tagNovels and NovellasIn Camera Ch. 02

In Camera Ch. 02


I have always been a day-dreamer. Drifting off as soon as I found myself alone. Fantasy castles, handsome princes, impossible millionaires, I'd wile away the hours lost in my own head. It was probably the books that caused it, giving me ideas. From five years old I would read anything I could get my hands on.

I loved the stories... lived them.

It was as a teenager, all gawky and braces, I discovered something new to live. A trashy detective novel. Especially trashy were pages 129 to 132 (and a quarter). The Widow Mulcahy had asked Private Detective Sam Starling to find her husbands killer and, just when he was close to cracking the case, she called around to his offices all lonely and distraught. Soon they were having steamy sex on his office desk. Her breasts were heaving, his manhood was rampant, and I was discovering how to hold a book and turn its pages with the same hand.

Sam and Mrs Mulcahy got me off quite a number of times, that book still falls open on those pages.

She did it, by the way.

Killed her husband, I mean.

In college I didn't lack for male attention, the braces were off and so were the shackles. Hell, I was nearly the only girl in Computer Science that year, those boys didn't have much choice.

I didn't indulge. I might "be" a geek but I'm not attracted to geeks.

I was attracted to Jack though. I thought he was cute the moment I laid eyes on him. When he took his shirt off at a house party I just knew I had to have him. But, it wasn't as easy as a romance novel so, six years, two girlfriends, one house, a dog, four jobs, and a car-crash later, we were married.

Sex with Jack is "love sex." Strong and direct. Caring, honest, done face-to-face, mouth-to-mouth, and on the bed. Moving together until I'm shaking and gasping and he's throbbing and spurting inside me. Then we hold each other. Love each other.

I never told Jack about my fantasy life. I'm too shy really. How could I tell him that, even though he gives me what I want physically, my heart still races when I am alone in the dark, laptop screen glowing, and my right hand down the front of my pyjama shorts.

I'm an IT professional, I know what the internet is made of, and I've looked. Purely for research purposes mind you. But, even though I'll admit to the odd cheap thrill, porn is not what really interests me.

I love stories, the erotic fan fiction. I devour them. I've written some of my own too. They're kind of crappy but it thrills me to put my fantasy self into the narrative. Never my real self, that would be too scary. I always go clad in the garb of a fictional character. My heroines are punchy, sexy, and confident, and they take sex however they find it.

They are everything I wish was.

Inside the different name or the different looks it has always been me. From being slowly romanced on a desert island, to being smashed silly in a broken-down elevator, I've done it all. I've been tied up, held down, fucked seven-ways-from-Sunday. I've sucked cocks, kissed girls, strained every fibre of my body in lust.

On paper anyway.

Writing my own hasn't dulled my appetite for other peoples dirty stories, even the edgy ones. I would often find myself, chest tight with excitement, reading things I would never even dream of writing for my sluttiest heroine. Thrilling with every word. Barely daring to imagine it.


Despite all the fantasies. Despite the most outrageous and depraved scenarios dreamed from the feverish imaginations of my anonymous friends. Despite all the naughty things I have written about my heroines. I have never brought it into real life.

Never let Jack know.

The closest I ever came to making a fantasy a reality was the day we were making out in the sitting room, a preliminary to our usual in-bed session. On impulse I got down on my knees in front of him and started unbuckling his trousers. Jack was astounded, shocked. He kept trying to pull me up, but only half-heartedly. I wouldn't let him anyway, I batted his hands away, took out his cock, and sucked for all I was worth.

I had used my mouth on him before but, never like this, never on my knees with him towering over me... dominating me. Never "no-hands," mouth only.

It was so thrilling. I was intensely wet.

Is it possible to enjoy giving head more than receiving it? I think I did that day. When he could take it no more and started filling my mouth with salty, sticky, goo I rubbed my clit and came instantly. I nearly choked trying to swallow cum and orgasm at the same time. It was the most intensely sexual thing I had ever done.

Until we ripped up the Krugers front garden that is.

