tagNovels and NovellasIn Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 14

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 14


Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond

The judge couldn't contain herself any longer. As she watched Brad and Wendy fucking like crazed, horny animals on the prosecutor's table top, Judge McCracken raised the hem of her judicial robe, answering the age-old question about what judges wear underneath. At least in her case, the answer was "nothing." Nothing but the thick bush of silver-gray hair above her excited, aging pussy. Her pussy was enlarged and sloppily sagging from the combination of advancing age and having borne three children, so that it took three of her fingers to completely fill her pussy, as the judge began eagerly probing the depths of her own feminine cavern.

"No! NNNNOOOO!" Wendy cried. "Oh, please! Oh, PPPLLLEEEASSSE! Don't make me CCCCUUUMMM! I want the judge to SEE me come! Oh, PLEASE, pull out of me! Pull out of me, right--UUUHH! UUUHH!--right--NOW!"

Brad pulled himself out of Wendy very swiftly, just in time for Wendy's thick, juicy cream to slowly ooze out of her wide-open pussy lips, and dribble down past her thighs, onto the table top, Judge McCracken leaned forward, so that she could get a closer look at Wendy's non-stop flow of passion, now slipping out of Wendy's gash with about the same consistency, and at about the same extremely-slow pace, as a Hawaiian lava flow that is starting to cool off.

Turning her head and noticing the crystal-clear pre-come starting to dribble out of the tip of Brad's very-rigid cock, the judge backed away now to let Brad and Wendy continue their passionate demonstration. With one quick, mighty thrust, Brad plunged his manhood all the way back into Wendy again, and with a loud, deeply-masculine roar, he emptied the contents of his balls all the way up his long, thick, wildly-pulsating shaft, and out into the mysterious depths of Wendy's tightly-clutching womanhood.

With a deafening, high-pitched scream of "YYYEEESSS!" Wendy let loose her third orgasm. Brad pulled out of Wendy once more, and the judge leaned in close again, to observe the mixture of Brad's and Wendy's come sliding down along Wendy's smooth, creamy-white thighs. All this while, the judge still had three fingers jammed deeply into her grey- haired pussy.

Now it was Jane Bond who couldn't control herself. Arising from her seat, she walked over to Wendy's wide-spread thighs, and began hungrily licking the thoroughly-blended goo from her husband and her lover, off of Wendy's silky thighs. Jane then moved upward, to lick and suck Wendy's come and Brad's spunk directly out of the depths of Wendy's pussy. Wendy arched her back, thrusting her pussy hard against Jane's face. Then with a loud, high-pitched, very feminine and extremely sexy cry of "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhh!", Wendy came for a fourth time, smearing her prodigious volume of hot, sweet, sticky pussy nectar, all over Jane's lips, tongue, and nose.

Removing her fingers from her depths, and regaining her breath and her composure, Judge McCracken pulled her robe back down and declared, "It is the finding of this court, that Wendy Warmcox is, indeed, a nymphomaniac slut, as she herself proudly admits, and that her husband tragically, CRIMINALLY neglected her sweet, eager pussy through ten HORRIBLE years of marriage. This court is, therefore, prepared to grant Ms. Warmcox's petition for divorce from William Washington Walker at this time."

With a look of sheer, panicked terror on his face, Walker, or "W" as he called himself, tried to nudge his sleeping lawyer awake to voice an objection. "He might pronounce his name I-D-O if he likes," W thought, "but if my lawyer can sleep through a beautiful, sexy woman having four loud, passionate orgasms, broadcast over a microphone, his name of Blithering Idiot really DOES suit him!"

Unable to awaken his lawyer, W himself sprang to his feet and shouted "Objection!"

Stunned, the judge asked, "Hmm? What?"

"Objection! I may not be an attorney, your honor, but even I know that a judge cannot announce a decision until hearing from the defense! As my lawyer appears to be sleeping, I shall conduct my own defense."

"Are you aware, sir," Jane Bond snickered, "of the saying, that a person who is his own lawyer, has a fool for a client?"

"I'd rather be a fool than a Blithering Idiot!" W shot back.

"That's I-D-O!" declared J. Blithering Idiot III between snores, never actually awakening.

"I rest my case, your honor. My lawyer IS an Idiot!" W shouted.

"Huh? You're resting your case before you've said anything? Very well, then, may I proceed with pronouncing sentencing?"

"That's not fair, your honor. I meant I rested my case about my lawyer being an idiot--"

"I-D-O! Zzzzz!"

"--but not my case, that I am not guilty of spousal abuse and neglect."

