tagNovels and NovellasIn Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 12

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 12


Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond

All day, Wendy Warmcox couldn't stop thinking about the way she had sucked off Brad's cock last night, and how sweet and tangy his rich cream had tasted on her tongue. Nor could she forget, even if her throbbingly-sore pussy would let her forget, the wonderful pounding that Brad had given her that very morning. She also couldn't forget her fascination while watching Brad's wife, British super-spy Jane Bond, suck even more love juice out of Brad, even long after he was spent from all that sex with both women.

That next day, Jane Bond, too, couldn't forget how good it had felt to swallow her husband's warm, sweet, delicious love cream again, for the first time in four days, last night. Jane kept remembering, in snippets of daydreams, how exciting it had been to watch her own lover, Wendy, giving her husband so much pleasure. Nor could Jane forget how terrific both Brad's and Wendy's tongues had felt on her own hot, horny little clit.

Brad had never even dared to dream of having two women loving him so much. Two women who were so similar in personalities and sexual appetites, being half-sisters, yet so different in physical appearance, having different mothers. Brad's wife, Jane, was short, only 5'2", about 10 pounds over her ideal weight, but still very attractive, especially the wide areolas and long, hard nipples capping her firm, magnificent 36-C breasts. Jane had wavy brown- black hair, cut to shoulder length, and a dark Latin- American complexion, still so smooth and wrinkle-free even at age 48, which made her dark, slender legs look so very inviting, especially when they wrapped around his waist or his neck in the heat of passion.

By contrast, Wendy was tall, 5'8", with straight, ass- length light-blonde hair, and although her breasts measured in at 40 inches, Wendy's areolas and nipples were smaller than Jane's. Wendy's skin-tone was very pale, a creamy white, and her legs were much longer than Jane's. Even at age 32, Wendy could pass for a fashion super-model. To Brad's amazement, not only were these women beautiful, smart, funny, and fun to be with, but both women seemed to love each other, and him, with all of their heart and souls, as well as with all of their passionate lust.

And although Brad never even considered the idea before, he now knew that he was deeply in love with, and fully committed to, both women. He felt a warm glow of proud contentment at the realization that both women would be sharing his life, his home, and his bed, for the rest of his life. Of course, if every night was to be as passionate as last night, Brad might not last that much longer before the joy of having two women wore him out. Oh, well, at least he would die with a smile on his face!

Jane took Wendy with her to her desk at MI-6 spy headquarters that day. Jane wasn't quite sure why, maybe she secretly thrilled to show off her stunningly-beautiful new female lover to her coworkers, especially to the males who could only drool and stare. Jane could see all of her male coworkers fighting-off trouser tents all day, all of them lusting for Wendy, and all of them knowing deep down that they had not the remotest chance of ever getting to first base with the ravishing and ravenous Wendy Warmcox. Every last man at MI-6 envied Jane for already having made love with Wendy many times over the past few days. Jane knew it was wrong, but she couldn't help feeling thrilled that she had already brought to multiple orgasms, the one woman whom all these men were now fantasizing about, but could never have.

With Wendy at her side listening-in, Jane Bond spent the entire day on the telephone with publicists, planting juicy stories with the tabloid press about the upcoming divorce of World Wide Web developer Wendy Warmcox and terrorist arms merchant William "W" Walker. Jane's phone calls that day, would soon enough produce such headlines as:











Jane and Wendy left the office early, to spend the afternoon and early evening shopping together.

For his part, Brad spent the entire day meeting with lawyers, to help prepare Wendy's divorce case from her estranged husband William Walker, AKA the terrorist weapons merchant "W." He arrived home before Jane and Wendy did, and took that opportunity to spread legal papers all over his desk, taking copious notes on a big, yellow legal pad. So absorbed with these documents was Brad, that he didn't even hear Jane and Wendy come home, and he was only vaguely aware of their girlish giggling from the upstairs bedroom as the two women in his life tried on the matching outfits they had just purchased. He was still so busily working, that again he did not see or hear Jane and Wendy as they quietly entered his study.

"Are you going to join us in bed?" Wendy and Jane giggled in unison.

Not bothering to look up, Brad mumbled, "I just need to work on this another half hour."