The memory of it is still so vivid to me. The voyeuristic thrill of watching the oblivious couple make love. The outrageous physicality of our own contact as Jack took me. Yes, "took me", from behind. Holding me so tight I could hardly breathe, covering my mouth, his teeth at my shoulder. Hard thrusting, hair pulling, neck throbbing, ass grinding, wet, dirty, animalistic, sex. Followed by an orgasm so deep, so intense, I thought I would faint. It took me hours to come down from that orgasm. Even at dinner later, sitting across from the radiant Victoria, I could feel little tremors causing my breath to catch.

The memory stayed with me and haunted me at quiet moments. I'd find myself in work, staring at nothing, reliving the experience until I was uptight and horny, distracted from the job, and watching the clock until the time I could go home and throw myself onto Jack.

Sadly, this is not the story of the perfect fantasy come true but the story of what came after when we became enmeshed in a web of sex, lies, and manipulation.

It was the Friday after our dinner with the Krugers that things started to unravel...

I was at my desk, fingers on the keyboard and pretending I was doing something. Anyone passing by wouldn't see how uptight I was. Mentally, I was back in the Krugers garden. Physically, I was squeezing my thighs together in a slow rhythm and grinding against the seat like a sixteen-year-old girl in the "hot" teachers class. I was getting pretty damp down there, thinking about home-time and wondering if my somewhat excited nipples were showing too much through my blouse.

"Nice Rack!"

I snapped out of my riviere

"What?" I snarled.

Barry Wolawski was standing in my doorway squinting at me through his thick glasses and trying to brush his prematurely balding hair into shape.

"12K BTU Air Con, Lexan door, Nema 12, probably holds 10 blades. She's a beauty all right."

I realised at this point that Barry wasn't staring at my chest but over my shoulder at the new server cabinet we installed after he fucked up the last one.

"Don't touch it. Don't even think about it."

"You're not the boss of me Leanne. Like, what boss ever had her desk in the server room."

He laughed his snuffling nerd-laugh at his own joke until a pen dropped out of his pocket protector and he had to scrabble around the floor trying to pick it up. At least he didn't see me blush with humiliation.

"We have a space problem. Greg says it's probably better I'm near the action anyway."

"Uh huh. Whatever you say Leanne."

I clamped my knees together. Barry was a klutz but, seriously, how long does it take to pick up a pen? The creep was probably trying to look up my skirt. Finally he came back into view, waving the pen triumphantly and struggling to get it back into his pocket protector. Marty from accounts breezed past my door and whistled a quick signal. Barry started like he had just been shocked with electricity.

"Gotta go." he shot out of my office door like a cork from a pop gun.

I groaned and rolled my eyes. This strange behaviour meant only one thing, Victoria Kruger had just arrived. Soon all of the boys would be crowding around the hallways with their tongues hanging out. It was pathetic really, as myself and the girls often mentioned to each other in our "totally non-bitchy" way at coffee time.

I tried to do some actual work and ignore the circus but, just above my monitor, I could sense the commotion running through the floor as Victoria "brought the sunshine" to the miserable trolls toiling in the bowels of her husbands company. Strangely the disturbance was getting closer today. Something was wrong. Nobody ever comes down to I.T. by choice.

"Hi Leanne."

She was in my doorway now, all legs and neon smile. The sunlight behind her made her hair shine like a halo. I realised I was gawking with my mouth open. She really was that beautiful.

"Em, Hi Victoria. What brings you here?"

"Oh I just had to talk to you. I've got something for you, you see."

"Oh... Kay. What is it?"

She put her hands on my desk, bending from the waist so she could whisper to me. Over her shoulder I could see Barry goggling pop-eyed at her well-turned backside, presented so neatly to view.

"It's at the house. You have to come over after work. I'll explain everything."

"Eh, well... ok then." to say I was confused is an understatement.

"Great. I'll see you then."

She whirled suddenly, causing the men to instantly pretend they were reading upside down papers or checking the water-cooler for damage. Two interns bumped into each other as they tried to get away. Victoria breezed past them all, oblivious.

Greg replaced her in the doorway.

"What did she say?"

"She asked me to get your number. Says she can't stop thinking about how hot you are."

"Ha Ha." he flipped me the middle finger as he oozed away from my door.

The drive over to the Krugers was torturous rush-hour gridlock. It took an hour and a half to drive six miles. What's more, it was the opposite direction to home so I was pretty ticked-off by the time I'd parked in their drive. I couldn't help noticing that the bush Jack and I had trashed was back in place, expertly manicured, and looking like nothing had ever happened to it. A pretty latina girl in a maids outfit answered the door.

