tagNovels and NovellasIn a World Ch. 01

In a World Ch. 01


She stood on the edge of the cliff, worn rags wrapped around her larger frame. In the past she'd worn a pristine lab coat to cover her large breasts and pale skin, yet in this sand covered place they'd been worn into rags. The wind whipped by her face, covered in muck and grime like many of the people left. In the distance was a small encampment, a place she'd walked hundreds of miles to find.

A hand raised to her round face, deep brown eyes peering down the cliff searching for some sign of human life. A few lone souls wandered through the encampment and she let her hand drop to her side, searching for her water skin. A long sip, her mind fluttering back to the bunker she'd just left.

They'd been working on a way to renew the human race and make them more suitable to survive in this harsh wasteland they had created. It was her mission to find the specimen, as they called him. The perfect man, more so a man who was virile enough to repopulate with the scientist herself. They had tried and failed many times in the bunker, no closer to finding that man.

Her cunt ached at the thought and she shook her head to rid herself of the feeling as she slowly traversed down the side of the cliff and into the encampment below. As she neared the encampment, she could hear the people chatter amongst themselves. The language was quite different than her own but she'd learned enough to keep herself out of trouble. Walking slowly, she found herself at what seemed to be a merchant's table, wares laid out in disarray.

He wasn't a particularly attractive man, short and stocky with graying hair and an unkempt beard, yet in her heart she hoped her travels would end here. A smile from her lips as she spoke softly, trying to get his attention from a leather clad trader. "Excuse me!"

He ignored her and kept up his conversation with the trader. In the trader's calloused hands he held a rope which lead to the feet of two young whores. They were discussing price and how long the merchant could keep the pair. Feeling the need to interject herself once more, she yelled over them, "LISTEN."

The makeshift plaza quieted for a moment, the people of the encampment looking at the ravaged scientist, her chest heaving from her yell. "I've come from far away, looking for.." She trailed off trying to find the words she needed.

"Men. Young and able." She finished, pulling off her rags and letting them fall to the ground revealing her naked body. Her large breasts hung in the most attractive way, little nipples peaking from dark aureola. Her cunt wasn't shaved but still her curves made her it look fat in the best way possible. Her dark eyes peered at the crowd seeing a few men making their way toward her. A strong arm pulled her away before she could say anything else however.

A rough voice spoke to her harshly, as she was slammed up against wall in what seemed to be a falling down shack, "You could have been attacked."

She blinked for a few moments, finally making out the man who held her against the wall. His beard was neatly trimmed and his head was shaved close to the skin. His accent was almost unrecognizable, but she'd heard similar when she'd lived in the bunker. A small gasp as she tried to push him away, but he was much stronger than she was.

"Get off," she whined, still pushing at his chest.

"And let you get yourself turned into a whore and bought and sold? Do you want to be someone's dog?" He couldn't help himself however, his blue eyes running up and down her body as he spoke. He found himself thinking about the woman on her stomach, ass in the air and that fat little cunt in his grasp. A sigh, he pulled away from her and threw a few ragged items of clothing at her. "Get dressed."

She just stood there, tears welling up in the corners of her big brown doe eyes, holding the clothing to her bare chest. He growled and took them from her. "I said to get dressed." He sifted through the clothes for a moment, pulling out a poorly made dress and slid it over the woman's head.

She whimpered out of pure fear and fell back into the wall, before sliding down onto the floor. Her fingers pulled at the rough seams of the dress, her tears falling down her cheeks. Naive and unable to understand the war torn world, she knew she must have made a mistake. "I need to find him." She cried softly, wiping her cheeks with a shaky hand. The tears had cleared away some of the dirt that covered her face, giving way to the paleness of her skin.

"Find who?" The man asked, looking the naive woman up and down once more. She still looked beautiful, naked or clothed, but the tears made his cock grow soft once more.

"He has to repopulate," she mumbled, bursting into tears. Her body shook with a force that could only be rivaled by a hurricane, tears streaming down her now red cheeks. "I need him."

He shook his head at her and leaned down to pull her back up onto her feet. "Stop that. I'm sure you'll find him."

Still crying, she looked up at him and clung to his ragged, dirty shirt. "I need him now, I need to be filled."

His expression changed from one of worry to an inquisitive raised brow. "I don't understand, filled?"


And with the end of this chapter, I just want to say that erotica isn't what I normally write, but I had this idea and I wanted to share it all with you. If you have ideas for how the next chapter should go, please comment and tell me! If you liked it, be on the look out for the next chapter soon. Our naive, curvy scientist and our mystery man will 'cum' back soon.

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