tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn Daddy's Gameroom

In Daddy's Gameroom


Chapter 1

Linda was distracted. Staring out the window at nothing, her mind was on her best friend Desiree, who hadn't responded to any of the texts or phone messages she had left for her in the past three days and Linda was getting worried. As she sat there, distracted, her reverie was shattered by the sound of a yardstick smacking her desk, inches from her fingers and she jumped, looking up into the face of Sister Margaret, frowning down at her. She quickly found her place in her history book and went back to work on the assignment she had been working on before thoughts of Desiree had distracted her. Seeing her working again, Sister Margaret moved on down the row of desks and a spate of suppressed giggles was briefly heard from a few of the girls in the class.

After what seemed an unendurably long time, the last bell of the day rang and Linda stood up, collected her books and was on her way out the door and into the hall, when she almost bowled over Sister Catherine.

"Pardon me, Sister Catherine," Linda stammered.

"Quite alright my dear," Sister Catherine responded, "I was looking for you anyways. Won't you please come with me to my office?"

Curious as to why, Linda replied, "Yes, Sister," and followed the short, plump woman down the hallway to the administrative areas where the Sister had her office. Sister Catherine was the counselor of the senior class and Linda liked her. She always had a kind word and a smile on her face and was a good listener if you came to her with a problem. Arriving at her office, Linda followed her inside and took a seat at a gesture from the Sister.

"Linda, you are good friends with Desiree, aren't you," inquired Sister Catherine?

"Yes, Sister, she is probably my best friend. Is she in trouble," Linda asked?

"Not yet dear, but she has missed a lot of school lately and if she doesn't stay caught up, she might not graduate with you and the rest of her class," Sister Catherine stated. After a moment, she continued, "Linda, I asked you here for two reasons. The first is to ask if you know why she has not been in school lately and the second is to ask if you would take some of the work she's missed to her home."

Linda was relieved that Desiree wasn't in trouble and breathed a sigh of relief, then answered Sister Catherine, saying, "I haven't heard from her Sister, so I don't know why she hasn't been here, and I was getting a little worried, so I would be glad to take her work to her."

Smiling, Sister Catherine responded, "Thank you, dear. That would be a great help and hopefully we can put both of our minds at rest about the reasons for her absence," and turning to a folder on her desk, she handed it to Linda, who placed it in her book bag.

Linda was glad to have an excuse to go to Desiree's house so she wouldn't just seem nosy, showing up at her house without an invitation. Thinking back, she realized that she was rarely invited to Desiree's house, but thought little of it. Looking up again after putting the folder away, she asked, "Was there anything else, Sister?"

"No, dear, that's all. Thanks for agreeing to help out and please let me know if you find out the reason for her absence," she replied.

Linda stood, collected her book bag and with a wave to the sister, she left the office and made her way to her locker. She grabbed her purse and her gym clothes and stuffing them into her backpack with the rest of her things, she made her way outside and headed towards the bus stop that would take her to Desiree's house. It would be good to finally find out what was going on and as the bus arrived, she felt relaxed for the first time that day.

Part of the reason she wanted so desperately to talk with Desiree was to discuss her boyfriend, or more precisely, her soon to be ex-boyfriend, Kevin. He was starting to only talk to her when he wanted sex and although she had chosen him to be the one to lose her virginity to, his clumsy groping and lack of stamina left her unsatisfied and frustrated. She had hoped that after the first time, that she might enjoy it more, but she had to admit that Kevin just wasn't very good. She was getting tired of him not trying to satisfy her and not caring for her as anything but a booty call.

She remembered the night of prom when she first decided to give in to Kevin. She had expected so much from him and even though the experience failed to live up to her fantasies, it still made her tingle a bit as she thought of it, seeing him completely naked for the first time and his hungry look as he watched her getting undressed. Even though he wasn't a great lover, he was still a hunk with rippling muscles and beautiful dark eyes and remembering his hard cock made her mouth water. If only he knew how to use it better.

