back at her face into her open eyes.

"I'm sorry, master," she quickly apologized in a hushed tone as she immediately released his arm. "I did not know that it was you touching me. You are welcome to continue if you desire."

"I...I didn't mean to wake you, I was just admiring your breasts," he whispered back trying to slow his racing heart. Then with an eyebrow raised and the corner of his mouth upturned in a smirk, "Would you like me to continue?"

She smiled and nodded, closing her eyes to suggest the feigned appearance of sleep.

Alan resumed his slow featherstrokes around the undersides of her breasts, earning frequent shivers and goosebumps across her skin. She arched her back trying to get closer to his touch and he obliged, openly palming her breasts before finally bringing his head down to pull a nipple into his mouth. She squirmed against him, biting her lip to keep herself from gasping.

Unable to resist any longer, Misty moaned long and low into the top of his head. An echo came from his stomach as it gurgled, announcing that it had not had food for over sixteen hours and wasn't happy. Carmella stretched out a groan of her own. Magik yawned. Lucky propped her head up on Carmella's side and reached over to lay her hand upon Alan's erect penis and squeezed gently.

"Good morning, master."

"I think it's time for breakfast before the four of you keep me locked in this room for an entire Saturday," he declared disengaging himself from the mass of bodies and hopping off the bed before the women and pillows could drag him back down. He grabbed his commandeered bathrobe off the floor and flung it around himself before heading down the hall to the kitchen.

- - - - - - - - - -

Alan was in an exceptional mood today and had decided that regular cereal was out of the question. Instead, he decided to dice up a red pepper he had in the refrigerator and grate some cheese. He had just finished and was whipping some eggs to make an omelet when a still nude Carmella quietly came up behind him and began rubbing herself against his backside. He spun around in surprise so quickly that half of his egg mixture splashed to the floor.

"What exactly do you think you're doing in my kitchen?" He shouted in mock anger as he surveyed the floor and turned to face her.

Immediately her smile dropped and her body language shifted into a submissive state, her head and shoulders drooping. Her face went crimson.

"I... I was just... I wanted to be with you master, to keep you company. Is that not my duty as your haremess?" She looked like she wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Alan walked over and grabbed her chin between his forefinger and thumb and brought her face up to look into his eyes again. He kissed her, pressing his lips into hers and forcing them open so their tongues could mingle briefly before he pulled away.

"Gotcha." He smiled and let go of her. She seemed about to cry from confusion until she realized what had just happened.

"You are not mad at me?"

"Not at all," he said glancing down at the floor again and frowning. "But those eggs are wasted now. I'll have to clean them up so nobody slips on them. Plus, it's awfully unsanitary."

Carmella, now even more eager to please, if that was at all possible, gave a little bounce which jiggled her breasts and chimed, "I'll clean the floor for you, master!"

Alan didn't miss or fail to appreciate her breasts as they bounced in front of him. Neither did his waning erection, which twitched approvingly. When she grabbed the dish rag from his sink without waiting for him to answer he merely agreed, "Okay."

Carmella got down on her hands and knees and began to push the slimy eggs into a pile that could be more easily scooped up. Consequentially, this gave Alan an amazing view of her rear end which resulted in his erection returning in full force. She didn't notice and went about her task, emptying handfuls -- or ragfuls in this case -- of egg into the sink and then bending down again to wipe the floor some more. He stood with heavy feet like a tree trunk rooted to the ground watching her until she had most of it off the floor.

Still turned on by his short morning bout with Misty, Alan couldn't resist. He walked over to her splayed form and inserted his middle finger into her snatch and watched the entire length disappear inside of her. She stopped mopping and moaned.

"Almost clean yet, Carmella?" He asked casually wiggling his finger around inside of her.

"Yes, master... Almooooh-st." She moaned again as he inserted another finger and began moving them in and out.

"Well, it won't get done unless you keep scrubbing."

"Yes, master," she cooed and began wiping the floor up again.

They continued to pretend as though nothing was out of the ordinary for a time, her still attempting to clean the floor, him fingering her. Though, after awhile the pretense fell through and she began to grind onto his finger in earnest, panting loudly.

"You have such a wonderfully tight puss, Carmella, I can only imagine how much better it would feel on my cock than your mouth."

"You may find out for yourself if you desire," she panted looking back at him, his cock hanging out of the bathrobe. "I believe the floor is now clean, master."

Alan's erection was beginning to hurt from being hard, so he removed his hand and helped her up from the floor. Immediately, her own hand dove between her legs to replace his, rubbing her clitoris. Alan grabbed her about the waist and lifted her up onto the kitchen table, noticing that she was surprisingly light. She put her feet on two chairs, spread her legs, and continued to rub herself while he watched. Alan swiftly untied the bathrobe and let it slide off his shoulders and down to the ground giving Carmella a better view of his cock, which had begun to drool with precum.

"Now that's... what I've wanted... since you ate me... last night," she panted.

Alan stroked it a couple times and watched her pleasure herself another moment before positioning himself between her legs. His proximity made her hips buck provocatively with anticipation, searching for the bulge of his groin. Her loins found what they sought eventually, enveloping the head of his cock briefly in her folds a few times as their bucking motion dipped his tip into her hole before he finally pressed forward and slid all the way inside of her.

