tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn an Animal World

In an Animal World


I noticed her hair first, the way it rolled down on her shoulders, the kinky curls twisting and flowing like a waterfall onto the deep pools of her blouse. Keeping my eyes focused on her, I waited until she turned her head and I could see her nose, prominent, but not overbearing. As she continued turning I noticed her full lips, then looked upward to her eyes, so dark and alluring as if embracing some dark, secret passion.

Her delicate blouse was unbuttoned low enough to show a hint of a black, lace bra with just a bit of cleavage. My eyes then moved down her body, curving with her body, enjoying the lithe possibilities of her form. If I had chosen to, I might have found some fault, some defect in her that would confirm she was an ordinary woman, instead, I simply gazed at her wholly, simply appreciating the beauty.

At that moment I realized I must have her. I didn't want to talk to her, share entertaining conversation while slowly getting to know her, I didn't want to know her dreams and fantasies, I didn't to fall in love, I simply wanted to fuck her. Of course in polite society I am bound to certain realities that make simply fucking her, without all the other accompanying niceties, an impossibility.

In an animal world instinct, passion and strength would dictate my reaction to her beauty and magnetism. In this polite society I must remain seated while concealing the tent in my pants created by my raging erection. Instead of walking up and introducing myself and starting some small talk with the woman, I could only remain seated.

I could only remain seated and let my mind...

The room suddenly dims as I stand up and walk directly to the woman, the bulge in my pants showing her my intention. Her face shows concern and she steps back, turning to walk away, but I move quickly, catching her hand and turning her back to me. I reach up, run my hand along her jaw and then slide down her neck. I pause, my hand on her neck, thumb around one side, my fingers around the other so she understands that I could... I could...

She nervously hisses, "No, please..." but the look in my eyes freezes her.

The din of conversation around us becomes the buzzing of insects as my hand continues its downward trek down her chest and into her blouse. Buttons pop away, skittering across the floor as I grasp her bra and pull it up over her breasts. She is cold and her nipples are hard so I wrap my arm around her and pull her to me, my mouth clamping on her breast, sucking the nipple between my lips.

I feel her arms pushing me away, but she lacks the strength to escape me. Still sucking her nipples, I hold her firm with one arm while my other hand works her skirt loose, at first easing the zipper down in the back and then finally viciously pulling it away. Noticing her garter belt and stockings I smile, enjoying the easy access to her panties.

"No, don't do this," she pleads, "I don't want to do this."

The dampness in her panties convinces me otherwise as I pull them aside and push two fingers into her. Yes, she is wet, ready for me so I shove her back onto the table while unfastening my pants. She tries to wiggle free, but I force her onto her back again and growl at her, "Don't do that again, I don't want to hurt you."

She calms a bit allowing me to take my cock out and move closer to her. Her hands press against my chest, but leaning onto her, my weight overcomes her and now I can move firmly between her legs. She in trembling as I look over her body before taking her. Her pussy is perfect, the lips swelling some... in anticipation?

Her arms drop to her sides when I reach my left hand between her legs, gently pull her lips open and then guide my cock to her opening with my right hand. I push for a moment and feel a bit of resistance, but pressing my weight against her and thrusting my hips forward my cock slides into her.

After a few quick thrusts for lubrication, I withdraw and then thrust in to the hilt, hearing her moan as I do. I immediately begin withdrawing and then thrusting, withdrawing and thrusting in a quickening rhythm. After only a few moments she begins to match my rhythm, lifting her hips up to meet me. I concentrate now, working to hold off my orgasm. I have a feeling she might be enjoying this.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of heavy thrusting I can feel her hands clasping my arms as her entire body seems to stiffen up. I thrust several more times and she moans loudly, wraping her legs around me. As she comes, I pause my thrusting to feel her pussy contracting on my cock again and again. Later, once the pulsations subside I begin again.

This time I concentrate on the sensations of this beautiful woman's pussy on my cock. The soft, warm wetness of her as I plunge and withdraw, filling her and then pulling out, leaving her empty. Feeling a pressure building in my balls, I quicken my pace until, yes, yes, the pleasure surges up my cock and through my body.

Arching my back, I shove my cock deep into her pussy and come, spurting my hot, white cum deep in her pussy. I am leaving some of myself in this beautiful woman, coating her pussy with my sticky cum. Keeping my hips pushed forward I keep my cock burrowed into her until it finally shrinks enough for my cock to slip out. Only then do I look into her eyes and say, "I thoroughly enjoyed fucking you, thank you."

Only after I fasten my pants do I notice the staring crowd of people around us. I smile...

Still seated, I noticed her smiling at me. Nodding my head towards her I smile back and then glance away, letting my attention focus elsewhere. I wanted no part of a conversation with her, no small talk, no relationship, I simply wanted a fuck and now that my mind had provided that for me I was satisfied to remain seated until my erection subsided. After that I'd stand up, walk through the door and never see her again.

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