tagNovels and NovellasIn Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 11

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 11


Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond

The next morning, British super-spy Jane Bond awakened to hear her telephone ringing. Still drowsy, she felt sore but refreshed after a night of sharing her bed with both her husband Brad and her first female lover, Wendy Warmcox. Stretching, and rubbing the last vestiges of sleep from her eyes, Jane paused before answering the phone, to look around contentedly.

Jane had been sleeping on her right side, completely naked, in the center of their Queen-size bed, her feet propped-up on her pillow, and her head at the foot of the bed. Sprawled in front of Jane, facing her in a 69 position, was the 5'8" blonde bombshell Wendy, whose 40-inch breasts rested against Jane's stomach. But more importantly for Jane's sense of well-being, the soft red lips of Wendy's sensuous mouth rested lovingly against Jane's deeply- contented pussy. For her part, Jane had fallen asleep with her own mouth pressed tightly against the wispy blonde curls above Wendy's juicy slit. Turning her head to peer over her left shoulder, Jane saw that her handsome husband, Brad, lay sleeping directly behind her, spoon fashion, his feet also propped-up on his own pillow, and his semi- flaccid cock still pressed up into the crack between her ass cheeks. Jane sighed and purred with contentment, not only for waking up in this wonderful manner, but for the realization that EVERY morning would find her sharing her two incredible lovers, one male and one female, for the rest of her life.

The incessant jangling of the telephone brought Jane out of her daydreams now. The call was from Miss Moneypenny, at MI- 6 (British Intelligence) headquarters.

"Hi, Jane. Moneypenny here. First, I want to welcome you back to London."

"Thanks, Miss Moneypenny."

"I trust you enjoyed Vienna?"

Moneypenny's question made Jane think back to her first love-making session with Wendy, in her Vienna hotel room. Jane had begun with a series of long, slow licks back and forth over Wendy's sweet little clit, causing Wendy's love button to grow longer and harder, and Wendy's moans to grow louder, with each lick. Wendy had reciprocated by darting her tongue rapidly across Jane's clit. This had caused Jane to buck her hips rapidly up into Wendy's face, down onto the mattress, then back up against Wendy's tongue. Wendy had then run her fingers through the tight curls in Jane's thick, lush carpet of brown-black pussy fur, a real contrast to Wendy's own sparse blonde wisps. Both ladies had then begun circling their tongues around each other's clit, and then darting quickly in and out of each other's slit after every third or fourth lick over the clit. Jane smiled to herself now as she recalled how quickly both women had reached a crescendo of thrashing orgasm, gyrating their hips, bucking their pussies up into the air and back down again, and moaning loudly.

But it had not ended there. Wendy had circled her tongue all the way around Jane's clit about three more times, then curled up her tongue and drove it as deeply as she could inside of Jane's hungry, dripping, slicked-up little slit. Jane had forcefully bucked her hips up into Wendy's face again, but this time left her pussy pressed high against Wendy's face, and began to come. Jane's juices had just kept flowing onto Wendy's lips and tongue, and before Jane's own supply had completely dried up, she had released the rest of her Brad's own deeply-entrapped, three-day-old cock juice from the innermost recesses of her cunt, deep down Wendy's throat.

"Yes," Jane grinned into the phone, "I enjoyed Vienna VERY much!"

"Good, good. I also wanted to let you know, we received W's guns that you shipped to us, and they've already been destroyed. They won't be going to the IRA, the PLO, or any other TLA."

"TLA? Terrorist Liberation Army?"

"No, silly, TLA. Three-Letter Acronym. Like PLO. Oh, forget it! Anyway, no TLA will ever have THESE guns!"

"That IS good news -- STOP that!"

"Stop what, Jane?"

"Not you, Moneypenny--mmmm, that feels so GOOD!"

"Sorry, Jane, I didn't think. You've been away from your husband for 4 days now. Did I interrupt you and Brad in the middle of something?"

"Not Brad. It's Wendy. Tee-hee. You've REALLY got to STOP that!"

"Wendy? Wendy WHO?"