Breaking free from those thoughts, she returned to thinking of Desiree and where she might be. It wasn't like her to not respond to a text or voice message and Linda hoped she would be at home when she showed up with the assignments from school. She missed her friend.

Arriving at the bus stop, she sat down and in a very short time, the bus arrived and she boarded and frowned a bit as she saw it was standing room only and packed with middle aged men in suits. "Oh great," she thought, remembering all the times she had been groped and pinched by guys like these while riding on the bus. Being a student at a Catholic girls school and wearing the traditional skirt, blazer, and knee socks, really sucked sometimes as it seemed that almost every man she'd ever met had a fetish for such things and she couldn't count the number of times that some jerk on the bus took advantage of the close quarters and copped a feel. It was one thing to be desired, but something entirely different to be manhandled by sweaty men on a bus. She wished at that moment that she hadn't chosen to wear her skirt at the minimal acceptable length and hoped that she could find a place where the person seated next to where she was standing wouldn't be tempted to try to look up her skirt. Her options were limited, but she finally found a place to stand near a woman holding a baby in her lap and felt reasonably safe. She stood there, holding the strap tightly in her hand and silently endured the twenty minute ride to the neighborhood where Desiree lived. At the first opportunity, Linda pressed the strip to let the driver know she wanted to get off and as he pulled to the curb, she stepped down from the bus, grateful to be out of the press of people and started walking towards Desiree's house. It was still pretty far away, but the chance to get out of the bus now was just too tempting to pass up.

A light afternoon breeze stirred Linda's hair and as she walked beneath the trees lining the street, she was a bit envious of Desiree for living in such a nice neighborhood, with it's quiet elegance. While her family was by no means destitute, their apartment just didn't compare to the luxury of a private home like the one in which Desiree lived. On her one previous visit, Linda had been impressed with the nice furnishings and by how quiet the house seemed. Unlike her apartment, where the neighbors complained if you turned the stereo up above a whisper, it seemed that at Desiree's house, you could make as much noise as your wanted and the neighbors would be none the wiser. To enjoy that degree of privacy seemed to Linda to be the definition of perfect.

In a short while, Linda saw the entrance to Desiree's house and seeing that the gate was opened, she started up the drive. She noted that there were several cars in the driveway, but that the car that Desiree's mom usually picked her up from school in was not there. Her face fell a bit, but still hopeful, she continued up the walk to the door and rang the doorbell. While she waited, she lazily twirled from side to side, looking down at her feet, lost in her thoughts.

Down in the game room of the house, Sterling and some of his friends were enjoying a game of pool and having a few beers when he heard the doorbell. Turning to his friend, Tom, he hands him the cue in his hand and starts heading up stairs to see who it is. He wasn't expecting anyone, and to be honest, he was a bit miffed at being torn away from his game. As he reached the top of the stairs, he took a moment to glance in the hall mirror and check his appearance. He ran his fingers through his hair, and pushed a stray strand out of his face. Then proceeding to the front door, he opened it and saw a girl standing there dressed in the same type of uniform his step daughter Desiree wore. He took a moment to look at her, seeing her long, raven hair pulled back in a pony tail, cascading over her shoulders, at the swell of her breasts beneath her blazer, the curve of her hips and at her firm, shapely ass shown to such advantage in her pleated skirt. Looking further down, he saw the firm, toned legs of a dancer, clad in her knee socks and finally, to her saddle shoes. He immediately felt a pang of lust and smiles at the fantasies that came to mind as he watched her twirling from side to side.

Linda didn't hear the door open and was still looking down at her feet when she heard a man's voice, deep and rich, say, "May I help you?"

Looking up, she saw a man standing there, and she was startled for a moment. He was wearing a maroon silk shirt, sleeves rolled up half way to the elbow, open at the throat, revealing a bit of hair on his broad chest. Black slacks, pleated at the front, held up with a narrow leather belt, adorned his powerful looking legs and on his feet he wore leather half boots. His hair had a slightly tousled appearance, but was not by any stretch of the imagination messy and his face was very handsome in a rakish sort of way. What startled her was the look in his eyes, like a ravenous predator looking at his prey. He seemed to be looking right through her, as if she was naked under his gaze and she blushed furiously. Seeing her reaction, Sterling resisted the urge to chuckle, instead only smirking a bit.

