In a Bottle... Ch. 03


"I think I understand," he said after a short pause to consolidate all of this new information. He looked at each of his genies both to admire their beauty and to carefully weigh his options before making a decision. His eyes stopped on Magik. She looked back at him with her unusual blue eyes which reminded him of gazing at the sky on a cloudless summer day. They definitely seemed as endless as the sky. Alan resolved himself, took a deep breath, and said, "Magik, I desire to have as much knowledge of the illusionary school of magic as your ability will allow."

She smiled brilliantly at the unexpected opportunity to fulfill her unconsummated oath and looked at him for what felt like a lifetime before bowing her head and saying, "I have confirmed that this is your true desire, master, and that it is within the bounds of my power. It has been done."

"Already?" He asked incredulously. "But I feel exactly the same. My head doesn't hurt from learning a multitude of information instantaneously, I don't feel like I can do magic any more than I could five minutes ago..."

"It has been done, master. I promise you that soon enough, when you need the information, it will be available to you."

Alan closed his mouth and waited for the feeling of skepticism to pass. Already today he had witnessed the unforeseeable results of his wishes, or desires, whatever this was that was so foreign to him.

"Thank you, Magik," he replied finally. "There isn't any danger in me using magic, is there?"

"No, master, you cannot harm yourself by using magic unless that is your intended result," Lucky offered helpfully. "You will become exhausted if you continuously exert your magic for a significant amount of time, but that will merely result in your loss of consciousness while your body catches up with your mind."

"That could be unpleasant..." he remarked. "Good to know."

They had all finished their food while Alan was asking questions and, following his lead, made to get up from the booth they were seated at. They were all sliding out -- which caused their skirts to ride up slightly, Alan noticed with a smirk -- when Magik accidentally dropped her new bracelet. An employee of the food court happened to be walking by and saw it fall. He reached down and picked it up and was handing it to her when he realized that he was getting a full frontal view up her skirt, and that he was practically face to face with her clean, hairless pussy.

"Here you are ma'am. You dropped this," he croaked speaking more towards her crotch than her face as he blushed furiously unable to get up from his knee. He shifted uncomfortably while he continued to gaze at her soft pouting lips, obviously growing more aroused than embarrassed.

"What a gentleman! Thank you!" She replied innocently as she stood up and adjusted her skirt. "I just bought that today, it would be a shame to lose it. It goes perfect with my skin tone, don't you think?"

The poor nineteen-year-old tried to answer her question, but was quite obviously distracted by the sight of Lucky now exiting the booth behind her, similarly unclad beneath her skirt. He merely opened his mouth and squeaked in response.

Lucky stood up and adjusted her skirt -- the employee swore he saw her rub herself briefly as she tugged it down concealing her treasure.

"Don't you think?" Magik asked another time, deliberately slower than the first, as she dangled the bracelet on a finger for him to see, her other hand playing with the knot tied in her shirt making her breasts jiggle slightly.

"Yes, err... I'm sorry. I have to, uh, get back to work," he stammered and turned to go clean off some more tables.

"I think we'd better get out of here before we get in trouble for harassing everyone," Alan insisted. "Besides, now that we're done with our snack, we can go have some real food for dinner."

Alan kept his promise to himself and took them to a nice restaurant that evening to enjoy some fine Italian cuisine. His four genies made sure to flirt with the waitress the entire time they were there, but they also enjoyed the meal. To their merit, they did try and get the attractive waitress to come home with them, but she was either too shy to accept, or too dull to understand what they were implying. In either case, the four genies went home with Alan's company and nothing more that night.

When he questioned them about it during the car ride home, they all smiled and said that they were just trying to get him another partner for his pleasure. He wasn't entirely sure he believed them.

- - - - - - - - - -

Alan pulled Lucky aside as the rest of the women entered the enlarged second bedroom shortly after they arrived back at his apartment.

"Would you like me to fulfill one of your desires, master?" Lucky inquired as soon as he had gotten her attention.

He smiled at her as his mind explored the literal and implied meanings of her question. "No, Lucky, I just wanted to get to know each of you more intimately after last night, and I thought that you could grab a couple of the more cushy pillows when you go in there and bring them to my bedroom with you."

She smiled back and nodded at him before prancing off jovially. Alan snuck into his bedroom and lay down on his bed to wait for her. It had been awhile since he had even been in his room, which was unusual because he had become accustomed to spending several hours a day enjoying himself there.

His bedroom wasn't messy in the sense that most people would expect. His clothes were all put away in a closet, his computer desk had very few things out of order, and the only clutter around were bills that he still had to pay, but the amount of art that he had stored up had obviously gotten the better of him. There was a pedestal beside his desk that held an ornate looking box made of bronze that had a puzzle on each of its six sides that linked to an adjacent side. He had too many things hung on the wall, including a few paintings, a piece of polished metal that changed as you moved the angle that you were viewing it from, and a large piece of metallic wall art that gave the impression of being in the process of exploding when it was suddenly frozen in time.

