tagNovels and NovellasIn Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 10

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 10


Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond

When sexy, dark-complexioned British spy Jane Bond, her tall, blonde lover and World Wide Web inventor Wendy Warmcox, and Jane's spy husband Brad, all retreated to Brad and Jane's bedroom, Wendy was already completely naked and beginning to bring Brad under the same bewitching spell that had made Jane fall in love with her. Now Wendy pulled the slutty black dress over Jane's head, leaving Jane also completely naked, to do a little bewitching of her own to both Brad and Wendy.

As Brad admired the two lovely naked babes (his wife and his wife's lover) in front of him, he marveled at their similarities and their contrasts. Physically, there was very little similarity, at least at first glance. Jane, Brad's wife, was a hot Latin-America beauty, with a rich dark complexion like a natural tan, about the color of a light cocoa. Her hair was very dark brown, almost black, and cut to shoulder length. Her pussy was topped by a thick, bushy patch of very dark and inviting fur.

Wendy, on the other hand, was very tall and curvaceous, had a pale, creamy, almost milky, white complexion, and long blonde hair that swirled around her enormous breasts and tenderly cupped her incredibly curvy ass cheeks. Very light and sparse wisps of blonde hair lightly covered her pubic mound.

But on closer examination, there were some physical similarities between the two half-sisters: the warm, friendly, fun-loving smile. The very large, reddish-brown circles of their areolas surrounding their long, hard nipples. Their nearly-identical, luscious pink pussies. The tight creases where the gentle curves of their shapely, cute, tight little asses met their legs, the creases that could make any man weak in the knees with desire to kiss and lick all along that tight curve. The well-toned muscles in their legs, although Wendy's legs were much longer than Jane's. And oh those legs. Any man would die of bliss to have either set of legs wrapped around his neck as he pressed his lips and tongue against either pussy. And now, Brad, that lucky man, was about to experience all of these charms with not one, but both women at once!

The real similarity between Jane and Wendy, however, was not in their physical appearance, but in their personalities. Both ladies were spontaneous, outgoing, smart, funny, charming, and fun-loving. They both had insatiable appetites for sex, with each other as well as with the special man in their lives (for Wendy, until recently, that special man had been her husband, William Walker, notorious dealer of weapons to terrorists). Jane and Wendy both had an endless capacity to be loving and caring about the people who meant the most to them. And they had both decided that lucky old Brad was the only man either of them wanted to love them, to touch them, to suck on them, to fuck them, ever again.

Brad was already completely under the spell of both Jane and Wendy when, naked, they lay face-down on the carpet and slithered their way, snake-like on their bellies, across the bedroom floor, to offer themselves at Brad's feet. From this face-down prone position, Jane untied Brad's left shoe, and Wendy his right, and they took turns pulling his shoes and socks off his feet. Purring like kittens, they both climbed their way up Brad's trouser legs, rubbing one hand up the front and the other up the back of each leg. When they reached the top of his trousers, each lady cupped an ass cheek in one hand, and unbuckled his belt with the other. They then jointly unclasped the hook at the top of Brad's beige slacks, and both began to very slowly, teasingly slide his zipper down with their fingers.

When they had lowered his zipper only about an inch, Jane suddenly had an inspiration, and pushing Wendy's hand away, Jane leaned her head into Brad's crotch, clenching the handle of his zipper firmly in her teeth, and just as slowly sliding his zipper down another inch. Then she backed off, and gestured for Wendy to take over. Her gleaming smile beaming widely, Wendy stepped up to take over, using her teeth to ever-so-slowly slide Brad's zipper down another inch. When she was done, before Wendy backed off, she planted a kiss through the fabric still covering Brad's gorgeous cock that ANY healthy woman would crave, and Wendy could now feel him pulse rapidly and repeatedly against her face, even through the fabric. Wendy nearly swooned and fainted with her desire for Brad now, letting out a long, lusty "Mmmm!" before backing away and giving Jane a turn again.

Not to be outdone by her new friend, when Jane's teeth had slowly, tantalizingly brought Brad's zipper down another inch, she ended by licking her long tongue along the fabric, all the way up his shaft, from his balls to the very tip of his big, puffy cock head. Now Jane backed away, letting Wendy's teeth open up the final inch of his zipper.

When Brad's fly was completely open, both women, still on their knees, wrestled Brad's trousers down to his ankles, and he courteously obliged them by stepping out of his trousers and kicking them away to where his pants couldn't block Jane's and Wendy's access to the throbbing object of both women's growing, pussy-dampening desires.

