tagIncest/TabooIn a bus with Mom & Sis

In a bus with Mom & Sis


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Please note that there are no minors or underage in this story -- All characters are adults. If felt otherwise, is purely mistaken.


Let me introduce my 4-member family beginning with my mom:

My mom had a voluptuous body. She carried it in such a way that it did not feel so. It was when she ran that, the jiggling of her breast surprised all. The clashes of her boobs threatened to put her off balance. She always wore a tight bra and loose dress to discard her figure. She hated her voluptuous body and went to gym daily but that only made her figure more voluptuous as her waist trimmed. She could not trim her boobs and butt. She always wore jeans and top but on occasions like today, she would wear saree`s.

The second member of our family and the last woman -- my sister, on the other hand was a slim beauty. She had just celebrated her 24th birthday but still looked like a new entrant to college because of her perfect shape. Her eyes made her sexy. It was what you call 'The eyes of a deer'. Her slimness, sensual eyes and loose hair made her just luscious. She always wore skirts. Her favourite was jeans skirt above her knees, flaunting her shapely thighs.

My father was an active person with an athlete body and handsome. Even now, women found him attractive. He always had a smile in his face, eager to give a helping hand. I had heard he was a great womanizer in his youthful days but I never saw him take any advantage or flirt with any girls. This naturally put pressure on me to be like him but I was a shy person and tend to move away from parties and women. My father worked abroad and we saw him once in 6 months.

I was a contrast to my family of handsome and beauties. I was what you would call a plump man. I loved exercise but I loved food more. I had girlfriends thanks to my cute face but not yet in a relation.

The bus was usually empty but today some kind of political procession was just over and all the buses were full. We got in with our loads of bag and the conductor protested. In the end, we had no choice but to haul all our bags on the rooftop of the bus. Mom moved to the women's seat and demanded the seat. There was a huge laughter as if mom had just said a joke. Even some of the women in the bus were smiling. After a lot of persuasion, no one minded or moved. Subsequently she became silent as the conductor asked her to travel standing or get out.

City rules and village rules are same but city is a city and village after all is a village. In a village, men are always powerful and women the silent victim. The silent victim of the city would turn bold automatically to survive but in the village, the women hardly leave the four walls. Even if they do and any problem occurs, they blame would be on them even if they did not do anything. It would take many years for our village culture to change or maybe it never will.

We continued our trip with the women standing and the strong men sitting in luxury. There were around six women in all including my mom and sister. All of them were rag and bones. Compared to them my mom and sis looked like a queen and princess in between beggars. No, wonder because most of the women who attended the procession in villages were the poorest of poor. They attended because they would get Rs. 100 and a meal along with free transportation, which meant one women in between 25 men. No one troubled them for two reasons --

1) They were party members and would face the wrath of party leaders if they complained.

2) They were rags and bones -- you would not feel to touch them, even if they allowed.

It was no surprise therefore that the hands swayed near them. At first mom just ignored, but they kept on coming. Slowly she began to wade it off. It was practically impossible since the bus entwined in its own path. The road was full of holes and cracks. It was more like an amusement park ride -- sometimes moving up and down and other times steeply sideways. Mom was having a hard time trying to keep her balance and hold on to the bar -- the flanking hand were more a nuisance than threat -- and above all the bus was full.

Slowly the men near her who flanked their hands began to place their hands on her boldly. With great difficulty, she pushed off their hands, giving a hard stare but all was in vain. As the bus moved through the difficult road of humps and perforation, she was tossed around. Wherever she moved, her body touched someone. The farther she moved from someone, the more near she came to someone else. It was only a matter of time; the resting hand began to squeeze her ass. One of them gripped her saree with his fingers and slowly crumpled it into his hand slowly in such a way that her saree was hoisted up slowly like the curtain screen of a theatre. He slowly pulled up her saree to show her thighs. I looked at sis. The rush had divided us into different directions. She was in the opposite direction of mom. She was cornered but none seemed to be troubling her. Mom seemed the one in deep trouble. I decided to rescue her and swam my way to her in midst of the angry exclamations. I stood behind her like a protector keeping the hands away from her. It seemed to have succeeded as the hands around her subsided. I looked at sis once again. She had a seat, thanks to an old man who got up for her. Everything seemed ok in this turmoil, but how long can you keep the wolves away from its prey. I got the answer soon.