After a minute Lucky came wandering in carrying two plush pillows, both made of soft material with tassels embroidered along the edges, and handed them to Alan who lay them on the bed beside him. Alan's gaze was drawn to her slender legs and the skin tight boots she had been wearing all day, while Lucky's gaze was drawn to all of the interesting art strewn about the room.

"Lucky, I..." he began unsure of what to say. She looked down at him and her smile returned. "I feel like because I met Misty first I play favorites with her, and I don't want the rest of you to feel that way. That's why I wanted to have you come with me to my room tonight. This way we can be alone tonight. Would you care to join me?"

"Of course, master," she said and sat down beside him on the bed.

"Here, let's get these off. They have to be uncomfortable to wear all day." Alan noted, reaching down and unlacing the boots before sliding them off.

He rubbed her calves for a minute before progressing slowly up her luxuriously long legs to her thighs, which she spread almost instinctively giving him a candid upskirt of her blond bush and pussy lips.

Alan grinned at her. "Would you mind taking off my pants for me, Lucky?"

"Certainly, master," she replied and got up onto her knees to reach over him and remove his pants and slide them to the floor. Alan wiggled up along the bed a few inches while she was bent over to put his head between her knees, putting him face to face with her snatch. He lifted his head and ran his tongue along her slit.

"I'm sorry, I forgot I wasn't wearing any underwear!" she lied as she finished stripping Alan below the waist. "Oh well, fair is fair."

And with that Lucky slid her tongue out of her mouth and flicked the head of Alan's already hardening cock making it fully erect in no time. Once it was pointing eagerly at its target, she wrapped her tongue around it and pulled it into her warm mouth.

Alan melted once he was inside of her mouth. He remembered last night how she had expertly finished him off before they'd all fallen asleep. He grabbed the smaller of the two pillows beside them and put it under his head before grabbing Lucky's thighs and pulling her down to sit on his face. She lowered her fuzzy pussy lips to his waiting mouth and he ran small little circles around her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

She popped him out of her mouth and gasped,"Ohh, master. You are being naughty." She sucked him back in and began to steadily bob her head.

"Not yet I'm not. We can't ignore your perfect puffy nipples, either." Alan said, his words slightly muffled. He reached up and grabbed the edge of her tube top and rolled it down over her breasts, exposing their milky flesh to his fingertips, which promptly darted to her nipples and gave them each a brief tug.

She moaned into his groin before pulling him out of her mouth and taking off her top entirely, exposing her underboob and tight stomach. Alan lifted the edge of her skirt and watched for a moment from beneath her. He admired the fullness of her breasts with their long pink nipples before he went back to circling her crevice with his tongue.

Free of another article of clothing, Lucky bent over again and went back to her work on his cock head noisily slurping him.

Alan had slowly covered the entire region of her outer lips and now brought his hands up to fondle the tender undersides of her breasts and tweak her nipples while his tongue delved the depths of her slippery hole, swirling inside of her.

"Oh my naughty master! Deeper!" Lucky shrieked with pleasure and tried to ride his face, bouncing her hips on him while he did his best to tongue fuck her. He managed to go deeper as she frantically crushed his head into the pillow.

Without warning she opened her mouth and swallowed his entire length in one smooth motion gagging briefly as it touched the back of her throat. In that moment, Alan believed that if there were a heaven, it was underneath of Lucky's skirt. He felt waves of pleasure surge through his body and realized that she was swallowing his tip down her throat over and over again.

He grabbed onto her nipples and held on for the ride, sending Lucky over the edge. She stopped bouncing and pressed her clitoris into his outstretched tongue, rubbing small circles while she showered Alan in her love juices.

Somehow she managed to keep him firmly embedded at the back of her throat and began to moan as she came on his face. The vibrations on his cock and her orgasm were too much. Alan uncontrollably sprayed down her throat and into her stomach. He felt like she was sucking the life out of him through his dick and rejuvenating him with her juices as he lapped at her pussy.

When Lucky finally released him from her mouth, they came down from their high and she climbed off of his face and lay down beside him to cuddle. Alan grabbed the other pillow for her to lay on and placed it under her head. They both lay there breathing heavy for a moment watching each other. Lucky looked upon Alan's face with a curiosity he hadn't seen before and he asked her what she was thinking.

"You have a glow about you that I've never noticed with any of my previous masters. I don't quite understand what it is, but I like it. It reminds me of kindness," was all she said.

They kissed for awhile -- Lucky cleaning her sweet juices off his face -- and just held each other for awhile until Lucky suggested that they spoon. She rolled over so Alan could cradle her with an arm while she pressed her backside up against him, conforming to the curvature of his body, which was admittedly a little rounder than Alan would like.

Alan took advantage of the situation and used the arm that was draped across her to fondle her breasts, lightly squeezing them and rolling her nipples in his fingers.

