In Heat


[In Heat follows my other stories on Literotica by 6-12 months.]


Coll McDiarmid intended to relax and enjoy himself tonight. It was in his capacity as five times winner of the Sen-Tae and Sen-Gae Universal Championships that he had been invited to present the prizes at an award ceremony for martial arts visual entertainment.

A senior Underground officer who had been in the service for over twenty years, Commander Coll McDiarmid had accepted the invitation both as an opportunity to maintain his cover as a retired intergalactic athlete and to unwind away from the two demanding young trainees who had been occupying so much of his time and attention in recent months.

Tall and roughly handsome with sandy hair and compelling blue-green eyes, Coll talked and flirted easily with actors, directors and martial artists thoughout the pre-ceremony drinks. Perhaps he would pick up someone simple and unchallenging after the awards, the blonde actress talking to him now for instance. Or perhaps he would gather several like-minded men and women for a night of group pleasure in one of the luxurious hotels which Meressun, this planet's capital city, was famous for.

Sipping his drink, he imagined a tangle of soft female and firm male flesh writhing and moaning together without inhibition on a large silk-covered bed. Yes, tonight he wanted both the strength of another man in his arms and the soft wet pull of a woman's mouth and sex. He smiled across at a dark haired young man without breaking his overall focus on the blonde woman.

A familiar prickle then intruded on Coll's fantasy, making the hair on his neck stand. Someone was watching him and he quickly scanned the room.

Sweft Apollorida stood at the far end of the large auditorium, completely unexpectedly since she and Kestrem Forré were meant to be in the middle of eight weeks leave from their training programme. However, as a past Sen-Tae Universal Champion herself, her interest in the subject matter was natural enough. Perhaps she had a reason for being there.

Coll watched her disinterestedly shrug away the attempts of various young and not so young males to get her attention. Then, she looked straight at him again and Coll smiled, enjoying the excitement of connecting with her gaze. She had silver-grey eyes shot with slivers of blue ice and they were very intense tonight, even at this distance.

Her smooth light brown hair was fastened in a simple twist, leaving her pale neck bare and kissable above a half-open white collar. Coll imagined the pink pattern that rough kisses would leave on her throat and felt a corresponding tingle in his cock. Sweft loved to have her neck kissed while fucking.

Unlike all the other women in evening and cocktail gowns, Sweft wore a tailored female version of male evening dress. As was her habit in public, little of her skin was actually on show but the trouser suit followed her curves perfectly, accentuating the fact that she was female and easily one of the most attractive women in the room.

Coll already knew exactly what lay under the close-fitting fabric of Sweft's clothing and behind those sexy eyes. Her beauty, skill and intelligence together could make a man scream. He knew the soft roundness of her breasts, the tautness of the curve at her waist and hip, the humid welcome of her tight slit. He knew the sounds she made when she experienced pleasure, the expressions that crossed her face when she received a cock in her sex, the effects of orgasm on her whole body.

No one else in the room could match her vibrancy and interest for him. He would speak to Sweft tomorrow about the importance of taking her leave, maintaining her cover and keeping some distance from him. Tonight was already a lost cause.

"What brings you here, Sweft Apollorida?" he asked himself aloud and began to move towards her through the crowd, firmly brushing off any attempts to detain him in conversation.

Electric. There was no other word to describe Sweft's eyes tonight once Coll got closer to her. She had lined them in black and silver but it was the energy animating her than generated their electricity.

"You summoned me," he said as he pulled up opposite her.

"Yes," Sweft agreed, still looking at him, a hint of a smile playing at the corners of her pink mouth. Her hand reached out to touch one of his lapels, which was an intimate gesture in itself, and then took a handful of his shirt which was deliberately and delightfully inappropriate.

Coll looked down and raised an eyebrow.

"Walk with me," he ordered.

Putting an arm around her, he guided Sweft to a communication and monitoring blindspot behind one of the audioscreens at the back of the room. Out of the reach of broadcasting devices, she instantly pressed against him, her lips seeking and finding his, her hands feeling their way under his jacket. Sweft's skin was hot and transmitted something of the same electric quality as her eyes.

Coll slid his hand immediately now into the front of her trousers. He swore and laughed delightedly on encountering her aroused sex.

"You're on heat!" he observed in loud whisper, getting only a slight moan in response. Withdrawing his now-slippery fingers, Coll touched them to her lips and then his own.

A minute later they were running together down the stairs to the transport bay and into Coll's ship.

Once the door closed, they got no further than the stairs. Sweft's heat was contagious and Coll quickly ripped open her shirt and pulled down her trousers. No underwear.

"On heat," he said again, stroking her thighs. Sweft lay panting on the stairs half-naked as Coll knelt between her legs. Moving down a couple of stairs, he bent and buried his mouth in her hot wet sex. Sweft cried out and arched as his tongue and fingers probed deeply.