"Wendy Warmcox--Mmmmm! You know, the wife of the arms dealer W, the guy I confiscated the guns from. Yes, THAT Wendy---Ohhhh, Wendy! Mmmmm!"

"So, what is this Wendy person doing, that's got you giggling and moaning so much?"

"Well, she was gently kissing in a big circle all the way around my bare breast. But right now, she's--STOP THAT, Wendy! (giggle)--she's nibbling on my--ha, ha!--NIPPLE! And she's getting it--hee-hee-hee, that--mmmm!--tickles--so BIG (giggle) and HARD--uhhh-huhhh! Ooooo! You really MUST stop it!"

"I don't know, Jane, it sounds like FUN to me! Why on EARTH would you want her to STOP?"

"Well, I don't REALLY want her to stop--mmmm! If you don't stop that, Wendy, I swear I'm going to--um, anyway, it's just that I---ooooo!--can't concentrate on this-- unnnggghhh!--phone conversation If she keeps--ohhhh! Cut that out, pleeeeease! I swear you're--mmmm!-- Going to make me--"

"What's going on, Jane?"

"Wendy just moved down from my nipples, and now she's licking on my--mmmm! Ooooh!--you've GOT to stop that--tee- hee-hee--and now she's licking--oh, my GGGGOD! I'm going to--she's licking on my--on my--MY, OH MY!--on my--my-- CLIT! Mmmmm! Wennnn-DEEE! You're going to make me--"

"She's going to make you do WHAT?" Moneypenny asked, fascinated, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear Jane say it aloud anyway.

"Gonna make me--make me--I'm already starting to--I'm almost there! Almost! Just lick a LITTLE bit more! Staring to-- lick me a LITTLE bit harder! Almost going to--Harder! ALLLL-MMOST--mmmm, yes, RIGHT there, darling!--mmmm!--Oh, God, I'm almost--now I AM--Yes! YYYEEESSS! Oh, God, I'm CUHHH-MMMING!"

Wendy grabbed the phone away from Jane, and told Moneypenny, "Mmmm! And her juice tastes DELICIOUS!" Wendy set the phone down between Jane's legs, and returned to her licking, purposely letting out a loud, exaggerated slurp against Jane's now-fully-extended clit, making sure that her licking could be heard clearly over the phone.

Jane grabbed the phone back, and just as she was attempting to resume her conversation with Miss Moneypenny, Wendy's relentless tongue pursued a different agenda.

"Oh--my--GOD!" Jane shouted, "That was the most powerful, intense, WONDERFUL orgasm, that I ever--oh, please DON'T! Oh, please STOP! NNNOOO, don't! No, STOP! No, DON'T! Stop! No, don't stop! Don't stop! Oh, Wendy, please don't EVER stop! Oh, Wendy, your tongue on my clit is just so--just so--INCREDIBLE! Mmmm!"

"Keep talking, Jane," Moneypenny said, "We're listening."

"WE? Who the hell is WE!"

"I put you on the speaker phone. EVERYBODY in the office is listening to this! It's just too good, NOT to listen!"

"No! No! I don't WANT everyone lis--Ohhh! Unggghh! Ooooo!-- listening! Ohhh, I think I'm gonna--YES, one more time--I'm going to do it AGAIN! She's making me--uhhhh!--I'm going to--wwwoooohhh!--gonna CREAM all over--mmmm!--Wendy's mouth--GGGODD!--mouth, AGAIN!--I'm coming! Here I--CUHHH- MMM! Ohhhh!"

Once more, Wendy grabbed the phone out of Jane's hands, and again placed it on the bed between Jane's wide-spread legs and raised knees. All that Moneypenny could hear now, between Jane's long, low moans of pleasure, was the loud slurping of Wendy's tongue eagerly, hungrily lapping at Jane's hot, hard, oozing clit, and the excited smacking and squishing resonating from deep within Jane's satisfied pussy. Moneypenny could almost picture the ceaseless stream of sweet, creamy nectar that now flowed out of Jane's tight, hot slit, thickly oozing onto Jane's dark thighs, and dripping down onto their pale-blue bed-sheets.

