In a Bottle... Ch. 03


Alan started away holding a fist tightly to his lips, trying his best to stifle his laughter. Lucky zipped up her boot and they left the now red-faced man behind in search of a store.

"And that is how you surprise the hell out of a pervert," Alan chuckled softly to Lucky once they were out of earshot. Then to all four of them, "That's our game for the day: Revealing yourselves to strangers without being ostentatious about it." They all went together into a JCPenney to look at some accessories for their 'outside clothes' as they were now referring to them. Alan had told them that he preferred to see them in their normal silks at the apartment because he thought it to be more befitting of a harem.

The four genies browsed through the selections of women's clothing for a lengthy period of time while Alan enjoying himself just watching the attractive beauties -- even if they were only shopping. He found their small quirks and tiny variations of language endlessly entertaining. Magik asked a sales attendant where they could find their selection of accessories and she pointed towards the escalator going to the 2nd floor. They all piled on, Magik leading the way with Alan in tow.

As Alan stepped on behind Misty, a man beside him also hopped on, decidedly eying the women in front of them. Suddenly, the man inhaled sharply and Alan looked over at him to see what was wrong. Following the man's wide-eyed stare he realized what had happened. As the escalator climbed upwards they were both treated to the sight of Misty's bare, shapely ass, and further in front of her, Carmella -- whose legs were spread wide in a stance meant for balance -- had her smooth ass cheeks, wrapped in the same flawless caramel skin as the rest of her body, and her velvety soft nether lips proudly on display to anyone standing below her on the escalator.

Not to be outdone, Misty casually reached back with a hand and scratched the back of her thigh, lifting her skirt in the process. No longer was anything left to the imagination as they could both see every curve of her marvelous ass. But she didn't stop there, she began to slowly sway her hips back and forth in time to the silent rhythm of a song that seemed very familiar to Alan. The man standing beside him was entranced...

Alan stepped off of the escalator just in time to avoid being caught by the flailing man as the step he was standing on merged back into the floor and he pitched forward and dramatically face-planted so perfectly that any slapstick comedian would've been proud.

Alan turned to find four genies waiting for him, all grinning ear to ear. Alan shook his head and grinned back. Obviously, they had known the man was coming and planned the whole thing and were now very pleased with themselves for indulging him in his game.

"I think that just earned you another hundred dollars to spend here," he chuckled. "Well played."

He brought out his wallet, got some more spending money out that he had been saving for more art hunting, and handed it to Misty. He didn't think he would be having much free time in the future to venture off to antique shops in search of art. They had earned it picking up on his game so readily.

He leaned with his back against a post and watched them disperse into the store looking for jewelry or other decor that matched well with their outfits. Looking over towards the escalator Alan found no trace of the man who had come to the 2nd floor with them. He must've hurried off after he fell, afraid that they might figure out what he'd been doing when he did so and patronize him for it.

He heard Magik squeal excitedly and was about to go see what she had found when he heard someone intentionally clear their throat behind him to gain his attention.

Alan turned around to find a foppish gentleman in a crème suit looking purposefully back at him through sharp black eyes. He was fairly average height which made him a little shorter than most American males, putting Alan at eye level with his mussed dark hair. Alan simply looked expectantly at the man.

"Bróktic Salauntia." The man extended a hand bearing an excessively luxurious golden ring. "You may call me Brock if it is easier for you." Although Alan could tell he was foreign, his accent had become tarnished with the frequent use of English over the years making it hard to determine where he was originally from.

"A pleasure to make your acquaintance, sir," he replied pausing for a moment after he shook his hand. "Was there something I could help you with, or do you make a habit of introducing yourself to strangers?"

"I came here today to make a purchase much like any other day, however, the opportunity with which I find myself presented is quite extraordinary in comparison to what I was expecting. Normally my investments are more mundane."

"I'm not entirely sure I catch your meaning," Alan guardedly replied to the man's obviously weighted statement.