Jane walked around behind Brad's swiveling desk chair, and snatched the pen out of his right hand. Facing Brad and leaning way over his desk, dangling her enormous breasts directly in Brad's face, Wendy picked up Brad's yellow legal pad and placed it just out of his reach, commenting huskily, "All work and no play, makes Brad a dull boy!"

With that, Wendy plunked her enormous boom box atop Brad's desk, and switched on her cassette tape of Amy Grant singing "Baby, baby."

Meanwhile, Jane had walked back around to the front of Brad's desk, standing beside Wendy as both women now gazed lovingly and longingly at Brad.

Brad finally lifted his head to look at Wendy and Jane, and now wished that he had noticed them earlier. His cock began to stir now in appreciation for their identical outfits, consisting of a buttoned-up mustard-yellow blazer jacket, like those that realtors wear. These jackets were paired with shimmering, glittery gold skirts, which zipped closed downward over their butts at the back, and barely reached down to the tops of their thighs. The finishing touch was the soft, smooth, white-leather go-go-boots, which zipped up the sides, and reached up almost to the hemline of their very short gold skirts. Brad could see maybe two inches of exposed flesh at the very tops of each woman's silky thighs, between the tops of their thigh-high white boots and the hems of their micro mini-skirts.

"Baby, baby, I'm taken with emotions," the tape began. Wendy and Jane stood with their legs apart, swaying their hip to the rhythm of the music, and unbuttoning their blazers. They both flashed open the left lapel of their blazers, each revealing the left cup of her shimmering gold bra, which matched her glittery gold skirt. Brad could see that their bra cups were outlined with sparkling gold beads that dangled down toward their bare midriffs. Now they just as hurriedly closed their left lapels and flashed open their right lapels, revealing their similarly-decorated right bra cups to Brad's appreciative and admiring gaze. The beads outlining their bras jangled melodiously as both woman rocked to the music.

"To love you with the sweetest devotion," the song continued.

Both women turned their backs to Brad now, and teasingly slid their yellow blazers off their shoulders while gazing over their shoulders at Brad, as if to ask whether he wanted them to continue. Brad nodded an enthusiastic yes to their unspoken question, so Jane and Wendy both quickly slid their jackets down off their arms. Both women tossed their jackets over their shoulders, onto the top of Brad's desk. He picked up their jackets, briefly inhaled their intoxicating perfume, than riveted his attention on the strip-tease show that his wife and her lover were now putting on for his benefit.

As he watched their hips gyrating, Brad admired the narrow band across the back of their gold bras, and he wished that he could be kissing his way down both exposed backs, down to the tops of their barely-there gold skirts. These short skirts sparkled as Jane and Wendy swayed their hips, and the high hemlines nicely accented their curvaceous rears, shapely thighs, and tall white go-go-boots. Brad's heart started to race, his throat grew dry and parched, his forehead beaded with sweat, and Brad was glad now for the desk that hid his growing trouser bulge from the view of both ladies.

"Baby, baby--"

Their backs still turned toward Brad, both women now peered smolderingly back over their shoulders, their expressions bespeaking just how sweet their devotion to Brad really was. In unison, Jane and Wendy both slowly began pulling up the zipper at the back of their skirt. The zipper worked backwards of most, closing the skirt when pulled down, and opening it when pulled upward. This reversed-zipper let Jane and Wendy slowly reveal the bottom creases of their ass cheeks to Bad's hungry gaze, as they pulled their zippers upwards to open their skirts.

"My tender love will flow--"

Now the zippers of both skirts had been pulled all the way upward (open), and Wendy and Jane gyrated their hips to the rhythm, starting both skirts on their slow, tantalizing descent down their thighs, past their ass cheeks, which were now fully-exposed, not at all covered by the dental- floss thin back string of their shimmering gold G-string panties. Their skirts slid down over their skin-tight white boots, and softly fell to the floor around their feet. Now it was the girls' turn to be glad that BRAD couldn't see THEM from the front yet, because the excitement of their own slutty strip-tease dance routine was already causing their "tender love to flow" inside both of their skimpy gold panties.

"From the bluest sky to deepest ocean."

