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In Germania


This story is entirely a figment of my imagination, a fantasy that makes me hot. I'm sure it's historically inaccurate.

In Germania, Part One of Two

I sat the sturdy horse and contemplated how much I hated my life. The guards were ahead and behind us being vigilant for threats as my father's bondsman chattered happily away at my side. I detested him and his constant prattling, I found it incomprehensible that my father could put his trust in such a sniveling creature. But then, my father never explained his motives to me.

We were a week out of Rome on the road through Germania to a small village. We had just crossed the Danubius and would make our destination within days and I prayed to all the gods that we would find quick resolution. The patrician class of Rome were not allowed to own or operate certain businesses, usually the most lucrative ones, and so they must operate through trusted bondsmen. Generally the bondsmen were former slaves, like my travel companion, who "owned" the land or business for their masters in exchange for a good living and freedom. We were headed to Germania to see to my fathers' investments there, of which most were in the name of Gordianus who rode beside me.

When I was a child my father had quelled a minor uprising in Germania with the help of several roman legions. He came into possession of profitable land and holdings in the area; as such I had been schooled in the Germanic languages by a tutor from a young age. I had just turned seventeen and this was a test of my father's to prove that I was a man capable of handling my fathers' affairs. I would prove to him that I could do this and return to Rome for my reward, a vacation villa near Capua.

Capua was the location of the best gladiator schools in all the Roman Empire and I hoped to invest in some warriors. I'd become smitten with them since my friend, Portius, had paid for me to spend a memorable night with one of the most popular fighters as a thank you gift. At first I'd been somewhat frightened of the large man but he'd held me tenderly as he fucked me like a rutting animal.

Portius and I had been friends since childhood. He'd discovered my secret attraction to men when he'd found me in my room sucking the cock of one of our slaves. He eagerly stepped up to take his turn in my mouth and we'd been closer ever since. We had spent much time in the public baths as both our tastes ran to more plebian men. The coarse laborers and soldiers we found there held more appeal for us than the circumspect men of our own class.

Our only difference lay in the fact that Portius liked to fuck men and I preferred to be fucked. He claimed I was a fool, that I didn't know what I was missing. I'd tried it but it wasn't so much to my liking as the feeling of being penetrated. Portius thought it was my own fault for letting some of our household slaves fuck me from the time I was fifteen but I knew better. There had been no "letting" I had commanded them, practically threatening them with crucifixion. My desires were something I'd been born to. Portius did not seem to care much, however, as he was always more than ready to fuck me himself.

Now I was in Germania without Portius or slaves, sharing a tent each night with Gordianus who was a fat slob with pocked skin and terrible smelling breath. He never left my side so I couldn't even try to tempt one of my father's hired guards into my bed. I was frustrated, cold and miserable.

As we neared the village I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the beauty of the landscape as we approached the steppes to the mountains. I looked to the stone building that was the seat to the ruler of the tribes in this area. It was not impressive by roman standards but it was far better than most of the settlements we'd passed since entering Gaul. I had never realized how the barbarians lived like squalid animals in thatched huts without the most basic of amenities. Even the Roman settlements we'd passed through had been of lower quality than I could have anticipated.

"That there is where the king lives," Gordianus broke my reverie. "He leads all the tribes here about. He's the one we'll be dealing with."

I nodded and stared at the low stone walls of the structure, noting the crude way it was assembled. I turned to my travel companion to ask, "How long has it been since you were last here?"

"Two years, sir. Even from here I can tell they've improved things quite a bit. That fort there was just being built."

"And this so-called-king, Tylus, reigns from there?"

"Aye, sir, that is him. A wise man and a good host, you'll find him easy to deal with I'd say."

"If the gods see fit we will complete our dealings quickly and return to Rome within the month."

Gordianus just nodded and went on to tell me more of the customs of the people but I only half listened, thinking of how much I hated all this. At least my father had the foresight to teach me the language which would hopefully speed matters along greatly. In fact I'd found that I spoke the Germanic tongue better than Gordianus who was capable of communication but not as articulate as I.