Wendy and Jane now faced Brad on their knees, from opposite sides of his legs, Jane kissing his left thigh, and Wendy his right, then Jane kissing and licking his left ball while Wendy kissed his right. Then both ladies sucked a testicle up into their mouths, licking his balls with their tongues while both testicles remained clenched in both sets of lips and teeth. Then Jane licked her way up the underside of Brad's seven-inch long, three-inch thick cock, followed closely by Wendy's tongue. Then Jane began at his balls again, licked her way all the way up his shaft, then backed off again to let Wendy have another lick.

Now Jane kissed her way up the left of Brad's hard, pulsing, throbbing shaft, while Wendy kissed her way up its right side. Jane got to his cock head a split second before Wendy, so she got to suck the head between her lips and teeth first, swirling her tongue all over the head, and licking the wide-open eye at the very tip. Then opening her lips, with a single, mighty gulp and a suck of tornado intensity, Jane swallowed his shaft all at once, all the way down her throat. Then she slowly backed her head away, licking up and down his shaft inside her mouth as she very slowly retreated, to give Wendy her turn.

"Well, my darling," Jane said to Wendy, "you've been telling me for hours how much you want to lick and suck my sweet Brad's gorgeous, hard shaft, how much you want to taste his come, swirl it around and savor it in your mouth, then swallow every delicious, creamy drop. Well, here's your chance, my pet."

Jane walked around to Brad's backside, pulled his polo shirt over his head, then slowly kissed her way from his neck and shoulders, down his soft back, stopping to concentrate all her remaining kisses and licks on his firm, tight, toned ass cheeks.

Meanwhile, Wendy was on her knees in front of Brad, her hands clutching Brad's ass cheeks, the same cheeks where Jane was kissing Brad passionately, and occasionally Jane let her kisses stray from Brad's soft, smooth ass flesh to the backs of Wendy's hands. With a ravenous hunger, Wendy's tongue circled and swirled all around the massive purple head of Brad's cock, then curled up to slide into the wide- open eye hole at the very tip of his cock. Now she planted a very gentle, feather-light kiss directly onto his cock's eye. When this kiss made Brad's entire 7-inch shaft twitch and pulse against her lips, Wendy gradually applied more lip pressure against his cock with each successive kiss. Each time that Wendy kissed his cock harder, it pulsed and throbbed ever more forcefully against her lips.

Brad's growing excitement was now making Wendy's pussy ever hotter, hornier, and damper. She just couldn't wait any longer to stuff her eagerly-salivating mouth full of Brad's thick cock, and to coat her throat with his tasty cream.

Clutching Brad's ass cheeks as tightly in her palms as she could, Wendy slowly began to suck all of Brad's throbbing cock past her lips and teeth. As Brad's thick shaft slowly disappeared into Wendy's mouth, millimeter by millimeter, it twitched wildly, first against the inside of her left cheek, then against her right, then back to her left again.

Meanwhile, it also pulsed upward against the roof of her mouth, then throbbed back down against the tip of her tongue. Amidst all of this twitching, pulsing, and throbbing, Brad's long cock continued to slide ever-so- slowly, deeper and deeper into Wendy's hungry, eager mouth, simultaneously sliding very pleasingly across both the roof of her mouth and the top of her tongue. As his cock continued its slow descent into the depths of her throat, Wendy circled and swirled her tongue all over the rigid shaft of flesh and muscle that was filling more and more of her mouth. Wendy enjoyed the contrast of his hard shaft and the soft, smooth skin that surrounded it, and she licked him within her mouth with an ever-growing hunger and passion. She could hardly wait now for Brad to flood her mouth and her throat with his warm, tasty, fresh love cream.

After what seemed like hours, but was probably only about five minutes, of frantically, eagerly sucking Brad's cock slowly but steadily deeper into her mouth, his huge, wildly- throbbing cock now completely filled her mouth from top to bottom and side to side, and pointed straight down her throat, just the way Wendy liked it. Despite Brad stuffing her mouth so completely full of his firm manhood, Wendy managed to continue swirling her tongue all over his cock's head and shaft inside her mouth, eagerly licking and sucking, without once gagging on his long, wide, hard, throbbing, pulsing, and deliciously tasty man-meat.