The hands started sneaking back but this time it was for me. Someone was rubbing my pant and trying to open my zip. Taken aback, I tried to push away the hand but the zigzag movement of the bus was making it difficult for me to push it off. I understood and wondered how mom managed. I was busy wading off the hand on me that I did not notice the hand crumpling my mom's saree. He had lifted above her thighs and now her panties were visible. All were enjoying the sight. Moms discomfort added pleasure to the perverts. It was just a casual look to see if mom was all right that made me stare at her ass. The panties were now very clear. The panties did not cover the whole of my mom's ass. Her as cheeks were out. A person sitting had his fingers on the band of her panties. I wanted to stop him but something held me back. I watched as if seeing the end of a suspense film. He was slowly tugging her panties down with every sudden move or jolt of the bus. I think that, since he did it on the movement of the bus, mom was unaware of the situation. I watched fascinated as the panties were guided down slowly. The panties had reached the end of her ass cheek. Her ass was now out naked for all to see. Suddenly the bus stopped and all stomped forward. The show was over as they lost hold on her. I regained my concise and stood behind her staring at others.

Slowly the bus began to move again. The memory of my mom's ass cheeks out paraded in my mind and I felt myself aroused. Suddenly I felt a strange feeling on my dick. I looked horrified to see that someone had put my dick out. In the grope watch of my mom, I had not noticed the adventure on me. I quickly moved away and found my dick smash into something soft -- too soft. Quickly I turned and found that I had jammed on my mother's ass. I tried to move but I was jammed. To my embarrassment, I found my dick rising as it stayed there. I tried to control myself by not moving and thinking something else but the movement in the bus was making it worse.

I tried to look at sis. Sis was sitting in the side. The old man who had moved for her to sit, was standing beside her. At first sight, it seemed harmless but on close look, I found the old man leaning on her. He had a hardon and was pushing it under her arms. She was holding her arm tightly and it seemed that the old man was trying to place his hard on in between her arm and boob. You could say he was arm fucking her.

Suddenly I felt a soft push on my dick. Someone had raised her saree again and now her naked ass was jammed on my dick. The naked dick of a son was touching the naked ass cheek of mother -- 'TABOO' - I thought in mind. The thought itself seemed to ignite my lust. The more I tried to avoid the situation the worse it was getting. My wriggling to escape ended in my dick rubbing on her ass. Mom was surprised, turned around to see the molester, and was astonished to see me. I smiled an awkward smile. It was when my naked dick touched her ass that she realized that her dress was hoisted up.

"Move to the other side Varun," she said adjusting her dress.

"I am trying," I said and tried to move but no one was giving me the way even though I tried hard.

The movement in the bus was making it worse. I felt my dick grow stronger and sterner. I could feel the pain of eroticism. Unknowingly I pushed my dick on her soft ass. Below many hands were roaming. She wriggled as someone squeezed her ass. Two guy`s came near her. She was holding the upper bar with both her hands. They started squeezing her hands as if to signal their interest to her but actually, that was not their motivation. Suddenly they held her hand tight making it impossible for her to withdraw her hands from their clutches. I did not understand at first and thought it was just their kinky or fetish behaviours to squeeze her hand. However, the person who had skilfully brought her panties down was getting busy. He was adroitly loosening her saree. The part that they fold it and put it on the string of the underskirt to get a grip, was slowly being pulled out as she struggled with her hands on the bar with the two guy`s. In her fight with them, she did not feel his pull. She was shouting to let go of her hands. They still held on until the artists work was done. It was incredibly cool if it had not been my mother. I have heard the villagers use to do such a tricks on virgin while deflowering her.