As the sun began to fall in the west we approached the village. All the people gathered to watch us approach and followed us to the fort. Tylus, the king, came out to greet us with his women and children. I dismounted to greet him formally and clasp his hand. I'd brought gifts of wine and cloth for him, beaded jewelry and trinkets for his women and children. He thanked me profusely and led my small party into the great hall where food was being put out.

Gordianus and I were seated at the front of the hall with Tylus and his family. The king himself served me the choicest cuts from the meat and fowl put on the table. It took me some time to acclimate myself to their particular accent but we were soon conversing and eating merrily. I certainly enjoyed the fresh food after so much road rations. We drank of the local ale which I found bitter but serviceable. I was soon a bit drunk and tried not to drink so much as I needed to keep my wits about me.

There was no talk of business, just as Gordianus had told me to expect, though I was impatient to begin. I knew that by serving the customs of the people I would earn more respect from Tylus and our negotiations would proceed more amicably. As the dinner proceeded a bard came in and sang a tale of a great battle and the heroes involved. By the time the tale was told I was yawning mightily, tired from the long journey to get here.

Tylus placed his hand on my shoulder to get my attention and said, "You are tired from travelling so many days on the road. We have reserved the room of my oldest son to be yours while you are here. I hope you will find it to your liking. Come and I will show you." He motioned to one of the women servants and told her to have warm water brought to my room. I could have kissed the old man when I heard that.

"What of my guard and Gordianus?" I wasn't sure if I should go alone but Gordianus nodded and smiled before saying, "We'll be well taken care of, sir. Tylus is well known for his hospitality. Enjoy your bath."

I turned and followed the king down a hall to a large and well-appointed room. There was a small antechamber with a low bench and beyond that a wide room with a large fur-covered mattress on the floor. A fire blazed along the further wall. I was suitably impressed and thanked Tylus. A boy was preparing a bath in a large wooden tub and I itched with the need to get clean. Tylus called out a name and a stout woman entered the room with four young girls.

Tylus beckoned the girls over, saying, "These women are here for your pleasure, lord. They are the most beautiful in this land and will keep you warm in the night." He leered at me expecting approval except I had no idea how to respond.

"Um, your o-offer is greatly appreciated, Tylus." I couldn't help stuttering and felt a blush spreading up from my neck. "But this is unnecessary. They are comely women to be certain." And even I could tell that was true.

"Nonsense, my lord Cassius. I wish your stay here to be as comfortable as possible. And a happy man deals better with the business we will be discussing on the morrow. Let these women please you."

I wasn't sure if I should just accept or how I could even refuse. I knew that someday soon I would have to take a wife and have children but the idea of being intimate with a woman was something I felt disgusted by. I would do my duty when the day came, even if I had to force myself, but I could not do it here and now.

"Tylus," I placed a hand on his shoulder and stepped closer so that only he could hear me. "I do not, um, keep the company of women." A look of confusion passed over his face and I knew the exact moment he understood me as his eyes brightened and he smiled.

"Ah, yes, my lord, I understand you. Berta, take these women away." He waved his hand at the stout woman and she led the girls from the room. "I will let you enjoy your bath in peace then and I will return soon."

"Thank you, Tylus. And you needn't return as I will retire after my bath."

"It is my responsibility to see that you are well rested this night, my lord. I cannot let the son of the one I am beholden to pass the night disagreeably. I will return shortly to wish you goodnight."

I would have forestalled him but he left abruptly with the servant boy and I undressed to cleanse the dirt from the road off my body. I examined myself closely, glad to see that the travel had only hardened my body more. I had spent a lot of time after lessons with my tutor in the gymnasium learning how to fight with a sword and spear and was proud of my muscled limbs. I was not so big as the gladiators or even the soldiers but I knew I would get there as I grew into my manhood.

I washed and rinsed, feeling better than I had in days. I was full and clean, well-ready to sleep when there was a knock at the door. I pulled a clean tunic from my pack and pulled it on before opening the door. It was Berta, the servant woman who had brought the girls in before.