"All right, sir. You may present your defense."

"Well, we did make wild, passionate love all day and night, EVERY day and night, for the entire first year we were married. Then my business started to take off, and--"

"that would be the business of selling illegal weapons to terrorists and wanted fugitives?"

"SSNNNORRK! Objection! Zzzzz!" from the still-sleeping J. Blithering Idiot III.

"Anyway, your honor, my business had me traveling all over the world, and I was rarely home, and rarely ever saw my wife. Because she was no longer getting fucked deep, hard, and passionately several times a day, like during our first year together, her pussy walls began to narrow and tighten from lack of um, er, EXERCISE! When I was home and tried to fuck her, I desperately WANTED to fuck her, but she'd complain that I was too big and she was too tight, and it just hurt her too much. Even when she DIDN'T complain, I could see her excruciating pain written on her face, from my cock's ENORMOUS size trying to press into her. So yes, I did stop giving her the loving attention she desired and deserved. I was just TOO BIG for her!"

"You are not a very convincing LIAR, Mr. Walker. Why do ALL men think they can impress women by exaggerating the size of their organs?"

"I'm not exaggerating, your honor. I really AM enormous when I get hard!"

"Listen, sir. That Brad fellow had one of the biggest cocks I've ever seen in all my 70 years, and we all just saw him have NO trouble at all, thrusting his seven inches in and out of her, and bringing her to multiple screaming, moaning, thrashing, quaking, head-to-toe orgasms."

"That's true, your honor. But you also heard my wife testify that Jane and Brad have been fucking her several times a day for the past several months, so her sweet pussy is once more a LOT more flexible, and able to take in bigger cocks than it could when I was on the road so much and unable--but again, CERTAINLY not unwilling--to slip it to her hard and fast. "

"I concede that point. A pussy that gets regular attention IS better able to accommodate a man's, um, HUGENESS!"

"Besides, your honor, I doubt that even NOW, Wendy would be able to painlessly take in MY cock, which is MUCH bigger than Brad's."

"Need I remind you, sir, that you are under oath to tell the TRUTH? If you PERSIST in your lies, I will fine you for contempt of court!"

"But I AM telling the truth, your honor. And if Brad and Wendy can show off THEIR naked organs, I think it is only fair that I get to show you MY organ, as well." With that, W unzipped and removed his trousers. The entire court room let out one loud gasp as W's 10-inch-long shaft sprang out, pointing straight out in front of him.

"Wow!" Judge McCracken beamed. "You ARE telling the truth. You really ARE huge!"

"Ten SOLID, LOVING inches, your honor," W beamed proudly. "Women call me Mister Ed, because I'm hung like a horse!"

"But I'm afraid I'll HAVE to find you guilty of spousal neglect. With a rod THAT nice, and SSSOOOO fine, you should have found another line of work, one that would keep you home and satisfying your wife's DESPERATELY horny cunt, which I'm sure with regular, ummm, vigorous EXERCISE, could easily have accommodated you. I know that if MY husband was this, uh, er, well ENDOWED, and he was unwilling to share his generous proportions with my hot-to-trot twat, I would want a DIVORCE, too. If my husband had generously given it to me round the clock for a year, so that I had come to depend on his sweet loving, and then STOPPED, I would consider that HIGHLY abusive. So I'm granting Ms. Warmcox's petition for divorce, and ordering that all money and possessions you have acquired or saved, that you earned during your ten years of marriage, are to be fully and promptly turned over to Wendy's possession."

"But your honor, what's to become of ME?" W whined.

"Oh, you? YOU, I'm placing under house arrest, pending an investigation of the assets from your illegal weapons business, all of which I also hereby place into Ms. Warmcox's possession."

"HOUSE arrest? But you just GAVE my house to my wife!"

"Not YOUR house, silly!" the judge smiled. "You will be living in MY house!"

"YOUR house? But WHY?"

"At my age, my pussy muscles have sagged, and aren't very tight any more. Ever since my husband died five years ago, I've been searching for a man who is BIG ENOUGH to stuff my huge cavern all full of big, thick cock. From the looks of your throbbing 10 inches, you ought to be just about the right size to completely fill this aging pussy of mine, and to send me into one soul-scorching orgasm after another, just like I used to experience when I was young. You have CRIMINALLY wasted this fine specimen of long, thick, firm cock, by not sharing it with your GORGEOUS and DESPERATELY- HORNY wife for ten long years, and I am going to see to it that your big, beautiful shaft does NOT continue to go to waste, for even ONE MINUTE longer. As long as you are under MY custody, you WILL be using your cock to bring MAXIMUM pleasure to a hot, horny pussy--MINE! In fact, I've decided to make this a LIFE sentence, so I can personally make sure that you always PROPERLY use your most valuable and desirable of all the weapons you've ever possessed, and that you NEVER again let this weapon break another woman's heart!"

