tagIncest/TabooIn Between Ch. 10: Confrontation

In Between Ch. 10: Confrontation


Chapter 10 – Confrontation

I originally planned to take a break from this series, but a few death threats via email motivated me to finish, which I'm grateful for because the remaining chapters, in my opinion, are the hottest – a lot of catfights. (Kidding about the death threats... kinda.)


It was the weekend so. Bryce was off from work and school, which he was more than thankful for after the unbelievable event that happened just the previous night. My biological mom, Carly tracked me down after more than a decade. He propped himself up on one elbow to look at his aunt Valerie's sleeping face. She's Carly's sister, so did she know about her being in town...? He shook his head and ran his hand along her naked thigh, staring at her the slit between her legs too.

"Mmm, Bryce..." She muttered, still half-asleep.

No. She's tells me absolutely everything, so there's no way she would keep something that big a secret. He then turned to the other side to stare at his beautiful mother. Technically, she's my aunt on my father's side, but she raised me all these years so I've never looked at her as anything besides my mother – my real mother... But still. Shit! I don't know what to do.

"Bryce...?" Angela's eyes opened to see him watching her.


"Were you watching me sleep?"

"Yeah." He gently grabbed the side of her face. "Sorry for being a creep."

She lightly laughed. "I actually happen to find that very cute." She shifted her head to kiss his hand.

Getting an erection, he pushed his thumb into her parted lips so that she could wrap her tongue around and suck it.

"I can't believe you can manage even half an erection after all that sex last night..." She muttered, reaching for his pulsating cock. Val and I still need to ask him about that.

"Then you must honestly not know how sexy you are, Angela." He roughly climbed over her.

"W-Wait, Bryce..." She touched her wet vagina. "I'm still sore from the gorilla pounding you gave your aunt and I last night."

"Call me King Kong." He grinned, then lowered his head and kissed her neck.

She giggled, then frowned and pushed him up so that she could look him in the eye. "No, seriously. That monster is not going in me today." She poked it. "You're gonna cause internal damage at this rate, and I'll die. Are you trying to fuck your only mother to death, Bryce?"

"Of course not... I love you more than anything in this world." His voice shook. Shit. I keep thinking about Carly.

"H-Hey, I was just kidding." The athletic woman caressed the side of his face. Something really is wrong with him.

"I think I may have a solution for that problem." Valerie unexpectedly suggested as she sat up, grinning.

"Whatever it is, I accept." Bryce composed the whirling emotions inside to focus on his horniess.

"You really are a horndog..." Angela lowered her eyelids at him.


Shortly after, they got into the positions his aunt suggested; he was standing up at the foot of the bed with her facing him on both knees, and Angela laying down under her.

"This way, I can give Bryce a blowjob." She hungrily licked her lips at his package before peeking down at the other woman's head below. "And Angela can eat me out while I..." She reached her hand back to touch his mom's moist pussy. "Good thing you're short."

Angela's eyebrow twitched. "I'm going to ignore that."

She giggled. "Okay. Let's not waste anymore time." She took hold of Bryce's thick meat.

"Wait." He pinched one of her nipples.


"You haven't given me a titfuck in a while. Why don't we do that today?"

Valerie shook her giant melons, causing them to wobble against each other, seductively staring up at him with a happy smile. "They're... all... yours..."

Fuck. I can't want anymore! Bryce clutched the doughy boobs together and collected the saliva in his mouth to spit on them. Next, he slid his swollen dick in between the tight crevice they created by being squished together. A sigh escaped through his nose at the fleshiness rubbing him. I forgot how good this feels... Angela in turn grabbed the second woman's hips and raised her head a bit to flick her tongue against the tucked in meat of Valerie's cunt.

She moaned, feeling her best friend's sticky tongue and leaned back to better push two fingers into her vagina. Her secretions already coated the digits and she had barely started fingerfucking her. She said she didn't wanna have sex, but her cunt is practically begging for her son's cock. Grinding her hips now, Valerie rubbed herself all over Angela's face, covering it in her own pussy juices. Though I'm just as guilty...

The pleasure surging through Bryce's made him increase pace as his throbbing rod punched in and out of his aunt's amazing cleavage. Both her huge balloons bounced and flopped at his violent thrusting, Bryce's spit creating sloppy and lewd sounds. "I'm gonna cum soon guys..." His breathing became more labored.

