tagCelebrities & Fan FictionIn An Elevator With Avril Lavigne

In An Elevator With Avril Lavigne


BANG! The elevator stopped and I knew we were trapped. We being me and this cute blond haired

girl with a pink streak. She was short maybe only about 5'1". I recognized the face but just

couldn't put a name with it, but I knew I had seen it before. She was wearing a white button up shirt with blue jeans and a brown belt. Now being an advertising trainee I see stars in the office all the time. I was young only 24 but I knew what I wanted to do in my life. If I couldn't be famous myself I will work with and for the famous people.

"Oh no, please tell me this isn't happening," the blond haired girl said.

"Not to worry," I responded "I am sure we will be rescued soon or this elevator will start moving.

Probably just a glitch."

"I hope so," she responded looking at her watch.

Now she was cute, me dressed in my business attire wasn't exactly the best thing to turn a girl on. I didn't even know if she liked girls. I pressed down my skirt and just unbuttoned my suit jacket.

I did notice her sneaking little peaks at me. Maybe she was interested or just trying to calm

herself down because it was just us two in the elevator. I decided to break the ice. "So ummm my name is Emily, I am an advertising trainee here at JGP."

"Nice to meet you Emily," she smiled at me "I'm Avril."

Then it hit me. "Avril? Avril Lavigne? The Avril Lavigne?" She just smiled at me and nodded.

"Oh my God I can't believe I didn't recognize you, I am such a huge fan." I started to fan myself with my hands like I just won Miss Universe. Avril just giggled at me.

"You are so cute...funny, sorry meant funny."

Oh did she slip there? "You think I'm cute," I said smiling and blushing a deep red.

"No, no, funny just the way you were fanning yourself there."

I just smiled as I walked close to her. "It's quite alright Ms. Lavigne. To be perfectly honest

it means a lot you saying that to me." I could see she was getting a little nervous and uneasy.

"Do you find me attractive Ms. Lavigne," I said as she backed in the a corner of the elevator.

"Um yes...I...I...I think you are very..." was all she was able to get out before my lips met hers for a passionate kiss. I felt her tremble a bit before she relaxed and started returning my kiss.

Her lips were so soft, I parted my lips as she did sliding my tongue in her mouth. Our tongues

licking around each others mouth. I took off my suit jacket and started to unbutton my blouse

revealing my baby blue bra and took it off. I ran my hands up the front of her shirt and I could

feel she wasn't wearing a bra. Wow, how kinky was this girl.

I started to unbutton her shirt. "Oh God," she breathed out heavily "I can't believe it this feels so good." As I removed her shirt I saw her breasts they were so perfect. I ran my hand up her flat stomach and lightly caressed her breasts. Her hand reached to my breasts and roughly pulled down my bra and her mouth immediately covered my left nipple. Both my hands went to her head my fingers running through her hair. She had one hand on my ass and the other rubbing against the crotch of my skirt. I lifted up my skirt as it bunched around my wait and she rubbed my matching baby blue panties which were already a little moist from what this hot beauty was doing to me. She was alternating from breast to breast licking, sucking and biting my nipples making them as hard as diamonds. Then she fell to her knees in front of me. Just the vision of Avril Lavgine kneeling at my feet was almost orgasmic. She pulled my panties aside revealing my neatly trimmed landing strip and gave me one big lick up my slit. Then she started lapping at my cunt like a hungry dog, my

knees almost buckled from the feeling. Her thumb began rubbing my clit as she stuck her tongue deeper in me. I looked down at her and her eyes were looking up at me. They had a look in them

like they were saying "do you like this baby?" and I sure did. She then lowered my panties and

took them off to get rid of any material covering my pussy that could get in her way.

After about 5 minutes of Avril's tongue in my pussy she stood, kicked of her shoes and wore no

socks, and unbuckled her belt and her jeans and pulled them down revealing pink panties with black

trim, "totally Avril" I thought. Then she smiled at me as she lowered them. Her pussy was bare, obvious she shaved or even possibly waxed, I couldn't believe it my wildest Avril Lavigne fantasies I've played in my mind over and over so many times was now happening for real. I looked up to her with my pleading and she just nodded. She knew by my look what my eyes were asking for. I fell to my knees and moved my mouth closer between her legs. Her scent was intoxicating and I began to lap her her cunt licking and sucking her lips. Her breathing became quicker, that was comfort to me I knew I was doing a good job, at least she liked it. My hand went to her bare ass and I gave a few light spanks. "Ooooooo," she cooed as she looked down on me my gaze upwards towards her smiling with my eyes, she knew I was liking this. "Keep that up young girl and I'm gonna cum in no time," she said smiling down at me. Her words just drove me crazy and made me go and lick faster and harder shoving my tongue as deep in her pussy as I could. Her body began to shake her hands went to

my head for partial support of her body her legs began to tremble and I knew she was close. "FUCK

YES YES," Avril screamed as her cum flowed in my mouth and down my throat. She fell back and laid

down on the floor of the elevator, "that was fucking amazing" she said she was right.

"We are not done yet Ms. Lavigne," I said as I got up and stood above her my legs on both sides of her head. "Now it's my turn," I said as I lowered my pussy over her mouth, "make me cum Ms.

Lavigne." Her tongue lashed at my pussy I wanted her tongue to get deeper in me so I started to

grind my pussy over her face covering it in my slick juices. I threw my head back and started to

squeeze my breasts as this punk rock princess ate me out. I was close too as I already had her tongue at that same place earlier. My body began to convulse and shiver. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," I screamed as I let go and let my juices stream into her mouth. I slowly raised my myself off her

mouth and collapsed on the floor beside her. Both up us lay there Avril naked except for the two necklaces around her neck and me just had my skirt bunched around my wait and my high heels on.

BANG! The elevator shook again and began to lower. Avril and I looked at each other stunned and quickly began to scramble to get our clothes back on. I handed her some tissue from my purse to clean off her face. We were lucky the elevator froze on a fairly high floor so it gave us time to get fully dressed. Avril gave me a quick kiss on the mouth (I could lightly taste my cum) before the doors opened. The police and fire department were there asking us if we were okay and needed anything we said said we were both fine and exited the building each going a separate way. I was smiling all the way home.

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