Time seemed to slow exponentially the farther he got inside, and he enjoyed each sensation before moving on to the next. First was the heat, so warm and inviting, like a ray of sunlight slowly sliding over his body in the summertime. Then came the slick juices, like a warm bottle of oil being emptied onto his entire body, lubricating it, unseen hands gripping his flesh as they spread it around. Slippery wetness mentally covering him from head to toe. Those hands wrapping around him, slowly grasping, massaging, rubbing, tugging...

Instantly, all of the warm pleasurable sensations increased as he reversed and slid back out of her as slowly as he'd entered. Her pussy like a strikingly familiar mouth trying to coax him back inside, pull him back to her core. Desperately her hips bucked again, reaching out as far as they could, clinging to the last inches of his slick shaft as it was taken away.

Carmella whimpered and reached between her legs, spreading her slick cunny lips wide for him. Alan obliged and indolently embedded his cock into her again and again, gradually increasing his tempo as his need rose. Her fingers went to her clit and began to rub again bringing new sounds to life as she neared orgasm.

Alan was already riding a fine line, now driving into her in earnest, and her passionate vocalization picked him up and threw him over the edge and into release.

He was filling her pussy. His body was frozen in perpetual orgasm. She collapsed onto her back, still spread-eagle, letting him, loving him. Waves rose and crashed within the two of them as though they were separate identities sharing the same body. Time became an objective concept as their bodies ceaselessly thrummed in unison. After they finished her pussy continued to milk his erection with soft pulses.

Alan lazily opened his eyes to three stunning djinni watching Carmella on his kitchen table, him moaning still, balls deep in her pussy. His mouth opened for a moment and he closed it, unsure of what to say. They were all grinning at him.

Misty was the first to speak. "Does this mean we may lock you in that bedroom now?" Her eyes smiling mischievously.

Alan was surprised at their open lack of jealousy. The three of them seemed to have relished in watching his orgasm as much as he had having it. He reflected that he enjoyed their company more every passing hour. The pleasure was undeniable, but their presence and demeanor also seemed to brighten the room while they were around. Especially Misty, he smiled inwardly, who was becoming every bit the smart ass that he was.

"Not today," he said unsteadfastly, not sure he really meant it even as the words left his mouth. "I do need to eat something before I develop an ulcer as a side effect to living with four beautiful djinni."

- - - - - - - - - -

After cleaning himself up -- and putting the robe back on, to the disappointment of a pouting Misty -- Alan cracked some fresh eggs into his bowl again, broke the yolks, and whipped them up with a little bit of water. He tossed a pan onto the stove, hit the heat, and mixed everything together for his large omelet. He was determined to cook breakfast at some point today -- despite the ceaseless distractions.

Once the egg had set and he'd folded it, Alan grabbed a plate down from the cupboard and rolled the finished product onto it. He went to get forks and then turned back to the djinni, unsure.

"Which of you are hungry for breakfast? Don't be shy, I made it extra big so we can share."

They exchanged glances and then Lucky finally spoke up. "As djinni we do not require sustenance, master, although we are able to eat just as you are."

"Really? Well why not come have some then? I'm sure you would enjoy the taste if nothing else. I make a mean omelet." He set out five forks beside the plate and motioned for the women to sit with him.

They each tentatively picked up a fork and cut off a sliver of egg. Alan watched them all chew for a moment still feeling like they could dissipate back into the mist that formed them. His hunger broke his trance, reminding him that unlike the genies, he really did need to eat. They all seemed surprised that something could taste so delicious and were each a long time in swallowing.

"What is this?" Misty finally inquired, eying the sizable remaining blob of egg on the plate.

"I told you that I wasn't a bad chef," Alan replied, not really answering her question. Glancing down at his belly slightly embarrassed, he continued, "I have enjoyed my fair share of culinary creations and managed to pick up a knack for cooking a few of my own. Food is one of the things that has always brought me pleasure. There are so many kinds, all with different flavors and textures."

When he realized that none of his genies were used to eating food -- based on the curiously blank stares he was getting -- he made a mental note to take them all out to a nice restaurant that night. They vigorously cleaned off the plate despite the fact that none of the women felt hunger, while Alan decided that he could use a shower.

- - - - - - - - - -

Alan finished up with his hot shower, shaved, and wandered back to the bedroom-turned-suite after clothing himself so he could check on the progress of his ladies.

The first thing he saw when he opened the door was an eager and still naked Magik waiting for his return, her luminous blue eyes fixed on him. The combination of her unexpected nudity and her sheer attractiveness causing him to grow to half-mast before he could get his hormones under control.

"Would you like me to grant one of your desires now, master?"

"No thank you, Magik."

Secondly, he noticed that -- lacking a shower -- Lucky and Carmella had decided to take a quick dip in the fountain against the far wall. Carmella was down on her knees eye-level with Lucky's snatch, rinsing soap off of her supermodel legs while Lucky soaped up her back.

