tagIncest/TabooIn Between Ch. 04: The Final Step

In Between Ch. 04: The Final Step


Chapter 4 - The Final Step

Valerie was slightly worried that Bryce might be too shy to come by her house the next day, but when she heard the door open, her chest swelled with happiness.

"Hey, Aunt Vee." He saw her head peeking out from the kitchen. "What are you doing?"

"Just making some tea? Want some?

"I'm more of a coffee guy." He smiled.

She shook her head. "That stuff isn't good for you if you drink too much of it. It can act like a drug."

"Better than cocaine or something though, right?" He grinned.

She huffed out a laugh. "I'm making you tea and you better drink it all."

"Man, I guess I have no choice if you're forcing me." He smiled and glanced at the television. "Do you mind if I change the channel? The game is on."

She dipped back into the kitchen, her head disappearing from his sight. "Why do you think I got cable for in the first place?"

He laughed and made his way to the living room. "I feel like a king when I'm over here."

"I told you, I really do want you to feel like this is your second home."

"Thanks, Aunt Vee. You really have made it feel like that." Bryce grabbed the remote before he flopped down on the couch and changed the channel to a football game.

"I'm happy to hear that, Hun." She walked over to sit next to him, two steaming cups in her hand. "Here, try this." She handed him one.

"Thanks." He sipped it. "It's actually pretty good."

"See? If you never try new things then many things this world has to offer will be closed off to you." Valerie sipped her own.

"Wow." He looked at her with an open mouth.


"That was very philosophical." He grinned.

"You just love to tease your poor old aunt, don't you?" She chuckled, shaking her head.

His eyes involuntarily shifted to the pillows on her chest. "Nothing about you is poor or old, Aunt Victoria."

He looked at my breast... I guess it's a good segway into the next topic. "There was something I needed to actually talk to you about, Bryce..."

"What's wrong?" He set his cup down on the coffee table nearby.

"Yesterday when I sent you to fetch my hairbrush... I saw what you did with my underwear." Her facial expression was unreadable.

Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! How the hell does she know!? That doesn't matter right now, you idiot. What you have to do is just stay calm and deny it until the cows come home. "U-Um... I'm not sure what you're talking about. Maybe it looked that way from a distance -"

Valerie put her drink besides his and put her hand on his forearm, giving him a reassuring smile. "It's okay, sweetheart. You don't have to lie. I'm not upset at all."

"Y-You're not...?" His eyes were full of fear and worry.

"Of course not. It's completely normal for a boy you're age to be interested in the female body and sex."

He hung his head. "But you're my aunt..." He made eye contact. "Isn't that weird?"

She shook her head, still smiling gently. "Not at all. Back in medieval times it was normal for family members to be together and even get married."

"I've read that before..." Bryce hesitantly nodded. "Thanks for being so understating, and not making me feel like a freak."

"I would never think that no matter what you did. I have to ask though, don't you have a girlfriend or anything to take care of you?"

Are we really talking about my sex life? Geez, I guess so. "I did have a girlfriend a few months ago, but I always get so nervous and awkward around girls that they end up dumping me before we get to do anything."

"So you're a virgin?" She eyed him curiously.

Someone, anyone, just shoot me now and be done with it. "Yeah... That's embarrassing at my age, huh?"

"Not at all. I think it's really cute." Valerie smiled affectionately at him.

"I don't exactly wanna be looked at as 'cute'" He sighed.

"Then... do you want to see my breast?" She put one hand on them.

"W-What!?" Bryce almost fell off the couch.

"You've never seen them before and want to have a little more experience, don't you?" A small smile was on her face.

Holy crap! She's dead serious. I hope I don't go to hell for this... "I-Is it really okay?"

Instead of responding, she smiled wider and took off her blouse, then bra.

Bryce's eyes virtually doubled as her bare jugs flopped down to her chest, her pink nipples and brownish areoles exposed. "Wow..."

"I hope that's a good wow this time?" She raised one eyebrow.