Brad was still standing, valiantly fighting the urge to let his knees buckle from the pure pleasure of Wendy sucking his shaft while Jane kissed and nibbled on his ass cheeks. With one final, powerful forward thrust of his muscular thighs, Brad rammed the rest of his thick cock all the way down Wendy's throat, making Wendy moan loudly in his ear with desire to swallow his cream. Pulsing mightily and roaring like a crazed beast, he pumped a deluge of warm, stick, creamy come straight down Wendy's throat and directly into her intestines. The deep, masculine growl that accompanied Brad's orgasm, sent both Jane and Wendy into a deep swoon of passionate desire.

As if reading Wendy's disappointment that his come shot straight down her throat, instead of onto the hungry taste- buds on her tongue, Brad eased his cock partly back out of Wendy's throat, letting the tip of his cock rest on the top of her tongue. He then let his cock pulse and throb in her mouth a little while longer, her still-swirling tongue keeping him hard, until she wrapped her fist around the exposed part of his shaft outside of her mouth, and began sliding her head horizontally forward and back, forward and back, sucking his shaft in then releasing, approaching his thighs and then backing away. Finally, with a loud wail, he came again, this time depositing his love cream directly onto the taste-buds that had been craving a fresh taste of him for over 24 hours, ever since Wendy's tongue had first sucked Brad's sweet, delicious, creamy, sticky two-day-old jism out of Jane's dripping-wet pussy in that Vienna hotel room.

As Brad came (and came and came), he thrust his butt backward, hard against Jane's kissing lips, causing her to kiss the soft, smooth flesh of his ass cheeks even more forcefully. Jane began to alternate her kisses with passionate licks all around the rim of his finely-toned, luscious masculine rear. Even from behind him, Jane could feel the force of Brad's warm come pumping, almost gushing, down Wendy's throat, splattering over the roof of Wendy's mouth, and coating Wendy's thirsty tongue.

When Wendy had sucked every last delicious, creamy drop from Brad's thick, quivering cock, she slowly slid her head back away from his crotch again, her tongue licking hungrily at the soft, smooth underside of his rigid shaft as it throbbed in retreat from her mouth. Just as the very tip of his cock was still resting on the tip of Wendy's tongue, and on the edge of her lips (which still clamped tightly in an O around his cock head), Brad pulsed mightily one final time, and Wendy opened her lips and jaws as wide as she could, sticking her tongue out as far as possible along his shaft, all to catch another large load of his warm, thick cream on her tongue and into her mouth. Only this time, instead of swallowing, she swished his delectable liquid around in her mouth, savoring Brad's tangy flavor like some rare, exotic, imported vintage wine.

With a soft popping sound, Brad's still-throbbing cock now fully retreated outside of Wendy's hungrily-sucking lips, and Wendy protruded her tongue as far as she could, to prolong its contact with his retreating cock head as long as possible. Brad finally stopped trembling from head to toe, and even his non-stop series of deeply-contented moans subsided now. Jane took Brad's retreat from Wendy's mouth as her signal to finally stop devouring her husband's cute little tush. Jane stood up now, and walked naked to stand beside her lover Wendy, directly in front of Brad's still eagerly-wagging 7 inches of rock-solid love muscle.

Wendy gave Brad's cock one final, satisfied lick, then stood up facing Jane, and wrapped her arms and legs around Jane in the most loving embrace.

"Well, my darling Wendy," Jane said, returning Wendy's hug, "You finally got your wish to taste my Brad, to ram his enormous rod all the way down your throat, to catch his spunk straight from his cock and directly onto your taste buds. So tell me, how was he? Was he everything you expected? Everything I told you he would be?" Wendy simply grinned proudly and contentedly at Jane, Brad's final load of spunk still sloshing around in Wendy's satisfied mouth, with a tiny rivulet of thick, white cream slowly streaming out of the corner of her red lips and down her chin. Several previous loads of Brad's come still warmly coated Wendy's entire throat, reminding her of the warm feeling she'd savored after slowly sliding a full snifter's worth of warm brandy down her throat. "Mmmm!" Wendy finally replied, "His 7 inches were just right. His shaft completely filled ny mouth and throat, without over- stuffing me the way my William's 10 inches always did. Did you notice I took him in all the way to his balls, without missing a lick or gagging once?" Wendy asked, beaming proudly at the realization of how talented her tongue and throat muscles were when it came to pleasuring a fine specimen of a man like Brad.

"Yes, I noticed," Jane beamed, "But then, I already knew your tongue's skills from first-hand experience, the way you licked my pussy, made me arch my back and thrust my bush up into your face, the way you made me moan, scream, and just keep coming in one thrashing orgasm after another. The way you turned me from a prim and proper English lady into a moaning, quivering slut who just kept begging for more. I just KNEW that if you could drive ME that crazy, you would have NO trouble taking care of my Brad. But, tell me something?"


