tagNovels and NovellasIn Camera Ch. 03

In Camera Ch. 03


The five weeks after our episode in the Krugers garden were very strange. Leanne had changed. She read less and surfed her laptop less and she wanted sex more, wanted it more urgently. Not that I was complaining. Leanne is an attractive woman by any-ones standards, it's wonderful for a mans self-esteem to have a woman like her leap on him like a tiger as soon as she was home from work. When I look back I kick myself for not realising there was something wrong but, it's hard to get your head straight when you're screwing your wife against the kitchen wall and she hasn't even put her car keys down yet.

The signs were there but I didn't join the dots. It was always after work, or before work, or both. I'd wake up in the morning with my dick in her mouth and when she came home that same day she would want me to take a bath with her. One time she didn't even close the hall door before she was tearing at my clothes. When I pointed this out to her she just laughed and got back to wrenching at my belt buckle. She wanted me to 'do her' on the hall floor with the front door swinging open. That's not Leanne.

It's great.

But, it's not Leanne.

Work distracted me just as much as anything else. I run the office in Westco Plant Hire and I have to keep a tight ship. It's not the kind of place women want to come to unless they like farts, old playboy issues, and dumper trucks. The men are tough but honest, family men mostly. Discussions of French realist novel writing are not high on the menu. Everybody has a nick name in this business. The wackier it is the more a guy will like it. Some don't answer to anything other than their nickname. There's guys I've worked with for years and I still have no idea what their real name is.

My nick-name is "Varsity" since I'm the only one who went to college but they don't tease me, they know I knocked "Cue-ball" Leary out on his ass. He came to work one day, roaring drunk, and when I wouldn't give him the keys to the truck he came swinging for me. Even Cue-ball doesn't hold it against me. I might wear a tie to the office but I'm on the team. I gave him money for his dental even though I'm not a rich man.

He drank it.

On Tuesday the 21st I was at my desk typing the roster and keeping an eye on the monitor that shows what's happening out in the yard. "Gritty" Jackson flung a package he'd signed for into my in tray. I opened it after he had gone. Inside was another envelope, made from real expensive paper. The sort you see wedding invitations made out of. It was a very tasteful blue colour and held closed with a little blue ribbon. It had only one word on it, printed in flowery writing.


Curious, I opened the ribbon and looked inside. There was a CD in it, shiny silver, with absolutely no markings to say what it was. I popped open the tray on my PC and put the disk in. It whirred a bit and the video player loaded to my screen. The video faded in to a shot of Leanne standing and staring into the camera. A woman's voice said...

"Introduce yourself."

At this, music kicked in with a strong techno drum beat and a female voice in counterpoint, sighing with lust. Leanne began to unbutton her blouse. The production was as good as any music video, mixing long shots with split second close-ups. Leanne opening her blouse was cut with a close-up of her opening her mouth. Dropping the blouse off her shoulder flashed with pulling down her panties. The flash cuts were always showing the future, tantalising with what was coming next. I held my breath, my heart hammering, and my erection growing fast.

I couldn't believe that she would do something as sexy as this.

A nagging fear started to grow when I glanced at the progress bar. She was fully naked on the video now but the blue bar was only one third way across. This wasn't just strip-tease. The next flash gave me a stab of ice. Her kneeling down beside another woman. A close up of her mouth opening for a cock to push right in. The music gained more tempo. The long shots were shorter, more flashes inter-spaced them. Leanne and the blonde staring up at the camera with mouths open. Like two chicks in a nest. Leannes breasts bouncing to a regular rhythm. Leanne taking a cock out of the blondes mouth and putting it into her own. Leannes pussy, spread open. A long pan of Leanne and the blonde on their knees on the couch, watching the camera over their shoulders. A split second showing a cock entering her, close enough to see her labia strain in and then pop open around it. Sound from the actual footage was being added in as the music rose to a crescendo. I recognised the noises Leanne makes when she is starting to come.

There was two more minutes of her fucking and sucking, so many shots I can't remember them all. A mans mouth on her pussy. A cock pulling out of her so quick her ass shivered. Her head bouncing crazily with her eyes closed. As the music peaked the last shot was a man holding her waist and banging her like crazy. Then the screen faded to black, the music faded to just the sound of a woman panting. When I though it was over it sprang to life for one more shot. Leanne walking naked towards the camera. Her own voice narrated this scene.

"I'm very sorry... But, you got me so wet I couldn't help myself."

I was frozen at my desk. My hands were shaking and I could feel a vein start to throb on my forehead. That blonde was Victoria Kruger, no doubt about it, and though the guys face never came into shot I had seen enough of him to know it was her husband Denis.

I was going to kill him.

I pressed the button to eject the disk, packed it away. I put my jacket on and picked up a dirty truck-tyre wrench on my way out.