Bróktic, as he had introduced himself, curled his lips back to form what seemed intended as a smile, but came off as more of a sneer. "I am quite certain that you are aware of the unique situation you and I are speaking of. I am here to purchase one of your genie slaves."

Alan's heart jumped into his throat at the casual certitude with which this suit mentioned his genies. He hadn't told anybody. He hadn't even been out of his apartment. This man had to know. How else could he have come right out and plucked the truth out of thin air?

"I-I... How?" Alan couldn't seem to find the words that fit what he was trying to say. What was he trying to say? Who was this well-dressed man? He took a firm grip on his senses and continued in a quieter voice, "How do you know that I have a genie?"

"That is quite obvious," he chortled, "You have the magical residue apparent in all users of genie slaves. I once had one of my own. After awhile you will be able to notice this, also."

Alan found himself liking this man less and less. "I'm not sure that I buy that. All the same, I don't think anyone who chooses to refer to them as slaves could possibly have enough flashy rings, charm, or money to convince me to sell them anything, let alone something so valuable."

"Your price is not of any consequence to me, boy. I previously acquired an ability, a desire of mine to be a good investor, and now I periodically get feelings about good purchases to be made to increase my fortune. Make no mistake, I came here to make an investment, not a desire. How much is a true wish worth to you?"

"No! I don't know if you assume that everyone else who finds one is like you and regards them as magical wishing wells, but I assure you that they are people, not slaves. This may sound outlandish to you, but I have become friends with mine, and I will not, nor would I ever, sell you a friend of mine."

Alan found himself wishing he hadn't let the four genies out of his sight. As powerful as this pretentious slicker presented himself to be, he might already have cronies and bodyguards searching the area to kidnap them. Who knows what people are capable of when you offer them enough money? He needed to think of something before this unpredictable man decided to force the issue.

He noticed a brief change in the expression on Bróktic's face and before he could guess at interpreting what he was thinking, he felt a hand resting on his shoulder.

"Is everything alright, master?" Lucky demanded suddenly from behind him.

Alan swiveled his gaze to confirm what he now realized Bróktic must have been looking at. Lucky, Carmella, and Magik were all standing behind him scrutinizing the suit with unkempt hair. Alan felt his apprehension dissipate slightly at having them there, but his anger quickly replaced it. He turned a glower upon the presumptuous man suggesting that he sell the best thing in his life for money.

"Yes, now that you're back from picking out new accessories I think we are all done with our transactions for today." He glared at Bróktic and brought his face close enough to smell his breath in order to make his point clear. "And I suppose that means I have no more interest in talking with Brock." Having a djinn standing behind you did wonders for your self-confidence, Alan noted.

Bróktic narrowed his eyes sardonically, understanding very well the power that now stood behind Alan. He took half a step to go before turning back briefly to say, "You had better watch your back, boy. I am not the only one interested in selling genie slaves to the magi. They will find you eventually. Perhaps you will find it is better to be satisfied with money." With that, he was gone, and two men Alan hadn't noticed before joined him on his way out. He must've had bodyguards along after all. The man's suspicious motives gave Alan shivers.

Alan turned back to his genies and hugged them before noticing that one was missing. Instantly, he was worried.

"Where's Misty?"

"Misty is not a part of your harem, master. She remained behind when you called to us," answered Carmella.

Not quite certain what she meant, Alan temporarily focused on the 'remained behind' part while they searched for Misty. Once he found her in the women's clothing section he insisted that they all go pay for the things they had found and leave the store, all the while questioning Lucky.

"Don't you have some sort of magical defense system for your master in order to see that you will be able to fulfill his desire without him dying? Something that could protect us from a guy like that? He could've had a gun on him. What does he want with you anyway? There is no way I'm letting him anywhere near you if I have any say in it."

"No, master. Unfortunately, protection is not a part of our existence unless desired to be so by our masters, we are here only when called upon."

"Hmmm... I think we need to have more conversations about the things I don't understand about djinni. For now, let's go to the food court, grab a snack, and have a chat. I need to cool down after that."