"Where's Kes?" Coll looked up for a moment. "He hasn't been inside you for days. I know his taste as well as yours."

"With Zester," she panted

"With Zester?" Coll lowered his face for a few moments more, kissing and licking skilfully and then looked up again. "You two haven't had a row have you?"

"One week every year with Zester." Sweft tried to explain, struggling to get the words out as Coll's tongue distracted her.

"Aha." Coll understood the terms of this agreement. While generally not bothered about Kestrem Forré's casual liaisons with both men and women, Sweft limited her boyfriend's only other long-term relationship to one week every year.

"Don't tell me any more now. Save it." Coll undid his trousers and took out his hard, ready cock. "You've come a long way tonight for hot sex tonight, Beautiful. Now relax and let your Captain give you what you need."

Sweft was more than ready to take his big penis. Her long involuntary moan as he pushed into her was a sound of pure pleasure.

Entering her tonight felt like completing a circuit, becoming a conduit for primal energies. Coll knew it wouldn't take long for either of them as he worked to set up a rhythm for his thrusts, kneeling between her legs with a hand cupping her bottom. Sweft's trousers were trapped beneath his knees pinning her ankles together as her thighs flexed to receive him. With his other hand he caressed her face, breasts and then clitoris and the moist pink flesh clinging to his penis.

Her cries rose quickly. "So hot, so ready," Coll whispered to her. A few more harder thrusts as he caressed her clitoris and she was there, coming and coming on his cock with sweet spasms of pleasure strong enough to trigger his own orgasm too. Drops of semen fell onto the steps as he withdrew from her body.

"Sweft," he murmured, kissing her hot mouth, then her even hotter, stickier lower lips, before standing and fixing his clothing. "I have an award to give in five minutes. You coming with me?"

Sweft was now sitting up and pulling off her disordered clothing with quick but deliberate movements, displaying her body to Coll's appreciative gaze and enjoying her own touch as she stripped.

"No." She stood and looked at him again with full awareness of her own beauty, sexuality and magnetism. "I wouldn't be able to keep my hands off you, my Captain. Any broadcast would have to go out on the adult channels."

Their eyes met again with a new current of sexual electricity, hints of smiles, of deep hunger.

Sweft turned away and started walking up the stairs. Looking back over her shoulder she told him that she would be waiting in his bed.

"Best place for you," he growled, grinning, and then opened the door to leave.


He re-entered the auditorium as the opening speaker was beginning to look flustered by his disappearance. Coll walked straight down the central walkway towards the stage, security parting at the front to let him through.

"And now to present the award for this year's Best Actor, the only man to win the Sen-Tae Universal Championships in five consecutive years, Coll McDiarmid."

Coll took his place on the podium with his usual broad, charismatic grin, energised by his recent coupling. Watching the screen in the bedroom, Sweft felt herself responding to him, even in virtual form. He looked out at the audience as if he knew every one of them, exciting men and women alike with the possibilities implied in his eyes and smile.

"Timing," he began "is everything."


Coll was back on board his ship within fifteen minutes. On the screen, Sweft had seen how short he kept his handshakes, kisses and backclaps and knew his determination and desire mirrored her own.

"Sweft Apollorida" he grinned as he stood at the end of the bed, his powerful smile now just aimed at her.

"Coll McDiarmid."

Coll sat down on the bed and reached out to grasp one of her ankles. Drawing her towards him, he kissed her toes, instep, ankle, calf and rested his head against the inside of his knee. Sweft sighed and closed her eyes, already wanting to feel him inside her again.

"So, to what do I owe tonight's unexpected but extremely welcome pleasure?" He began to press kisses slowly along her inner thigh. "Young Forré has clearly, and foolishly, been neglecting you." There was both laughter and lust in his voice. "I'll have to talk to him seriously about this. A woman like you should be pleasured, fully, at least twice a day." Sweft felt Colls breath on her throbbing slit but then he continued moving up her body. "Ideally more often when you're" He kissed below her navel with a flick of his tongue.

Sweft luxuriated in his words and caresses, Coll's knowing perfectly how to touch and arouse her with both. Finally he reached her face with featherlight kisses.

"How many days since you and Kestrem last made love?" he asked, cupping her sex in his hand without exploring inside.

"He's been with Zester for four days."

"Four days?!" He kissed her deeply, amusement and desire vying with one another on his face as he came up for air. "Four whole days..." Sweft's body was so responsive now to every small touch that he almost had to hold her down just to run his hands along the length of her torso and caress her breasts for a moment.

"One day, I'll teach you to channel this energy," he commented.

"Like you do?" she laughed, sitting up and kissing him again, hands all over his body, suddenly ripping open his shirt.

"Like I can when I choose," he smiled easily, deliciously distracted now by her mouth on his chest and shoulders. "I couldn't at your age though, any more than you can." Her hands pulled open his trousers, searching for his erection. "It's pointless to try. Just let it go...."

