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In Her Own Words...


Hi everyone!! This is Desarae, Sean's friend from "The Thong Contest." He decided since I did a great job in giving him the inspiration to write it that I should write the follow up in my own words. He also thought it would be a good idea to have lesbian sex written from the female's point of view, as he received some feedback saying "no one wants to read lesbian sex from a GUY's point of view." It probably came from some bull dyke who think men are just hornballs out looking for ass. Believe me, Sean is not a hornball, he is one of the greatest guys I know. He just likes to write for the popular opinion. To me, lesbian sex is lesbian sex. It doesn't matter from whose point of view it is described. I prefer the lustful view of lesbian sex. Gets my pussy wet just thinking about it!

But anyway, where to begin? Well for starters, I had a week to think of what happened at the club I went to. Getting all wet with Jamie had my pussy aching for her touch again. I remember how nice her fingers felt as they were jammed all up in my nice, tight pussy, her thumb rubbing on my clit as I was sucking on her tits. Damn, that makes me want to rub my pussy again!

So I was at Justin's house -- Justin is my boyfriend; apparently Sean forgot the fact that he and I got back together a few months ago -- and we were laying in his bed cuddling and listening to music when he turned to me and said, "I think you should hook up with Jamie tonight." I playfully slapped at his chest while laughing. I asked him if he was joking, since Tim -- Jamie's boyfriend -- was in the other room with Jamie watching a movie. He said he wasn't joking.

"Yeah, okay, I'll do it."

We then went into the room where Jamie and Tim were sitting. I decided to lay on the inflatable bed where Jamie and Tim would be sleeping later that night, and after a few minutes, Jamie came over and slid under the blanket with me on my right side. I was starting to get excited as this sexy girl cuddled up with me. The boys were sitting on separate couches; I just think the boys didn't want to be sitting next to each other when their girls were giving them a show, just in case they decided to whip out their cocks.

It was wicked cold in the room; Jamie and I practically had our legs entwined, using body heat to keep warm. But we were playfully touching each others' arms, and we were laughing because our hands were cold. I don't know about her, but my nipples were getting hard -- from both the cold and from the excitement!

We both started kissing -- nothing was said between us. We are good friends and we enjoy each other's company, so why not enjoy each other's bodies? I felt Jamie's velvety tongue touch mine, sending a jolt of excitement to my pussy. She started to unbutton her pants and she slid them off before taking off her shirt. She was just in her little thong panties when we resumed kissing. I felt her hands on my back and her arms wrapped around me, but after a few minutes, her hands moved down to my sides, then I didn't feel them anymore. She pushed her body slightly away from me, but didn't break the kiss. I could feel her body moving under the blanket. Moving her lips away from me, she pulled her hand out from under the blanket to show me what she was holding -- her little thong panties! We both giggled as she twirled the material against her finger before tossing it at Tim. I quickly got out of my clothes.

We started to kiss again, but I took charge. I got on top of her and I could feel her nipples pressed into my tits. She started kissing my neck and started licking my fingers, before rubbing them all over her beautiful titties, getting her nipples rock hard. I love getting a girls' nipples hard because then you can suck on them for hours!

She continued kissing me -- oh, I just love it when a woman is kissing my body! -- and my fingers started wandering. I slid my hand down her upper body, from her tits to her stomach and then to her delectable pussy. And she was wet! I personally think she was wetter this night than she was when we were in our soaking wet panties!!!!!

I started to rub her pussy with my fingers, coating them with her sexy pussy juice, covering them in her musky scent. I started rubbing my body against hers, humping her body with mine. She was moaning loudly as my fingers were touching her clit. Her fingers were running through my hair -- that is an absolute turn on for me. Our tits were rubbing together, our nipples touching. I let out several whimpers, but they were positively inaudible next to the moans of sexy Jamie.