Deflowering is a painful process for some as the membrane tears and blood flows. Some of the virgins are too tight or afraid. Therefore, even with use of Vaseline, the pain increases, automatically the reflex causes them to tighten the vaginal muscles making it hard for a dick to enter. At this moment, they slap her -- usually on the face or pinch them to distract them. This takes their attention away from the vagina and concentrates on the pained area giving ample chance to enter and deflower her.

The same process applied here. Mom fought for her release of hand. She was looking up, giving sufficient chance for the man below to do his work. Her saree was undone and they released her hand. She shouted at them saying they did not know how to behave towards a woman. The men just kept silent and smiled sheepishly. She stood there with her saree loosened and slowly toppling down. I watched the saree tumble down exposing the side of her underskirt. She had worn the old type of underskirt with knot on the side. Someone pulled the knot. I looked startled but nothing happened, then suddenly the whole set collapsed. Mom must have felt the looseness as she brought her hand suddenly to her stomach but it was beyond her. She stood now in her blouse and panties. A 'yelp' sound escaped her lips as she frantically tried to get the dress. As she tried to grab under, her ass was pushing hard on my dick. Sometimes she would slide down to get her dress and that time her ass would slide on my dick, but whatever she tried, she couldn't get her dress, lying at her feet because of the rush and bus movement. She seemed worried and looked around but no one seemed to notice it. My dick was still hanging out. Even though I was tricked and blamed others for putting my dick out, no one was stopping me from putting it in -- yet I did not do anything. Mechanically I was beginning to enjoy. I knew this was the one time; I could jack my mom and get away with it. I may never get to fuck her but rubbing my dick on her naked ass was equivalent to fuck for me. I looked if my sister was looking and got stunned.

It was true that sister had a seat and she must have been thankful to the old man for giving her the seat but now she was bearing the burden of thanks. The old man was standing nearby. He was pushing his dick thru his dhoti pants on her shoulders but she could feel the image of the dick on her shoulder in her mind. She tried to lean forward but then the old man would also move forward. Not wanting to create any scene, she sat there petrified. The old man was enjoying his unforeseen moment. He got bolder and now had gone lower trying to push himself on her side boobs. Seeing she was not making any movement, he slowly moved his dhoti aside and let his dick free. Like a wriggling snake, it thrust out. He was trying to push his dick under her arm. She held her arm tighter as he forced his dick between her boobs and hand. This view only made me hornier and I found my dick hardens.

I slowly put my hand on her panties and as if by magic, it lowered. At first, I thought mom had lowered it but when I looked sideways, the person sitting was smiling at me and raised a thumb for good luck. I wondered if he knew this was my mother but by the look of his face, incest would only make him happier. I smiled back as mom began to wriggle. She was trying to pull up her panties but it was not coming up. Her panties held at both sides, she was getting infuriated. Abruptly I was pushed to a side and a person stood behind her. He was around six feet and he had a matching dick to go along. I watched him take his dick, which hung out of his palm. He opened his legs and with one plunge had his dick in between mom`s thighs. She had not known the change of person behind her. As the dick wriggled between her thighs, she turned around angry to scold me and then saw this tall person. She shouted and tried to push him away. Until now the people around, shielded her from public view and she thought no one knew that her dress was down. The sudden changes suddenly found her in between a rape and gangbang. It was as if the same shade was attacking her. She began shouting loudly. Someone gagged her with a towel. Half of the towel still hung out of her mouth. Her hands held at two ends, the tall person guided his dick into her pussy. I could see that he had found the spot as I found mom go rigid.

I began to hear giggles and hooting from behind as the tall man began his thrust, and she was moving up and down. The way she bounced up and down made me smile. It certainly looked funny however; to all men it was lustful. The women knew there was something going behind them. Some of them giggled while others tried hard not to look back. Moms blouse was ripped off. Her bra was pulled up, reliving her large melons. The men began to grab at her boobs and squeeze her nipples. Her hand was led to the other men's dick. She clutched her hand but it was opened and forced to hold their dicks. The tall man withdrew giving entry to the next in line. The next in line was a fat man with a big tummy. He tried the tall man`s way of entering her pussy but was not having that much of success. He soon turned his attention to her ass. He squeezed them then opened her ass-cheeks and inserted his finger. She shook her ass awkwardly as he rotated his finger. He began to move his fingers in all sides as if he was expanding her asshole. Then he began to finger fuck her ass in great speed pushing her over to the front. Another person came in front. He undid his pants and inserted his dick quickly. He seemed like he would not be able to hold longer. As expected his thrust was short lived. After quick sessions of some, came the conductor. He licked his lips and glees at her.