"Hi, I'm here to see Victoria."

"Mrs Kruger is expecting you. Please come this way." her accent was so polished. Almost British.

We walked through the hall and I glanced into the room where myself and Jack had seen all the action that famous night. In the kitchen Victoria was standing behind the marble topped island with what looked like a cosmopolitan in her hand. She was wearing a check shirt open over the smallest denim shorts in the world and a bikini underneath. She looked hot.

"Leanne, come in. Its so great to see you. Maria, you can take the rest of the day off."

The maid left without a word and I walked over to her. She handed me a second cocktail in a big wide rimmed glass.

"No thanks, I'm driving" I started to put it down.

"Drink it." There was an edge of command in her voice which I didn't recognise.

I took the straw and sipped the smallest amount just to be polite, my nose wrinkled at how strong it was. She watched me over the rim of her own glass as she sucked on the white straw popping out of it. I was feeling a bit awkward now.

"Um, Victoria. You said you had something you wanted to give me." I prompted.

"Yes. More like something to show you actually. It's really cool."

She turned to the island and set up her ipad on it's little folding stand. She tapped a few buttons and called up a video to full screen. Then, putting her arm around my waist, she moved me beside her so we could watch together and then gestured for me to drink again. I took another small sip through the straw while she took a big pull waggling her eyebrows over the rim of her glass.

After a few seconds the screen came to life but there was nothing really to see. It was one of those night-vision cctv cameras, very high definition, and looking at a tree in a patch of lawn. Nothing. This was odd. Then the camera panned suddenly, stopped at a point, and focussed itself on another part of the garden.

"Motion sensors." Victoria informed me.

At this point I could feel the beginnings of a chill in the bottom of my stomach. There were two people lying on the lawn, a couple, rolling around together on top of a bush they had just broken through. A good-looking brunette in a tight polo shirt and a hunky looking guy. When they got up and started peeking through the nearby window my stomach was ice. I could hardly breathe as he started groping her, kissing her neck as she ground her ass against him like a stripper. Then he was on his knees, pulling down her pants and getting right up into her backside, giving her head from below. We could see her face side-on and it was clear she was enjoying herself immensely.

"It gets better" Victoria sounded a little breathless.

Of course it got better, as I knew too well. I could feel the blush burning through my cheeks as the video went on. Watching now as a disembodied third person it certainly didn't "look" as I remembered it. It looked a little rough to be honest. More fucking than love-making. It didn't look like the brunette was enjoying herself much with a hand over her mouth like that and her head pulled back painfully by the hair.

It wasn't obvious that she was having the biggest orgasm of her life.

Eventually it was over, the couple were dressing and running away like juvenile delinquents. There was complete silence in the kitchen, broken only by a gurgling noise as my straw rattled the ice cubes in my now-empty glass.

"That was hot." Victoria exclaimed.

"I think I'll post it on Facebook."

"No!" I whirled in panic.

"Victoria, I am so...so... sorry about that. I can explain."

"Please do"

"Um, well ... It was an accident. We fell through the bush and.. Ah, em..." my mind was whirling.

"You watched us making love. That was naughty Leanne. You're a dirty little voyeur."

"I didn't really see anything. I wasn't looking. I..."

I could hardly breathe as I talked.

"Don't give me that. Tell me Leanne, did you enjoy it?"


"Watching me like that. Sucking my husbands cock. Did it get you all hot and steamy?"

She moved right up to me. I could feel the heat off her body. I bit my lip and nodded shakily.

She gestured to the ipad.

"Did you come?"

I could feel the blood pounding in my neck, rushing to keep my cheeks burning.

"Yes" I said in a small voice.

"How hard?"

She was pressing right against me, her eyes boring into mine. I was wilting. I got a crazy notion that she was going to kiss me, but I couldn't pull away. I couldn't afford to offend her now.

"Very hard." I whispered.

She whirled away with a hearty laugh.

"I'm delighted. I'd hate to think we wouldn't be able to get you off after all that effort. Anyway, we're quits. You watched me fucking my husband and I got to watch you fucking yours."

She pulled a bottle of tequila off a shelf and two shot glasses. Then she filled them up

"I'm not going to post it on Facebook."