As Jane finally calmed down, she could hear over the phone, a chorus of clapping, cheering, cat-calls, and wolf whistles. Jane felt so proud now, that her intense orgasms could so thoroughly entertain an audience. Wendy was prouder still, for it was her talented tongue which had coaxed this series of powerful, quaking, thrashing, loud, moaning, screaming orgasms out of Jane's pussy in the first place, so it was really Wendy who was the cause of this audience's enjoyment.

Jane's quivering body continued to quake with one orgasm after another, for what seemed to her like hours, but was really just a few minutes. Jane's multiple orgasms continued to wash in wave after wave over Jane's entire body, even long after Wendy had already withdrawn her lapping tongue from Jane's clit, and her probing fingers from Jane's depths.

Jane just couldn't stop the flood of warm come that continued to pour and ooze thickly out of her gorgeous, tender, sexy, extremely-tight slit, and Jane just lay there, panting in deep, loud breaths.

Wendy picked up the phone again, and placed it against Jane's mouth, so that all listeners on the other end could hear Jane's loud panting. This produced a second chorus of applause and cat-calls, which didn't stop until Jane finally calmed down, breathing normally again. At last, Jane's still-throbbing pussy had ceased its seemingly- endless flow of love juices, and gorgeous super-spy Jane Bond could resume discussing spy business with Miss Moneypenny.

While Jane Bond was sitting up in bed and having this telephone conversation, Wendy Warmcox was not quite finished creating mischief and mayhem in Brad and Jane's bed. Now Wendy noticed that Jane's loud, thrashing, screaming series of orgasms had left Brad extremely hard and desperately horny. "Here, Brad, let me take care of that for you," Wendy cooed, flicking her tongue lightly, delicately against the very tip of Brad's cock head, then slurping loudly up and down the entire length of his pulsating shaft. Brad's cock pulsing strongly against her face made Wendy's pussy very randy now.

"Mmmm!" Wendy groaned, "Your cock, and your spunk, taste EXTREMELY delicious. But I have yet to feel you slipping into me, and banging my hungry walls. I REALLY need you in me, RIGHT NOW! Please, PLEASE, slip it in--and HURRY! I NEED you to fuck me NOW, before I COME all by myself!"

Brad happily obliged Wendy's request to finally enter her pussy, which had for so long hungered for the deep thrusting of his thick, loving cock. He climbed between Wendy's raised knees, pressing his huge cock head hard up against Wendy's open and moist pussy lips. Wendy softly, tenderly, lovingly, passionately, and breathlessly whispered in Brad's ear: "Give it to me."

As his entire fleshy helmet, and the first inch of Brad's rigid shaft, slid past Wendy's wide-stretched pussy lips, Wendy flexed and squeezed her pussy muscles tightly against his warm, wonderful, welcome, invading love tool, and she again breathlessly panted in his ear for him to "Give it to me."

Brad's powerful thighs thrust down even lower between Wendy's own cream-white thighs, pushing another inch of his thick cock down against the tightness of her inner walls.

"Give it to me," Wendy whispered again. As she felt the friction of yet another inch pressing tightly into her, Wendy repeated her whispered request, a little louder this time: "Give it to me."

As Brad continued to very slowly slide himself even deeper into Wendy's warm, moist, invitingly-juicy slit, Wendy's request soon turned into a sort-of a Medieval monk's chant: "Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me." As her volume increased, Wendy's repeatedly-chanted request began to sound more like a demand: "Give it to me!"

As yet another inch of Brad's long, thick cock pushed down hard into her hungry pussy, Wendy now began to sound like the cheerleader she once was, although it is doubtful that any high-school football team was ever cheered on the way Wendy was now cheering at Brad: "Give it to me, give it to me, yes, yes, YES! Give it to me, give it to me, yes, yes, YES!"

When Brad's entire seven inches were finally pressed all the way down into Wendy's tight, juicy slit, Brad began reversing direction, withdrawing his shaft all the way out to the fleshy helmet at the end, then slowly pumping his one-eyed wonder worm in and out of Wendy's slicked-up snatch. Wendy remembered one of the actual football cheers she had learned in high school, and, deciding it was appropriate for the occasion, she enthusiastically cheered: "Do it again! Do it again! Harder! HARDER! Do it again! Do it again! Harder! HARDER!"