Linda recovered a bit and said, "Sir, my name is Linda. I'm a friend of Desiree and the sisters at school asked me to bring her some assignments for the days she has missed and if I could, I would like to talk to her."

Sterling stepped back a bit and extending his right arm, he said, "Won't you come in Linda? And please call me Sterling. No need for the formality."

Linda hesitated for a moment, but then seeing him smile, she stepped inside and Sterling closed the door behind her. He said, "Please step into the living room, dear," and turned to his left and walked over to sit in a leather chair, indicating that she should join him. She took a seat on the sofa near his chair and set down her book bag, opening it to retrieve the folder containing the school work. She set this on the coffee table, then sat back, waiting for him to speak again.

As she sat, Sterling caught the briefest glimpse under her skirt, but gave no indication that he had seen her baby blue panties. After she had deposited the folder on the table, he said to her, "Linda, Desiree isn't here at the moment. She went with her mother to see her grandmother upstate, who has been under the weather of late, but she should be returning shortly if you would like to wait. Perhaps join us for dinner."

Linda was crestfallen at the news that Desiree wasn't there, but her desire to see her was such that she replied, "Thank you, Sterling, but I would need to call my parents first to let them know I would be coming home late."

"By all means, dear. You can use the phone there by the door if you like," he said.

"That's okay. I'll just use my cell," Linda said. And with that, she opened her purse, took out her cell and called her mother at home. After a brief conversation, she had received permission and turning back to Sterling, she said, "My mother says it's okay if I stay for dinner and that I could catch a taxi home afterwards."

"Splendid," replied Sterling.

Inwardly Sterling was laughing to himself because he knew that Desiree would not be returning shortly, but was not due back until the following day. He had been hatching a plan almost from the moment he saw her to have some fun with this tempting young morsel and had come up with the dinner idea on the spur of the moment. Decidedly wicked thought were racing through his head and he planned on making the most of this chance opportunity that had presented itself.

"Linda, I have some guests downstairs, so if you don't mind, would you come down to the game room? There are comfortable chairs there and you can have a soft drink while you wait for Desiree to get home," Sterling lied.

Unsuspecting of any ill intent on the part of Sterling, Linda replied, "I guess so. Thanks."

Sterling stood and taking Linda's elbow in his hand, he led her towards the stairs that led down to the game room. He opened the door for her and ushered her inside, pausing a moment to quietly lock the deadbolt with the key in his pocket, then followed Linda down the stairs. His mind was working furiously with plans of how the evening would unfold and it was starting to look like luck had smiled on him that day.

Linda, suspecting nothing and having taken Sterling at his word, made her way down the stairs and as she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stepped into the game room. Looking around, she saw four men, drinking beer or other drinks and playing pool. She nodded in greeting to the men there, feeling their eyes on her. She felt a bit intimidated being there alone with the four strangers, but as Sterling reached the bottom on the stairs, she felt a bit of relief. He didn't seem threatening to her and his rakish good looks and easy smile put her at ease and seeing him smile and indicate a table over in the corner, she walked over and sat down to wait for Desiree to arrive.

Chapter 2

As Linda entered the room, Tom, turned an inquiring eye to Sterling and walking over to him, he turned away from Linda and said in a hushed voice, "Who's the girl?"

Sterling kept the smile on his face for Linda's sake and said back, "Well, if things go as planned, she's the entertainment for the evening."

Tom looked over at Linda, reassessing her based on his knowledge of what Sterling found entertaining. He noted her tight, young body and felt the first hint of arousal as he imagined what Sterling had in mind. Tom was a long time friend of Sterling and had been part of past entertainments and the memories of those times brought a evil smirk to his face. Handing his cue stick back to Sterling, he started moving around the room, stopping briefly with each of the other guys there and let them know to be on the ready for some fun and games later and to watch for Sterling's signal that the festivities were going to get started. As he did, each of them to a man looked over at Linda and smiled at the thoughts that the news inspired in them.