- - - - - - - - - -

"While I'm thinking about it..." Alan said, sliding beside Misty in a booth seat and motioning for the other attractive djinni to join him. They had gone to the food court where he calmed down and he let them each select what they would like to eat. "...don't assume that you need me present to engage in sexually pleasuring yourselves or each other. Hell, I would actually love it if you all were a little salacious without me around. That's what I've always assumed a normal harem would be like."

They blushed a little, but he knew they weren't really embarrassed. Misty had seemed excited at the opportunity to explore the other three women, and he had no doubts that they shared her sentiment after they way they had joined in last night. He was glad that they would pretend for his sake anyway.

"I have quite a few questions that have been floating around inside of my head for awhile now, and some new ones that I would like the four of you to answer for me about what happened back in JCPenny." He turned to Carmella, "First of all, what did you mean earlier when you mentioned that I 'called' to you?"

She thought for a moment, recalling what had happened, and then said, "That was a part of your desire, master. You expressed a need for us in your mind which we could feel as plainly as though you were beside us, pulling us by the wrist." Then, in answer to his continued look of confusion, "You desired the same to be true were Misty ever in a similar need, master."

"That's right!" He exclaimed, understanding finally flooding his mind. "The harem clause that I desired. That explains why Misty wasn't there with the three of you, but then how were you able to get there so fast? Magic?" She nodded. "So, what... you're telling me that because I said that, you can teleport to us when we need you?"

"That was the most literal interpretation of your thoughts at the time, master. I hope this does not displease you." Carmella said, looking uneasy.

"Surprise me, yeah. Displease me? Now you're starting to sound like someone else I know," he pointed out as he not-so-subtly grabbed Misty's shoulder and squeezed. This earned a glare for a moment from Misty until his grin caused her to unwittingly smirk back.

"So, teleporting harem, huh? I'll remember that more consciously in the future. While we're on the topic of fulfilling desires though, I would like to explore an idea I've had for a little while now. Could I desire to change into another organism and back again without having to use your abilities every time? Like a werewolf, or maybe even become another person for a short while?"

This time it was Magik who responded while Carmella devoured the chow mien noodles she had ordered. "Yes. I assume that Misty told you that our abilities are nearly limitless when it comes to the imagination of humans? Shapeshifting has been around since the very first desires granted by genies. Dopplegangers were a very effective and popular way to spy on friend and foe alike when a ruler felt that the truth was being concealed from him."


Alan continued to form a mental list of the coolest and most useful abilities that were now possible so he could make the best use of his last two wishes. He waited until Magik had taken another bite and swallowed before attempting to finish his conversation. "Lastly, the most important thing, before I forget, was what Brock mentioned. He said something about wanting to sell you and other genies he could find to the magi... like it was some sort of a regular thing. I don't understand how that man can be so casual about something so absolutely awe inspiring. It's infuriating. What can you tell me about the magi? Are they criminals? Do they also take genies for granted?"

"When a master does not want a genie, but rather desires to become like a genie, the result is what many commonly refer to as a magi. I do not have any information for you about magi in the world today as we have yet to come across one, therefore I cannot tell you if they are criminally inclined or not. I assume that they would be as equally unsurprised by us as Brock seemed."

"Like a genie how?"

"The access to our abilities without the servitude required. Understanding of magic."

"Wait, what? You mean I could do the same things you do... I could use magic?"

"Yes master, with several decades of practice, anyone can learn magic," Misty stated matter-of-factly. "You simply need the help of an experienced teacher or instructional tome."

Alan sighed and chewed on his lower lip, his enthusiasm temporarily deflated. Decades he didn't have. So much for that option. He thought for a moment longer before the obvious dawned upon him. Why else would they want to buy genies?

"Could I wish to know magic?" he asked more hopeful than skeptical.

"Essentially that is possible, but what you desire is to become like us. Humans are not creatures of magic, so it is more difficult for you to access reserves of magical energy. Because of this, most magi -- humans who have learned how to use magic -- focus solely on one type. It is scarcely within the limitations of our abilities to fulfill the desire to know one of the types of magic.