He turned to find Misty bent over, digging through more drawers in the dresser that he had found the robe in. He briefly wondered again where the chest of drawers had come from as he watched her browsing its contents. She had found, and was now wearing, a V-string thong and a tight pink T-shirt with hearts along the sleeves. She was holding a pair of jeans in one hand while pulling a frilly, off-white skirt out of the drawer when Alan walked up behind her and spanked one of her pert ass cheeks. She quickly stood up in surprise, squeaked, and dropped the clothes.

"Hello there, sexy. I thought I told you to get ready to go, Magik isn't even wearing clothes and your tight tush is still hanging out for the whole world to see." Alan faked a sigh. "You four make it awfully hard to want to get out of the apartment."

"I'm sorry, master, but there are just so many different clothes in here fitting the proper dress for your geographical region that I still haven't found what to wear yet."

This time Alan sighed for real and muttered something under his breath about how mundane or magical, women were still women. Then an idea came to him as he watched Lucky and Carmella finishing up bathing in the fountain. A grin crept onto his face and he glanced down at the skirt that Misty had dropped onto the floor.

"I have a wonderful idea about what you can wear," he announced. "But first you're going to have to take those panties off."

He watched with great pleasure as Misty shimmied out of her thong -- they had been naked all day and he had forgotten how wonderful it was to watch her strip for him -- and then instructed her to find three more skirts like the one that had fallen to the floor. She rummaged around and found two black ones and a red one with roughly the same style. He had her put on the red one since it matched her eyes well.

"Master, I seem to be mistaken but is the normal dress procedure in this society not to cover up the most private places on your body first?" Misty queried askance.

"Precisely why this is going to be so much fun." Alan said sliding a hand up the inside of her thigh to brush along her naked pussy underneath her skirt making her clench briefly.

"I do not understand."

He gazed lovingly at her with a lopsided grin and said, "Today we get to break some rules."

She just narrowed her eyes at him for a moment still wondering if he was using sarcasm or not before he surprised her with a quick kiss.

He gave the other genies a chance to pick out matching tops to go along with the skirts they had found. He made sure that none of them were wearing any undergarments and ushered them out of the bedroom, admiring them as they passed. He had thought their luscious nude bodies were the epitome of allure, but somehow they had legitimately bested that.

Magik wore a navy blue camisole with a sheer white button-up blouse undone all the way down and tied together in a knot just above her stomach, pushing up her impressive cleavage.

Lucky found a black tube top and matching pair of boots that clung to the skin up to her knees, giving her already long legs an irresistible quality that had Alan looking her up and down several times.

Carmella, with a little help from Alan, had settled on a V-neck sweater that had plenty of plunge, yet it wasn't quite long enough to reach all the way down to her skirt. This had the effect of showing off her tan, toned torso a tiny bit with her cute navel winking in and out as she walked.

Alan adjusted himself discreetly, unlocked the car, and helped them inside.

- - - - - - - - - -

The car ride was mostly uneventful once the four women got used to the technological flow of the car and the highway system. None of them had been summoned for several decades or more and not even then were they summoned in the United States. When they all began conversing about their containment chambers, Alan's mind drifted and he began to wonder what objects could be containment chambers. Just about everything that he saw or thought about that wasn't attached to something else could potentially hold a genie in its gaseous form. From a family pocket watch to those dusty, discarded items everyone has stored in the attic of their house; nothing had initially seemed amiss with the several objects he had opened that turned out to be chambers. In fact, without Misty's generous hint he wouldn't've even known to attempt to open them. This wondrous, new-found view gave his art collecting a completely different facet.

Before long they arrived at the mall and Alan found a parking spot and took them all inside. He decided earlier that morning when he awoke that there was nothing he wanted to do more than spoil himself and his new harem with a weekend of intimacy while he got to know them all better and vice versa. Shortly afterward he realized that his three newest genie companions had not left the bedroom since they'd met him, and while he had no doubt that they wanted to fulfill his desires he wanted them to enjoy their time together in other ways as well.

Although he stuck close to the four of them as they explored the mall together, no one seemed to notice that Alan was even there. People smiled greetings at the fabulous looking women and then continued right on past him. Some men openly ogled their cleavage or stared too long at their shapely legs. Alan expected and loved the attention that they were getting, and still knew that they would stay with him no matter who approached them. He smiled lasciviously to himself as a middle aged man sipping a coffee on one of the benches blatantly checked out Lucky's ass. It was time to have a little fun.

Alan paused in front of the man's bench and asked the women if they wanted to go shopping in one of the stores. Of course they all agreed that they did, so he took out his wallet and handed Lucky a couple fifties and told her to hang on to them in case they found something they desired. His pun wasn't lost on them and they smirked as Lucky tried to find a pocket for the currency. Alan told her to slip it into her boots for safe keeping.

His timing couldn't have been better.

She bent down to undo the zipper on her boot partway and slide the money in just as the man sitting on the bench was taking a drink. Her short skirt rode up giving him a private peep show while she bent over, her blond bush and pouty pussy lips peeking out at him from underneath. His eyes bulged halfway out of his skull at the surprise upskirt, and he shot half a mouthful of coffee up his nose before sputtering and choking on it.

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