Stepping out of their skirts, and kicking the skirts away in front of them, Jane and Wendy both wiggled their butts at Brad's gaze, their tiny gold G-strings pressing ever further up the cracks of their butts as they continued to dance for their appreciative audience of one. Brad noticed the contrast between Jane's dark Latin-American ass and Wendy's pale, but equally-inviting, English butt cheeks. Now both women twirled around to face Brad again. The tiny gold triangle of their panties barely covered their pussies. Their tight, white go-go boots hinted at, but completely hid, the lusty shape of their sexy legs. Their skimpy gold bras fully-revealed the top and bottom curves of their generously-proportioned breasts, hiding only their areolas and nipples from Brad's view. Still, with acres of flesh exposed between their bras and panties, there was plenty of feminine beauty now for Brad to admire, and to become throbbingly horny over.

"STOP for a minute--"

At these lyrics, both Jane and Wendy stood with their legs spread wide apart, their right arms extended in front of them, open right palms held high in the air in a "stop" gesture, and both thrust their hips and barely-covered pussies forward, toward Brad's appreciative eyes and hungrily-salivating mouth.

"Baby, I'm glad you're mine, yeah," Amy Grant sang on the tape.

At the word "mine," both ladies pointed a finger at their hearts, then each cupped her open palm over her left breast to signal that they loved their shared man, and Brad was truly theirs.

"Baby, baby, the stars are shining for you--"

Now both Wendy and Jane lifted the straps of their shimmering, bead-bedecked gold bras off of their left shoulders with their left hands, and each reached her right arm across her chest, pointing at her left bra strap with her right hand. Both women stared inquisitively at Brad, as if to ask "Do you want us to take our bras off?"

Brad nodded an enthusiastic yes to their mimed but unspoken question, and smiled. Jane and Wendy both smiled back, with hungry looks that hinted of devouring him very soon, while each slipped her bra strap off of her left shoulder.

"And just like me--"

Now they repeated the same inquisitive gesture about whether Brad also wanted them to remove their right bra straps. Brad nodded an even-more-enthusiastic yes, and unobtrusively slid his right hand under his desk to calm the growing excitement between his legs.

"I'm sure that they adore you."

But it was Brad, not the stars, who was full of adoration now, as both bras fell to the floor, revealing four of the finest breasts that any man could ever adore--and both pairs were Brad's alone to see and touch, to kiss, lick, and nibble, now and forever. Jane's 36-C chest featured two perfect, dark-tan globes, with two-inch-wide red-brown areolas capped by very hard, 1/2-inch long nipples. Wendy's 40D breasts, although bigger, sloped out of her chest more gradually, looking in side profile more like a pear than like Jane's globes. Wendy's areolas weren't as wide nor as dark as Jane's, but her excited nipples stuck out a full inch now.

"Baby, baby, go walking through the forest--"

Now Jane and Wendy each untied the left side of her gold G- string, letting the left side of her skimpy panties drop, not all the way, but just enough to show Brad an uninterrupted left-side profile from head to toe. Brad saw only the slightest hint of Jane's thick, dark bush, and Wendy's sparse blonde curls, but even that slight peak made him want to take the song's advice, and let his fingers and tongue go walking through both of their forests, to kiss and lick at their tasty bushes.

Then each lady clamped her right palm directly over her pussy, partly to keep her G-string from falling off completely, but mostly to massage her own excited slit and clit, so she could enjoy every bit as much PHYSICAL stimulation, as Brad was enjoying in VISUAL stimulation.

"The birds above are singing your chorus."

Jane and Wendy turned sideways now, each kicking up her left leg behind her, until the heel of her left go-go boot touched the naked curve of her left ass cheek. Then each reached around behind her ass, and unzipped the side zipper of her left boot. In the process, each dropped her hand from the front of her G-string, letting her skimpy, shiny- gold panties plummet to the floor, leaving both Jane and Wendy completely naked now except for their thigh-high boots. With both women turned sideways to him, however, Brad could not yet actually see the hot, horny pussies that both Jane and Wendy had just uncovered. But these foxy strippers would soon enough remedy that oversight, and present all of their formerly-hidden charms for Brad's admiration.

"STOP for a minute," Amy Grant's song continued.

Jane and Wendy now turned to face Brad again, naked except for their thigh-high white go-go boots.