I looked deep into her eyes -- they are so beautiful! Then, taking one finger, I slid it inside of her pussy. She is soooooo tight! Her eyes rolled back into her head and her grip on my hair increased. Sexy moans and mews came from her body. Then I asked her if I could go down on her. She said yes.

Let me break away from the story just a minute to say how much I love going down on a girl. I love the taste of their pussy, licking up their cum and juice. I feel like I have so much power when I'm looking up into a girls' eyes when I'm licking her. It's the same when I'm giving Justin head. Looking into his eyes when I'm sucking his cock -- wow, I think I just came!!

Yup, I did. Give me a second to clean up.

Ok, I'm back. Sorry I took so long. Had to peek at my clit. Standing straight out as usual! Reading Sean's stuff usually gets me nice and horny, but you know, writing my own is a major aphrodisiac!

So anyway, I was getting ready to go down on Jamie. I looked at Justin and I smiled. He just sat there in shock, he had never seen a pair of girls fully go at it before. I was glad I could give him this, he's been so good to me lately.

I took the blanket off of us and I threw it to the bottom of the bed, letting the boys soak in the sight of two nubile girls totally nude in front of them. I started kissing her lips before trailing my tongue down to her neck, where I kissed some more. Then I got down to her perfect tits and I spent a few minutes kissing and sucking on them. I tasted her nipples. I could feel the shivers go through her body as she was moaning. I moved down to her flat stomach, and then down to her pussy. I raised her legs up so I could have better access to her dripping wet pussy. I started rubbing it with my fingers and I could feel her body start to shake. She arched her back as the orgasm went through her, covering my hands with cum. I licked my fingers, tasting her sweet sticky cum.

I went back to fingering her, this time sliding two fingers into her. I started to finger-fuck her, feeling her vaginal walls close in on me. She was so tight, I love that in a girl. I'm the same way, with a tight pussy. Clamps down on fingers and cocks and tongues. Got to love it. After fingering her for while, she had another orgasm. The girl just doesn't know how to stop cumming! Not that I'm complaining.

I then took my drenched fingers out of her and licked them again. Her legs were weak by now, and they fell to the inflatable. Pushing them to the side, I started licking her cunt, using my tongue to taste her pussy. She tasted so good, I tried to drive my tongue deeper and deeper so I could get to the source of the juice. Wiggling it inside of her, she started to moan loud.

I started licking and nibbling on her inner pelvis and her body was writhing on the bed, thrashing around. It was hard to keep her in one spot. And she was just absolutely loud with her moans. I went on licking her for ten minutes and she came several times from my tongue. I could feel my pussy getting soaked. It desperately needed some attention.

We got up from the bed and knelt in front of each other, starting to kiss each others lips -- I really think she just wanted to taste her pussy on my lips. My tongue passed into her mouth. We started moaning. Then she did something I thought was totally unexpected -- she pulled my hair. This girl who was tossing her body around like a Tilt-a-Whirl on my tongue still had the energy to take the offensive. I have got to hand it to her. A+ in my book.

She started to kiss me while she was pulling my hair, as well as sucking on my bottom lip -- yet another turn on. She then sucked on my tits, circling my nipples with her tongue. Then she said, "I'm going to fuck you now."

We looked at our respective boyfriends. Their mouths were wide open, as if their jaws were broken and needed to be wired shut. They couldn't believe we were doing this in front of them. I don't know why they were shocked -- Jamie and I were prepared to have sex with each other on stage at the club, that is until the bartender stopped us. Yeah, what do you think of that, about him stopping us? Let Sean know, he'll send word to me. I'm really curious to see what you all think.

She started to finger-fuck my pussy, using only one finger -- like I said, I am just as tight if not tighter than her. I was getting so much pleasure from this and I was getting soaking wet. She was fucking my pussy for a few more minutes before she stopped, looked into my eyes and said "I'm going to go down on you." It wasn't a request, nor a question. It was a statement, blunt and to the point. I didn't need to say "hell yeah," I just wanted that girls' tongue in my cunt!