I nearly collapsed with relief. I tossed back the shot and gasped with the roughness of the spirit.

"Thank you. Thank you so much."

"Though I do expect an apology." She filled the glasses again.

"Yes. Absolutely. Let me just say that I am sooooo sorry..."

"Stop." she said "That's not the apology I want. Denis isn't here. He needs to hear it too."

"Um, ok." I was confused again.

She went over to a cabinet and took out a video camera. A small one, but really expensive looking. Like something a professional would use. She started adjusting it, looking at the screen and pointing the lens at me.

"We're going to play a game Leanne. You and I."

"An adult game."

She was talking to me but looking at the screen of the camera. Looking at me on the screen of the camera.

"There's only one rule in the game Leanne" her voice was soft. Mesmeric.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. You can walk away any time you like."

I nodded slightly because I didn't know what else to do. It was all a bit crazy. She picked up her shot glass and gestured for me to do that same. Then, after a clink, we downed them together. I could feel it burning in my stomach.

"Introduce yourself." she was pointing the camera at me.

"Um. Hi. Ah. My name is Leanne. I, eh, I work in IT."

I was twisting my fingers nervously under the black eye of the camera.

"You're very pretty Leanne" Victoria said. "Beautiful"

"Thanks" I smiled

"Let out your hair." Victoria commanded and I took a moment to remove the various clips and bands.

"You have lovely hair."

I was squirming.

"Time for your apology Leanne."

Victoria never took her eyes off the camera screen

"Oh. Yes, Well." I started to compose myself.

"Repeat after me..." Victorias voice was slow "I'm very sorry"

"I'm very sorry." I repeated looking into the lens.

"For breaking into your garden"

"For breaking into your garden"

"And watching you having sex with your wife, without permission"

I gulped. Time for the hard part.

"And watching you have sex with your wife, without permission"

"And further more. I would like to apologise."

"And further more. I would like to apologise."

"For fucking my husband outside your house."

I paused for a second. Taking a deep breath.

"For having sex with my husband..."


"For... fucking... my husband, outside your house."

"But, watching you got me so wet. I couldn't help myself."

I was blushing crimson again.

"But, watching you got me so wet I couldn't help myself"

I rushed through the last bit.

"There, that wasn't so bad was it" She pressed a few buttons

I was trembling. It was "so bad" as far as I was concerned but, I shook my head in agreement.

"We only have to do it a couple more times"

"What!" I exploded.

"Sure, that was only the first take. We have to get it perfect. Have another drink"

I poured myself another shot. And stood adjusting my hair over my ear looking around like a wild animal in a trap.

"Ok. Here we go again Leanne." Victoria was pointing the camera at me again.

"Take off your blouse"

"I'm sorry." I gasped with shock.

"I said take off your blouse" Victorias voice was steely. Commanding.


Victoria looked up at me smiling warm and gentle. She spoke in soothing tones.

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to do honey"

"Take off your blouse" she barked again.

I don't know what made me do it. Maybe all the shocks of the day had unbalanced me. Maybe the alcohol rushing to my brain lowered my inhibitions. I had worked myself into quite a tizzy earlier that day and the horniness hadn't completely gone away. I couldn't think straight. She told me I didn't have to do it but, then she ordered me to do it. Did I have to? Or did I not? I didn't want to.

My fingers trembled on the buttons.

"Now your skirt"

I paused, speechless for a long time, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the camera. After a while Victoria looked up at me. Expectantly. I swallowed and picked at the button on the hem, took down the side-zip, and lowered my skirt to the floor. I stepped out of my shoes as an afterthought. I was standing only in my underwear now. I could feel sweat pricking between my shoulder blades.

"You have a beautiful body Leanne."

Victoria panned the camera from my head to my toes.

"Right. From the top... I'm very sorry"

I repeated her lines in a trance, slowly and carefully, my voice barely above a breathy whisper.

"...got me so wet I couldn't help myself."

We had got to the end of the script again and she poured us some more shots. She shrugged out of her check shirt and picked up the camera again. That bikini top was barely holding together under the pressure of her perfect breasts.

"That was great Leanne. You're nearly there."

My breathing was shallow, my head was getting a bit woozy. It was like time was standing still. I had to put my hands on the island for a bit of stability. The cold marble brought me back to my senses a little.

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