Next, they spread their legs apart in a wide, inverted V, exposing their wide-open, hungry pussies to his gaze alone. Once more, they extended their right palms out in a "stop" gesture. But this time, to show that they didn't really intend to stop at all, they both bent their right elbows inward toward themselves, and let their palms press and rub up against the outsides of their bare pussies.

"Baby, I'm so glad you're mine, oh yeah--"

Again on the word "mine," each naked babe placed her free hand--the one not already busy massaging her bare pussy-- over her heart again. This time, with no bra on, each was free to rub her own left breast, then roll and pinch her left nipple between her left thumb and forefinger.

"And ever since the day you put my heart in motion--"

Now each dancing, prancing, gyrating lady slipped her long middle finger probing deeply into her pussy, setting something in motion that was a lot more interesting and inviting to Brad than her heart. Brad could actually HEAR the sweet chorus of both Jane's and Wendy's juices loudly sloshing, squishing, and smacking from deep inside both pussies, as their deeply-probing fingers enthusiastically massaged their inner walls and G-spots.

"Baby, I realize that there's just no getting over you."

Wendy and Jane continued their naked dancing, swaying their hips, their superbly-sculpted legs still spread wide apart, their left hands still twisting and pinching their own long, hard nipples, the fingers of their right hands still busily jammed way up the depths of their desperately-horny pussies. Now they slid their gorgeous bodies slowly downward toward the floor, until both Jane and Wendy were sitting up on the plushly-carpeted floor of Brad's study, their white-booted legs stretched out and spread wide in front of them, affording Brad an outstandingly-clear view straight up the insides of their wide open and dripping pink love tunnels. Their firm ass cheeks were pressed tightly against the floor, and their luscious breasts jutted out in Brad's full view.

When they had thus settled on the floor, both Jane and Wendy resumed rubbing their breasts with one hand while stroking their clits with the other.

"Baby, baby, in any kind of weather--"

Jane and Wendy now arched their backs way over behind them, pointing their huge breasts straight up toward the ceiling as they continued to bend over backwards for Brad, until the tops of their scalps rested on the floor. Then they lowered their necks and backs down onto the carpet, until both lay flat on their backs, side-by-side. The only weather Brad could see was the thick drizzle now leaking out of the two open pussies lying delectably before him.

"I'm here for you, always and forever."

In unison, Wendy and Jane raised their knees, spreading their boot-covered legs wide open. Standing up and leaning far over the top of his desk, Brad strained to gaze deeply up into the inviting pink depths of both hot, horny, wide- open pussies laying before him.

Brad simply couldn't remain at his desk any longer. Leaping right over his desktop, kicking papers all over the floor in his haste to reach his naked wife and her equally-naked blonde lover, Brad eagerly ran over to his two favorite women now, hurriedly removing his pants as he approached them. He then knelt down to aim his aching, rigid shaft toward both sets of bare, open, dewy pussy lips.

"Baby, baby, no muscle man could sever--"

At the word "muscle," Brad's own 7-inch love muscle now eased slowly and deeply into Jane Bond's wide-open, juicy, dripping pink slit.

"My love for you is true, and it will never--"

In his frenzy to please both of his lovers at once, Brad quickly pulled out of Jane, and just as quickly rammed his full length all the way to Wendy's warm, inviting blonde pussy.

"STOP for a minute--"

"Foget the lyrics," Jane cooed, "Wendy and I don't WANT you to stop!"

"Mmmm-HMMMM!" Wendy purred her agreement.

Nevrertheless, Brad did stop energetically pounding Wendy for a minute, just long enough for him to excruciatingly- slowly slide himself back up out of her love cavern, pulling her outer lips up toward, and along with, his slowly-retreating cock. Jane and Brad both sang along in unison with the tape now, as Brad pressed himself firmly and deeply back into his wife again: "Baby, I'm so glad you're mine--" and just to make sure that Wendy didn't feel left out of the phrase "you're mine," just as Brad's throbbing love monster began to probe Jane's deepest recesses on the word "mine," Jane and Brad now both leaned over, and passionately, tenderly, hungrily kissed Wendy on her lips, neck, and impressive 40-inch breasts.

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