He nodded at once. "It is! You're breast are so amazing, Aunt Valerie."

"Try touching them."

"O-Okay." He gulped and grabbed both tits.

They were definitely huge and soft, but like her ass had a nice firmness to them. Her skin was flawless too, a nice creamy color to it. As he began squeezing them, he noticed his aunt's nipples getting harder until they were shooting straight out. Shit! She's getting turned on. Without thinking, he opened his mouth and latched onto one, his tongue flicking and poking against it.

Oh god... He's playing with my nipples. I didn't expect him to be so aggressive. The pace of Valerie's breathing sped up.

Doing the same to the other protruding nipple, Bryce closed his mouth around it to press it down with his tongue before sucking on it like a pacifier.

It was getting harder for Valerie to control her moans as her breathing turned heavier too. "Bryce... touch my pussy..." She managed to get out as she gripped the hair at the back of his head and laid back on the couch to spread her legs wide.

Did she actually just say what I think she did? I guess so! He reached into her skirt, then panties until he reached the hotness of her pussy. As he rubbed the long slit, his fingers began to get drenched in her fluids. Man! She's so wet. His aunt's moan became audible, making him hornier and his cock to swell. Sticking his index finger into her gash, he did a 'come here' motion.

"Oh, Bryce... Don't stop, sweetie..." She her grip on his hair tightened as her moaning got louder and she opened her legs wider. "Stick another finger in my pussy..."

He obeyed, jamming his middle digit inside her, and made sure not to neglect her breast as he rubbed his thumb over one in a slow circle and groped her other one, kneading it like pizza dough. I'm doing it pretty hard, but she doesn't seem to mind. Bryce continued to finger her for a few minutes before she suddenly tensed up.

"Oh god... I'm cumming!" Valerie shuddered as a stream of liquid shot out her pussy and all over his fingers.

I actually made her cum...? Cool! He moved back and watched as her chest pumped up and down. She sat up straight a few seconds later. "Did that feel good?"

"It felt incredible..." She smiled mischievously and leaned forward to grab his wet hand. She then put each of his fingers in her mouth one by one to taste her own pussy juices. "Mmm... That tastes really good." She moved back.

"I... I want to have sex with you, Aunt Valerie." He was nervous to say what he was thinking, fidgeting periodically.

"Do you love me?"

I know it's only been a month and some change since we reunited, but it doesn't feel like that at all. "I do." He said seriously.

Her heart skipped a beat as he answered her without hesitation. I figured he would say yes even if he didn't a hundred percent feel that way yet, but I think he means it... Her smile grew as she brought her face to kiss him softly. "I love you too, Bryce. And I'm going to show you how much." She grabbed his hand and led him to her room where she undressed and began taking off his clothes too.

When she removed his underwear, her eyes opened. "Oh my... I wasn't expecting you to be so big..." She kissed the tip, making him blush. "You might hurt me with this thing." I was going to give him a blowjob, but I want him inside of me now.

"Oh. I don't have a condom..." Bryce looked concerned.

"Don't worry. I have some." She moved to her dresser drawer on the far side of the bedroom, having bought a pack just the day before for this specific moment. It's been almost two years since I had sex. I hope I'm not too rusty.

I wonder if she's dating anyone. Hm, probably not considering she just moved down here.

"Alright." She ripped off the top of the wrapper with her teeth and placed the condom on his swollen dick. After, she hugged up to him and pressed her lips against his. Both their tongues were soon exploring each other's mouths as Valerie reached down and massaged his erection.

Shit, I have to stop her or I'll just cum from her hand and not even get to fuck her! "I can't wait anymore, Aunt Vee..." He broke off the kiss, leaving a long line of saliva that was connected them and stared longingly into her eyes.

I'll give him points for his honesty. She giggled. "Okay. You don't have to anymore." She got into position on the bed behind them, laying back and putting her head on a pillow. "Come make love to me, baby." She extended her arms out to him.