She bowed low before saying, "Does my lord have any clothes he wishes to have laundered?" I nodded and went to my pack. When I had all my dirty clothes I gave them to her with thanks. She would not meet my eyes but bowed again and backed up to the door saying, "They will be fresh and ready for my lord tomorrow."

No sooner had she departed than Tylus was back. He led in a small group of young boys and girls. He waved them into the chamber and bowed his head to me. When they were all assembled in the room he smiled and said, "My lord may have his choice of sleeping companions." He gestured at the children. It took me a moment to catch his meaning. When I did, I let a look of distaste settle over my features.

"I do not bed children, King Tylus." I let all my anger and disgust come across in the tone of my voice.

The man looked stricken and stuttered an apology before saying, "I do not understand what my lord desires. I am truly most sorry if I have offended you." He encouraged the children to leave the room. "Please, my lord, I wish only to be hospitable."

I couldn't help but take pity on the man, "It isn't your fault. I was unclear before. I do not enjoy the company of women or children in my bed. I have a taste for men, but it is none of your concern." I hoped that the truth would put an end to this awkward misunderstanding. "However, I have no need for a man in my bed. I appreciate your kindness in wanting to make my stay here more enjoyable but I will be back in Rome soon enough. There is no need for anyone to share my bed."

He nodded eagerly although he still looked pensive and confused. Finally, he seemed to come to a decision and spoke, "As my lord wishes. I have heard of this among warriors, coupling when there are no women present. I believe I understand your desires. Sleep well, my lord."

Tylus left and I closed the door behind him with a heavy sigh. I hoped that this revelation would not affect the manner in which we negotiated but I feared he would think me less of a man for it. I had let my anger at being assumed a pedophile get the better of me and now I would suffer the consequences. I sat back on the luxurious pile of furs and thought of ways I could have handled the situation differently. My father would have had me beaten for such a lapse if he had been present.

I was making myself mad with my speculations and resolved to sleep on it. I would handle the king and our business in the morning. I was a Roman patrician after all, no barbarian king would have the better of me. I had just decided to crawl beneath the coverings when there was yet another knock on the door. I assumed it was the servant boy coming to bank the fire so I opened the door without calling out a greeting.

I was surprised to find an older man with a long grey beard and some kind of ceremonial hat waiting on the other side. He bowed his head to me. He was powerfully built, if somewhat fat, with great arms that showed his strength. I was momentarily stunned and wondered who this might me.

He spoke summarily, "My lord. The king sends his greetings and wishes you sleep well. I am Gult, master of the king's warriors. He has bid me to bring you four of our comeliest fighting men. They are well renowned for their skills as, er, lovers." He blushed at this. "May you take your pick. They will await you here." He bowed his head again and left.

I followed him to the door and peered out to find four men seated on the bench. They were all dressed in leather vests and kilts, like Gult. When they saw me they stood and saluted. They were all tall and strong with big, muscular frames. Two were blonde, one had dark brown hair and the last had reddish-brown hair. The biggest, one of the blondes, briefly bowed his head to me and stepped forward.

"I am Ulric, my lord. The king has bid us to come here and bed you. I will go first."

"Um, Ulric I thank you, but this is not necessary. You may tell your king I thank him but I am content to sleep alone." The man looked like one of the gladiators I was so enamored of. He stepped closer until I had to look up at him over his broad shoulders. He gave me an appreciating look and took my arm to lead back into the bedchamber. He closed the door behind us and began undressing.

"The king said that you had no desire for women or children, but that you wished to be bedded like a female. We have heard of such things, though it isn't common. He sent us here to please you and I cannot disobey him." He was by this time naked before me and I could not help but look at him. He was magnificent in every way.

He had long hair that was braided and tied back in some complicated pattern. His body was covered in golden blond hair, darker than that on his head and short beard. The golden hair cascaded over his massive chest and down over the defined muscles of his abdomen. It darkened further at his crotch where a weighty cock rested over two huge furred testicles. His thighs were thick and corded with muscle as were his calves.