Linda, meanwhile was unaware of the buzz going around the room and since she had time to kill, she took out her homework and decided to start working on it. She had a light load this evening and figured she could get it done while she waited so that she wouldn't have to worry about it later when she not home. Plus she knew that her mom would be pissed if she had to stay up late working on homework that she could have done earlier. So taking out her books from the book bag, she spread them out on the table and set to work.

Sterling saw Tom talking to each of the guys there and knew that he was giving them the heads up to be ready for some action. He knew he could count on Tom from their long time friendship and as he saw each man giving Linda the eye, he started his plan in motion. He walked over to the bar and started fixing himself a drink and while he was at it, he poured some cola over ice in a tall glass for Linda. He was finding the more he looked at her, the better he liked her. He was getting heated thinking about what was to come and had to take a deep breath and a belt of his drink to calm himself. He didn't want to spook Linda. As the drink of whiskey began working it's way through his body, he relaxed a bit and walked over to offer her the glass of cola. He saw that she was at ease and didn't suspect his intentions, making his anticipation grow.

When Sterling came over and held out a glass to her, she looked up at him and said, "Thank you," and took a small sip of the offered glass. Finding that is was just cola, she took a bigger drink and then set the glass aside. Before turning back to her homework, she unbuttoned her blazer and took it off, setting it aside on the empty chair next to her and then loosened the collar of her uniform a bit, unfastening the top button and fanning herself with a folder. As she did this, she didn't see that every eye in the room was glued to her every movement or that a couple of the men turned to whisper to each other.

Sterling lingered by the table for a moment, appreciating the sight as Linda took off her blazer. She was definitely a hot young thing with the firm supple breasts that only the young and those who could afford plastic surgery could claim. As she loosened her shirt collar and fanned herself, he caught a whiff of her perfume, mixed with the scent of sweat and found it intensely arousing. He was about to walk away to rejoin his friends when Linda looked up and smiled. She was quite stunning and he took a moment to appreciate her lovely eyes, her full lips and the soft play of light on her face. She would be a fine woman in a few years and he hoped that she would fulfill his expectations when things started happening later. He smiled back at her and only when she returned to her homework, did he move away to rejoin his friends. He was grinning like a Cheshire cat as he did and he saw a couple of them stifle a laugh at his expression. He couldn't blame them though and just grinned even more.

Turning to Tom, he leaned in and started laying out the plan. They would continue to play for the next half hour or so and then start to clear the pool table. When he gave the signal, he would tell Linda that they were about to leave and invite her over on the pretext of leading her upstairs to wait for his step daughter there. The mention of his step daughter would be the sign to take action and while he grabbed and held her around the waist, two of the guys would position themselves on one side of the pool table to hold her arms as the other two helped him force her to bend over the edge of the table. He anticipated a struggle and wanted to make sure that his prey didn't escape. He wondered if she were a virgin still, but dismissed the thought. It didn't really matter to him one way or the other. She definitely wouldn't be by the end of the evening.

He left it to Tom to tell the other guys and going to the pool table, he racked the balls for a fresh game and walked to the end of the table to prepare to break. He saw Tom and the three others huddled together whispering and kept an eye on Linda to make sure she didn't look up to see them. His concern, however, was unfounded, as she was focused on the homework in front of her, not paying any attention to the activity in the room. Once the huddle broke up, he leaned over the edge of the table a bit and broke. His turned to Tom and indicated it was his turn and the game was underway.

At the sound of pool balls striking each other rather loudly, Linda looked up and saw Sterling standing up after the break. He was really very handsome for an older guy and she found herself wondering what it would be like to have sex with someone of his age and experience. How would it differ from sex with Kevin? Would she finally be able to achieve orgasm without having to resort to playing with herself? Realizing that she was lusting after her best friends father, she blushed a bit and quickly looked away and back down at her homework.

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