She moved her face down to my freshly shaved and sexy pussy. She was licking me like I was her favorite flavor of ice cream; she really knows how to eat a girl out! She started fucking me wicked fast with two fingers as she licked my clit, making me moan louder. Then, after taking her fingers out of my dripping pussy, she licked them, before diving into my pussy tongue-first. She repeated the movements I did to her, and it didn't take long for me to start bucking on her tongue. I can't recall how many times I came from her tongue during that first onslaught, but after eating my pussy for about 15 minutes, she crawled like a cat back up my body, kissing my lips before leaning in close to my ear and whispering, "let's 69."

I was shocked, but I still said yes. This girl is insatiable!

So we changed our positions slightly -- the boys had no idea what we were about to do. I had Jamie position her body so her pussy was pointed right at my baby -- I wanted him to see me licking her pussy up close and personal. I got down on top of her with my pussy pointed toward Tim. Both boys were definitely in shock, and Justin was going, "I can't believe this."

I started rubbing my fingers up and down on her pussy and she was moaning into mine as she licked me. I was in total ecstasy as her tongue plowed her way through me, and I returned the favor by licking her sweet tasting pussy. All of a sudden she started yelling and screaming, telling us all that she was cumming yet again, creaming her juices all over my tongue. I licked all of the yummy cum up, slurping it all into my mouth and swallowed. She tastes so good.

She rolled off each other, and I moved up to her to kiss her and to taste ourselves. She broke the kiss, saying, "oh my God that was so good." We both giggled at each other, kissed some more, before I told her, "I think we need a break from each other. Let's go see the boys." She agreed.

I went over and sit in Justin's lap and I could immediate feel how aroused he was from seeing me get it on with another girl. Jamie straddled Tim as they kissed.

"So baby," I asked Justin, "did you like what you saw?"

"I loved it," was what he said. I could tell he was sweating a little, as the scene in front of him set his heart racing. His face was flushed and I bent down to kiss him. We were getting into it really good, so we decided not to interrupt Jamie and Tim, who were also getting hot and heavy on the other couch -- in fact, Jamie already had Tim's shirt off and was busy licking his nipples.

We went into Justin's room. He laid me down on his bed and began to take his clothes off, then kissed me all over. He was preparing to finger my pussy, but he noticed how wet I was. So instead of fingering me, he stuck his cock into my wet and juicy pussy and began to fuck me hard. I wrapped my arms around him, kissing his lips as he kept eye contact with me. I started moaning and began to talk dirty to him, and he started fucking me harder. His cock rammed me as I was telling him to fuck me deeper and harder. I kept moaning, even scratching his shoulders as his cock pummeled my soaking wet pussy.

It felt so good. He then got me to flip over onto my hands and knees and began to fuck my pussy doggy style. The sensations were ripping through me, my pussy began to clench his cock harder then it had been as my orgasm started from my temples and tearing through my body all the way down to my toes. My cunt spasmed, sending shock waves of pleasure into his cock. It wasn't long before his cum shot deep into my pussy. We kissed like sweethearts do.

We peeked in on Jamie and Tim. They were both naked now, and Jamie was riding his cock like a woman possessed. We stood in the doorway and urged them on, with Justin standing behind me, holding my tits as we watched. I so wanted him to fuck me again.

After they had both cum, Tim decided to take a shower. Jamie hopped in with him and started washing him, but that wasn't all. I hopped in with them and Justin followed me. We positioned ourselves so the boys we against opposite walls, with Jamie and I back to back facing our guys. Our asses were rubbing as we were in very close confines -- this shower is very tiny. I'm amazed we all fit in there.

As our asses rubbed, I was starting to get horny again. But we didn't do anything else. We soaped up our men, the men soaped us up, and we got out of the shower. A few minutes later, after Jamie and I talked with Sean online -- he made sure I had her read "The Thong Contest", and she absolutely loved it -- we went to our respective partners and went to bed naked in the arms of our loves.

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