"For instance," she continued, "the type of magic we use most frequently when summoned is evocation: We create an object for our master. This could be something as simple as money, or as complex as another being."

Alan tried his best to absorb everything he was learning while keeping an open mind to what was possible. Apparently his genies had assumed that he knew about how their magical abilities worked, and so had he. Now he was finding out that there were limitations he wasn't aware of, and alternate venues that hadn't occurred to him.

"So, the four of you all use magic derived from every type to accomplish the desires of your masters?"

"Yes, master."

"If you are so adept at using magic, why do you not -- why don't you use it all the time? Now I'm starting to talk like you." He chuckled at himself.

"It is part of our creation and ultimately returns to the idea that we are born as slaves. As you know, a genie is meant to fulfill one desire of their master before returning to their containment chamber and awaiting another. To keep order and stop a genie from fighting with their master, we are unable to use any powerful magic on our own desires, and entirely unable to use magic at all should it conflict with a master's desire."

"But you can use magic outside of your master asking you to." Alan reasoned, his memory sparked an old question that he had forgotten about as he formed his own answer. "Like my apartment! That was how you managed to create that huge space inside such a small room!"

Misty looked a little sheepish, "Yes, master. I was able to slightly alter the formation of space inside of that room of your apartment, but not much due to the restrictions."

"How else could you use your magic without my expressed desire?"

"I used my magic this morning to significantly reduce my weight to assist you in lifting me up on to the table," Carmella offered coyly.

Alan smiled at the memory. "I see."

"I also conjured most of the things that are inside of your secondary bedroom." Misty piped up. "Thus, my lack of knowledge of the items inside of the chest of drawers, as I am sure you were also wondering. I apologize again for intruding upon your space without consulting you first, master."

Alan dismissed her apology, shaking his head at her. "I told you already that I loved the alteration you made to the spare room. Stop apologizing. While we're on the topic of conjuring things, however, could you conjure me one of the tomes that you said could teach me magic?"

Misty scrunched up her face, clearly upset with the answer she was about to give. "I am so sorry, master, but I am unable to fulfill any desire as powerful as that. Because of my empathetic bond with you, your desires are also my own... reducing my magic substantially and preventing me from acquiring an item of that caliber. Rarity and power both greatly affect the magic needed to conjure an item. You would have to have Lucky or Magik conjure it while they are still bonded to you as their master." She gazed at her hands despairingly, as though she had lost something. Alan smiled at her and put a hand on her shoulder to reassure her. He wanted her least of all his genies to feel as though she had failed him in any way.

"Hey, don't feel bad. It was just a suggestion. If it weren't for us sharing the very bond preventing you from using your full ability, I wouldn't have any of you around. I just thought that since you conjured their containment chambers, you could do this as well."

She looked up, blinked back her tears, and told him, "I was unable to conjure their containment chambers. I tried, but without the full use of my abilities I had to travel to their locations myself to retrieve them."

Alan raised his eyebrows in surprise. He felt the weight of her statement drop in his gut like a sandbag. She had gone out of her way -- how far, he couldn't guess -- to make him happy for the rest of his life, and he would forever be grateful. He had even been contemplating asking her if she could conjure another genie until he learned that anyone can use magic. Obviously genies were extremely powerful and complex beings, putting that idea out of the question.

He wiped the wetness from her eyes with a thumb and kissed her for a long moment. "Thank you again. I don't know what you risked by doing that, but it had to have been difficult. So no tome then... Could you list all of the types of magic that might be in the tome?" he inquired askance.

At that she perked up and began to rattle off a list that was more extensive than he imagined a dictionary might even be able to handle. After she had finished he asked her to repeat a couple and define them in somewhat more detail. Alan asked many more questions and eventually they covered everything from restrictions of conjuration-type magic to how Misty had altered the physical space inside of the apartment using voidrical-type magic.

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