"But why did you have to give my ex-wife ALL my money?"

"I don't want you to have ANY money of your own, so you will have NO way to ever leave me, because you'll have no money of your own to live on. You will be COMPLETELY dependent on me for food, clothing, and shelter. And in return, your 10 inches will HAVE to satisfy my too-long- neglected pussy ANY time and EVERY time I get hungry for your cock. Besides, as a judge, I can't allow myself to be touched by the taint of allowing ANY of your illegally- obtained gun money to enter my household. The only way I can GUARANTEE that I avoid having any connection with the financial gains of your criminal past, is to see that you don't get to keep even one CENT of the money you made off of terrorism!"

A man who could have for so long, so severely neglected his young, attractive wife's passionate needs and deepest desires, could be sentenced to no more fitting punishment than becoming a penniless love slave to an overweight, grey- haired, matronly, insatiable nymphomaniac. Judge Prunella kept W on a very short leash (both literally and figuratively) for the rest of W's life.

As everyone shuffled out of Judge Prunella McCracken's court room, Jane Bond turned to Wendy Warmcox, hugged her tightly, and said, "Congratulations. The judge has just made you a VERY rich woman!"

"I was ALREADY a very rich woman!" Wendy replied.

"Awww! You mean, because you have my love, and Brad's, we've made you FEEL very rich, and very blessed? How very sweet of you to think that, my wonderful darling!"

"Well, yes, there IS that, of course. But no, what I REALLY meant was that, as inventor of the World Wide Web, I've already amassed a HUGE fortune! Or I mean, WE have a huge fortune! After all, the three of us ARE all one big loving, devoted family together now. MY fortune is YOUR fortune."

Just then, Miss Moneypenny from British Intelligence walked up to Jane, Brad, and Wendy, in the court-house corridor, handing a very large brown envelope to Jane Bond. "Congratulations," Moneypenny said, "This is your lucky day. Winning the divorce, becoming a family, and amassing several financial fortunes. I think you'll find that what's in this envelope will increase your financial empire, and the happiness of your three-way relationship, significantly more." With a smile, Moneypenny scurried away to take care of other MI-6 business.

Jane eagerly tore open the big, sealed envelope now, and read the letter aloud to Brad and Wendy. "Dear Ms. Bond, Please accept this letter of gratitude from Her Majesty's Secret Service, for the highly-effective and extraordinarily-efficient, if extremely-unusual, manner in which you successfully shut-down the weapons-sales business of the gun merchant known as W, which for ten years has led to the loss of hundreds of American and European lives at the hands of the terrorist extremists whom W was arming. Also, please accept the enclosed check for one hundred thousand pounds, as a token of our appreci--ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS?!"

"ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS?!" Wendy and Brad echoed.

"One hundred thousand pounds, as a token of our appreciation for a job well done. Signed, most sincerely, M."

Wendy, Brad, and Jane hugged each other tightly, hopped up and down, and danced around in circles, repeatedly shouting "Yippee!" the entire time.

Jane reached into the envelope, and pulled out the check, marveling at all those zeroes on the end. As she pulled the check out, a stack of photographs fell out of the envelope, onto the marbled white floor of the court-house hallway. Jane bent down and picked up the photos, held together with a large paper clip that also attached a note to the front of the photograph pile. "These are the photos you took in Vienna--"

Jane pulled off the note, and began to flip through the stack of photos, as Wendy and Brad peered over her shoulder. The first photo showed Wendy draped sexily on her left side on the bed, propping her head on her arm, supported by her elbow on the mattress. She was dressed, or rather just barely dressed, in a sheer, silky black teddy that barely reached below her pussy, leaving her sleek, creamy-white thighs and long, slender legs completely exposed. Her small, bare feet looked soft and smooth, and her dark-red toenails were among the sexiest that any of them had ever seen on any woman. Her 40-inch chest and jutting nipples were completely visible through the thin, delicate fabric of her teddy. Her golden-blonde hair cascaded all the way down her back to caress the perfect globes of her shapely ass cheeks.