Sweft took this as an invitation to push Coll back on to the bed and straddle his body.

"Ravish me," he encouraged her with wicked eyes. "Take what you want." She met and held his gaze, feeling powerful sexual excitement at his words and their position.

The disparity in the size of her hands and Coll's wrists made the idea of holding him down seem absurd for a moment. He followed her gaze and train of thought.

"Willpower," he reminded her. "Not physical strength."

She nodded and looked him straight in the eye with a lustful smile to match his own. The size and strength of Coll beneath her was always thrilling in itself. He let her do what she wanted to him but not passively, meeting her kisses fiercely, caressing her hips and stroking her face as she lowered herself onto his cock and began to move.

Coll's eyes were sharp and knowing, despite his tenderness. He understood her pleasure and urgency as she rose and fell and rubbed on his body, his own movements subtle but purposeful and targeted, helping her gently but surely towards climax.

As she began to come, Sweft heard Coll telling her how beautiful she looked, how amazing she felt, how he was going to make love to her all night. She cried out her passion and then lowered her head to his chest and sighed contentedly.

After a few strong pulsebeats, Sweft became very aware again that his cock was still strong and hard in her body. She sat up and looked at him again, tingling and eager. Coll grinned and then lifted and turned her to face his feet without losing penetration.

"Coll..." she breathed and began to move on his cock again, exploring the contrasting pressures and stimulation in this position. Coll's hands reached around and covered her breasts and then slid lower to her hips, caressed her undulating bottom and the dark-haired slit stretched open by his glistening cock.

"That feels so good Sweft. You feel so good.... Are you ready to be touched here again?" his fingers rested lightly on her clitoris. She pushed against his hand and experienced a wave of pleasure that Coll clearly felt in his cock. He rubbed her now as she moved, Sweft setting the pace again until she cried out loudly again and clutched at the bed, arching forward and throwing back her head.

Coll's own urgency overtook him then, stimulated by the sounds, smell and view of Sweft's arousal and enjoyment. He pulled himself up into kneeling position behind her, Sweft already spread open, wet and willing, in front of him, still moaning with the last spasms of orgasm. Knowing that he could sometimes bring Sweft to a consecutive orgasm simply by taking her hard at the right angle straight after her climax, he immediately remounted and began to ride her forcefully.

She cried out wildly, incoherently, at this new rhythm of penetration but had learned to trust Coll with her body and kept her legs wide open to his onslaught. Coll's own groans took on the same tone as hers and he maintained only enough control not to hurt her, although he quickly found that she was so soft, open and well-fucked now that she enjoyed being taken harder than usual. If he were still able to talk he would have told her this as verbal stimulation but they were too far-gone for speech. It was simply imperative that he drive his cock up to the hilt in her eager, swollen sex again and again until they both came. When they did, Sweft's legs gave way beneath her and Coll's spunk jetted so copiously that it filled her and immediately overran down her thighs.

They rolled to their sides, and lay in moist, peaceful conjunction until they fell asleep.


"Feeling better this morning?" Coll asked her when she opened her eyes. Sweft found that she was still half-lying in his arms. It felt good and she made no attempt to move.

"I really did travel across five galaxies last night, Coll," she laughed. "It wasn't planned. I surprised myself a little. You and Kes are the only men I want and I needed you."

"I hope I made it worth your while." Coll kissed her. "As it happens, I'm on leave. What would you have done if I'd been working?"

"Exploded?" she suggested.

"You came close. You were radiating sex when you walked into that room last night. I haven't checked the entertainment channels today but I'd be very surprised if you weren't picked up even from only 10 minutes attendance. One man nearly choked on his drink when he just looked at you."

"I felt like I was on fire and anything I touched would burn too."

"Well, that's pretty much how it works, my dangerous young Sweft.... Nineteen years old is so very young. I forget that too easily." The statement was made with curiosity rather than sentiment. "You're not like Kes. I occasionally forget that too."

Coll kissed her again, more lingeringly. "Strong libido, ridiculously high standard in sexual partners and all the exuberance of youth. What am I going to do with you?"

It was clearly a rhetorical question. Coll's hands had been at first subtly, and then less subtly caressing Sweft's body as he spoke for some minutes, finally moving to lie between her thighs. Now he caressed her damp silky pubic hair once more and then gently pushed his cock into her, receiving a deep sigh of satisfaction.

"Do this..." she moaned, moving her hips to meet his careful thrusts.

"And this again?" he suggested "and this?", hands, cock and lips all busy now. "This?"

Afterwards, Coll held her again, gently and without pressure, punctuating their conversation with light kisses, evidently no more ashamed of demonstrating affection than sexual appetite. As with Kestrem, Sweft observed that there was something particularly erotic in the tenderness of very strong men.

"You're not doing anything to lower my standards, you know, Coll."

"Not really in my interests to lower your standards, is it?" he grinned.

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