"Do you miss your William's 10 inches?" Jane asked, gently and lovingly patting Wendy's bare ass with her palm.

"Oh, hell no!" Wendy laughed. "Your Brad's cock gives me EVERYTHING I want and need! His outer skin is soft and smooth, not slimy like my William's. And he knows hoew to satisfy my cravings, the way only YOU have ever done for me before." Wendy punctuated her excited remark with a firm but gentle kiss about halfway up the right side of Brad's spent but still-hard cock, which still proudly jutted straight out in front of him."

"MY Brad? Honey, after what you just did for him, from now on, he's definitely OUR Brad!"

"Mmmm!" Wendy purred at the thought, "I'd REALLY like that! Although I still need OUR Brad to fuck me deep and hard."

"Excuse me?" Brad challenged, "Don't I get any say in this? I'm completely spent right now, I have no more to give. But I promise, my sweet Wendy, from now on, I'll love you every bit as much as I love my wife, every bit as much as she loves both you and me. I promise, you gorgeous blonde goddess, that first thing in the morning, I'll lick and nibble your pussy, tantalize your hot little clit, then stuff your tight, hot, dripping little pussy all full of my hard, pounding, throbbing, thrusting, cock. I'll do all of that and more. I'll personally see to it that you get completely and thoroughly fucked, just the way you desire and deserve. Only, just not tonight, OK?"

Both Wendy and Jane completely ignored Brad's plaintive plea for a brief rest from all the pleasure that the trio had been sharing, and were sure to be sharing again many times in the future.

"So, anyway," Jane continued, "You never answered my question. How do you like the way our Brad TASTES?"

"Come here and give me a kiss," Wendy replied, "and you can taste him for yourself. I saved a mouthful of his seed just for you, and it's still warm!" With that, a few more drops of Brad's thick, white spunk glided provocatively down Wendy's chin, but she still had plenty more swishing around in her mouth.

As Wendy and Jane passionately kissed each other, Wendy opened her mouth slightly, silently inviting Jane's tongue inside. Jane quickly and eagerly accepted the unspoken invitation, jutting her tongue fully into Wendy's mouth, pressing her own lips warmly and tightly against Wendy's, and circling her tongue all the way around her new friend and lover's tongue, deep within Wendy's mouth. As Jane's tongue licked and wrestled with Wendy's, Jane could faintly smell and taste Brad's final load of spunk from his multiple orgasms against Wendy's tongue and throat, as his warm, thick love juice still completely filled Wendy's mouth. Even this faint hint of a taste of her man made Jane moan loudly now, and Jane's moans echoed deeply down Wendy's come-coated throat.

Encouraged by Jane's loud moans of pleasure reverberating inside of her, former would-be terrorist Wendy Warmcox now breathed hard into British spy Jane Bond's lungs, as if trying to revive Jane from drowning. Along with this deep breath, Wendy also filled Jane's mouth with the sweet, creamy, still-warm come that Wendy had been greedily savoring since eagerly sucking it out of Brad's thick, pulsating cock only moments before. Paradoxically, although this flood of her husband's love juice nearly drowned Jane, it did revive her, too.

Now Jane let her Brad's warm spunk, received second-hand from Wendy's mouth, slosh around inside of her cheeks, over the roof of her mouth, and especially over her now- satisfied taste buds. Jane had to agree with Wendy's assessment, that no man's loving tasted sweeter and more soul-satisfying than her own husband's. Jane swallowed about half of her mouthful of come, moaning contentedly as her husband's thick, sticky, steamy spunk glided warmly and smoothly down her throat. Then Jane turned toward Brad, wrapped one arm around his neck and the other around his lower back, entwined her legs around his, and pressed her exposed pussy right up against his still semi-hard cock, all the while kissing his lips with a hungry passion. Then Jane slid her tongue deep into Brad's mouth, letting the other half of his own still-warm load of come ooze onto Brad's tongue. The circle was complete now: from Brad's cock, the thick goo had oozed into first Wendy's mouth, then Jane's, and now back into the mouth of Brad, from whose loins it had originated.

"Mmmm!" Brad moaned, savoring the taste of his own spunk mingled with the saliva of the two desperately-hungry naked women before him. "You ladies are right. It IS delicious! So sweet, and so creamy." He smiled and chuckled. "But I still prefer the taste of sweet pussy nectar, fresh from either one of your gorgeous cunts."

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