In the next photo, Wendy had opened the front of her sheer black teddy. In the third photo, Wendy was starting to slide the teddy off her shoulders and arms. In the next photo, Wendy, now completely naked, lay flat on her back, her head propped up on two thick, fluffy pillows. In the next photo, they could almost SEE Wendy squirming her hips from side to side, as she cupped her enormous breasts in both hands. Next, Wendy was sitting up, pushing her enormous breasts up into her face, and licking her own nipples. Flipping to the next photo, Jane, Brad, and Wendy almost drooled in admiration, as they gazed upon the photo of Wendy rubbing a finger along the outside of her pussy lips, which were already beginning to open wide with excitement.

Eagerly flipping through one photo right after another now, Jane saw Wendy with a finger shoved deeply into her warm, wet pussy, bucking her hips up and down, her pussy arching up into the air, and then her curvy ass cheeks gently settling down onto the sheets again. All the while, in each photo, Wendy didn't miss a beat in rapidly sliding her finger in and out of her wide-open pussy. Moving on to the next series of photos, the loving trio looked at shot after shot of Wendy squirming, thrashing, and bucking quite vigorously, and the final photos showing a torrent of pussy juice oozing out past Wendy's wide-open lips, and out onto her light, curly wisps of naturally-blonde pussy hair and smooth, silky thighs.

Jane picked up the note that had been attached to this stack of photographs, and resumed reading. "I have taken the liberty of submitting these photos to a well-known men's magazine for you, which has just published them. The issue with Wendy's photos is enclosed. Signed, Moneypenny."

Jane eagerly, excitedly reached into the large, brown envelope again, and pulled out a big, thick, glossy, high- quality, tastefully-produced magazine. The cover showed the first photo, of Wendy Warmcox in her black teddy, with the headline "Internet Inventor Reveals All." Inside were, indeed, several of the photos that Jane had snapped of Wendy in her hotel room at Rick's Cafe Americain in Vienna. It was a very professionally-planned photo layout, complete with cute and only-slightly-risque captions. Taped to the centerfold photo, which of course was the close-up of Wendy's pussy shooting out a thick stream of pussy juice, was a check from the magazine, for 50,000 pounds, for the publication rights to those photos. "It's true what they say," Jane grinned, "Money really DOES come to money!"

On the British television news that evening, Jane, Brad, and Wendy watched the coverage of Wendy's sensational divorce trial. The three of them could hardly believe that even a CABLE channel, which routinely ran X-rated movies late at night, would broadcast what this station did!

There, for all the world to see, was a naked Wendy Warmcox, flat on her back atop the prosecutor's table, being thoroughly, deeply, and rapidly pounded by Brad's thrusting, throbbing seven inches. Then Brad withdrawing, and Wendy shaking, moaning, and screaming as she erupted her liquid lust from her innermost recesses, all over her thighs and the table top. Then Jane kneeling down to lick and suck Wendy's continuous flow of creamy passion.

No sooner had this news broadcast ended, than the telephone in Jane, Brad, and Wendy's shared bedroom rang.

"Hello, is this Ms. Bond?"

"Yes, Bond. Jane Bond." Hearing this perfect imitation of their famous father, Wendy cracked-up, doubling-over with laughter. "What can I do for you?" Jane asked.

"This is Hot Spunky Productions. We just saw the news broadcast of the, shall we say, HIGHLY unusual, divorce trial that you conducted for Ms. Wendy Warmcox. We think you guys are the cutest, HOTTEST trio we've EVER watched fucking each other senseless. We can tell that you three are NOT acting, all three of you really DO deeply love, and passionately care about, each other! We here at Hot Spunky are tired of cranking out one lifeless, mechanical, badly- acted porno tape after another. We really WANT the freshness of showing a REAL threesome who all care about, and selflessly fulfill, each other's needs and wants, as they fuck each other senseless. We would like to talk to you about making a realistic and very CLASSY video, featuring the three of you REALLY going at it. We believe that you three would STRONGLY appeal to women and couples, not JUST to men, so we would sell a LOT more tapes. That way, we--and YOU-- Will make much more MONEY. So, what do you say?"

Jane covered the mouthpiece of the phone, and asked Wendy and Brad, "How would you guys like to make an X-rated video, starring just the three of us?"

"YEAH!" Wendy shouted.

Brad gave his answer in a less-verbal way, grabbing Jane around her waist, lifting her skirt, and kissing and licking at her bare pussy.

"I take it that's a yes?" Jane chuckled. Then, uncovering the phone, Jane tried to mask her own excitement by asking in a calm, business-like tone, "How much does it pay?"

Jane listened for a moment, then dropped the phone, gasped, and let out a long, shrill whistle.

"What?" Wendy asked, concerned for Jane's well-being. "What's wrong?"

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