tagIncest/TabooIn A Whole New Light Ch. 02

In A Whole New Light Ch. 02


The trip to the bathroom felt like an erotic dream; one of those that you just seem to be walking on the clouds, as if in slow motion. When she arrived at the bathrooms, the area around it was pretty empty. With the bull riding going on, not many people strayed away to the restrooms at this time. Linda could feel her nervous energy licking along her spine like an erotic tongue of fire. The friction of her jeans pushing against her cunt only served to reinforce her aroused state. She was here at her father’s command, after her own incestuous encounter with him in the stands. This was crazy! What in the hell was she doing? She could feel the heat of her clit throbbing and unsure her nipples had ever been any harder than they were right now. Her pussy was on fire and to make things unbearably worse, it was all because she was craving her father! Just thinking about it, as she looked around nervously, made her ache. She was so hot and moist and more than anything, wanted to feel his cock.

She remembered once, a few years back, when she had entered his bathroom without knowing he was there and seeing him in all his glory as he had stepped from the shower. He had been magnificent and she had been struck both still and silent as she stood glued to her spot at the door. She hadn’t been able to tear her eyes from him even as her face had flushed a deep red and was only interrupted from her eyes feast upon his flesh at his uproar. He had been both embarrassed and angry and immediately threw her out of the bathroom. That’s why tonight was coming as such a shock. But tonight … tonight she craved him and she could almost feel him entering her, slowly sliding in as she sighed softly, glancing around for where he might be.

“Where in the hell could he be?” she half whispered to herself, the friction of her jeans on her clit making her hotter … wetter. She wanted him so badly and now she couldn’t find him.

But then she felt a strong hand on her arm, propelling her suddenly into the woman’s bathroom. Linda gasped audibly, her head swiveling quickly to take him in. Her knees buckled beneath her as she saw for the first time the lust that emblazoned over her father’s face. He was so sexy … so handsome. Linda couldn’t help the lurch in her belly or the twinge in her cunt as he roughly pushed her into an overlarge stall in the bathroom, locking the door behind them. Linda’s breath came in short, harsh pants as he turned to his daughter and pulled her to him only to throw her against the metal partition of the wall.

Gasping loudly, Linda’s eyes flew open widely as she felt the rough, wavy portion of the wall to her back. Her father reached up to tear off her shirt but then regaining momentary sanity, just yanked it over her head to save the buttons. That would take some explaining back at the bleachers and that was the last thing on his mind. There was no remorse, no questions between them, just this heated passion that was white-hot like a raging inferno; as if it had been building for years. Quickly shedding the clothes between them, Garrett wasted no time in lifting on of his daughter’s legs to guide his cock in and with one hard thrust, buried himself into her tight young cunt.

“God damn, Linda,” he whispered, holding her tight to him for a moment as his cock was savagely clamped by her moist, hot muscles. He heard her helpless groan … felt the arch forward as if in blatant invitation and he swept his large hands beneath her legs and pulled them up to interlock them around his waist and then plunged in roughly. “Yes!” he panted as she screamed out his name and moved his hands to her ass, squeezing the sweet flesh as he began to lift her up and down on his cock.

Linda’s moans were lost in her father’s cries of passion, her small hands pushing on her father’s strong shoulders to help guide her up and down upon his raging cock. God, he was so big! She could feel him swelling inside of her clenching cunt. It didn’t matter that her back was being scraped against the rough surface of the metal partition as her walls clamped around his thrusting cock. All that mattered was the ramming of his hard cock, the way in which he held her firmly to him. In that moment, Linda knew what it would really be like to be loved by a strong man … to be shown no mercy in the bedroom but to be loved and protected like no other.

Garrett was lost in the sensations that were wrapping around him like a tight glove. Her flesh was so supple, so sweet to the taste. He leaned down to suck hard on one of her large nipples, feeling it hardening on his tongue as his sweet daughter, his prized possession, his baby girl cried out in passion and he shuddered beneath the raking of her nails upon his flesh. They seemed to egg him on, encouraging him to claim her for his own as they dug into the hard flesh of his shoulders and he gave way to the savage need to fuck her, slamming deep into her juicy cunt. He groaned deeply as the head of his cock slammed against her cervix and bit down on her nipple, pulling it savagely as he fucked his beautiful daughter.

Linda screamed in delight as her father’s cock began to ravage her cunt. The spasming muscles within clamped down on the flesh that continued to work in and out of her like a piston in overdrive. Her nails continued to mark his shoulders as his sexy lips and teeth pulled on her sensitive nipple. She glanced down, mesmerized at the sight of her father at her breast and suddenly was filled with a desire to be with him always … to be fucked by him again and again.

Chewing on the hard nub, Garrett dug his nails into his daughter’s ass as his cock continued to slam into her willing cunt harder. He could feel her clamp down on it, knowing that she could feel the burn in her belly as it grew to a raging inferno of white-hot flames.

“Ohhhh god, Daddy!” she cried out, loving the way his body claimed hers so savagely as her own hips slammed down on top of his, wanting more. Her clit was throbbing unmercifully, her sweet juices flowing out to coat her father’s balls as he unmercifully raped her hot slut cunt because that is exactly what she felt like beneath him … his hot slut. “Oooooo yessss,” she cried out again, shivering in delight as he raped her willing flesh with such power and desire. Helplessly she started shuddering and crying out to him. “Please, Daddy! Please!!”

Garrett could feel her belly tighten against his as she fought the impending release that was building in his baby girl’s young body and slams his cock hard. He groans in appreciation as she flails against him, his cock commanding her to cum but yet she doesn’t … not yet. Never had she done anything without his approval first and even now, as he fucked her unmercifully, the tears beginning to flow freely down her cheeks, she waited for his permission. “Oh Daddy, please,” she whimpered.

She felt him stiffen at her cry … her pleas of passion and need bringing forth a deep growl from his throat as he suddenly smacked her left ass cheek as he plunged deep inside of her, commanding, “CUM!! Cum my baby girl! Squirt for your Daddy!” That was enough to send her over the edge, screaming out in delight as her cunt walls obeyed him, shuddering helplessly and then collapsing in hard surrender, bathing his pistoning cock in hot, sweet nectar.

Garrett felt his cock explode as his daughter came all over him, flooding her cunt with hot thick ropes of his seed as she came once again. His voice boomed through the bathroom as he cried out, “Now! Now baby! Do it!! Cum for your Daddy!” He shuddered hard, feeling her nails rip into the strong flesh of his arm holding her against the wall as his command rippled through her, triggering her release once more as his cum coated her insides and sent her spiraling over the edge. She felt like a tight milking vise on him and he slammed into her again as she screamed out in wanton abandon. “That’s it baby, cum for Daddy!”

Linda clung to him like a drowning person to a life raft, her cum flowing freely over his cock and then before she could speak, she felt him start to sink downwards and then gently pull out before standing upright, shaking a bit as he pulled his daughter to him tightly. “I love you, daddy,” she whimpered against his neck as she felt her father squeeze her lovingly.

“I love you too, Lyn,” he whispered into his hair. He pulled back momentarily to look down at her. Her cheeks were stained crimson from the claim of his body but he saw the love radiating from her eyes and knew that now … now their relationship would be forever changed. He could never love another like he did her and now he wasn’t sure where it would go from here.

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