Bryce followed and moved himself in front of her as she cocked her legs back, the action causing her vaginal lips to separate and reveal the light pink inside. She is so fucking sexy! I can't believe I'm actually about have sex with this gorgeous woman, let alone my own aunt! Grabbing his stiff package, he slowly and carefully pushed it into the warm and wet holds of her cunt.

A ragged breath escaped Bryce's mouth as her sweet walls squeezed on him tightly, and their softness made the sensation mind-numbing.

Valerie also inhaled, not expecting just the tip of his thick penis to feel so good. He's spreading me open and all of it isn't even in yet. "How does my pussy feel?" She smiled seductively as she stared up into his eyes grabbed both of his biceps.

He swallowed the spit that was sticking in his throat. "So tight and warm... it's like your swallowing my dick." His voice sounded heavy like he was drunk.

"I'm happy to hear that. But it'll be even better if you move."

He nodded and wasted no time, burying the rest of his shaft as far as it would go.

"Oh god, Bryce..." She wrapped her arms around his back and legs around his waist to pull him directly over her, so their faces were only inches apart. "You're filling me up so much... All the way to my womb..."

Her breath tickled his face. I'm reaching her womb? So that's what that weird sensation of my dick's head hitting something. "Does it hurt?"

She shook her head. "No... I've just never felt something like that before... but it doesn't feel bad. Keep fucking me..." She stuck her tongue into his mouth and waited until he started sucking on it.

She's definitely not shy about sex... Bryce was so absorbed in making out with his aunt that he forgot to move. So starting again, he rocked his hips back and forth, his rod stretching open her glands in the process. Valerie's breathing got increasingly intense as if she were a pregnant woman going through birth, her panting filling the otherwise quiet room.

"Oh... fuck... You're gonna make me cum, Bryce..." Her eyes were unfocused and she yanked him even harder to her.

At the same time, the build up of pleasure in his member got stronger as he slammed into her sloppy, wet entrance. "I'm gonna cum too, Aunt Valerie!" Semen shot out his urethra and filled the condom.

Her entire body shuttered as soon as he made his declaration, a surge of clear liquid gushing out and hitting Bryce's package and abdomen as he pulled out of her.

"You really cum a lot, don't you, Aunt?" He checked out the mess.

She blushed a little, still catching her breath as she sat up to face him. "You're the second person ever to make me orgasm... And you already did it once before in the living room."

"Really?" I'm only the second? His eyes popped open.

She giggled. "Don't look so surprised. You may not have a lot of experience..." Her view shifted to his now limp penis. "But you certainly have the tools."

"You really know how to embarrass me, don't you?" Bryce put a hand over his member, smiling shyly.

"I wasn't trying to. And besides, my strong feelings for you is what made it feel so good." She leaned forward and kissed him gently before pulling away again.

His phone started ringing all of a sudden. "Do you mind if I get that? It might be mom calling and if I don't answer then she'll probably file a missing person's report"

She nodded quietly, trying not to show the disappointment on her face.

"Thanks." Finding his pants on the floor, he retrieved the device and saw it was indeed his mom calling. "Speak now or forever hold your piece."

"That only works at weddings, my dorky son." Her voice reverberated. "Where are you? Your cars in the driveway, and you're way too old to be playing hide and seek."

"I'm a young soul at heart." He smiled. "But I'm actually..." He glanced at his aunt. "At Bobby's house down the street, so that's why you don't see me at home." I really don't like lying to her, but I'd be a complete idiot to tell her where I really was. Not to mention just committing incest with the woman she isn't exactly fond of.

"I really don't like you hanging out with him. That kid always stares at me funny."

Bryce imagined her frowning over the phone. "Hey! Don't diss my homies. Besides, you should take it as a compliment. It just means you're a milf."

"I'm going to ignore that inappropriate comment and ask you when you'll be getting home? Our show is on in twenty minutes."