"Me too, baby..." Valerie's own movements got rougher as she pinched Angela's erected clit, then furiously rubbed it.

"Oh, Val..." His mother opened her legs wider and lightly chewed on her pussy. "I'm close..."

"Oh, fuck...! Keep doing that, I'm gonna cum, too!" The busty woman clenched her jaw in ecstasy as she switched up and stabbed three fingers into the other woman's tight hole.

In unison as if choreographed, Bryce shot several lines of semen all over his busty aunt's chest, while she squeezed one of her tits hard and gasped. A powerful tremor traveled through Angela's body, leaving her limp afterwards.

"I can't believe how amazing that was considering we didn't even have sex..." Angela sighed once they were all laying beside each other again, Bryce in the middle as usual.

"I know. But I still like actual sex." He commented.

His parent rolled her eyes. "Typical guy."

He grinned. "I'm going to take that as a compliment."

"I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today." Valerie ran her fingers through his hair.

"Oh... yeah." He averted his gaze downwards

Angela held back a sigh. Nice tact there, Valerie. But I guess we might as well try to figure out what's going on right now. "Won't you tell us what happened, sweetheart?"

"Yeah, yeah! Maybe we can help." His blonde aunt nodded up and down, pressing closer to his side.

Bryce hesitantly glanced at the two grown women and sat up straighter. Should I really tell them about Carly...? Well, they do only care and want the best for me. Taking a nervous breath, he nodded once in conviction. "My biological mother, Carly reintroduced herself to me at the café last night..."

The shock on both his mom and aunt's faces portrayed exactly how he had felt when finding out who the mystery woman was.

"How... I..." Angela shook her head, staring up at him before she looked to the woman on the other side of him. "Did you know about any of this?' They are sisters after all...

"Of course not..." Valerie had a hurt expression. "I'm just as surprised as you are..." I would never keep something like that secret. I love them both.

Angela immediately grabbed her hand. "I'm sorry, Val. I trust you..." She sighed. "It's just that a million thoughts are swirling in my head right now, and I don't know what to think."

"I understand." She nodded and focused on Bryce. "Though it is my fault that she was able to find him in the first place. We haven't spoken in years but have stayed in contact with the occasional email. I told her about moving next door to you and Bryce, so she must've figured out the rest on her own."

So that's how she knew where I was. "It's not anyone's fault this happened..." He glanced at the jeans on the floor. "She gave me her address and number to meet... Supposedly there's a reason she was missing all these years."

"Reason?" Angela repeated somewhat in anger. I'm pretty sure she just abandoned him.

"Angela, I know what you're thinking but Carly really was going through a lot when Bryce's father was murdered..." Valerie met her fiery gaze. "I'm not saying she was in the right in leaving, but maybe he should hear her out?" Even I don't know the exact reason she up and left.

I can hardly blame Val for protecting her blood... "It's up to Bryce." His mom gently ran her hand alongside his smooth cheek. "What do you want to do, honey?"

He watched the wall ahead, contemplating. "...I might regret it for the rest of my life if I just blow her off. And it's not like we have to start a long-life relationship. Five minutes, I'll give her at least that."

His aunt and mom stared at him in awe.

"That... is very mature of you, Bryce." Angela kissed his cheek. He really isn't a kid anymore, is he?

Valerie kissed his other one. "You are incredible, sweetheart. And I hope everything goes well."

He nodded. "Thanks, guys. I love you."

"We love you too." They said in unison.

After getting ready, Bryce headed downtown where Carly's address took him until entering a gated community with nice-looking condos. He then parked at the far end of the lot, headed up the stairs of the building and knocked on the specific door once in front of it.

"Bryce?" Carly's face lit up as soon as she answered.

Shit. I planned to be a hardass, but her beautiful face is making it tough. "Um, hi..."

"I'm so happy you came." She gave him an unexpected hug.

Who the hell does she think she is, acting all familiar? He clenched his hands. Fuck. Her soft breasts pressed into him, and her flowery smell washed away his anger.