Brad now picked-up the pace of his deep in-and-out thrusts, accompanied by Wendy's cheerleading cries of "Do it again! Do it again! Harder! HARDER!" Soon, all of his banging and thrusting had the desired effect. Wendy's cheers died down, and all that her growing excitement let her say now was a weakly-whimpered plea for Brad to "Fuck me, sweetie."

Brad thrust in and retreated, and Wendy again whimpered "Fuck me." Another deep thrust, another slow retreat. Another softly-moaned, only slightly-louder, "Fuck me." Slow downward thrust, throb, pulse, rapid upward retreat. A louder moan, "Mmmm! Yeah, baby! FUCK me!" Thrust again, pause, push that extra bit even deeper, pause again, then another slow retreat, followed by Wendy's loud scream to "GIVE it to me!" Thrust inward again, slightly faster this time, then swift upward retreat. A louder moan of "Fuck me!" A quick downward slide back in, then just as quickly back out again. "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me!" she half- pleaded, half-demanded. Wendy's contracting pussy muscles clamped down tightly, firmly, holding Brad's thick shaft in its vise-like grip, momentarily preventing any further retreat, then released him. Another extremely-rapid retreat, then even more swiftly plunging back into her depths, accompanied by Wendy's now ear-piercing scream to "FUCK ME!"

Jane could barely hear Moneypenny on the phone now, with all of the noise that Wendy and Brad were making beside her on the bed. The two people with whom Jane had so often loved to make love one-on-one, were now loudly fucking EACH OTHER silly, for the very first time ever.

"Mmmm!" Brad moaned, "Your sweet pussy is SO tight, and SO hot, and SSOOO wet!" His cock completed another flash thrust in and out, accompanied by Wendy locking her legs and feet around Brad's bare butt, and another of her loud, drawn-out screams to "FFFUUUCK ME!" Brad and Wendy's desires had now reached over the top, and thick, milky- white cream shot relentlessly out of his cock, as her flexing pussy muscles released her own sweet liquid passion. Their rapidly-flowing juices became thoroughly- blended as they oozed out onto Wendy's creamy-white, silky- smooth thighs. "Yes!" Wendy shrieked in Jane's ear, drowning out whatever Moneypenny was trying to tell Jane over the phone. "Yes! Yes! YYYEEESSS! Mmmmmmmm!"

Wendy's face glowed now, and her smile beamed from ear to ear, for Jane Bond had not at all overstated, what a terrific lover her Brad would make for Wendy's starving pussy, which Wendy's arms dealer husband, W, had too-long neglected.

Brad and Wendy's loud, thrashing, simultaneous orgasms finally subsided, just in time for Jane to hear (and for Wendy to overhear) the tail-end of what Moneypenny had been saying over the phone: "I've set up several VERY important meetings for your Brad to attend tomorrow, with lawyers and publicists, to discuss the divorce of William Walker and Wendy Warmcox."

Jane politely thanked Moneypenny for her help with Wendy's divorce case, then hung up the phone. Jane now chastised both Brad and Wendy, not so much for drowning-out her conversation with their loud moans and screams, as for not including her in their just-completed love-play.

Wendy's only reply was to grin like a cat who just swallowed a canary.

Jane snuggled in between Brad and Wendy's warm, freshly- fucked bodies, and purring like a contented kitten, she began kissing her way down first Brad's hunky body, and then down the naked goddess Wendy, causing Wendy to purr as contentedly as Jane was.

Scrutinizing Wendy's contented smile, neither Jane nor Brad could tell for certain now, how much of her ecstatic, soul- satisfied smile was due to the incredibly-passionate "first fuck" loving that Brad's undeniable skills had just given her, and how much was due to the news that very soon, Wendy would FINALLY be free of her loveless, lustless marriage to her unfaithful ex, William Walker.

To Be Continued...

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