Meanwhile I looked at sis. The old man was now openly poking his dick on her. Suddenly he held his dick on her shoulder and shivered as he came. Sis did not expect him to cum so openly. She jumped up as his cum hit on her face. The rest of cum spat on her dress and flowed to the seat. Some of the onlookers laughed aloud. She tried to move away but another person came up and made her forcibly to sit down. She was made to sit on the cum as he grabbed her boobs. He pulled opened her shirts to reveal her wonderful round boobs. Unlike mom`s her boobs looked like apples. The person squeezed them. Her boobs were sucked up in his hands. He opened his pants, took out his dick, and pressed it on her face. She moved her head. He turned her head towards him, forcibly led his dick to her lips, rubbed on them and then pushed his dick in. Her mouth opened to let in his cock. Holding her head he began fucking her mouth. I heard a gargle noise and saw cum splattering from her mouth. He released her and she soon got up, wiping her face. She moved away from the seat and another person sat there. He turned towards her and pulled down her jeans skirt. There were was a 'wow' expression from all including me. She had worn a thong today with silver and gold butterfly on the front. It looked like a butterfly on her pussy, sucking the nectar while its tail went into her asshole. Her ass cheeks were seen clearly. Except a string on her ass crack, her whole ass was naked. It really felt beautiful. He squeezed her ass as she tried to pull up her skirt. The strong hands on her naked virgin ass really made her uncomfortable.

I was sure she was a virgin. I had heard her boyfriend saying she would not let him touch her. She had a steady boyfriend -- Saju Joseph - other than him, I never saw her with anyone. Saju Joseph was well built and looked more like a thug than a college boy look.

The people behind her grabbed her ass without a shame. Some even grabbing the hand on her ass. Startled, she pushed off all the hands and bent to pull up her jeans skirt. It was a bad mistake -- especially when you are wearing a thong. The moment she bends, someone pulled aside the string of thong on her ass, inserting his dick into her pussy. She jumped up but of no use. They had seen her destination and reached the gates. She tried pushing him off and tried to hold her gate but the push was great. I found her rise up with an Ooh shout. With the dick in, the person was humping her like a stray dog. I had never seen anyone fuck a woman so fast. It looked like he was shaking her.

"No, noo, release ....."

"Yeah, I am releasing," he said as he steadied himself and pushed his dick fully until the hilt shooting a massive cumload. Her face froze as she felt the warm liquid in her pussy. He gave two more quick repulsive thrust and pulled back. Another person jumped in and made her bend. The person sitting pulled his dick out as he saw her bending and pushed her head to his dick. Disgusted she tried to pull back but two persons wanted her head down -- one who was fingering her ass and the other who wanted his dick in her mouth. As she protested, he moved his dick up to her mouth and held her dick. The person behind her had finished his finger fuck. He licked the finger he had inserted in her ass and then spit on his finger and pushed the spit into her asshole for lubrication. Taking his dick, he circled her asshole and pushed slowly. All three of them were working like machines -- when one ball hit her ass, she would fall on another ball. When one dick pressurised her ass, the other pressurised her mouth. She could not move forward or backward -- both held dick for her. She stood in middle but of no use as both dicks began to sneak forward. The ass fucker slowly got his dick in her ass. Her eyes were bulging as his monstrous dick penetrated her virgin ass. She could not scream as another dick invaded her mouth. Her mouth fucker was thoroughly enjoying. He pulled his foreskin down and let her suck, then again pulled it back and made her suck. Her ass fucker too was enjoying her ass. His face was full of glee. He looked proudly at others showing hand signs that her ass was great to fuck. He slowly pushed it in then pulled back until his dick was almost out then again rammed in and again continued the process.

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