"Come in, please." She grabbed his wrist and pulled him in before he could protest, leading him to sit at the kitchen table, though she was still standing. "This must be fate." She was happily smiling down at him.


She giggled and returned with a pie, setting in down in front of him.

"It's an apple-pie..." He stared at it.

His biological mom took a seat at the chair close by. "I'm hoping that it's still your favorite?"

"It is..."

Her smile grew even more excited. "Please, don't mind me, eat!"

I guess I am kinda hungry... It won't hurt to take a slice. "Thanks, Carly."

"...You're welcome." Her smile faded a bit at his use of her name.

She watched Bryce the whole time he ate, which was a bit unnerving, but he didn't have the heart to tell her, so finished up half the pie.

"You're just like your father, eating practically half of your own weight." The milf chuckled.

Bryce's expression darkened a little, but she didn't seem to notice.

"I want to show you something." She suddenly got up and pulled him to her bedroom, a giant fluffy bed in the middle; a table further in was full of wood carvings of different figures, objects, and animals.

"Whoa..." He couldn't help but admire the precision of the carvings as he picked a lion-looking one up. "These are pretty cool."

"Thank you. Took me a whole month to do that one." She smiled proudly to his side.

He set it down and turned to her. "You carved all these?" She's amazing.

"Yeah. It was mainly what I did after leaving you..." Carly looked straight into his eyes, a sad expression on her. "I know that you think I abandoned you Bryce, but that really wasn't the case."

Shit...! I know I came hear to hear her out, but I don't at the same time.

"I was mentally unstable dealing with your dad's murder and lost myself to depression. And it took me a long while to recover, but I'm better now." She stepped up close and tenderly grabbed the both sides of his face. "I'm ready to be your mother again."

Her last statement set him off. "M-Mother!? Now you want to be my mother after you're all good and ready!? Where were you when I needed you growing up!?" Without thinking, he forcibly moved her all the way back until she fell on the bed, him falling on top of her.

"Bryce, sweetie, I know you're angry and may not be thinking straight, but you can't do this..." She struggled to push him off as he roughly kissed her neck.

A few moments later, he broke off the hard kisses and glared down at her, their faces only a foot apart. "Are you really going to reject me – again?"

Her mouth fell open at his angry question.

Wait. What the fuck am I doing...? Bryce shook his head, clearing up all the jumbled and chaotic thoughts. "I am so sorry, Carly!" He moved to get off her.

But she grabbed his arm. "There's no need for you to apologize, Bryce. I know how much I must've hurt you being gone all these years..." She pulled his head down to plant a gentle kiss. "So, I want you to take all that pain out on me until you feel better." Having sex with my son is the last thing I envisioned our reunion going. But if this is what it takes for him to truly forgive me, then I'm going to let him use me in any way he wants.

Bryce's thoughts got even more chaotic. Wait, wait, wait! So, she's saying it's okay for us to have sex? But what about Mom and Aunt Vee? Fuck, I don't know what to do right now.

"There's no need to think right now, baby. Just make yourself feel good." His real mother gave him another peck. "Do... you have a condom?"

"No..." He timidly shook his head. Mom, Aunt Valerie and I have been rawdogging it practically the start of our relationships.

She chewed her lip in thought and ended up smiling. "That's fine for today... Just try not to cum inside me, okay? Now, I'm all yours. Do wherever you want to me."

"O-Okay..." Doing as she said, he lowered his head and pushed his mouth hard against hers. Fuck! A part of him hated her - no, wanted to hate her, but the majority of him wanted the love she was freely offering, even if it was wrapped up in sex.

"Oh..." Carly's breathing got heavy as he sucked her neck, making her wince a bit in pain. She pulled him closer anyway. That's right... Be as rough as you want. It's the least I can do for my only boy.

He rose to rip his clothes off, then did the same to her. Damn... her body is a mix of my mom's athleticism and Valerie's bustiness. Bryce couldn't help but admire the almost perfect tits that had little sag and her flat belly. Shit... Should I really be doing this? His dick twitched yes.

Carly blushed a bit at his large penis. He's even bigger than his father... She reached out to pull him closer, and over her again. "Hey." His mother lovingly ran her fingers through his hair, smiling. "Remember what I said? All you need to do is focus on me right now, okay? I'm going to give you all the love you deserve." She grabbed his cock and rubbed the thick head against her wet entrance. It's going to be a really tight fit...