I felt myself staring and realized neither of us had spoken as I admired him. I came to my senses and met his blue eyes, "Ulric, you may leave now. Thank you and goodnight."

Infuriatingly, he just smiled and nodded once before saying, "You try to play coy like a woman also. I see the desire in your eyes, the line of your cock. You do wish me to bed you." He moved up to me and guided my tunic over my head

"Ulric, please, you must go now."

"I told you, my lord, you have no need to play coy with me. I've never fucked a man and find the prospect appealing. Feel that?" He took my hand and guided it to his cock which was growing hard, swelling against my palm. I felt frozen with fear and desire. He took my jaw in his other hand and tilted my head to press his lips against mine. His tongue licked over my lips and I automatically opened to him. He pressed his tongue into my mouth for a brief taste before pulling away.

"Hmm, not so different at all. I think I will enjoy this." He picked me up easily and carried me to the bed before I could protest. He laid me down and moved between my legs then rose onto his knees. He opened one mighty hand and I saw a little clay pot in his palm. He uncorked it and dipped a finger in. A viscous cloudy fluid dripped from his finger.

"It's some oil and beeswax. The king said I was to use this as you would be dry inside until you had my seed inside you."

"Wait, Ulric...." He re-corked the pot and placed it aside as he rubbed the glistening fluid onto his cock. I watched as if hypnotized, his cock was huge. It looked like a club extending from the thicket of dark blonde hair, long and thick. The blunt pink head was fully exposed and shiny, the cuff of his sheathe rolled up behind it. I'd never seen its like and felt a moment of true panic. I moved to get away from him but he pinned me with one hand on my chest. He grabbed one of my legs in his other hand and pulled it forward until my ass rose up.

I grasped the forearm of the hand that held me down and struggled to move him but he didn't even budge. He let my raised leg fall over his arm as he gripped the shaft of his mighty cock and moved into position between my ass cheeks.

"Please, Ulric, wait. I...." I cried out as he found my hole and thrust against it. I could not stop him as he stretched my hole and so I surrendered. The big cock burst into me and I screamed. Ulric took my yell as encouragement and smiling down at me he forced the rest of his huge cock home. It ripped up into me, through some internal passage that stretched open so reluctantly I thought I would rip apart. Then suddenly he was in my guts and moaning, his big balls pressed tight to my ass.

I gasped for breath as my ass clamped down on his cock and I writhed trying in vain to work my way off it. He moaned at each spasmodic clench and ground his dick into me so that the base forced me open and the head rubbed through some inner sensitive area. He backed out and moaned as my ass went tight, fighting to hold him inside. He gave me no quarter but retreated until just the head remained inside me then thrust forward with all his might, making me cry out.

The firelight glistened off the blonde hair on his chest and belly as I opened my eyes to slits and let the tears stream down the sides of my face. He adjusted his position so that both his arms were pressed into the furs beside my shoulders and my raised leg rested over his elbow. As he moved his member jostled inside me and I whimpered in pain. I would have moved but now I was stuck in place on the end of his gigantic cock.

Whether I'd wanted him or not it was too late and I submitted wholly to him. I'd thought the gladiator had fucked me hard but it was as nothing when Ulric began to move atop me. He left me absolutely no doubt that I was there for his pleasure as he pounded into me hard and I slid slowly up the furs with each meeting of our flesh. Despite the initial pain he filled me so completely that I couldn't help responding. I pulled my other leg up to clutch against his side and moaned as my ass tilted further and opened wider.

He must have liked the new position because he pulled my one leg over his shoulder and collapsed over me. His weight pressed my leg down to my chest so my knee was beside my head and I wrapped my free leg over his back to rest the heel above the curve of his ass. He used shorter strokes to fuck me and friction burned the depths of my channel.

I cried out in Latin, my mind too far gone, and begged him to fuck me harder. My cock ached in full hardness and I moved my body to meet each of his thrusts. He must have understood what I wanted because he did fuck me harder so that I could barely breathe. I gasped against his shoulder and he grunted into my ear.

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