After they spooned like this for a couple minutes, Alan's libido got the better of him and his cock began to rouse from its coma. As it filled with blood, it got closer to the crook of Lucky's ass, tickling her to let her know it was there. She looked back at Alan with a feigned look of surprise and commented with a smile, "Round two tonight? Last night you barely finished before you fell asleep."

"Of course, I still haven't had the chance to pleasure you properly."

She reached down between her legs and retrieved his manhood, removing it from its new home in her ass crack and pulled it forward, placing the head against her sopping cunny lips. She tilted her ass backwards rubbing her lips along the top of his head and shaft, moistening them with her wetness. Alan closed his eyes and sighed in pleasure.

She continued this for a few minutes, driving him insane by slowly sliding her hips forward and back running his girth along her slit. Once she was satisfied that they were both sufficiently worked up again, she slid forward far enough to allow him to penetrate her and slipped his cock inside with ease. Alan loved the feeling of warmth inside of her snatch and slid all the way inside and paused there to appreciate the moment.

He let go of his handhold on her breast and grabbed her knee to pull it up to her side so he could push deeper inside of her. He backed out of her until only the tip was inside, then pushed back inside as far as he could reach until there was simply no room left for him inside of her. They started a steady rhythm that way, him holding on to her from behind by her knee, panting softly into her ear while she moaned sensuously back at him.

After they fucked like that for awhile Alan decided to change positions so he wouldn't have to work so hard at pushing back inside of her.

He pulled out to roll her over, and she closed her legs, playing shy as soon as he was on top of her. He looked at her, confused, until he saw the look she was giving him. It was a mixture of submissiveness, coquettishness, and lust. She flipped her skirt down covering herself just to flash him quickly before hiding her pussy again while she sucked on her pinky to turn him on. He found it incredibly erotic.

"Remind me to make you wear a skirt every time we have sex..." he mumbled, vaguely reminded of the striptease Misty gave him.

She smiled at him finally and spread her inconceivably long legs wide, revealing her soft spot again.

He plunged back into her pink center, her wetness enveloping him once more. This time he established a much quicker tempo, pounding away into her sweet cunny. They both built up in intensity and by the time her juice was leaking down his balls, they were both about ready to orgasm.

She surprised him by calling out between her moans of pleasure, "Oh master! I want you to cum on me!"

Caught up in the moment and unsure of what else to say, he replied, "I'm getting close. Where?"

"Anywhere! Pick your favorite spot. I just want to feel your hot juice against my skin! Hurry!"

Her pussy was contracting around him, trying to pull him even further inside even though there was no more room. It gave him the sensation that it was sucking on him, trying to pull his seed out. She needed him.

He felt the spasms begin in his balls and knew he was passing the threshold, so he pulled out to spray Lucky's beautiful breasts with long white jets of cum, much to her satisfaction. She came with him a second time, rubbing her fingertips back and forth across her clitoris as she gushed more nectar onto his bed -- her body shaking violently from the potency of reaching orgasm a second time so soon.

He lay back down beside her and she popped his cock back into her mouth to clean him off while she rubbed his cream into her breasts. She got back into the spooning position as they both came back down to reality and his cock had begun to soften. "I hope you're going to spend the rest of the night here with me," Alan reflected aloud. Lucky's response was to wiggle herself closer to him. She reached out and grasped one of his hands in hers and held it between her sensuous breasts. Then after a moment, "I wonder what Carmella and Magik think about us coming in here alone. Did they say anything to you when you went in there to grab pillows for us?"

"We are all here to fulfill your desires, master. Whether you realize it right now or not, you have so far been one of the most caring people to open my containment chamber. For that I will always love you."

"Still, I feel guilty. I wish there was some way to turn invisible and see what they are doing right now..."

No sooner had the words exited his mouth than he was reminded of his earlier desire at the mall and everything that was encompassed therein. He frowned, cursing himself for not asking Magik to help him practice his new magic earlier. He thought about using illusions to make things appear translucent and the more he thought about what he wanted to do, the more sure he was that he could do it.

To his surprise, as soon as he tried, he seemed to know exactly what to do, just as Magik had said he would when he needed to. He focused his mind and the wall of his apartment was immediately as opaque as a window. He could see right through to the hallway on the other side. A little more effort and his influence spread to the other walls, until he could see right through to the second bedroom where Misty, Carmella, and Magik now lay.

He couldn't hear anything, but this is what he saw: Magik sat with her legs scissored between Misty's, grinding her pubic bone against Misty's clitoris and flicking her nipples with her tongue while Carmella stood over Misty mid-squat, rubbing herself as Misty expertly tongued her hole. Misty appeared to be relishing it immensely, making Carmella cry out over and over. Carmella had her eyes closed and her face was a picture of ecstasy. He couldn't see Magik's face from his angle, but he assumed she was enjoying herself as well.

From his perspective, they held no qualms about him forsaking them and choosing to be exclusive with Lucky tonight.

Alan smiled, watched their threesome for a little while, and eventually drifted off to sleep, still cradling Lucky in his arms, thinking about how he would spend tomorrow...

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