It didn't take too long to drive over to the Krugers house at that time of the day and the neighborhood looked leafy and peaceful as I pulled up to their driveway. I got out and rang on the doorbell. A lawnmower buzzed in the background.

It took a long time for me to hear footsteps clicking towards the door and then the rattle of the latch. A maid in a grey dress answered the door, she was a lovely, dusky-skinned, little thing. She took one look at my scowling face and tried to close the door. I gave it a hard shove with my palm and it bashed open. The maid fell over as she was knocked back. She backed up in fright and screamed.

"Where is he." I roared at her.

She just shook her head in terror, unable to speak. I started running into the rooms downstairs shouting for him to come out. Each bellow bringing a squeal of fear from the maid as she tried to avoid the crazy man. There was nobody here. I was just coming to my senses when I saw her at the telephone and I grabbed her arm. She dropped it from nerveless fingers.

"Maria. Why don't you make our guest some iced tea."


I slowly swivelled my head to see her standing at the top of the stairs. She was positively lounging against the wall, wearing a white sun dress with little flowers on it. She wasn't looking in the least bit afraid. I didn't let go of the maids arm.

"Where's Denis?" I growled up at her. "Where's your husband?"

"He's still in work you silly man. There's only us girls here."

"Well you tell him I'm looking for him. Tell him I'm going to fucking kill him."

"Why would you want to do a thing like that." she was smiling.

"I saw that video."

"Umm so did I. Got me really hot." she toyed with the hem of her skirt, drawing my attention to her thighs.

"Fuck you. Just tell that prick what I said." I turned to go.

"Denis didn't send you that video Jack."

"I did."

"What?" I snarled at her.

She spoke languidly and annunciated each word at the end.

"I made that video. Got a great producer to edit it too. I've always wanted to make my own porno. All I needed was a girl who would go-for-it like..."

"A. Dirty. Little. Slut."

I roared as I charged up the stairs at her. She squealed and ran away. The maid followed me, clawing at my back to stop. I burst into the bedroom, wild with anger. There was a four poster bed in the dead centre of the room. Victoria was on the other side panting and laughing at me. When I moved to go to one side she shuffled around, keeping it between us. I darted to the other side and she danced back to where she was. A stand-off was developing, I couldn't lunge for her without giving her a change to dodge out the bedroom door. She started taunting me.

"What are you going to do Jack? You going to kill me too?"

"Shut your mouth."

"Why don't you come over here and shut it for me." she pouted.

"You want to cover my mouth up. Stop me talking. Maybe I'd like that. Gets Leanne all wet doesn't it?"

"Don't talk about Leanne like that."

I was trying to nip around but she was too quick.

"Why not? She's a gorgeous piece of ass Jack. Boy can she suck cock. You're a lucky man."

I was gasping, fuming at her.

"You must really train her hard Jack. She takes cock like a pro. She loves it, she couldn't wait to get it."

I saw a movement in the corner of my eye. The maid was inching towards the door. I'd forgotten her.

"You stay there." I ordered and she shrank back against the wall

"Yes. Stay there Maria. Jack won't hurt me, he wants to fuck me. Watch him deny it."

I denied it.

Maria's mouth dropped open. She had heard me pause first.

"I know you Jack. I know you want to fuck me hard. Teach me a lesson, right?"

I gritted my teeth. I knew this was a trap. She looked so fuck-able.

"You cunt." I shook my head, it was all I could say.

"Ooh dirty talk. You're making me horny now Jack. Do you talk to Leanne like that to get her wet."

"I said leave Leanne out of this."

"Leanne doesn't want to be left out. Ask Denis about that. No matter how hard he gave it to her she just took it, and took it. She was begging him for more."

I made my move, dashing around the left side. She was quick, jumping across the centre of the bed. Maria screamed. She was getting away, I dived... and got an ankle. I pulled her back by the leg and she started kicking like a mule. I fell on the bed, she was an athletic woman, strong for her size. When I pinned her with my body she wriggled like an eel under me, kicking and scratching. Both of us were panting.

She kissed me.

When I pushed her down, she grabbed my hair and kissed me again, trying to get her tongue into my mouth. I got a wrist and pinned it, her other hand was between my legs rubbing my semi hard cock. I grabbed her other wrist and pinned it too. I was gasping for air and crushing her under me, she was grinding her body against me.

"You're going to fuck me now Jack aren't you."

Her hair was messed by the struggle, one shoulder-strap of her dress was down on her arm. I didn't know what to do. My erection was getting bigger rubbing against her thigh. Coming to my senses a little I lifted up off her. Let her wrists go. She lashed out like a cat, digging her fingernails into my shoulders. I roared in pain and slammed her down to the bed with one hand on her chest.

"You whore."