His eyelids went down in pure pleasure. Shit, man... She didn't even put it in yet and it feels this amazing already. Why? Maybe because I really have been missing her all this time.

"Oh... you're so big, honey..." She bit her lip. It'll probably hurt since I haven't been intimate in recent years, but I'll have to endure it for his sake.

Bryce pushed his hips forward as she pointed his rigid member to the bottom of her slit, so he could penetrate the narrow hole there. They both gasped at his full length forcibly traveling all the way to her womb. Carly's vaginal walls squeezed hard him the whole time. He's spreading me open... She wrapped her arms and legs around his neck, gritting her teeth in pain. However, Bryce was too focused on the incredible tightness of her cunt to notice the discomfort.

Over and over, he pumped his steel pole into her, his nutsack slapping against her firm ass. Carly didn't expect to feel such pleasure from sex with her nineteen-year-old son, but she couldn't deny the increasing moisture that made loud, slopping noises the more he fucked her. It's because I love him... There's nothing wrong with that. She dug her nails into his back subconsciously while he pounded her. Even though I am pretty wet it still does hurt a bit...

She grunted at one of his powerful thrusts. Please, slow down a little, sweetie... Her unspoken plea went unanswered as Bryce emptied all his confusion, desperation, and frustration out on her glistening pussy, his cock violently stabbing into it repeatedly until he felt the inevitable orgasm building. Argh... I wanna keep fucking her, but I have no choice but to pull out. Yanking it out, he took ahold of his dick and stroked it a couple times to shoot his pent-up load all over his biological mom's stomach.

"So much..." Carly breathed, rubbing the white cream into her skin.

Bryce wasn't sure what to do next. He had blanked out during most of the sex. I can't believe I just had sex with her... What am I doing to tell Aunt Vee and my mom? Fuck. "I-I'm sorry, Carly... I took advantage of you and – "

"Bryce." She sat up to face him. "I'm your mother." She grabbed his face with her non-cummy hand. "You could never take advantage of me. Whatever you need is my duty to give." She kissed him. "Let's get cleaned up."

All he could do was follow her into the bathroom as she hopped into the shower and started scrubbing herself, him watching dumbly behind her. She's acting like this is the most normal thing in the world... His eyes drifted down to her peach ass. I can't believe I was just fucking her a minute ago. His erection revived, thinking about her warm, tightness.

Carly noticed him staring when she turned to the side. "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

"Oh, uh, it's nothing..." He poorly tried to hide it.

But she chuckled and grabbed it. "It looks like you have a little more energy to spend." The curly-haired woman then turned and bent over to reach back with a single hand and spread one side of her pink twat open. "Come." She smiled warmly at him.

Shit! After they had sex for the second time, the two finished showering and laid in bed. And Bryce exhausted from the unbelievable events fell asleep in her arms. Carly stared at him with a genuine smile, moving the short bangs from his face. Us having sex might've actually been a good thing. There's no way he'd be sleeping peacefully pressed to my side otherwise.

His phone abruptly vibrated at that point on the beside table. Reaching out, she grabbed and checked it.

[Mom:] Hey Bryce. Just checking in to c if everything is ok

Carly moved the phone to his index finger and unlocked it. I'll never understand the need for a fingerprint scanner on a phone. Wouldn't a passcode be more secure? She shook her head and replied.

[Bryce:] I'm fine. But could you please not text me for the rest of the day since I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment? There's no need to respond to this message either. Thank you very much.

She deleted both the received and sent message right after, then quietly returned the device to the bedside table before snuggling up to Bryce. I appreciate Angela for taking care of him for all this time, but I'm back now and my little boy only needs one mother. She kissed him on the forehead and fell asleep afterwards.

Angela frowned when she received a response from her son. Not even with that woman a day and he's already sounding like her.

"What'd Bryce say?" Valerie peeked over at the phone from her side of the couch as the two watched the television out in front.

"Apparently, he's hit it off with Carly..." She tossed the phone aside. "I don't think he'll be home anytime soon."

"That's a good thing, right?" Valerie gave a small smile. "This way, we can all forgot the bad blood of the past and get along."

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