"Our show is starting soon?" He Bryce momentarily moved the phone from his ear to check the time. "I didn't even realize what time it was."

He's going to choose her over me again... I guess I was stupid to think sex could put me on the same level with his mother in the first place. Valerie watched him with a sad smile. "It's okay." She whispered.

He met her gaze. "I'm sorry, mom, but could you record it and we'll watch tomorrow or something? I and Bobby were planning to have a little sleepover."

Valerie's eyelids went up. He... He's choosing to stay with me?

"Oh..." Was all Angela could manage to say.

"Is that alright, Mom?"

"S-Sure. Try not to stay up too late." She tried to sound normal.

"No promises. Have a good night." He smiled and hung up.

"You too..." Angela answered belatedly, the phone call already disconnected. We've never missed watching our favorite show together and this is the eight season... Did I do something to make him angry? Maybe he just wants to spend time with his friends like a normal kid his age would... Then why do I feel so weird about it? She sighed and made her way into the kitchen. "I guess I'll just find something to eat and head off to bed."

Back at his aunt's house, Bryce set the phone back in his pants pocket on the floor.

"You didn't really have to do that, Bryce..." Valerie tried to control the happiness she was feeling from physically showing. "I know it's a small tradition for you to have date nights with your mom."

"I know I didn't, but what kind of guy would I be if I just had sex with a woman and bailed?" He walked over to her side of the bed.

She giggled and crawled towards him on all fours, her eyes playfully looking up into his. "You've really grown into a fine, young gentleman haven't you?"

"I'd like to think so." He attempted a charming smile.

Valerie giggled again and straightened up on her knees to put her arms around his neck and kiss him. "I guess that means I have you all to myself." She reached down and groped his lifeless dick, soon reviving it.

"Aunt Vee..." He closed his eyes in pleasure.

"Call me Valerie when we're alone like this." She flicked her tongue into his ear.

"Valerie..." He groaned.

"Tell me what you want..." She bit his earlobe.

"I want to stick my dick in your tight pussy..." He was too horny to feel any embarrassment.

After they had sex for the second time, Bryce hugged up to her side, laying his head on her chest balloons.

"Can I ask you something?" He was staring at the wall across the room.

"Anything, sweetie."

"You said you had feelings for me... What did you mean?" Is this a one night stand? Well technically two night stand.

"Exactly what it sounds like. I love you, Bryce." She ran her fingers through his hair.

"No, I mean..." He tried to formulate the correct words. "Are we dating now? Are you my girlfriend?"

She laughed. "I'm your aunt, honey. I couldn't be your girlfriend. But we can do this whenever you want."

What the hell? He sat up, his eyebrows turned down in anger. "So what was this all about?"

"Please, don't get angry... I just wanted us to get closer." She sat up and reached a hand to his face.

So you fucked your nephew? He turned his head away, so that she couldn't. "...I think I'm gonna head home."

"What? No! I'm sorry, Bryce." Valerie grabbed onto his arm.

"Please let me go, Aunt Valerie." He enunciated the last two words clearly, making direct eye contact with her.

He hates me... She released her hold and watched as he dressed himself before walking to the door. "Are you going to come back tomorrow?"

"I don't know... I'm going now, bye."

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by prop6903/03/18

AWESOME . An interesting twist

What wil Bryce do next?
Will he admit to visiting with Val?
Can't wait for the next chapter

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1 that ending was sooo upsetting and so good at the same time
2 anyone reading this because you wanna fuck your aunt too?

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Glad I could help, I really like the rest of it! Be sure to proof read though, there seem to be a few spelling or grammatical mistakes as well, nothing too bad though.

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Clarifying Family Trree Pt..3

Hey Anonymous, I do indeed see that mistake, thanks a lot for the heads up!

Will correct it now.

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Your explanation is wrong

This is what you say in chapter 01:
"As you know, your real mother died soon after giving birth to you. Your father -- my brother remarried a couple years later and raised you with your mother -- Valerie'smore...

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