This started another round of frantic struggling. I got one knee on the inside of her right thigh and forced her left leg down with my other hand, spreading her. She was gasping like a sprinter and grabbed my arm with both of her hands. Not pushing it away, pulling harder down onto her chest. Her breasts heaved so much I could feel them rub my arm. I tossed up the hem of her rumpled dress exposing a set of delicate lace panties with a seam that ran right through the centre of the crotch.

"I'm a whore Jack. Fuck me like a whore."

I only had one hand free so I grabbed those panties and ripped hard. The delicate fabric tore to shreds in seconds. Her two hundred dollar underwear turned to rags and exposing her pink pussy lips, shaved bare. I rattled my belt buckle and opened up my trousers, fishing out my hard-on. Then I stuck it into her in one movement. Right to the balls. Her pussy opened up without any resistance and she moaned loudly. I started to fuck her hard, not caring. She groaned with every thrust

I could see the maid. Maria hadn't moved from her spot at the wall. She was mesmerised, staring with her mouth open as I fucked her boss. Slowly she brought a hand up to massage her own breast through the fabric of the uniform. The other one was starting to trace lines on her inner thigh.

I removed my hand from Victorias chest to balance better and she took the opportunity to slap me hard across the face with a crack like a gun shot. It hurt like hell and drove me crazy. I grabbed the neck of her dress with both hands and ripped it right down to her belly button. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts bounced free. I got up off her and flipped her over onto her front with a rough shove. I pulled the ruined dress down and back, trapping her arms in it at the elbows. When I twisted the fabric her shoulders came up and her arms were pulled behind her back. I kicked my trousers off and mounted her, this time with her legs closed and mine spread over hers.

Her legs and ass were so toned I could see the lips of her pussy even with her legs closed. All I had to do was push her cheeks apart and it opened up for me. I got the tip of my cock down into the slippery channel, back to her hole and pushed into her. Victoria moaned like a harlot. I took my time adjusting myself, there would be no slaps and scratching now. She was tighter with her legs held closed by my thighs and she was feeling it too. The angle caused my cock to grind down the front wall of her vagina, getting her g-spot. Happy now I started to fuck her again, as fast or slow as I wanted, holding her arms trapped by her dress. From under a big mop of messed blonde hair I heard her groans and whimpers of pleasure.

Maria was leaning back against the wall now, kneading her left breast and rummaging in the front of her plain white panties. When she saw me watching her she pulled them aside to show me her damp pussy. She bit her lip as she showed me how she rubbed the slit and how she put her fingers inside. I picked up my pace and started nailing Victoria harder. I didn't give a shit if she was ready or not, I wanted to come. Maria started to rub herself more vigorously to keep pace. It was a bit disappointing to hear Victoria start to respond to all that g-spot stimulation. She was getting an orgasm too, starting to scream it out. Maria's knees begin to buckle as she twitched silently against the wall, rubbing furiously.

I felt the rush as I started to come so I pulled out of the blonde. I didn't want to come inside her, I wanted to make a mess. She twitched and groaned as she felt me spurt onto her back and ass. For a minute of gasping ecstasy I jerked myself until I could go no more.

Coming down I took a moment to admire my artistry. Victoria was streaked with big blobs of cum from neck to backside and little spots on her arms and thighs. I had rubbed the last sensitive throbs into the crack of her ass and her little rosebud and pussy were slathered with cum. A job well done. Her face had broken free from her hair and it was beetroot flushed. A job well done there too. I glanced over at Maria, she still had her eyes closed as she shivered against her motionless hand.

Three out of three.

The rest of the day was spent in guilt and anger. I knew I hadn't got any kind of revenge. I wasn't in control of this situation and I was making things worse. There was also Leanne to think about. I didn't see any gun to her head in that video. Victoria's words at the house stung me over and over again.

When she got home she didn't want to jump on me. She didn't even say hello. That was fine by me, I hated her. Hated myself too. We sat in the kitchen eating our dinner. Two hours in and neither of us had even said one word to the other. I stared daggers at her across the table, daring her to ask me what was wrong. She just glared right back at me, ramrod straight in her immaculate white shirt. I got tunnel vision on her mouth as she ate. Her lips moving, opening, closing, chewing the pasta. All I could see was them moving on Denis Krugers cock.

I started to get impatient. She was waiting me out. Winning. I put my hand into my jacket and placed the envelope on the table in front of her. She moved her eyes to look at it and then, uninterested, went back to glaring at me.

"Want to tell me what that's all about." I broke the silence.


She just chewed for a minute, staring at me, and then went to her hand-bag. She took out a beautiful envelope. As pink as mine was blue. She put it on the table beside mine. It had one word printed on it.


I looked down at it.

"Is that your video?" I asked.

"No" she said and chewed.

"It's yours."

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